Monday, May 29, 2006


Found this pic from Beautiful Newsmakers's blog a few weeks ago I think..That explains my display nick in Msn Messenger lah regarding the waistline thing. Isn't her bod just to die for? Tiny tiny waist..fuuuh..although face so-so nia lar..But her waist is to die for! i think her vital stats are 34C-24-34. *droolz. I'm working hard towards it..but I'm such a foodie.hahaha. Susahnyer..

Presenting Brandy Grace (I've no idea who she is actually..haha). Definitely better than Rosie Phua right? *wink

p/s:Actually I just need some motivation. Haha apparently I can devour more food than my male cousins,my age!! It's getting scarier by day...

Retail therapy again

ohhh..last, not this one..(27-28 may)..but the weekend before. .I went back beloved PENANG..actually I typed many many things and saved it in my drafts..but now lazy to post that d..cos its a little boring ..hahah!so now's the edited version of it!

Led a super healthy lifestyle by going to the gym with Loke and Lin. Even woke up before 8am!! Actually Loke & I were members,since Lin wanted to hang out with us,so we made her go as well..after that we went to Gurney for another shopping spree after lunch..Loke bought RM300++ of MAC products..I couldn't resist buying its liquid eyeliner..haha although I do not find the usage or occasion for it yet..but I just needed to spend $$$. Evil thinking right? I'm just going to say that I was possessed by the evil shopping spirit..I bought something really unnecessary that costs a lot..a panasonic eyelash curler.haha.don't even ask me why.i even changed my hotlink prepaid to postpaid! judging from my excessive phone-calling and texting..usage menaik exponentially~ sigh..dinner was fav penang dishes..laksa,kangkung cuttlefish,chee cheong fun yada yada..then I rushed back to watch myself on tv with Loke.I rejected clubbing offers.unlike me im HEALTHY!tee-hee..syok sendiri lah tu

Woke up at 7am..(I know..last time to me standard time was 1pm or 2pm..gosh I missed those days!!) Went to binge on dimsum this time,with Grandma and XiaoYi. 3 of us ate like, 14 plates or something...I'm a foodie!! but felt a little guilty,luckily already ajak Loke to gym again.Spent the rest of the day meeting up with friends..Oh,I had such a lovely dinner at Siriwan..Thai food..4 of us also at about RM120 though. -_-"

Hehe. Yala yala..I'm on leave usual lar,training over,since my working in Honeywell is just an extension,so I pun onleave, onleave, onleave..haha but no pay-leave my salary also deducted until don't know how much liao. That aside, I spent my time helping out at the kopitiam lor..then went out to meet Alicia.. =) I managed to cajole Dad into into loaning me his honda city..usually his face turns green whenever I broached that subject, but the whole weekend I drove aunt;s Getz,its also auto transmission..the car came back in one piece, so this time he consented.hehe. i went to find Jess first, then Alicia..dahlah I spent so much during the weekend..

I HIT THE CURB AGAIN!!I didn't see the curb in front of Alicia's house..sigh. history repeats itself. Tayar pancit again. -_-" (flashback to the time when I hit the curb with dad's kembara). Everytime my car mishaps also is memancitkan tayar. Haih,haih,haih..So this time I tarak semangat tukar tayar sendiri d..Ally's mom tolong call mechanic to come and change it for me..but have to pay RM10..(cut-throat!!)..Last time I took 1hour to change it myself..this fella took like,2minutes nia. when I went to pick up dad at his workplace later, he clapped his hands.haha. He was pretty amazed at how I manage to hit the tyre everytime, by its side..meaning not on the is not-tampal-able liao. Last time also like this, this time also like this. As usual, dad expects me to pay for it (like last time. Goodyear u know!!) Upon reaching home, he immediately ask me to go to a tyre shop and buy a new I do not escape from it..hehe. cham..evil Dad..grrr. this also considered as retail therapy lo..but secara paksa wan -_-"

Later in the evening went back to KL penang to bits!

