Thursday, June 29, 2006


shopping spree = self satisfaction = detrimental to your savings account

spent RM200 in MNG and Giordano yesterday
spent RM100 buying odd items on Monday

but I feel happy today..!! hehe.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


i never do tags..but this one give exemption la.hahah~

Name 20 ppl u can think of and then tag 5 more ppl to do the survey..

1. Heng Hsui
2. Lee Lin Lin
3. Charng
4. Alicia Khaw
5. Jo Ooi
6. Yit Phing
7. Ch'ng Pao
8. Thong Ching
9. Sanrong
11.David Liow
13.Li Yuin
14.Janice Maldini
16.Kok Whei (Tristan)
17.Sze Min
18.Mei Ching
19.Loh Jo
20.MC (hahah.this only lin and loke noe..private joke)

can put 20 nia ar..i've got more leh..then priorities to those who read my blog lo

1. How did u meet #14(Janice)?
haha Joe and I go waaaaay back. in Form 1 met her..we were crazy over Spice Girls and we love BSB!She's always laughing and laughing and..well, laughing? Jokes that only we comprehend..and we were partners in Form, she's such a fun!..hahaha. now we're on World Cup sms frenzy sumore..miss u loads babe

2.What would u do if u haven't met #1(Heng Hsui)?
haha my answers somewhat like Pao's..hmm then I wouldnt know how to do 60s dance,..and I wouldnt be so hiao..and I wouldnt have so much fun everytime I'm in pg when she's around..and I wouldnt get into UTM. serious! =) thanks babe

3. What would u do if #20(MC) and #9(Sanrong) dated?
then I'll probably kill Sanrong.hahaha. hands off!

4. Would #6(Yitphing) and #17(Szemin) make a good couple?
er..both are tall..but i think they're straight..

5. Describe #3(Charng).
Hmm..oldest fren will be the word..we were in the same kindy, primary sch, sec sch..then diff uni dont find someone like her often..attractive,talented, and super nice all the list goes on and on..

6. Do you think #8 (Thong Ching) is attractive?
Sure!damn hot in fact..kalah me a bit though..hahahhahaha hope she doesnt read this

7. Tell me something about #7 (Pao).
Let's see..She has bigbig eyes with sharp sharp nose and heart shaped lips with a heart shaped face..oh..and very ang geh wan her face..just love her face lah..very the cun.eheh..and smart..and funny..and cute..and fun!oh..but most of all, hiao..hahaha

8. Do you know anything about #12 (Loke) family?
Her dad's name is Loke Kim Hai,works for Loh Boon Siew i think.haha.Mom dunno..but works in Pacific.She has 2 sisters, Ah vien and ah Sue..but her ahvien's nick used to be hambak (clam eyes?)..and oh..she has her yipo also.

9. What is #8(Thong Ching)'s favourite?
This is easy.. Guys! Preferably with curly hair and chest hair..hahha. what lo..Kawaguchi, Giggs, Nakata, Ljungberg..ah, and eating. hehe

10. What would you do if #11 (David Liow) confesses that he/she likes you?
Sure accept! haha Shawn Yue lookalike ok..188cm..who dowan..friendly, humourous, broad shouldered, smart, athletic..hahaha. macam dok promote him ajer *bleks

11. What language does #15 (DK) speak?
Perfect English and BM. Smattering of Cantonese..others not sure..oh. She paling pro is clubbing language though.haha~

12. Who is #9 (Sanrong) going out with?
Ehehe. Ron Ng?..many more taiwan artists..

13. How old is #16 (Kok Whei)?
20..or 19?..but not legal age yet la for sure

14. When was the last time you talked to #13 (Li Yuin)?
ages! last met her sometime end of Dec..but miss her la..

15. Who is #2(Lin) favourite singer?
BSB (used to)..B-Rok..haha then Linkin Park lo

16. Would you date #4 (Alicia)?
Who in their right mind won't? Lovely, sweet, good at baking cookies, smart, has an even sweeter smile..yada yada..honest!

