Monday, June 29, 2009


just now i curi tulanged to go breakfast and was walking with a colleague towards the makan place... and an indian guy was on a bike riding past us

he immediately slowed down and showed me a thumbs up finger and said stuff like "i've never seen a better ass on a Chinese girl" or something like that @#%#$^# ??????? then he made shape of the bosom very cun also or something la...and while riding for the next 100 meters he just kept his eyes on us...

then you know what the guy just stopped by the roadside when we passed by just to 'pay his compliments' again and kept showing thumbs up sign...but at least he wasn't tailing us that's like so freaky...he then said "byebye" and left...

i dont mind if a guy appreciates la...but until so blatant and hamsap...well then again, i may be biased because he was on a bike, if he had been on a Merc or something maybe I would feel flattered right? well, life...why can't a man on a sportscar pay attention or something? hahahaha. but i still feel 'violated' and 'harassed' la

which comes to the gym sessions must be showing some results then??? :P

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just to say hi

cos these few weeks quite busy at work...facebook still blocked at work...

1) the rumour/gossip with my colleague is gone (great!)
2) might possibly switch to a new position in the company (but nothing firm yet, the soonest will be August I believe)
3) need more money!

be back soon :) toodles.

Monday, June 08, 2009

did a little spring cleaning on my blog

checking up on my blogroll, apparently i'm not the only one who hasn't been if your name is no longer on my blogroll, it means you have not updated for about a year!!! but if your name is still there, it means i have hopes that you would update :)

had a good weekend...managed to catch up with 3 lovely penang chicks - pao, ping, heng...we went to this nuffnang thing? however, i do realize that i am too old to be involved in these kinda activities nemore. :( screaming my lungs out seeing kennysia is just so

Friday i went for karaoke with 2 other colleagues cos we didn't have to work. whoa. RM5++ inclusive of salad buffet and screaming our lungs out? thats sweet...and sunday (i just discovered that my aunt has the best karaoke system at her house) i got to polish a little bit more of my singing (or the lack of it skills) :) :)

and finally managed to set up my hookah/nargila/shisha which i bought in Dubai (that's like 2 months ago). at a garden setting sumore. topped with an amazing yoga session the day before. i'd say that life is pretty good.

sometimes the simple things that comes easily in life is hard to beat.

am i being incoherent? :) *hardly. remember the previous post to which i mentioned a colleague getting a divorce? apparently now part of a rumor - that we have an affair...i'm like the manipulative mistress that is going after him for his money...and now that he's getting a divorce, i'm supposedly very happy about it...???? what the $@^#%&?

just because he speaks to me often (and yes, he does find me attractive but he finds about 100 others attractive too) and we've had several breakfasts together makes me a mistress. i wonder if i'm any good in bed. i must be, since i'm a mistress. you think it's easy to become a mat salleh's mistress ah? need to be super attractive too. i should feel flattered. i kinda found out the source of the gossip - so i'm not so agitated like i was last week. because initially i thought i was 'betrayed' by the colleagues i work closely with...but it turns out (probably) to be from another division which i dont know its ok ... treat as free publicity loh...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

time to pick up blogging again

i guess eventually one would get sick of "refreshing" his/her facebook page. i've plenty of photos to upload, from US, Dubai and my European stint but just not in the mood. maybe because i looked fat in them. haha.

neways blogging again is a good thing. it doesn't take a long time to type in a sentence or two, just to share some thoughts...usually i procrastinate and in the end i dont remember what i want to share anymore...

a colleague is dealing with a divorce now - which is really tough. but in a way, he was looking for trouble cos he cheated on his wife. not once. but i'd say a few times already. he's an expat so getting a divorce can be really messy and expensive. and he has 2 kids. really tough. but then again, he really really wants to be single. so do you think he should have stuck by his wife for the kids? his wife is really amazing and his reason was that he married too young (at 22 years old) hmmm. i would have been one of his scandals had i not have so many "scruples". since i'm so kampung and all, of course getting involved with a married man is out of the question. however good looking the guy is!

i wouldn't mind dating a divorcé though. since i'm not "THAT" young anymore. all the good guys are already taken. all the the even better guys...i dont deserve. well i dont know what i want. who knows. slowly search lor. i think dad wants me to get settled down adi, but at the same time he doesnt want me to find anyone. hahaha. back to the divorcé... i'm not that generous though...if he's in his 30s and all...and STILL without children...i'd do so...but with kids (who are staying with him) that will be though, since i can't cook, nor iron, nor do any stitching. wait, i don't even know how to clean properly.

well at the moment, who needs love anyways - time to concentrate on going to the gym. :)
Oh, and also on work of course...
and i think i will change a job very soon...