p/s: this weekend I went to the KLIMS..KL International Motorshow 2006!! Will post about it later lah..haha sorry lar this time my post a bit dry..not so in the mood to blog. sleep very badly *yawnnnsss!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


i cannot resist posting this after reading pao's blog.check this out.*salivates. hot or not?u decide.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


fellow Spirit of KL was the SKL show?haha. mine ah,appeared a teeny weeny bit nia..fruit basket and presentation part and in between some keh-leh-feh parts like at the PWTC LRT a lot of ORANGE and All Sam Sam wan..cis!! *bleks. But just as well lah cos I looked so awful..hehe too bad they didnt screen our whole sketch.I wanted so badly to see how we acted.

anyway, just to inform u guys..particularly team alphaQ, ORANGE, Last min heroes, aLL sam sam, oh..and La Bamba..I called up The Star d..the fella in charge of the event, Kenny (he's not exactly the person la,but he's the only one I managed to contact) says he will get a copy for us *yay! He's really nice and friendly..cos we've met a few times rgd this SKL thing..also to follow up on our prizes:

Me: Kenny,do you think you can help us? We want a copy of the show..Not only me lar..but many other teams
K: Har? you guys appear in TV and you dont even record it?
Me: Hey!! (protested defensively) how are we supposed to record..Isn't like, tape recorders obsolete already or something? We want it..but nobody seems to use it anymore at home. You have a tape recorder at home meh?
K: Of course I still have a tape recorder at home!
Me: it? Then what are you using it for? don't tell me to tape programs and play video tapes ah..
K: To collect dust
Me: -_-" (this i add emoticons in fon conversations.hehe) See??

So the conclusion is,yeah, he'll be getting a copy for us from the production company that recorded/filmed/edited our show. But don't know when lah..but when I have it..maybe you guys can get from me or something lah ya *wink wink..teams pls send ur cutest reps.(preferably aged >21 yrs old wan) Bwahahaha. Spread the info to ur frens la from other teams k..thanks!

That ah..

thanks for the kata-kata yang memberangsangkan to sue my lecturer, paralyse him, defame, crash into his house yada yada...hehe. believe me, i did think of those. but my foul mood that time is most probably contributed by this evil little thing called PMS. so basically i'm not PMS-ing I'm already mollified.

oh. a little revelation.hehe.then you are so going to say I padan muka. hehe.I did pass up the assignment a day late.BUT, I did inform him that, gave a valid reason..(can't remember which) and with his consent only I passed up late wan. When I passed up, I handed it personally so it wasn't supposed to be in the 'LATE' stack right? So, my fault or his fault? He said it was my fault for not following up, saying I could have checked for my results earlier like some students who did that. Some even called up to ask weeks before results were out,and did that consistently. then had I known that my marks were deducted unfairly, corrections can still be made cos the results has not been sent in to the faculty yet. Haiya.that, IMHO, is not called follow up ler..That's being kiasu. Takkan want me to call up everyday from KL back to JB for no reason ar? Pokai siot lo like tat. 1 minute RM1++. I expect the lecturer to do his job properly ma.

So,I also dont want to bising with him d..Learnt my lesson for being so sloppy and for procrastinating my assignments till the very last minute. I handed it within the time frame, but still my fault lah. This is a good lesson. Next semester cannot be like this d..hehe.

Oh. actually last semester I only took 12 credit hours..and 6 is for industrial training (which only has a pass or fail grade). So that means only 6 credits are taken into account for our GPA. That is why 1 subject makes so much difference..but if I consider it for CGPA--the whole cumulative doesnt make much difference. I think. But it'll be nice to get a >3.70 last semester no more lo..

Oh well. A lesson learnt, an experience gained. =P

Friday, May 19, 2006


Note the profanity in symbols above. I changed my mind. I am NO longer in a good mood. In fact, I am in a sUPER FOUL MOOD . Grrrr. This feeling is worse than being stuck 3 hours in a typical KL jam. It's worse than constipation for 3 days. Even purchasing a nice top at RM100 yesterday, and today you find it again in the 70% off bin isnt that bad. It's even worse than waking up the next day, and the weighing scale tells you that you gained 3kgs from the steamboat you had the night before. UrggH!!!

