Friday, December 19, 2008

Star-crossed being

JOPP!!!…before I continue do not think that I am any close to have any remote resemblance to star-crossed lovers’ story of Romeo and Juliet. Far far far from it. I’ve recently met a person with whom my star totally crosses his. A “wan san” (in Cantonese, as they call it).

My team leader (I can just hope that he never discovers this blog). We’ve been working together 4 months already. In the beginning I thought he was a really nice person, being so friendly, chatty, gave very good advice – okay, wait a minute, from the beginning he has only criticized that I do not have good fashion sense, punctuality, no sense of financial control and that I should be so and so yada yada yada. I took them as constructive criticisms. After all, he’s a 1st Class Graduate, a team leader at only 26 years old, a Toastmaster president of some branch and really articulate. He was like the golden boy –

Hah of late, there are few incidents happening that made me really really changed my mind. A few words to describe him – Arrogant, stingy, master of taichi (in the working culture sense). He could be nice at times (I mean, really I felt that I could chat with him but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at this time I am not feeling so generous with compliments – he totally kills my mood.

It would be too petty of me of me to describe each incident (which I still clearly remember) but… sooner or later the bubble will burst – Of late I’ve been showing signs of being really anti-him. I ignore him when he speaks, sarcastic, jelling-jeling him, he has to be ultra-dense not to have noticed.

And the worst thing is, both of us share the same birthdate!! (not year, but month and day)…it makes me really doubt horoscopes – the being a Virgo thing, characteristics etc. Boh! But someone did comment how much we are alike – but very friendly, open, very good socializing/communicating skills. That’s about it. I hope, if I were 100% like him, then I must really really be membencikan. No wonder I’ve been gaining enemies.

But I absolutely do not share his perfectionist and organized attitude. And God, I hope I am not so critical of one person as he is!!! (and no, I am not a clean person). Does that make me a worse person than him? Having all the bad characteristics and lacking the good ones? Wah lagi-lah teruks.

Neways I just needed to vent. But really really anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If one day if I ever write on this blog that I am in love with my team leader, someone tie me up and slap me awake. (oh by the way, we share the same surname too, Tan – how can a Tan be so hateful???? I thought we were nice ppl?????)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Viva Penang!

Today I'm so proud of Penang, I don't know why. well, working in a regional office means working with lots of's not that I wasn't proud of Penang before this... lol, I've always harassed the expatriates about going to Penang for good Malaysian food, to which they agree. (obviously...where else lah?)

I was just browsing Wiki about Penang and noted the famous Penangites in the list .... hmmm... we do have more outstanding personalities that just weren't in the list...and basically most of the Penang friends that I know now are relatively successful in their respective fields...

and we're such nice and warm ppl...I can almost instantly click with anyone from Penang. most of the time!!!!

=) but fact is I'm working in KL...glad that I have Heng and Lin to keep my Penang traits in check...and I've know somemore Penangites recently...and I always give way to cars with "PXX XXX" car plates...cos i know they are sekampung (well although Penangites tend to luan luan cut car queues and weave in and out of lanes...but we're SAFE drivers!!!)

Must be the Christmas spirit and the fact that I'll be back home next week for X'mas...Yay

Oh btw I will be going to Houston in January...for 3 training...i passed my US visa interview so I'll be going to collect my visa laters, then arrange my flights etc...(crosses fingers)...but I'll be missing Chinese New Year for the 2nd time... (this year I was in Italy mah)

Big hug to Penangites that read my blog...and non-Penangite still get a pat on the shoulder (*wink)...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i will be updating my blog more often

cos facebook blocked again @ work -_-"

was in kuching the last weekend...just came back late last night

i think i'm turning into a malaysian version rebecca bloomwood (shopaholic) buying loads of junk. you don't wanna know the stuffs i got in kuching - let's just say inclusive of a really rodeo cowboy hat and 4 flowers hats... about 30 necklaces/bracelets...a really cute white pearl necklace... 12 bamboo table runners... a few cool bamboo bags... 4 batiks... some cool spoons, and the list goes on. don't even ask how much i spent - =P my room looked pretty stacked up with things at the moment... HEY it's my christmas shopping!!! =)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

X'mas Recession Theme

Sing Along Everyone!

You'd better watch out,
You'd better not cry;
You'd better keep cash,
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake,

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake,

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

just thought I would share some pictures

Just to keep the blog alive...hehehe these are some pictures of Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu which I took...there are more...but I'd have to take them from my friends... but Manukan is just incredible! we went snorkeling, sunbathing...swimming...

Proud to be Malaysian -- =) and Sabahans are just so nice!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

isn't my blog a bit dead?

is there something wrong with my Chatbox? which I've just realized...hehehe

i guess one month of hiatus is kinda long...previously i was complaining over being so free, and then facebook's ban in office was i was back to being "busy"...and then I really had work to actually lots of work to do...

just some updates: (not necessarily in order)

-went Singapore 3 weeks ago
-went kota kinabalu last weekend
-met up with li yuin, sharveena, mei nien, heng, lin
-went back penang for deepavali
-cut my hair super short
-Guztyne got married (one of my close friends/ex-colleague/we both got cheated over same thing once)
-i attended and exhibition for the Week of Italian language in the world... (i met a cute italian there!)
-i've been seriously skipping gym
-i am FAT (finally the reality so so so sank in...i tot i could get away taking pictures with "angles"...but when you are in bikini...there is nothing to hide...OMG i was hideous. haha)

yada yada yada... update soon. hehehe...

yes the blog is alive and kicking...let me...compose myself...too much alcohol abuse (by that i mean just a few shots of liquor lol)...too much work...too much food...too much everything...only too little exercise...

muax muax...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

talak tau loh

gua talak tau, pasai apa makin kija itu kija makin bosan.
entah terlampau manyak pekija atau terlampau sikit kija.
tapi yang pastinya semua olang pun nampak manyak sibuk loh
tak tau sama ada gua seolang sajia yang belum grasp the art of "acting busy"
gua tiap-tiap hali email sama itu HP Heng, HP Lin, HP Loke dan Janice loh
meleka maciam manyak busy wor
hailan loh

gua punya team leader pun pandai menyolok
asyik hilang entah ke mana
tapi dia itu team leader ma
gua cuma itu kacang tanah kecik-kecik punya
ataupun itu cacing tanah
ehhh bukan...ikan bilis

aiyah cincai lah
pun dah 3.30pm...tinggal 1.5jam sajia
pun talak tau mau tukar kijia tak sebab sinang sangat
tapi yang pasti gua punya buntut punya lilitan sudah bertambah besaq lo
entah ada kina-mengina dengan itu donat dan kek-kek percuma kat ofis tak
ataupun yoga itu menggemukkan?

sekian. salam dan selamat bekija.
(FYI: ini bahasa malaysia generasi gua punya datuk, penang style. tak tau lu faham tak)
etimologi: gua, lu, bikin, sajia (sahaja), kija (kerja), sinang (senang), bini, kina (kena), menyolok (menyorok), hailan (hairan)

Friday, October 03, 2008

hari raya snippets

as i said the last time i went to Genting Highlands' casino, "I will never gamble here again!"...I still gambled lah two days ago...and yesterday...lost RM150. tension giler. no gambling luck lah!...but it was fun to meet up with KZ, Zhuang Ming, Sharon, Chee Wah and esp CSY whom I met "coincidentally"...but now very very sleepy coz 7 of us shared a room...(I brought Joanne with me mah)...the congestion damn bad on the way up, dera my car's tyre oni nia, 1st gear, jam break, 1st gear, jam break. or whatever u call that motion being stuck uphill with thousands of car (luckily i pandai, almost dinner time oni go many cars had their bonnets up..maybe overheated adi d engines???)

ouch. as i type my arms very painful, on monday i went to gym but till now my arms hurting like crazy. biceps lo. i think i pulled a few muscles. tried a BodyPump that i rugi time go gym need one week's this i ma can go only once a week??? RM50 per session lo like tat...cannot cannot...i must go more, even if just to waste their shower gel and 100Plus... hehe. so die die today i also must go!