17. Would you date #7 (Pao)?
Definitely..who doesnt want to date someone so pretty?

18. Is #15 (DK) single?

19. What is #10(Colin)'s last name?
Colin Tan Poh Huang.hehe

20. Would you consider being in a relationship with #19(Loh Jo)?
Haha. Princess Loh is so hot..any hot blooded male would want to..but Im a only relationship we can go furthest is HPC nia..*wink

21. What schools did #3(Charng) go to?
Tadika Sg Nibong, SRK Batu Lanchang, St. George's Girls' School, MMU

22. Where does #6 (Yit Phing) lives?
Currently in Aus..but in penang ar..near SGGS wan lo..know how to go nia..dunno where its called

23. What is your favourite thing about #5(Jo OOi)?
her waist and cute butt. haha..face! ...nose..!! character..!! everything!!

24. What do you think about #13(Li Yuin)?
A great friend that will always be there for u..frenly helpful cute with a golden heart

25. What do #4(Alicia) and # 19 (Loh Jo) have in common?
both live in sg ara and went to same sec sch..with same sch bus ahcek..oh..both are hot!

26. What special qualities does #17 (Szemin) hold in your life?
Nicest person I ever know. She holds God very close to her..hmm my best fren in uni lo..but she taught me that you dont expect to get things in return when you help someone I love her!

Tag other 5 people:
Those I wanna tag oredi kena tagged mostly..but still many to
David Liow, Alicia Khaw, Tristan, Lin, Alicia Hue

Italy 1-0 Australia

Hail Totti! Great penalty kick that was awarded 93rd minute or so..

The Australians played better..but who cares. hehe Italy is through to the next round! Joe and I were so kincheong and texting throughtout the we can sleep in peace..lolz..


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Incoherent ramblings

Hmm I'm going to blog very little liao till July 10th.Cos..

1) I've no time
2) The time I use to blog is from my working hours
3)I've to pass up my assignment by next week *gasp and I'm still far-far-far away..thanks to my MSN-ing everyday with HP Loke, Lin, now Heng.
4)My gym attachment is coming to an end..and yet I do not see results..*gasps again. so have to ganbatte till the very last breath today onwards till 30th june.(yesterday pun tarak pergi la..sick. sumore pile up on lasagna and popcorn. Tokyo Drift..nice!)
5)I'm going back to Penang after I finish my work in June..meaning hopefully I will touch down in Penang on Monday (3rd July), the very very was initially planned to be early June..extended a month d..and now I've a week left..*sigh
6)since I'm in pc in pg is practically a retard d lagi tak payah blog. and 7 days many many things to do!!
-meet up with uncountable ppl that i promised i will be back ever since june.
-spend time with mom,dad
-return things to those i hutang
-shopping with HPs..hopefully
-visit my favorite glo..
7)10th july the ulu Uni resumes classes again! I intend to skip the first day..cos there's too little time in Penang d..and if Im feeling even more evil..I will skip the whole week *bwahahahahah

Things I will blog about indefinitely if I have time:
1)World Cup--on certain matches

Things I said I will blog about but still haven't gotten around doing it:
2)Yoga which I swear on
3)Siem Reap

Things I wanted to blog about but it's been so long there is no point to blog about it anymore:
1)Spirit of KL

And..I want to do my hair!..upon listening (rather,reading) about Charng, Lin and Loke's recent splurging on hair, makes me want to a little maintenance on it?..ataupun..enhance it?actually, total make-over for it. my current RM12 hair cut resembles a mop that is super dry and without any volume at all. I do not attend to it and just wash it everyday nia. No conditioner, no treatment..sigh. so cacat. but thinking of spending RM300-RM500 on it seems to shred my heart into a million pieces. Think investment..think investment...let me think till 1st of July first..maybe then I WILL do something to it..thinks thinks..sien!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil 2-0 Australia


And Ronaldo is fat. very fat. I hate his tuft of hair on his chin, or am I just hallucinating it? 4 years ago he sported it on his forehead, which was even sillier and uglier..and he played badly..I think his zaman kegemilangan is...over..