Is it fair to be penalised for no reason when it isn't even your fault? and the person at fault would not even do anything to change/rectify the problem because it's too tedious?Just checked my results. A lecturer gave me a lousy grade cos he mistook my assignment that I sent in as a late one, thus deducting a whopping lots of points, and hence affecting my grade a whole lot. And guess what, he even admits it's his mistake when I called him just now.And guess what, he said no,he won't be changing the grade cos he has already sent in,it'll be too tedious and a long procedure for him if he was to change it. Must meet panel,yada yada. @!!$$@#^& Asking me to be contented with a pass,somemore. Hello? He said our presentation was the best in the class,my test was fine,just this individual assignment that screwed me up. Cos of his mistake. Ughh. GREAT. Wait till I become famous. Then I'm so going to...I don't know. *inhales, exhales, inhales, exhales. LIFE. Phhwarrr.And the worst part is..since my motto for academic life has alwayz been "WANT TO DIE,DIE TOGeTHER" ma. Mana tau,only me kena penalise nia.Cipet. -_-"

Publisiti murahan

Darn..the whole morning I've been grinning to myself like an idiot.I'm supposed to be moody (it's THE time of the month) haha..but my mood is just too good (though now totally pokai,i feel bloated,zits all over the face)...but.hey..nothing's going to bring me down.hehe.refer the post below, as a reminder (hahahahahahaha) *hint hint THIS Saturday ..remember??? sorry cant help myself, I know you guys will kutuk I publisiti murahan. tee-hee. Blogging IS cheap publicity.haha.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hehe..just to catch your attention nia.I don't mean to do this..I really DON't WANT to...later ppl accuse me of being gila glamour..but..hey..I REALLY DO gila glamour..since everyone that I know who participated in the Spirit of KL finals that has a blog has been advertising it for weeks d..I might as well join the crowd:

jeng jeng..time for some advertisement--->


Hehe. Yalo last night me and 2 other teammates went for a short TV interview at TV3 Dewan Sri Pentas..We are going to be featured on 8TV Quickie this friday night, for like, 3 seconds? hehe and Saturday night for a minute or so lor..why left 3 of us leh? Vibrate went to US d, Ginseng went back to Sarawak d,and David having finals..

SO KESIMPULANNYA, DO TUNE IN FOR THE PROGRAMME THIS SAT K!! BUT REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING HOW I LOOKED LA..since basically the day of the competition,I only had an hour's sleep, since we had to complete our booth's banner..moreover, the whole week b4 that I was super bz, had to juggle between work (6am wake up wor!) and some other I slept about 4hours nia on average. Major zits were popping out, eyes were super panda-gothic-like..hehe. but I still want you guys to tune in.Ngieks ngieks ngieks

Oh,btw, Marion Caunter in reali life is quite pretty..make-up a little too thick though.but seriously petite..imagine lah in tv her face also look a little chubby d..and just a proportionate real life her waist was THIS tiny. so..TV really adds 5kg to us..So since me in real life pun dah bukannya TV kembang terus. haha. I'm dreading yet anticipating the show this Saturday. Two possibilities:

1)Somehow I still look the same as in real life,and my HCFC members remain constant-- still same amount.

2)5kgs add on--number of members jatuh menjunam exponentially,and gladly tarik diri from the fan club without wanting the refund for the membership lo


BUT STILL, DO CATCH THE PROGRAMME LAH.TUNE IN LAH.IT'LL BE FUN.YOU KNOW LAH ME, GILA GLAMOUR WAN. TEE-HEE-HEE. but wont just feature us Team La Bamba's all about what the 20 teams experienced throughout the day. Major coolness. Who knows..lots of lengzais lengluis u know in the competition.