So how did my Raya go. great, i guess (other than my loss in the casino, oh yes i am an extremely sore loser when it comes to gambling)...Tuesday night i went to Pavilion for the launch of Coach's new autumn line or something...and I even saw my favourite Malaysian actor who acted in "Her Many Faces" a local drama. don't know his name ar...but in real life...quite disappointing lo...cos he isn't THAT tall the drama macam very the macho wor. but got gf adi...but the gf not i bet if i go to another 100 more BodyPump and Yoga classes can rampas him from her adi. lol. joking joking...

after that I went to Velvet (again)..yeah, what happened to my "clubbing is not for me" thing...? eiiii...depends on who you go with mar. My this clubbing kaki Joanne very the entertaining one if you go with her...see her dance whole night also enuff adi...but this time I really had fun! although I didn't really like her snobby friends (and i bet they didn't like me either). I did something scandalous also. muahahaha. the experience was good, no doubt...but don't foresee it happening again soon. =P

but now damn blerrrrr and sleepy. rupa-rupanya going clubbing when you are 21 yrs old and when you are 24 yrs old is totally different. now once club need at least 3 days to recuperate. last time can club till 3am, go supper till 5am, go home, lepak, wait till 7am to go breakfast/dimsum with my xiaoyi and grandparents then only tidur. wah, now...totally cannot. age is catching up ler...

oh..back to snobbish ppl story. Actually I cannot understand what is running through these people's minds loh. yalar they are freaking rich, money can "feng" here "feng" there...but hey you are also just a human...personally I know some rich people who are actually nice...but as Heng once told me, yeah the rich people we know (let's say the rich people in Penang), they are rich, but not THAT it makes the rich penang ppl pale in comparison. wah. i really really anti them. when i become rich, must make sure i don't fall into the "100 most hated people" category.

I was talking listening to a girl 2 weeks ago for an afterparty at friend's friend's house...I didn't know many of them lah, wah this girl...quite pretty..should be rich also...very the bimbo. Since nobody layan her and my friend was busy talking to another person, so I also go social with her a bit. WAH mentensionkan, she started talking about her choice of manicure, the pretty design she picked, the massage she just had that day, and her hair treatment yada yada yada yada. god, i listened to her for 15 minutes i really cannot layan already. luckily she's pretty so got another guy who was willing to listen to her. gosh i was wondering if all those rich ppl's girlfriends are that way. *YAWN max.

oh yes, it made me realise how much I love my real friends. other than 2 quite close KL friends, I think generally I don't even like KL people. oops (are any of my readers KLites?). so materialistic...and can be seriously boring!!! at least we have our syok sendiri jokes and it's so comfy being around my friends. you could just talk and share. Monday night I went for duck rice with Heng and Lin (my dear Pg kakis) and it was just so nice, just laughing over stupid things, and the whole dinner costed only RM30, and we pay ourselves our parts lah...Tuesday night I went to a posh Chinese restaurant, 7 dishes, costing RM300++ for 7 people and got people belanja sumore, but I didn't even enjoy it one bit. mentensionkan instead. cos i also felt awkward mar, i'm not those high-class socialite kinda person. low-class-do-siasuei-things laidback scenario socializing I can lah...

made me think RICH PEOPLE ARE NOT NECESSARILY HAPPY. so must prioritize my goals again adi..........haiyo. me and my neverending "prioritizing" that has been on top of my to-do list for some time...

happy weekend peeps. and just wanna say I love all of you loads! Abbasso i ricchi!! (Down with the rich--in italian haha)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

...Maaf zahir batin ar!

to all the Muslim readers...and non-Muslim ones...

Other than the holidays, the best thing is the fact that there are barely any cars on the roads today! yesssssss!!! took me 15 mins to reach workplace instead of the usual 45 minutes, i mean if I bertolak from home at 7.30am lah. yay yay...yay yay... (*pumps hand in the air)...hence the good mood today...

Too bad I have to work this Friday lah (cos no leave mah..sigh sigh...) but as long as don't have to be stuck in the jam can adi...

Friday, September 26, 2008

thank god it's friday

time just flies...!!! dengan tak disangka i've worked here 1.5 months. also earned sorta gaji buta till now. well, occasionally i do have things to do as per my job description, but rarely...rarely... yesterday kena sound from the evil Team Leader also. but that's my fault lah for not doing what I was told to. blah blah. but i insaf adi, i'm the "once bitten twice shy" kinda person. so now must remember what i've been told to do...

not much progress about the part-time for the italian guy i mentioned, guess he's really tied up with his stuffs as well. but slowly lah, me also tied up doing nothing...

just wanna share this pic, taken during my bd 2-3 weeks ago...actually got a bunch of pics (with Heng, Lin and their respective abangs) but they're in my laptop...this one coz Lin's abang took one, so emailed me loh.

Thank you darlings! (oh arent those 2 big candles and 1 small one? hehehe)

now i'm going to fill up my weekend going to start tutoring my cousin chiayee (who's in Form 2)...hopefully i dont embarass myself by not recalling to solve even simple math!!! (it's true, the older u get, the more you learn, the more you forget), and in between helping at my aunt's restaurant...and meeting up with friends occasionally. how i wish i had dates instead of meeting up with old friends instead. hahaha (joking k, later kena boycott from my friends here)

at the moment, am still sorting out my long term goal/short term goal (with reference to my previous "how do you measure success" post)...still have not decided which one is for me...but i really need to decide...i dont understand why i am so free but yet i procrastinate so much...oh well...we are allowed to dwell in our miseries once in a while (call it a..."down phase")

Happy weekend people...!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


there are many times when we have to suffer in life, in different phases in life...

as a child, when sebat/hentam from parents for being naughty...
as a schoolgoing child, having to carry so many books to school etc..
as a uni student, having to study 4 exams/cram so much info into such a little brain/assignments

then of course, suffering from stress, too much workload yada yada. i graduated d, so no more studying/student life stress kan? am in the working phase stress now.

a few of us, at least among us who keep regular hours at work (9-6, 8-5 etc) email each other at work. Lin is suffering over her weekend duties, Heng is suffering over her super permintaan tinggi boss that gives her gunungs, Loke emailed to say that she is suffering because everytime near public holiday sure got issue one (work related of course). of course i kena "shoot" that I am the free-iest and work-less among all of us (at the moment)...

I was like, who say...I'm also suffering what...from boredom. and in the working world ladder, that's the highest stage of suffering, which is suffering out of boredom. hahaha. =P (i think in cantonese it's called "sai meng"/ menjemur nyawa??) lol lol. joking only lah...

P/s: but today i have another suffering also, which is suffering from pain due to my weekly Tuesday "Torture Day" for my Advanced Level Yoga Session where my teacher and her students engage in an hour of melipat-lipat their badans and god-knows-what-poses. Wahaha, I'm one step closer to being one of them adi. Ouchhh....

oklah, back to suffering guys...

p/s/s: oh and I did go to Velvet/Zouk last weekend after all. hehe. but really not my cup of tea already lah. my old age cannot handle it...i think i'll take up knitting or some stitchwork....

Friday, September 19, 2008

so how do you measure success?

I was talking to Charng (via email of course since she's in Sg - dengan bahagianya) and I was asking her how does a woman measure success?

1) to have a high-flying career (meeting clients, having a jet-setting friends, she knows everyone, everyone knows her) but coming home to an empty house every evening

or rather to have:

2) a normal job (maybe clerical job...or maybe my job as a quotations analyst hahaaha which keeps regular office hours) life very unhappening but going home to a loving husband and kids...