But thanks to Adriano and Fred, they only won the game..ahbo, from the way they play, you'd think that it's going to end up with a draw,so many good players but did not perform up to standard-la..Australia had many chances to score also, actually had they aimed for the net instead of the spectators behind =P

I'm still not over with Ronaldo's fatness yet. hehez..but if want to kaji leh hor..Rooney is even that makes Rooney no.1 and Ronaldo no.2 as top candidates in the Sistem Penebat Haba.hehe

Aiya,on a brighter note..I have a very strong feeling that Argentina and Spain will be very very strong contenders for the title this time,judging from the way they played so far..yay! =)

Sien..back to work in a semi-conscious state now anyw -_-"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Italy 1-1 USA(og)

Ggggrrrr!!cant believe I stayed up whole night to watch this?!!! Dahlah I gained one kg for this match! Yalar..I spent the entire first half of the match munching on muruku I bought by the roadside today..I like,ate the entire pack? And before that I went to have supper (seafood) till 1am..Man, the match was horrible! 3 red cards-- 1 for Italy for trying to break the poor American's nose (McBride I think his name) and the other 2 issued to USA,which is given unfairly..I thought Italy was supposed to practically, annihilate USA, you know, probably try to emulate Argentina's score of 6-0 the night before?..aiyaya...

And Italy had so many chances to score too!hmmmpphhh. thanks to them, I've to do about a billion sit-ups and push ups to burn off the muruku -_-" Nitez

Friday, June 16, 2006

england 2-0 trinidad & tobago

83' header goal by Peter Crouch, the pole and 90' goal by Steven Gerrard,which was a better goal than Crouch's. And I was just starting to like Trinidad & Tobago a lot..sigh, so near of reach to scoring their 2nd point yet so far.

Well, well...England is officially in to the next round..kudos! An incredible save by Terry..he was totally..well..totally incredible lah..very 'pokmeng'..

And I find Crouch extremely irritating. Dunno why. His whole person in general and the way he hogs the goal post extremely incredibly eye-soring. If that's the correct place..the penalty box area la..but most of the time I only see him tugging and pulling and pressing on other players to do heading -_-" apa pun,congrats la I can go to bed. heheh~ (And I find rooney extremely fat and fugly..but god is fair,so he is talented =P)

oh..long live liverpool players--ahem..namely xabi alonso, crouch(altho irritating) and of course, gerrard!

p/s:I hope Paraguay wins later...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ai khun liao..

i think i shall cease posting pics from cambodia 1st..forgotten all the name of places we went d except Cambodia,so no point...unless all also Angkor Wat la..or Kbal Spean, Angkor Thom..tat's about all I remember ..hahah wait la I kaji first..I did jot them down somewhere..stuffed inside my bag of not unpacked yet souvenirs..meanwhile my fans, ahem!! namely miss heng, miss ch'ng, miss pang, miss lee, miss loke..menghayatilah pictures nih yang tak seberapa dulu..janji muka i ada kan?hehehe..okla..sleep 1st..been totally late for work past few days ever since world cup started..nitez..

L to R:Jiajian,david,sanrong,xiaoyi(my aunt),woei loon. missing is hooiching, the great.eheh

So I feel like being again..amazing Angkor Wat behind

the place was packed to bits, all waiting for the sunset..spotted me or not?..

me and sanrong..again..saling membantu naik ke atas..

tourmates! hiking up the hill for sunset

my tourmate,Woei Loon, being 'abstract'

Jeng and sanrong 'panyeh' =P

amazing clouds right?Tonle Sap lake to visit its Floating Village

Spain 4-0 Ukraine

I should be SHOT! I just realised that I did not include Spain as one of the teams I support..hahaha. How could I so so so forgotten about it when I intend to marry a Spaniard when I grow up?..wait..I am grown up.. -_-" Erm..when I work then..hahah I somehow got this notion when I took up Spanish in 2nd year of studies in UTM.Lolz..Or was it after I watched Mis Tres Hermanas' Jonathan Montenegro as Francisco (although Venezuelan lar..)