SO, THIS SAT 10.30pm, SPIRIT OF KL, only on 8TV *wink
(then I wont have to blog so detailed d what the competition is all about,what we did,yada yada..hehe still pending cos I havent gotten the pix from David yet)

P/s: I'm going back to Penang this weekend..Yay!

p/s/s: As of now..3 person has already told me they saw me on the TV advert yesterday..I'm so excited. Haha I appeared in the preview doing abseiling. Which I bet I looked horrible in. But still excited la. I haven't seen it yet cos I haven't been watching tv for ages. But you bet I'm going to hog the Tv whole night today.Hee-hee

Monday, May 15, 2006

Retail Therapy at its best...the week that it was

P/s: sorry there's something wrong with my spacing..cant seem to rectify the pls bear with this post

Aloha ppl..hehe my Big Boss is in Shanghai for for official stuff so tat means there will be no one looking at me online (bwahahahha). There’s the Material Planner directly behind me, but she’s so nice so she won’t scold wan. 3 months training here, I usually go back, latest 5.30pm..usually its pretty much on the dot. 5pm finish work, I belah at 5.10pm. Cos I want to go gym ma..(speaking of gym..I barely went these two weeks..not because of the keeping fit part..but feeling as if I’m not using it to my money’s worth)..since all my attachments/engagements/events are more Spirit of KL, no more OTs etc etc..I can go to gym in peace (cross my fingers..something may just pop up)

Oh..Back to my story..I was saying I usually go back on the dot..guess what? I did OT on last wed and thurs..and boy..memang OT pun!! On Wed I left at 9.30pm, and on Thurs I left at 9pm..not bad leh.. imagine..i reach the company at 7.30am, leaving at 9.30pm..14 hours terperap here. Fuuuhhh. Had to help out Boss with his tasks ma…yalo, both of us nia. But not romantic hanky panky also (*bleks) maybe if he’s 20yrs younger then can lah..hahaha.

On Thursday,after finishing work at 9pm..I went to my aunt’s restaurant to wait for Meiyin to come..about 9.45pm,she came and we went to my place.10pm—bathe, tried and tried clothes, looked fat in every single thing, finally chose something to wear, meiyin wore my top..make up..left at 11pm..was supposed to meet up with DK, Daniel, Kevin they all at Zouk..luckily DK was even later than we were. Met my senior Angela Bong at the entrance also!! (looking great,babe!!)

The place, even the entrance itself was jampacked! Push, push, push, finally we got in! we met David, Corrina and etc etc we actually had 2 tables to hang out with..but that night I was so tired with work, and the past weekend’s back to Johor to move things…the week before preparing for Spirit of KL finals..ish ish ish..i slept an average of 4hrs for 2 weeks..obviously I looked like a zombie, felt like a zombie, and acted like one! Johnnie Walker in front of me I also tarak mood mau minum..not that im alcohol tolerant in the first place..but usually I take a shot or two jz to get into the mood to groove ma. Nvm la…my main motive was to intro Meiyin to my clubbing kakis in KL,since she purposely came from Genting..she enjoyed herself though. Haha. DK did as well,as usual. I just..danced and pranced around 1 hour..then I berposed whole night d at my table.

Ooohh..before I forget..met a few new ppl tat nite..our table there’s Andy ( I think), Eileen, the main guy(Anderson),and few others..the rest of us just to tumpang bahagia wan..haha..and Anderson brought this cute guy (cute,as in adorable,cos he had dimples....but not hensem lahh..)..he intro-ed himself as Wayne when we were talking. Danced, talked..but got this girl sticking to him like plague whole nite lah.Snippets of conversation:

Me:So ur still studying?
Wayne: 25 yrs old d..working in the music industry.. I write music are a KL-ite?
Wayne: Am a S'porean
Me: Hmm..oh-kaYYY u look familiar's actually tat Singaporean singer Lin Jun Jie(JJ)..He denied initially, but at last sorta admitted la. wonder the girl kept gluing to him whole nite..and also bragging that JJ asked for her no. Ughh..luckily it's not Lee Hom if not I sure hit her with the Black Label bottle d.hahaha. So JJ is pretty nice afterall..DAmn syiok get to brush shoulders with a celebrity..albeit not so famous wan la..haha but he really looks pretty much a regular guy..only his dressing a bit hip-hopish..and had a slanted cap..and dances pretty well. But not one I'll actually notice in a club cos not really tall kua.. (Lee Hom Lee HOM!!hehe) but that nite I felt like a lump of shit with lots of not in a flirtatious mood or wat also..not tat i will be able to attract his attention also lah.haha but no desire whatsoever..not a big fan ma..he left early with his manager..