Maybe it's the monotonous lifestyle that I lead in KL...but i'm starting to think that option (2) is much more appealing. Hell, even Charng the superwoman thinks it. and us just being 24! But isn't it nice to go home, and the husband provides for you...and you finding yourself looking forward to going home everyday, to cook for your family (and them appreciating the food and its all happy and meriah)??

of course it's not so ideal as we think lah. its not like the husband is always so appreciative...and the kids will complain about the food, and you argue over financial matters...then there's the washing, ironing, helping children with homework (worse still, if still baby have to breastfeed, feed baby change diapers middle of the night) but still im sure there must be some kebahagiaan-ness in it right???? some; like Ayah that speaks happily (sometimes a bit kecil hati-ly) of his kids, and Nyonya Penang who speaks of her 2 kids etc etc. Nice u know... my blog what do I talk of? lately of nothing lah. very routine. recently joined gym so can talk about how out of form i am, how the whole body hurts, how i am aging (macam all complaints ajer)...i wake up 6.40am-7am in the morning, take a bath, get stuck in the jam till Jalan Tun Razak, go work (or pretending to work), go lunch (walk out under scorching sun, sometimes meredah hujan), then continue pretending to work, then wait till back sesak-sesak, then back home. lately got additional activity, so go gym awhile...then lately my HPC Monday dinner gang not free, so I don't meet them for dinner...then finally...about 8-9pm, i reach an empty home (got my uncle's gf ar, but we don't talk much to each other)...I eat my dinner, take a bath, then i hid in my room, watch repeatedly my animes/italian movies (i bet a few more rounds and i can act out some scened in La Vità è Bella d) then go sleep...then next day the same...weekends lagi teruks although it's nice to see different people at my aunt's restaurant and to talk with my aunt, uncle and cousins, yet...something is missing. I don't know what. Sense of belonging, maybe? They could make do with or without me, so it doesn't matter if I appear or not...gym...I could talk to people but communication barrier I don't like to attempt to speak in my broken Cantonese.

yes lah it's the time of the month where you feel all down and depressed loh. I miss Penang. And I've just started working for 1 month + 1 week... I need some goal and motivation lei...Maybe I should re-enter the world of clubbing again...but not safe to go home after clubbing lah. sigh. what do i need what do i need...

ok i think my boss detected me blogging

to be continued... (happy weekend guys!!!!!)

p/s: I'm sure things will get better soon...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

so so mouliu

...until that I Google myself. hehe. found several entries. to this my cos now boss is back ar...even worse, have to pretend to look bz. but in actual fact really nth to do mar.

i went for the Power Yoga session again. naturally my body hurting like crazy again...


this blog very dull hor...

oh, recently i got in touch with an italian guy, so i might working part-time for him (decent job ok!) so can polish up my long-forgotten italian lah!

ok...back to pretending to work...everyone have a great day ahead!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

whole body is hurting...

not that I did anything interesting or what lah, that's why didn't update my blog... I want to post about past travels, but resizing images at work would be too obvious!!!

but I was reading thru some blogs of friends, some who are traveling at the moment, it's really nice to read about their escapades or their adventures, without a care in the world (of course, there are some who travel within budget, like me!) i'm still adamant to post one of these days about Sicilia (chapter 3 lol) and the rest of Italy and the other countries that I've been to. if not a bit wasted to keep some really nice pics to myself right???? that I am actually working I feel so bored, but when I was in Italy I felt useless. I don't know which is worse. lol...

I'm thinking of volunteering somewhere, but in a way I feel like I don't have much time to myself to do things that I personally like...weekends I meet up with friends...sometimes during weekdays as well lah...then if not I go to aunt's restaurant to help out...otherwise it's not like I have loads of free time or what also...

hmm...hence...the only times that I actually have time is from 6pm-11pm (approx. 5 hours) to do what I want. it's not much, but it's a good 25 hours (5 x 5 days)... so...I've decided to join a gym!!! yes lah, to get back to my infamous ZAMAN KEGEMILANGAN...where everything that was supposed to be small, is small...what is supposed to be rounded and perky is rounded and perky. lol. now sure lah, all out of shape...but as I always said, Round IS a shape...

I just started 2 days ago. 1st day i just jalan 1 hour only...ytd did Pilates and badan very sakit so going to let it recuperate a bit...cos too long didn't berexercise d, so need to get my body into the exercising mode...

but now the sakit kepala also come d...the 2 days that i went to the gym, the next mornings I had super cravings for nasi lemak..yeah had nasi lemak for breakfast yesterday and today...not exactly helping to reach my goal ah. lol.

ahhh so anyways its the yoga and pilates that's making my whole body ache all over lah. lol...

ok back to work...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

no need to worry d loh!

....cos Facebook is already blocked in my company. probably 99.9% of the ppl here spend their idle them on FB...

end of problem. problem solved.

now i don't have to think of the fact that I don't have the time to update my blog liao hahaha.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

phaiseh tak update blog

itu facebook punya pasal lah. akhirnya i dipressurekan to join facebook also cos it's the only way i could keep in touch with some ppl i met in italy...and of course most of the ppl are using facebook d...friendster is considered obsolete...

then i'm like so bored at work so im clicking Refresh every 5 minutes on my hotmail account and facebook. hahaha.

so cannot juggle two things at one time ar...i have not even uploaded the pics that i wanted to in facebook, just a few from my barcelona trip... and neither for my chapter 3 of Sicilia in my blog.

oh i was back in Penang during the merdeka weekend, but didn't have the time to meet up with anyone except family cos i reached like, Saturday night... spent 2 days with my cousin to shop for some working clothes ar (since i got my 1st paycheque d)...after much pain...i got a few items lo. the past 3 weeks i look absolutely chan at work. now still chan, but less chan d. hehehe. now my wallet very painful ar...

time flies lah. even though there isnt much to do at work...cant wait to actually be doing work...starting to feel very nonsensical d...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chapter 2: Taormina, Sicilia

Actually Taormina is around the same area as Etna wan...But never mind lah...Still considered different area, but they are adik-beradik lah. as I prepare to blog this I kept thinking about the lovely times in Italy. Yes there was some point when I was traveling that I said to myself "This is getting ridiculously time wasting. I can't wait to get home and start earning money!!!" Actually when that thought occurred me, I must've been out of my mind. How could working be nicer than traveling??? Mind I have just started working 4 days only...Itupun without doing anything productive..when the workload starts piling up...ho ho ho. sure tension giler wan.

and you know what, the 1.5 months i'm back here, I have not touched my digital camera. Don't know where I threw it already other day 08.08.08 me and my xiaoyi got take the camera to capture some shots of us in the new house. shortlasting happiness lah. didn't get to fully enjoy the comfort of the new house, have to come KL work living in a mini-room at Uncle's place.

Okla dont want to talk about sad things d...So this is Taormina, with the famous Teatro's quite high up so you could get a really amazing view of Mt.Etna, its surroundings, the sea...amazing scenery from the greek theatre.

Teatro greco

Well teatre would mean that during the ancient times (I'm not sure how ancient lah) the greeks used to use thi s a teather for performances etc. Note the green field on the top right picture...not field..its like rows of seats lor

Then after that we went to the centro storico (apparently all the touristy italian cities have their centro storici/historic centers like the center where all the churches are lo. This one is really lovely...very...Sicilian feeling...We did capture a video, which one has to see to fully menghayati this city. It was pretty packed with tourists...and the alleys have those cute restaurants selling their sicilian specialties. Sicilians pride on their cuisine, using lots of spices like cinnamon and citrus fruits in their dishes. They are, after all, no 1 producer for citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in Italy. They have so many types of them...but when we went it was practically summer so there weren't many types..cos oranges are like, winter fruits.

Centro storico in Taormina
We took the chance to try one of their local specialties, Arancino. It's like a fried rice ball stuffed with ragù, meat, peas and mozzarella. Yummy!

After that we discovered something more yummy than the Arancini, the waiters selling the Arancini *wink wink. Remember I said that Sicilians were the cutest??? there are countless numbers of this type looking of guys in Sicilia heeheheh

Next would be Chapters for Siracusa and Catania and Isola d' btw, not I approach the guys to take pics wan k...oklah not they approach me to take pics also wan...but my friend Selina go ask them to take pictures together...then I just tumpang bahagia...weiiii got Italians ask me to take pictures with them also chapter only show you the picture hahaha

Friday, August 15, 2008

I have started working!!!

