Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chapter 2: Taormina, Sicilia

Actually Taormina is around the same area as Etna wan...But never mind lah...Still considered different area, but they are adik-beradik lah. as I prepare to blog this I kept thinking about the lovely times in Italy. Yes there was some point when I was traveling that I said to myself "This is getting ridiculously time wasting. I can't wait to get home and start earning money!!!" Actually when that thought occurred me, I must've been out of my mind. How could working be nicer than traveling??? Mind I have just started working 4 days only...Itupun without doing anything productive..when the workload starts piling up...ho ho ho. sure tension giler wan.

and you know what, the 1.5 months i'm back here, I have not touched my digital camera. Don't know where I threw it already other day 08.08.08 me and my xiaoyi got take the camera to capture some shots of us in the new house. shortlasting happiness lah. didn't get to fully enjoy the comfort of the new house, have to come KL work living in a mini-room at Uncle's place.

Okla dont want to talk about sad things d...So this is Taormina, with the famous Teatro's quite high up so you could get a really amazing view of Mt.Etna, its surroundings, the sea...amazing scenery from the greek theatre.

Teatro greco

Well teatre would mean that during the ancient times (I'm not sure how ancient lah) the greeks used to use thi s a teather for performances etc. Note the green field on the top right picture...not field..its like rows of seats lor

Then after that we went to the centro storico (apparently all the touristy italian cities have their centro storici/historic centers like the center where all the churches are lo. This one is really lovely...very...Sicilian feeling...We did capture a video, which one has to see to fully menghayati this city. It was pretty packed with tourists...and the alleys have those cute restaurants selling their sicilian specialties. Sicilians pride on their cuisine, using lots of spices like cinnamon and citrus fruits in their dishes. They are, after all, no 1 producer for citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in Italy. They have so many types of them...but when we went it was practically summer so there weren't many types..cos oranges are like, winter fruits.

Centro storico in Taormina
We took the chance to try one of their local specialties, Arancino. It's like a fried rice ball stuffed with ragรน, meat, peas and mozzarella. Yummy!

After that we discovered something more yummy than the Arancini, the waiters selling the Arancini *wink wink. Remember I said that Sicilians were the cutest??? there are countless numbers of this type looking of guys in Sicilia heeheheh

Next would be Chapters for Siracusa and Catania and Isola d' btw, not I approach the guys to take pics wan k...oklah not they approach me to take pics also wan...but my friend Selina go ask them to take pictures together...then I just tumpang bahagia...weiiii got Italians ask me to take pictures with them also chapter only show you the picture hahaha

Friday, August 15, 2008

I have started working!!!

I was supposed to blog about my Sicilian chapter two since a few weeks ago right? I also can’t remember anymore. But anyways as my title indicates, I have started working 3 days ago. Today would be my 4th day here. Nice also ar. I am working at Jalan Tun Razak lah. (kenot disclose the company and exact location lah later will kena...u know lah they made me sign this confidentiality thingy) Also with my amazing fan base later kena stalk leh?? (who says got fan base, sigh my fanclub is on the verge of gulung tikar d)...But so far so good. 3 days straight I managed to reach on time, this is the thing that I worry about the most lah since the place that I am currently staying, Taman Connaught in Cheras is famous for its traffic jam...and I work from 8am-5pm. Good also lah the working hours, had it been from 9am-6pm sure jam giler kena teruk-teruk haha.

So far my boss i.e. the one who hired me is not around at the moment, in fact he will only come back to the office mid-Sept. Wahey!!! Means bahagia for almost 1 month without supervision...but got no tasks also will tension lah. Oh got my team leader take care of me. Nice guy, friendly, talks a lot, maybe talks too much also...I mean for a team leader lah. But then I probably talk more than him, at least the things he say kinda makes substance...better than me tin kosong wan haha.

The floor I work at consists of mostly expatriates cos it is a regional office. There is another office for Malaysia on another floor above mine, that one are all Malaysians lor. But anyway so far I haven’t spoken to any of the expats except for Hi-Bye. Even my boss also Team Leader is M’sian lah. My colleagues also are quite friendly lah. =) but don’t know I gave good or bad impression lah so far. I look so fat in my working clothes!! Mentensionkan! Sumore kena one huge zit on my forehead. Like, red and humongous type wan which can be noticed 1km away...since the very 1st day till now. Getting worse sumore. Haha. So much for my hope to look gorgeous on 1st day loh.

But I feel so exhausted lah everyday. It’s not like I am so productive at work also. Go in at 8am then wait for lunch d. And this job won’t require me to actually travel also. I mean, to meet clients etc. Basically I will only be liaising with internal customers. What to do lah, slow slow. Takkan from 1st day of work want to get high profile job d meh. Insya-Allah I target in 1 years’ time get good review, then see what kind of career advancement lo. Must work hard...cannot Facebook so much...I macam let my Team Lead see me FB also I don’t care...he see me play email email with company email and my hotmail also he don’t care...but sad thing is MSN is blocked in the company. Sigh. Can IM (instant messaging) with the rest of the company’s ppl worldwide only. Worst thing is I haven’t seen lengzais so far. Wait I get my 1st salary 1st then I will sign up with a gym to langsingkan my badan again lo.

Okla. Back to work (eh I wrote this from home ok, not I menyalahgunakan company property yahs)...happy weekend to all. My Chapter 2:Sicilia will come soon stay tuned...

P/s: Janice my office got 2 Venezuelans but I can’t remember my Spanish anymore so I didn’t even attempt to strike up a conversation with them hahaha phaiseh lah I have wasted our Francisco’s titik peluh to teach us Spanish. See got time then I will pick up again Spanish lah. The chances of me bumping into a Spanish speaking fella in my office is way higher than bumping into an Italian speaking punya. Hahahaha.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

tv addict...

Must apologize la my janji to post up about my 'traveling chronicles' tak tertunai. still stuck on chapter I:Etna...coming up supposed to be Taormina, Catania, Isola D'Ortigia, Messina, Siracusa...I mean for my trip to Sicily harap sabar yeah kengkawan...

So sebagaimana yang u guys tau kan..I've been jobless been back from Italy for 1 month and 1 week basically...recap: I left my job as an Aircraft Design Engineer (which I worked for only 4months) and rejected a job offer from Petronas (which I am now waiting to be sued) to go Italy...ada scholarship why not? hehehe. Ooohhh ok just wanna stress on the fact that I came back penniless la. Except for the bunch of Euro coins lah....and some notes lah. So since I am so busy menanam anggur kan kat umah...earning the measly RM15-RM30 gaji from the kopitiam (which usually I finish spending on dinners...wait..last week spent RM150 shopping for working clothes) maklumlah a penganggur like me don't go out much lah...if don't go out...then can do what? makan makan and tengok tv lo...oh...and bake...i've so far made twice tiramisu d...(the ingredients mahal kopitiam salary dihabiskan to buy the ingredients also)

So since I so busy kan watching tv...after a hard day's work at kopitiam, I chill out with 7pm's Surgeon Bong...then pause for dinner...then with Lu Ding Ji...also dont know what the drama's name also...then 9.45pm's Her Many Faces...followed by the lawyer drama then finally Age of the time I finish watching also 12.30am d...then now hor...since too catching up So You Think You can Dance II on 8Tv's webportal lo...from Episode 1 u at Episode 6 d...yawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn so mouliu....