Now the main part of my retail therapy..

Since I had such a hectic and unproductive week, I decided to splurge on Friday with Meiyin. We woke up about 1pm, bathed, terus go out..hungry d ( I felt guilty not going to gym at all..but..haha)..we went 1-Utama~~ ngiek ngiek..I actually found it myself without stopping to ask.hehe. We ate at Italiennes!!we had nia la..but the price very not 'so-so' that time it's almost 4pm d..hence started our shopping spree..

WE stopped by so many shops..didn't find anything that we wanted..actually we didn't even scour the whole building..not even 50% la actually..hehe. and finally we bought our 1st item in Blook.. we tested quite a number of dresses,tops..but I kinda fell in love with an item..hence:


meiyin got herself a dress too!I know I know..those who know me has never seen me in a skirt before like, once a year also..haha I only wear skirt once in a purple moon..moreover a dress! but i couldnt resist

By that time it was almost 7pm..I promised my aunt to go to help out at the restaurant..we were leaving..but I told Meiyin I wanted to check out
MAC have a look nia..I considered my splurging done d ma..mana tau we tercross-over Stila's counter. Sluurpp.. we spent more than 2hrs there ler..tested almost everything..haha i think the salesgirl quite pekchek..but i think she had this "ka-ching $$" in mind..end up both of us bought RM411 worth of products



meiyin got herself the eyeliner, cream blusher as well and its limited edition eyeshadow i think. obviously we didnt go MAC d after that!

and since it was so late I didnt go my aunt's aunt did sound me later at nite -_-" Next stop: Biotherm counter..this I bought in about 10mins..cos I had it in mind for sometime d..


meiyin stopped d..she went to get working shoes lo.I was pretty much done d..but I had this ultra splurge feeling like a Becky Bloomwood possesed ghost (those who read Shopaholics will know what Im talking about). HAHA.. I got a nice lingerie from Triumph

ITEM NO.5) TRIUMPH B** RM89.90!!!

I didnt know these kinda things are so costly u know..I all these while thought RM40 is counsidered expensive d..but actually some can even be hundreds..esp those maximizer push-up types that u see models and some women having super nice cleavage with.

Thus RM540.90 spent in hours. And maybe we were too delirious with our we couldnt find our car..(I bad for not remembering where we parked..)..We looked for an hour..kenot tahan d..asked for guards' help..They ride in bike 1/2 hour also cant find..luckily we didnt continue looking in foot. At last me and meiyin also pinjam their bike to look for my SLK...Eventually 1/2 hour later,a guard found it!!! Hallelujah..tat time also 12.30am d..we went to Sunway Asia Cafe for dinner after that. Kena con. The supposedly Korean Ramen that I ordered was actually Cintan Mee Curry Flavor. Tastes exactly the same. RM5!!####$%^%$&

Overall Im very happy with my purchases..hehe but I'm filing for bankruptcy d..cos I bought quite unnecessary stuffs..the Biotherm maybe lah..but actually clear skin can be achieved by getting ample sleep,unlike my 4hrs slp..sigh. HEHE


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CLEO's 50 most eligible afterparty @ Zouk

Before the hype cools down (although,yes it has already cooled down..hahah 2 weeks d ma)..yeah I browsed thru the Net for articles about it..anyway, last month I purposely bought the CLEO mag for the 50 most elegible bachelors section. Then there was work and stuff, I didn't actually read them, I mean, I did browse thru the pages and scanned some few cute ones, say Jeremy Little.. mainly because he's an aeronautical engineer..(as I am going to be one soon!! hehe)..then DK texted me on thurs nite inviting me to go for the party on Fri..she's got invites!! YAYY *hurray~~ come friday, i excitedly got ready..wait..i went gym till 8pm++, so the moment I got home, bathed, changed, put make-up in less than half hour..and had to rush to DK's hse..