I was supposed to blog about my Sicilian chapter two since a few weeks ago right? I also can’t remember anymore. But anyways as my title indicates, I have started working 3 days ago. Today would be my 4th day here. Nice also ar. I am working at Jalan Tun Razak lah. (kenot disclose the company and exact location lah later will kena...u know lah they made me sign this confidentiality thingy) Also with my amazing fan base later kena stalk leh?? (who says got fan base, sigh my fanclub is on the verge of gulung tikar d)...But so far so good. 3 days straight I managed to reach on time, this is the thing that I worry about the most lah since the place that I am currently staying, Taman Connaught in Cheras is famous for its traffic jam...and I work from 8am-5pm. Good also lah the working hours, had it been from 9am-6pm sure jam giler kena teruk-teruk haha.

So far my boss i.e. the one who hired me is not around at the moment, in fact he will only come back to the office mid-Sept. Wahey!!! Means bahagia for almost 1 month without supervision...but got no tasks also will tension lah. Oh got my team leader take care of me. Nice guy, friendly, talks a lot, maybe talks too much also...I mean for a team leader lah. But then I probably talk more than him, at least the things he say kinda makes substance...better than me tin kosong wan haha.

The floor I work at consists of mostly expatriates cos it is a regional office. There is another office for Malaysia on another floor above mine, that one are all Malaysians lor. But anyway so far I haven’t spoken to any of the expats except for Hi-Bye. Even my boss also Team Leader is M’sian lah. My colleagues also are quite friendly lah. =) but don’t know I gave good or bad impression lah so far. I look so fat in my working clothes!! Mentensionkan! Sumore kena one huge zit on my forehead. Like, red and humongous type wan which can be noticed 1km away...since the very 1st day till now. Getting worse sumore. Haha. So much for my hope to look gorgeous on 1st day loh.

But I feel so exhausted lah everyday. It’s not like I am so productive at work also. Go in at 8am then wait for lunch d. And this job won’t require me to actually travel also. I mean, to meet clients etc. Basically I will only be liaising with internal customers. What to do lah, slow slow. Takkan from 1st day of work want to get high profile job d meh. Insya-Allah I target in 1 years’ time get good review, then see what kind of career advancement lo. Must work hard...cannot Facebook so much...I macam let my Team Lead see me FB also I don’t care...he see me play email email with company email and my hotmail also he don’t care...but sad thing is MSN is blocked in the company. Sigh. Can IM (instant messaging) with the rest of the company’s ppl worldwide only. Worst thing is I haven’t seen lengzais so far. Wait I get my 1st salary 1st then I will sign up with a gym to langsingkan my badan again lo.

Okla. Back to work (eh I wrote this from home ok, not I menyalahgunakan company property yahs)...happy weekend to all. My Chapter 2:Sicilia will come soon stay tuned...

P/s: Janice my office got 2 Venezuelans but I can’t remember my Spanish anymore so I didn’t even attempt to strike up a conversation with them hahaha phaiseh lah I have wasted our Francisco’s titik peluh to teach us Spanish. See got time then I will pick up again Spanish lah. The chances of me bumping into a Spanish speaking fella in my office is way higher than bumping into an Italian speaking punya. Hahahaha.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

tv addict...

Must apologize la my janji to post up about my 'traveling chronicles' tak tertunai. still stuck on chapter I:Etna...coming up supposed to be Taormina, Catania, Isola D'Ortigia, Messina, Siracusa...I mean for my trip to Sicily harap sabar yeah kengkawan...

So sebagaimana yang u guys tau kan..I've been jobless been back from Italy for 1 month and 1 week basically...recap: I left my job as an Aircraft Design Engineer (which I worked for only 4months) and rejected a job offer from Petronas (which I am now waiting to be sued) to go Italy...ada scholarship why not? hehehe. Ooohhh ok just wanna stress on the fact that I came back penniless la. Except for the bunch of Euro coins lah....and some notes lah. So since I am so busy menanam anggur kan kat umah...earning the measly RM15-RM30 gaji from the kopitiam (which usually I finish spending on dinners...wait..last week spent RM150 shopping for working clothes) maklumlah a penganggur like me don't go out much lah...if don't go out...then can do what? makan makan and tengok tv lo...oh...and bake...i've so far made twice tiramisu d...(the ingredients mahal kopitiam salary dihabiskan to buy the ingredients also)

So since I so busy kan watching tv...after a hard day's work at kopitiam, I chill out with 7pm's Surgeon Bong...then pause for dinner...then with Lu Ding Ji...also dont know what the drama's name also...then 9.45pm's Her Many Faces...followed by the lawyer drama then finally Age of the time I finish watching also 12.30am d...then now hor...since too catching up So You Think You can Dance II on 8Tv's webportal lo...from Episode 1 u at Episode 6 d...yawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn so mouliu....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ilham sudah datang..chapter 1: Etna, Sicilia

Finally I am starting to post my traveling chronicles...I was traveling quite some bit in Europe/Italy, but it was pretty hectic going from a place to one, then arranging the pictures, getting the pix from the rest, and the rearranging..deleting redundant ones, deleting the ones I looked ugly...then ones I looked fat...the ones with irrelevant people yada yada yada in the end I just give up and keep looking at the pictures and deleting them. Finally I have finished with the ones with Sicily so voila...!!!!!

Recap a bit 1st...I was in Sicily (Sicilia) from 1st May- 4th May..almost 3 months ago d...FYI, Sicily is an island located on the south of Italy, its biggest island and arguably the prettiest. in my humble opinion lah. due to one MAJOR factor and one that I really have to stress on:


Serious wan!!! No kidding...I mean generally Italians are good looking, I swear that even the tukang buang sampah also lengzai wan...but the ones from Sicily are even cuter than average Italians...according to my teacher, Sicily used to be dominated by Arabs, Spanish yada they have some Arabic features..tanned skin...and clear eyes..dark hair...*sighing blissfully...and they are very vain wan...very dressed up. absolutely to die for. I personally only know one Sicilian but to me he is relatively cute adi (the one who was in my post for my farewell party, Francesco is Sicilian) girls...u all know where to go lah when u visit italy...and guys...u know where to avoid lah to not terasa kedudukan tergugat...haha.

So...I shall start with Mt.Etna. It is the largest active volcano in Europe...We went there like, 1 week before the latest eruption. Lucky also lah when we went tarak eruption...if not now I will be a bbq hooiching d...but Mount Etna was amazing, treading our way up to some of the craters...but quite windy lah. anyway click on the hyperlink to know more about Mt.Etna lah. =) Here are some pics of Mount Etna!~
(please click to enlarge the images)

And as promised I got do my yoga least at most locations lah when I travel hehehe. I went to this trip with a busload of my university mates (the 210Euro 4 day trip organizzed by my university)...but basically we are always in a group of four. Me, Selina (my Chinese housemate), Mariana (my Mexican classmate later turned into my travelmate to Florence, Liverpool, Sardenia, Pisa, Naples, Gubbio haha) and Kasia (my super stylish and drama queen Polish classmate who is just absolutely classy and gorgeous)... =)

This is the 1st volcano that I ever stepped my foot on...Last time when I went Bali, I did go to see Mt. Batur...but from the restaurant nia wor...this one different..sumore get to climb up...and posing here and there...not many climbed up lah cos quite slippery...and cable car damn expensive and long Q...but whatever it is, the view was amazing and plain worthed it. But of was high up in the 1st place, so the bus took us up till the peak of the mountain la, then we only climbed the craters... =)

Hopefully I will continue my chronicles every nite b4 I sleep lah...tiring u know working at my grandpa's kopitiam...knowing how "lucrative" my job is. haha. but now my aunt pulih d the I can sleep till 11.30am..then help till 4pm-5pm like that...probably start my new job 11th august kut...nite nite...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

no more berkulat at home!

oklah since i kena shoot by my friends asking why I did not prepare for the interviews...i have good news...I've been offered a job! by the company of the 1st interview I went to..itu oil and gas punya.. i also shocked. but i also got pray larrrr...hoping that they really really really need ppl... or they didnt have much of a choice since not many applied for the position. hehe. and i got berbuat baik u know. the night before the interview, I at at Nando's and the cashier gave me an extra RM10 for the change. I sumore told the girl "Cik u gave me extra RM10 lah" baik dibalas baik... amitabha..

but the job will not be technical lor. Quotations analyst. I mean..the job required an engineering degree...but I dont think it will be very technical also. but good also la. if too technical also i will end up suffering...and the pay is not bad...more than I expected also. So I'm now just waiting for the offer letter...then review the benefits...the interviewer basically emailed me about the basic benefits i think okay wor.

