Friday, April 23, 2010

revival of blog from Abu Dhabi!

oops. time passes so quickly that i didn't realize that i have not updated for 2 months!

I was in balikpapan for 2 months...and I guess my technical knowledge took a hike again. the stuff that i returned to the lecturers upon my graduation is slowly coming back to me...well, not THAT much...but a bit a bit lah...

frankly, my technical knowledge/capability is really not good. but...I can only try and do my best :P

I went to the rig for the 1st time, and it's offshore so it was really cool...and the people that i worked with were really nice...but everytime i have reviews with my mentor/manager i sure kena screw like crazy cos i'm not prepared...but each time it will get better than the previous i'm glad that there were improvements!!! in Abu Dhabi for 6 weeks' cementing school. Yep, I dont know, but this company seriously sucks out the energy in me...I don't even feel like doing anything fun anymore...I cannot think of anything more fun than sleeping...that's bad right. but after catching up on sleep for the past week, i think slowly but surely my mojo is coming back...I was not a very fun person before...but I was not THAT boring either (like now) but the old me will be back!!!!

Time to get some things back to check:
1) Losing some weight (haha - it never happens but i like to put it in anyways)
2) Going on a vacation with my abang
3) Focus on LEARNING in my job - i become so lost and not focused most of the time
4) Find a hobby! Photography...and whatever happened to my beloved yoga?!!
5) I can do it!!!!