Anyways..the event initially was pretty boring cos the eye-candy werent there yet..we were entertained by DJs and them asking girls to play games that were quite,erm, seductive to guys? sexy dances, shower dances, kissing games, etc etc..i was barely paying attention..but i made a conclusion:
Bigger/Larger (whole body la..not just THAT part) women actually look sexier when they dance,cos they are not so self-conscious about themselves..less inhibited?

serious..they are the ones who usually win the sexy dance competitions in clubs..and they do look nice shaking their assets.

Then finally at 11pm+ or so..the bachelors appear!! I wanted to memorise every single guy's name and faces into my brain b4 attending the event but didnt have the time so..but i remember jeremy little ma..

I know,who takes this kinda quality picture? I chose wrong setting ma..but anyways,that's why I'm including entry from another blogger..hers is much more interesting than mine

even so, after they announced the winnder (Jeremy Little), yes, the ladies were totally swarming the bachelors like a 70% sales in MNG. not kidding, all were looking for their personal favourite to take pics, extend their numbers..whereas me and DK were quite sesat cos we didnt recognise any..and basically we were there to party and dance with friends..

I did go looking for the bachelors..but they can only be distinguished thru their suits. Basically, I felt really cheated because there weren't exactly 50 cute guys you know..more like, "handful", which I quote from already took pictures with all the cute ones..refer to her post for the pics of the hotties..I felt so disappointed..I mean, harRR like that also cute ar..not that I'm super gorgeous or what la,but we did go with some kind of expectations la..Their pics in the mag were seriously touched up to the max man!! PHOTOSHOP, MAKE-UP!!! yala, I know us girls also look different in those glamorous pics that we take but,...but..haiyaya words cant describe it lah

So ended up me and DK hung out on the dancefloor,gave up trying to scan whats left of the cute guys already, since the cute ones are already kidnapped..left some weird looking ones milling around aimlessly. Eventually we did meet a few, and they were being nice and friendly..but before that we saw them "groping" the other girls like nobody's we jz..steered clear of their pathway..Yea, we met Liang, the local artistes,who's absolutely humourous and fun (and believe me,he really damn bahagia that night) and Jeremy de silva, who's pretty sweet. Oh, Ashraf Sinclair is jz gorgeous in his spectacles *droolz..He was standing behind us nia..hehe

We left 2am+ cos it was pretty boring d then, and the music tarak ngam..supper with liang and yewjin..both of them are just adorable..lolz..okla wrap things up with some pics..itu jer..thus conclude my night..(faster post up ler,..if not i'll never hit the 'publish post' button)

DK and I bercamwhore as usual

DK with Cleo's bachelors--Tan Chung Liang & Jeremy de Silva

Dunno like this consider bahagia or terseksa

Friday, May 05, 2006

BZ BZ me..

I know I know I know..I d not blog as often as I wanted to..and by the time I actually have to time to blog, it's already old old stale news. Oh well, just an update on things I will blog about (when I have the time, which I assume next week..this weekend no-no):

  1. CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor Afterparty in Zouk last friday night @ Zouk (28 April 2006). I went with DK and her friends
  2. My gym sessions and how I'm enjoying it (most of the time lah). Btw, there IS progress!!!! *wink
  3. Our team LA BAMBA did win afterall!!! YEPS we won the Spirit of KL thingy. Yesterday (with just 1 hour's sleep the day before) we woke up at 4am, flagged off at 6am and scaled the heart of KL city till 2pm++..No rest,just lots of running and walking. It is one of the best experience I had in life. Not to mention the prizes.Hehe.But yeah,I do LOVE KL afterall. This event kinda changed my perceptions and misconceptions about KL

Ok-dokie..Remind me to blog about it ya. I'm going back to JB tonight or tomorrow for the weekend..Have to move my stuffs..

Oh Yeah..Please let Malaysia beat Denmark this afternoon at the semis for THOMAS CUP..1992 is 16 yrs ago..and that is hell long time ago. alrite time to get back to work