And since i came back from KL this monday...for the past 3 days I have been abused max. Exploited! My aunt who works at the coffee shop is sick, so I had to substitute her cos ...I don't really have a choice. My grandparents and mom and aunt asked me must give face right...
I HAVE BEEN WORKING FROM 6.45am to 5pm...or 5.30pm...means 11 hours lidat
U know how much my ahkong gave me ar...just to entertain me...RM30...means tak sampai RM3/hour also. very the kolian lor. if not usually i help 12pm-2pm nia..but tmr also same case..have to wake up so early...haihs...but good also la. free workout. run sampai berpeluh-peluh. cos waiting for new maid to arrive ma. so meanwhile my fate is worse than even of an indon maid's...i very confident that i lost some weight 2 kgs also 1 kg lo..kesian me.

hehe...sekian sahaja kali ini. so i am now blogging from my brother's hairdressing shop to prepare for my new job this 1st august. i think so la starting 1st august...but in the meantime..i must pamper myself at my bro's shop. i will curl my hair. hehe.

Happily waiting for my hair to be curled...

Monday, July 21, 2008

the kemouliuan being jobless

jobless for 3 weeks d. starting to feel pathetic. boo hoo hoo. guess what, last Friday I went for 2 interviews... not bad fast oredi attend 2 interviews in KL...but also i think mati dengan ugly-nya lah. tak tinggal mayat also. sedihhhhh...

well apparently i met some big shot guy during my flight back Dubai-KL who somehow hooked me up for an interview in a big oil and gas company...but i did not treasure the opportunity lah. ruined the interview completely. i went there to goreng goreng oni and chit chat with the guy who interviewed me. haha. he cringed when he heard my responses...although he appreciated my sense of humour...i dont think it will land me a job. hahaha. I give myself credit being able to handle the interviewers without being nervous though. hehe.

as for the 2nd interview..I emailed my resume in the morning and got a call immediately the same afternoon. I was like, no prob, I can attend the interview tomorrow...can wan...thinking of killing 2 birds with one stone. nampaknya there is this saying "If you don't prepare for an interview, you are done for. Don't think u can kelentong or goreng-goreng"

2nd interview lagi mampus. I was only briefed which company I will be vying a position for half an hour before the scheduled interview. Worse of all...tire company...worse of all...very technical wan...and the WORST part: "Ahhhh...later you will be tested some questions on mathematics and physics"

MATI. hehe. I dengan glamornya filled in the blanks in the paper that i was given 4 questions which I texted my coursemate for the answers...with my description...probably the answers were wrong also. when the interviewer asked me why I answered the questions like this and like that..I was like...yeahhh I remember studying sumtin like that..based on instincts... hehe
DEAD lor...

but they looked entertained at least. all 4 of the interviewers in the 2nd company. dont know entertained ker of frustrated maximum. I would say the latter. hehe.

so sekian sahajalah of my kisah interview CHAPTER 1: DISASTER. back to penang d now...but all is not lost. at least I managed to meet up with Abang Buyong and Abang Ken and ex-colleagues and HP Heng and HP Lin...

Friday, July 11, 2008

back 10 days, farewell pics

Yeah, janice thinks I should be updating my blog. Well the fact is that I have been back exactly 10 days and I have not done anything productive. I had KFC 3 times for dinner so far and laksa every single day that I have been back in Penang. I stayed 3 days in KL parasiting at Lin's house and then 1 day at my aunt's restaurant. I got back to Penang 1 week ago lor...

After sleeping sooooooooo much I finally forced myself to update my resume. Yes...jobhunting. Sigh. The last time I hunted for a job was last year before graduating. So I didn't get to really goyang kaki at home prior to working. All hectic hectic schedule. Always. Sempre.

Now goyang 10 days I also feel very mouliu d...but still must ikut the procedure by writing resume. Sigh. 9 months in Italy sumore killed my English d. Want to construct a sentence in English also damn mengkillingkan my braincells.

But slowly adapting back to my lifestyle in Malaysia la...
1) In Italy, lights out max at 5am
2) In Italy, face no zits wan cos seldom eat spicy or fried food. Here I only eat spicy AND fried food
3) In Italy, I am considered thin and petite. Here I am miniKingKong
etc etc...

At first it was very difficult for me to speak in Malay again, due to the similarity of Italian language and our Bahasa Melayu in the sukukatas...but after 1 week..ok d lor...but the faster I pick up my malay again, the quicker i forget my italian...sigh

Oh here are some pics of the farewell party I had 2 days before I left...that would be 27th June..

We bought some chips and refreshments...I cooked some nuggets and made sushi with my Ukrainian friend Oksana!~ Hehe...oh by the way...our party was "Festa sulla balcone" means we hosted it on our big balcony...we had the stars sparkling and the moon shining upon us,we set up our own sound system with my Chinese housemate's subwoofer...and we bought lots of wines and some amaretto... of course...I didn't drink at all..except fruit juice. hehehe but the rest were totally least, some of them. hehehe

View from our balcony

Some of the pictures...
Mariana and Ciccio (Francesco) being my only English speaking friends in Italy

My lovely housemates...
L to R: Selina and Helen (China), Nadia (Morocco), Dora and Milena (Italy)

Some of the wonderful people I met in class...
Oksana (Ukraine), my piccolino Alejandro (Colombia),
Merhnaz and Solhmaz (Iran), Mariana (Mexico)

All in all I really enjoyed the evening because at the end, I received a very very pleasant surprise. For this I must thank 2 persons in particular. Cannot tell lor. HPC u all know lar d hor... Hahaha. But anyways, my housemates were great throughout the 9 months I lived there, I learnt Italian at an incredible pace thanks to Dora, Milena and Nadia, not to mention my Mandarin from my Chinese housemates....But now got one small conflict with one of them...nothing big, it will be resolved soon. And the classmates I met...I'll upload more photos soon, with my Korean classmate and ahhh Jiji, Lili and Kostantinos of other occasions

Now 3am d...time to go to sleep again. Today I discovered the 57th zit to pop up ever since i got back 10days ago on my nose. sigh. Toodles~

Monday, June 30, 2008

In dubai now

9 months ago on 15th October blogged this post...from the other way..just took a 5 hour flight from Rome to another 7 hours will be in KL liaoooooooo

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm coming home

These days I will not be able to update..wait..i haven't been since the past few weeks anyway hehe. I owe this blog millions of pics! arghhhhhh... but i havent sorted them out yet..done some small trips in may and june. busy as a bee (lansi hor heheh)

I will see you guys back in malaysia lah...leaving 29th June. couldnt postpone my flight.

this week got exams lo. finally got exams after 8 months...but not really studying also. cos i assumed that i will have till 8th july so mentally not prepared to leave yet. and with all my sampahs also..very hard to pack. eh eh eh.

oklah will update as soon as i can, hopefully before i depart from italy.

ciao baci...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

forza italia!

can hear the whole of italy cheering when pirlo and rossi scored, watched the match from my apartment..apart from the fact that one of my italian flatmates was cursing and screaming with joy and frustration thruout the 93 minutes... cool also lah hor.

just came back from liverpool. bwahahaha. finally had my pilgrimage to anfield d..

sorry lack of updates lah. kinda tension about the flight ticket back to malaysia. now tentatively 29th june..or 8th july..if 29th june..then it's too soon!!!!

arghhhhhhh. but the agency has not succeeded in changing my ticket yet to 8th july..less than 2 weeks away u know...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Can I seriously say I'm sick of traveling? i know it sounds very arrogant and lansi, but I seriously do not want to go anywhere anymore. I just want to go back to Malaysia, even if when I go back I'll have to pay RM2.70 for the car fuel. hehe.