Anyway,a great game just now..although the penalty was definitely uncalled for..I mean, he just tugged his jersey a teeny wee bit right?..but the goals were fantastic, esp. Fernando Torres'. Kudos to Xabi Alonso, Villar too!! Oh, and Raul..but all in all,the players were very co-operative..I mean, the passing of the balls were so smooth, the transition from one player to la..Im not very technically expert. so, nevertheless, a great match..

Ukraine..sigh..tak sangka I so support Shevchenko (yala, opponent's team wan) but he didn't perform up to standard la..Nah, won't be watching Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia liao.. =P Sleepy liao..sorry sorry..Cambodia pix still pending yahz

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who says Santa Cruz isnt cute? and other issues

He may a bit mopeng(moon crater-ish), and sometimes a bit messy looking..but have you ever seen him smile? on the field? I admit la..he does have his bad hair days..but the pic Heng posted does him no justice!! and the reason he's not so much contributing to the match against England was because he dibelenggu penyakit ma..not his fault wat..(sounding defensive) here are a few pics i can dig la..Note: he has the nicest nose! lolz..

FYI:In a 2006 World Cup edition of German magazine Kicker he was voted the sexiest man to be taking part in the tournament.There! But he's happily married, with a son and a daughter * bohpien la..maybe I can find a buatan Malaysia Santa Cruz hahaha..

And I dont claim myself to be a football expert..personally I've only played football twice in my life, during a training programme for its Petronas really isn't easy to play sometimes have to hold back our scathing remarks on how poor the players' performances huh..but my point is..Im just a fan. Cute guys inside the teams we support are bonuses, right?Takkan purposely pick all the ugly players, right??? It's like a packaging thing mar

No offense..but I feel that guys that sometimes can be so sceptical when they hear a girl claiming that she is a HUGE football fan. C'mon? Give us some credit..!!! no, I do not know every single players' stats nor their jersey numbers, their position, the 20 clubs they have previously played in, nor in which year, which month of which particular match of a certain league they scored this major goal. but yes, I claim to be a fan. Can ah?

BUT,I do understand where the guys are coming from with their scepticism. Cos while there are girls that genuinely like football as the game itself (as I quote from Heng's blog),there are some that seriously say it out loud and proclaim that they are football fans,and do not even know that DAVID BECKHAM DOES NOT PLAY FOR MANCHESTER UNITED EVER SINCE BERKURUN ABAD YANG LALU

I had someone asked me before this seriously sexist question last year...
"So you're a football fan huh?So what position does David Beckham play?"
"Huh You dunno kah?Not midfield kah?"... -_-"
"Yea,just testing. Cos I've got girls telling me they're huge fans but can't tell which is the striker or know lah, girls.."

I was so blardy offended to that remark,for the goodness of all womankind.I mean, like I stress again, I'm no expert..but pls..dont say that you like football just because your bf knows every single match's scoreline but doesn't even notice that you have a big mole on your nose bridge, and thus you told him so, so that you can get more of his attention. Aite?

I mean, and what's with the My favourite team is England and my favourite player is David Beckham or I love Brazil, and my favorite player is Ronaldo/Ronaldinho..which positively irks me off.Ughh..there are like 25987 players more and 30 other teams to choose from ma.Takkan you like them till so so so so much meh?I may be biased as I dislike Becks..altho his corner kicks are fantastic.but i still dislike him.But my point is, girls,there is beauty in the whole football game.. ENGLAND/BECKHAM IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO FOOTBALL. No, I don't go around donning football jerseys of my favourite teams nor paint my face yellow/green. Heck, I do not even jump up and down screaming "GOALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!" when my team scores, nor kick the chair and overturn the table when the opposition team is awarded a penalty.