Last weekend I was in Naples and I went to Capri Island also...beautiful...and also beautifully expensive. Now everything feels and looks expensive to me. sien. all also want to cheat my money nia. most of the money are not mine, with compliments from the italian govt for the scholarship...but i've RM4k that's mine ok...

but I can see that the number of pictures i take at places i visit lately have reduced significantly, like 400% less..meaning 4 times less..or sth like that lah..

Now going to pack my stuffs and going to Pisa later, parting for Sardinia island tomorrow morning.

Stressed giler now don't know when is my flight back to request to change the flight is still pending. haihs.

Monday, May 26, 2008

As promised...Barcelona Part II

With the availability of Internet, the frequency of me updating should be proportional right? hehe but nothing interesting is happening here lah, the saddest being without a lengzai or any kangtao at all...but a promise is a here are more pics of Barcelona..!~

Me and the Korean lengzais...
Lovely Parc fav Gaudi's place

Yummilicious Paella and Sangria

Montserrat. lovely!

Montserrat no.2
3 of us...

Next will be posts for Sicilia...anyways, I am supposed to go back to Malaysia on 29th June, but then I have exams till tried to change tickets lo...but the agent could only change it to 22nd July so far...I'm more than thrilled to hang around till end of July..just a small problem...don't exactly have cash to hang around till then...I have several trips coming the cash that I have is to be fully utilized..if the money I have were to be a lemon, then I'd have to squeeze it to the very last drop...going to these few places soon:

1) Napoli/Capri Islands/Pompei - Italy
2) Sardegna Island - Italy
3) Liverpool - UK

Unconfirmed, but hoping I will be going (with the super super limited cash I have left):
1) Florence - Italy
2) Milan - Italy
3) Athens - Greece sad my Europe sabbatical coming to an end soon...many told me "Why go back to Malaysia..get a job there and stay lah"...but...I really don't know, think so easy meh..of course my parents were like, "Come back sooner!" instead...fikiran bercelaru now...sigh...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

hana lansi lah MU

When Cristiano Ronaldo tried to show off and missed the shot, I really thought that Chelsea would win. Mana tau poor Terry had to slip and fall. Life is really unpredictable lor. The Champions League's trophy this year goes to..Manchester United. =P Terry's face so muram at the moment. Aiyahs, I tak berperasaan lah for this match lah. Me always Liverpool wan.

Update soon...

P/S: Btw, I will be going Liverpool in June. Then evday have to eat sayur masin liao. Looking forward to the trip though!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008


....THAT I HAVE LEGAL INTERNET! =P yang bukan dicuri, tapi dibayar...hoo hoo hoo...pada mulanya, mereka tidak mahu membenarkan I berbuat begitu, tapi aku habak kat korang yang aku mesti menggunakan internet pada bulan ini, untuk mencari kerja dan membeli penerbangan untuk travel. pada akhirnya saya berjaya mengharukan big boss. cerita yang amat panjang cos modem mereka dah kaput almost 2 bulan, hari ni baru sampai modem yang baru. anyways, AKHIRNYA SAYA TELAH BERJAYA!!! tidur...zzz nitez

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sicily, here I come!

Tomorrow morning I will be parting for Sicily (Sicilia)…! Yay…you know, Palermo? Basically I didn’t know the existence of Sicily before…well…Italy. Well the trip costs me an arm for a 4 day trip, in which I will have to spend 11 hours (or more!) on the bus to reach Sicily from Perugia…and also another 11 hours (or more!) to go home…As I was saying, the trip costs about RM1k (210Euro)…aihs. I also tension that it’s so expensive, and being in Italy sumore. I remembered that last time when I backpacking in Thailand for 2 weeks with Fred and Jit Shiong, it costed like, total of RM1.6k… But then again, this is Europe…I don’t even want to start on how much I spent in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

I was supposed to be planning another Europe getaway on the limited budget that I have at the moment…initially I wanted to go London-Liverpool-Budapest (Hungary)-Prague (Czech Republic)… already checked out the tickets sumore d…planned out the dates nicely…etc etc…but I would have to travel alone, as I did for Barcelona…It’s not like travelling alone was not fun, but just that travelling with someone would be even ‘funner’, no? So I asked a friend if she’d like to go with me, a Mexican girl, but she had to wait for her friend that was supposed to visit so that she could decide, yada yada. So in the end, I offered to wait cos I really think that she’s nice and it’d be great fun to travel with her. In the end, things didn’t really work out so when I went to the airline’s website again…tension giler to see the price of the tickets increasing two-fold…so there goes my hopes! So bummed out…so now have to plan for a later date, and to see if there is any more offers etc…but they say that the price of the flight tickets tend to get quite pricey in Europe during summer…

Btw, my Greek lengzai entah dah mati kat mana, sudah berkurun abad takde berita drpd dia. Jadi sudah habis my cerita ngan dia. Maklumlah dia pun 6 tahun lebih muda dari I… =P Mesti cari target baru sekarang! Hehe. Maybe I will find cute Sicilians on my trip... =P
Now that I’ve got only 2 months left in Italy, I’m feeling kinda bummed out and depressed lah…cos the weather is getting kinda good now…and I love sunbathing on the balcony outside my apartment…and I realized that I can actually cook quite well! I made curry chicken last week, which IMHO was the best ever that I’ve made, and then fried tofu (the tofu costs a lot here!)…and even fried pork ribs. Ahhhh… but how also can’t cook my Laksa, nor can I find a shop that sells it!

Oh, as I’ve promised, some pics of Barcelona…Janice I’m sure you are looking forward to this! And you’ve probably been to all the places that I’ve been…If not, even more! Hehe…Well, I met these 2 Korean guys during my trip to Barcelona. We lived in the same hostel, and since I was alone, I asked if I could tag along with them…I think how also travelling with Asians is better than with Europeans (I mean if they’re strangers…Europeans macam very wild and most of the time drunk…I mean, of those that I’ve met lah so far, and anyway, they’re not so, well, accepting of Asians anyway)…So these 2 guys, Won and Sung were really nice and fun to be with, we even went to watch the flamenco together and tried the Spanish specialty paella.(which IMHO our nasi goreng kampong is much better) …Viva Malaysian food!
Here are the Part I of the pics in Barcelona…sleepy ade, caught flu today must sleep early a bit…but based on the pics, can see the fact that I have been slowly but significantly gaining weight LOR! haha
From top right, clockwise: The Labyrinth Park, Palau de Mar, Gothic Quarter and beach in Barceloneta
Camp Nou!!!

P/S: I'm pretty bummed out today...cos my scholarship applications to pursue Masters sudah terkandas. so must go back malaysia d loH

Monday, April 21, 2008

Republic of San Marino and San Leo

As always I find the life in Perugia very relaxing. One does nothing…there is nothing much to think about, just that I have to think what to eat everyday…The past week, the weather had been very bad. It rained non-stop for about one week…thank God we had the sun during the past weekend! I spent the whole weekend by the balcony, just basking in the sun, sitting on the couch. And cooking, and eating. But not eating so much adi lah. Kena shoot teruk by my housemates whenever I mention the word ‘Diet’. Haihs. And I have such absolute weakness for fattening stuffs…eg. Pasta, Chocolates, cakes. I swear I’ve never eaten so many chocolates for the past 10 years where I’ve eaten here in 6 months. I consume an average of 3 chocolate bars/week. Today I promise to start on diet (as I’ve did for the past 4 months).

Ahhhh…back to the good weather…we had 22deg on Sat and 25deg on Sun. I hated the sun when I was in Malaysia, but now like damn ecstatic when I see a teeny weeny bit of sun. So of course I had sunbathed with all the layers of bakyius (meat) with my housemate. =P My greek lengzai sudah balik kampong for 10 hari…but the past 3 days had been raining cats and dogs..tension...

Ahhh…the excitement of my life here -_-“ In fact, it was so exciting to see my housemates argue last week. As LB said before, the Italians could argue even over garbage. Aiyaya last week me and my housemate Nadia went to shop for some groceries, and there were only 4 boxes of nuggets left which were in offer. We beat the other housemate, Milena to it…so she like damn behsyok la. When she came home, she accused us of being immature for running to buy the nuggets that we knew she wanted or something. (We had to run to the supermarket coz Nadia’s guest was coming to our house mar…so Milena was like, damn perasan that we purposely went to the supermarket to spite her) Damn lawak and mentensionkan the scene. In the end they started screaming at each other and one starting crying. Aihs…but after 6 month of living together with them, I also damn biasa d of them exaggerating and amplifying the graveness of the situation.

But anyway, of course I had my yoga poses when I was in Berlin! Hehehe. Oh and here are some pics of when I went to Republic of San Marino 1++ month ago. San Marino is a very small and adorable republic in Italy...and it snowed the day before, so the republic was covered with snow when we is San Leo! =) I went to these places with my B2 coursemates - Uksana (Ukraine), Jiji (China), Konstantinos (Greece), Domenico (Korea) and Lili (Malaysia)...oh well...malas aku nak continue are the pics...lunch time anyway

This is in Berlin, near the Arch of Triumph and the Palace

Apparently all my yoga poses are the same

These are the pics taken in Republic of San Marino and the San Leo castle lah. The one which is the most lengzai is my Greek lengzai lor. haha. Anyways.... =P I dreamt of Malaysia so often lately!...Family...friends...and esp Malaysian food..hahaha

Friday, April 11, 2008

After a hiatus of almost a month

Okay so sorry…1 month tak update…I think everyone has even given up on checking out this rotten blog…nevertheless, I will try my very best to win your hearts again. =)

Life without Internet is very pathetic la…but lama kelamaan, you also will get used to it…it’s not end of the world…Just maybe need Internet to book flight tickets and book accommodation. Hehe.

So what have I been up to lah? Many many things loh…since:
22/2/08-24/2/08 - Berlin, Germany
9/3/08 - Republic of San Marino and the castle of San Leo
16/3/08-22/3/08 - Barcelona, Spain
23/3/08 - Rome and Vatican City for Easter
24/3/08 till now - Recharging battery and wallet lah cos pokai papa kedana already… I was attending the level B2 for Italian language and it was the end of the course. I really enjoyed myself during this course cos got my Greek lengzai and also some Israelites that were really nice…also there’s this super adorable Chinese guy that really cracked us up everytime that we were together. Damn when I myself read what I am typing I also geleng kepala at the state of my English at the moment. -_-“ Ora parlo bene italiano ma il mio inglese e’ peggiorato.

Anyways, as spring has arrived, me and the gang just hang out everyday by the dome doing nothing…everyone just sits by the staircase, basking in the sun…as does everyone else…then all of us will take a walk along Piazza Italia, to do some people watching and just blend in with the crowd…Actually I also don’t know why there are so many people idling in the center of Perugia…all also mouliu like us lah, apparently…then we will stop, get an ice cream, then continue people-watching activity on the staircase…everyone calls the hang out place as “sulle scale”. Previously I have always had a bad impression on Israelites..but turns out this bunch that I met were really nice. Aihs…I am the oldest one la among them…all also range from 18-20 years old…I mean, within these peeps that I am hanging out with la…I also tension…but I always say that I am 19 years old lah. (hehe suddenly 5 years younger)…

Ahhh and also lately we’ve been having some farewell parties, birthday celebrations of my housemate Dora, the Chinese fella Jiji, Pietro and a friend Francesco…yeap lots of eating lately…I am at a VERY HEALTHY 62kgs now…I think…*gasp. The heaviest I’ve ever been was when I was 16 years old at 60kgs…mana tau now…the record has been broken…haihsssssss tension giler…muka bulat like full moon, eyes also look smaller, nose also look more penyek… jalan also like tak balance…sedih tak terkata…

Oklah one by one…I start with some pics of Berlin…just as promised! Berlin is a really quiet and calm city…really liked it, and it’s not so costly as Paris! Everything is systematic and organized…not as chaotic as Italy…probably the European version of Singapore lor…very clean wan the city…Since it was almost two month ago when I went there with Poli, I don't even remember the name of the buildings no more...phaiseh...distinctly remember the Parliament building..wait I dig up the info again only tell you guys the names of the buildings la...what matters is ME appearing inside the photos anyway. haha. Most of my Italian girlfriends are into German guys...but to me...still prefer italian guys that i am failing miserably to tackle. haha.

Clockwise, from top right: Some famous church, the palace, some church again, Reichstag

Ermmm...really forgot what the building is called d, Charlie Checkpoint, a famous cathedral, Arch of Triumph

1st and 3rd are still pix taken at the Reichstag (Parliament building), and at the World War II memorial

Okay...I am really bad of describing the name of the places...phaiseh lah...this post I am writing in a hurry..lately no time to even pangsai. haha. Update ASAP!!!!

P/S: Lately been traveling around ma, then I realized hor...when the aircraft lands safely...Italians will clap their hands...believe me...only the Italians do that...the French, Spanish, Germans etc...none...weird...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


sorry lar long time tarak update d..still alive here...been really busy lately..anyways Berlin trip was good and been to the Republic of San Marino as well last week..oklah..just to update a bit that i will be heading to Barcelona for a week this when i come back time oni update ord lah.. have to post pix of these places when i come poh pi poh pi that i come back dengan selamatnya to send u guys the updates lah..

tonite have to pack, then tmr will be heading to rome..have to sleep one nite at the airport loh..oklah toodles! muax

(btw: i am using my lengzai greek's pc 2 update this post cos my internet connection at home kaputed d. which explains my disappearance for a month...susahnya kehidupan menjadi seorang hacker..itupun seorang hacker yang amat gagal...aihssss)

Monday, February 18, 2008

i'm a housewife

I'd love to blog about interesting happening stuffs of me traveling here and there, partying hard...but alas...not...

For the past week, I have baked bread, made sushi, today I made steamed fish teochew style (ho ho ho 1st time!!! successful sumore!), cooked chicken curry, even steamed pao and I am currently fermenting kimchee (korean fermented vegetables)...memang free until can't bersuara lei...sien...currently I even took up gardening!!! hehe not really la, but I bought a pot of pansy...I shower it with love day and night, when I eat, it also eats by soaking up the sun...when I drink, I water it...but there was one time when I took shower, I mistakenly also terover showered it with almost drowned and died...I had to call emergency (my housemates la...I also bought each of them a pot, but theirs blossoming well..mine the only unique cacat case) but managed to resuscitate it la, luckily...

Haihs...but not really a housewife per se room is a big mess...but I have memorized the location of every item in the supermarket near my house...and I proudly boast the fact that I know every single item on offer in the 5 supermarkets...the highlight of my daily life is reading the leaflets distributed by the supermarkets...haihs it's PATHETIC

On a brighter note, I am going to Berlin next weekend!!! hehehe.but just going 2 days la with Poli...WHAT, 2 days you may say?...yalo..what to do..i'm rich ma =P kidding, i'd love to stay for a week, but Poli has to work ma..but seriously I don't mind ponteng class wan la...

So anyways, happy belated Valentine's day to you guys...I spent it alone..kinda la, I went to the university to watch a film that evening with my classmate..he's a Greek and now I know why people describe devastatingly cute guys as Greek Gods...I mean, he's not a Greek god, just a Greek, and he's that cute already..hahah =P *wink...

I'm anticipating my kimchee to be ready...if it's successful then I will make..even more kimchee...well previously I had this kimchee craving ma, so I went like, 6 supermarkets to search for chinese cabbage..wahlao..I didn't know this vege is sooooo exotic here...I even took the bus to go all the way to the outskirts to look for it...also tarak...lastly I found it on a small Chinese sundry shop...that time terover happy I bought like 2 biji besar besar wan...which is too much..if I one day fry once also can fry one I guess make even more kimchee then donate to my 2 korean classmates la...

me posing with my new leather boots...made in italy lei...and now im papa kedana..broke...but dunno why the pic kenot see my face...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

i am still on Earth

ehh kengkawan, i go italy nia..bukan disappear from the face of earth ok. never receive GONG XI FA CAI smses wan this la a few..but about 10 times lesser than every year. cis. tarak sim wan all..

for HPC members, only HP Lin has the 'sim' to text...

for LL House, only Miss Cheng has the 'sim' also...

family..lagi tak payah cakap... -_-"

mahjong withdrawal symptom...but i had steamboat on CNY eve with my Chinese housemates la...and today I made sushi...

GONG XI FA CAI to all!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Of Trip to Venice

How can I summarize it ar? Two words, Beautiful/Expensive. But it's more expensive than it is pretty. Hehe. Ehhh 1 cup of cappuccino costs RM25 ok! and I took, like 2 cups of sth. You go do the math. Haha. Eat also RM100 adi...

But the carnival was really fun...the only setback (a major one too!) that it rained the whole day...So even the masked ppl were using umbrellas. Haha. But got a period that it didn't rain la..the fun part lo...

Near the Rialto Bridge

I went alone...Lili couldnt go cos the bus full at 1st also couldn't go wan...but I used my persuasive skills to convince the traveling agency. Hehe Thank god I have not lost my charm yet. Curse or a blessing that I got to go, I dunno..because I spent RM600 just in one day. I returned with 3 masks and some souvenirs..I bought a TriAngel also! The one in the cantonese drama, Triumph in the Skies..hehee...Anyways, upon reaching there, I tagged and parasited myself with 2 other girls, an Italian and Australian. They were probably reluctant that I tagged along, but I buat duh la. haha. But they were very nice and fun! And Venice was super congested with ppl cos it's the last weekend of the carnival...Can see many types of cute costumes also..not some lengzais serenade us a song also...haha. I love the mask that I bought! Expensive..and I bought 3.. 10Euro friend bought one 60Euro!! hers is super the pretty..but too expensive laaaa...
Piazza S.Marco and etc

Some pics...I still have to get some pics from 2 other cameras though~

The 2 girls I parasited, Miranda and my mask?

My 2 Prince Charming...I love the little girls' costume!

The 2 guys who serenaded us a song...should be Spanish kut...

Comel sungguh semua..

One of my fav.! Futurama robot?

All in all, it was a good trip...but it would have been even nicer if I got to take the RM400 gondola... hahaha hopefully the next time I go Venice, it would be with The Guy. hehehe. He pay la of course! And it'd better not rain too...Next time only I show the other 2 masks the I bought ok? Blue and Red. Now I belah to bed adi...sleepy..tmr I start a new level for Italian language..B2 lo me taking...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm going to Venice later lo... 8 hours' time..I will be boarding a bus to Venice. heee heee. follow university la. cos no kaki. I was allocated in the 2nd bus wan, the 1st one was already filled up. Then mana tau early this morning I received an sms saying the 2nd bus is cancelled, so we will be refunded. Then I damn sedih lo, went to the shop to insist on going...I even offered sitting beside the driver. Haha. Anyways, I refused to leave the shop. At last, they relented la, somehow found a space for me. hehehe. so must go to bed early lo..6am must gather at university adi..just a day trip, for the Carnevale!

This morning, I went to the post office to post some documents, to Sweden. The date due is today (1st Feb) tot what if I send courier lo...wahhhh Euro35!!! Will arrive within 2 days. But leh hor...use normal post, only 2.50Euro wor. Will arrive within 5-6days. Chisin. 4 days' difference, 10 times' price difference. Obviously I opted for the latter. Since I already missed the deadline, what's a couple of days rite? Also got another one to Spain I have to send, but that one due mid-Feb..So in a way, instead of Euro35, I spent Euro2.50 each. Saved Euro65! So what did I do with the money I saved? Shopping got end of the season sales ma. Bought 2 pants, 1 United Colors of Benetton handbag (which I thought was leather, but wasn't)...and 5 pots of flowers (one for each housemates. heheh you can call me sweet, or you can call me rich. lol. no la. feel like spending money today lo)..even called to chat with Lin almost 1/2 hour (girl miss u!)...I love the pants and also the handbag!!! hehe

Remember the cold war thingy in my house? Yeahhh now resolved adi lo problems,..but now I conclude that Italians are very..well..passionate..*blergh. Before going to the Post office, I went to photocopy some stuffs. I witnessed the shop owner (guy) and a girl (client) fighting very very loudly in the shop. They were scolding each other over some mistake in the photocopied stuffs. Personally I dont see what the big deal is..but as LB said, they can even fight over I guess it must have been normal..In fact, the guy was sooooo engrossed and angry at the girl that he gave me free for the 4 pcs of photocopies I made, probably just to spite the girl. Haha. Italians. Chisin.

Today marks the 105th day (3.5 mths) of me being in Italy. Many asked me...
"so got kangtao ah?"
"got italian bf adi ah"
"remember to save me one ah"
Peeps, let me clarify..personally I have not seen any super lengzai ones ler. Nice Janice said, once you see them everyday..they look..well..normal..anyways, none looked like Cannavaro or Nesta or Maldini..

The truth is, before becoming a footballer, apparently you have to go thru this screening test for physique and appearance. Not lengzai kenot become footballer one. Obviously for Azzurri its even more stringent. So kesimpulannya all the lengzais are in the football teams adi. The go figure. Haha -_-" BELIEVE ME! That is the story of how I got cheated into coming to Italia...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jeng jeng jeng

This year for Chinese New Year:

1) LL Housemates gathering will kekurangan 1 person to gossip and do siasuei things together. im sure Miss Pana will miss me, cos she will be the only person eating. hahhaa. *bleks

2) HPC Gathering will kekurangan someone to be the one late to arrive (aka, me!) If mengikut tradisi, HP Pao or HP Lin were always the early ones...then the person living just a km away, HP Heng will!!! then HP Jo Ooi, HP Loh, HP Chun...No one will have a go for another bowl of HP Loke's YeePhor's hokkien mee...Girls, remember to bring your 'kums' when pai nee at each other's places ok, mi raccomando!

3) Occasionally, the SRKBL Melur ppl will have a gathering also..sorry cant make it this year!!!

4) Esp my family...this year, my Xiaoyi and Mom will kekurangan another kaki to play mahjong with them...less money for them to win this year...since every year basically I am just donating my money away...from a few days b4 cNY till Chap Goh Meh... -_-"

Aihsssssss...Janice, thanks so much for the Xmas card...altho I just received it yesterday. haha yours will be arriving soon, i promise no later than Easter ok!

Part 2 of my Paris trip: Beryoga everywhere I go...hehehe

Not bad lei..can pose inside Musee du Louvre sumore...and at Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel...-_-"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

no internet lah!

previously i was able to online at home..for about 1 week..cos i curi oranglain punya wireless internet connection. but lately the line very the f**ked up..and apparently i can only on9 when the itu tuanpunya pc is open..which is weird, cos the line belongs to sum1 yang tinggal satu tingkat bawah kami...but leh hor, i can oni connect via kawan saya punya pc..duno y dia ialah the tuanpunya pc for my connection..lately she not around..line sumore problematic..kesimpulannya..cant online lo..

but im's good..i covered 5 seasons of Friends, watched so many Prison Breaks and Heroes that i am now dreaming of them..eyes hurt..blergh..

I miss the aroma of Chinese New Year cookies in the oven!