Macam terpesong dari my topic d..but yes..there is reason why guys think girls who actually watch football are fake/shallow/hypocrite/pretentious. So kesimpulannya again, please help us save our faces ma..or do some research on it 1st before making comments like,"Oh..i saw Man Utd play in last night's match in World Cup" *pengsanz *REMARK:THIS IS TOTALLY A TRUE STORY

Monday, June 12, 2006


or rather, it meant "What kind of world is this?!?"

I wanted to go to bed 1 hour ago. I calculated d..after watching Japan win, I will still have 5 hrs of sleep, that I can watch Italy play, and then waking up for work. But now super the kekkhi mood to sleep d..all because of the super cacat match I watched just now.

Australia 3-1 Japan!!

To that person that is studying in Australia now, but anti the team to the max, and opted to support Japan wan (that person shall remain anonymous)..tough luck!! eheh..on a brighter note, your Peter Gade won the Aviva Open Singapore badminton championship can mollify ur geramness. hehe..

But then again..I dont support both teams..but thongching and heng hsui and woei loon does..and many many many others..and I love japanese anime to obviously I'm taking japan's side. BUT, they deserved to lose. C'mon this how you play in World Cup? Kicking about the ball, gaining possession to the ball, then passing it to open air? or the little green martians that are invisible?..Both teams were horrible and it was utmost lawakness to watch that messy game..hmmphh.. Credits to Kawaguchi's numerous saves, Nakata also good..the rest?...might as well sit by the bench.. As for Aussie?..they weren't much better off...

The reason Aus managed to score 3 goals in 6 mins is due to Japan's complacentness..or whatever you call it..even if you feel satisfied with a goal..please buck up your defenses la..whay stand about?..I mean, when Aloisi scored at 90th min, there was barely anyone around to defend. hello? want to sunbathe go home only do it larr. Hmm, but dad won the bet in this I shudn't complain d.ehehe. Kudos to Cahill though..he's pretty good..and then after that Aus team damn semangat berkobar-kobar d..

Kesimpulannya..dunno what to say about just now's match pun. Mou-ngan-tai -_-" eheh

Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast

Sorry terpost a day late..busy lar..sleeping.. eating..hehe behtong sleepy, stayed half awake till 5am..then woke up 11am..(semangat!) so that I can go to my lengzai instructor's yoga class at 2pm..cos want to have lunch first. Hmmm...these few days..esp b4 i went Cambodia and after I came back from Cambodia I've been on an eating rampage. My mouth can't stop chomping on anything in sight..I feel like an omnivorous caterpillar..if that's even a word. haha.

Okies..Paraguay and England. England managed with a win cos of the heading by Gamarra, which is so unfortunate..cos Paraguay played really well,their defense fantastic! the substitute keeper Bobadilla that came in to ganti Villar was absolutely the man of the match, IMHO. no, it should be Roque Santa Cruz. haha (although he didn't contribute much in the match..hahha, but extra points for him for being so cute. yeah Heng, eat ur socks..ur just jealous! lol).. kidding la..but Bobadilla did make 2 fine saves by Frank Lampard..the only person worth watching from England's side last night was basically him nia..It was a pretty boring match ler..sorry to say..

Sweden 0-0 Trinidad & Tobago
Now..this match was definitely worth watching. Both teams' defense were good..and Trinidad didnt attack much. The Swedes were going all the way, but something was off.. Ljungberg tried and tried..but nampak sangat tak berjaya..Henrik Larsson definitely under-performed..the Swedes made so many attempts to score but Hislop (the keeper of Trinidad) was superb. Hmm seems like all the 2nd choice keepers were better huh!! His saves were fantastic, fast reflexes and overall it was a thrill to watch the match..Toward the ending..the team in red (Trinidad) and its fans were pretty much celebrating already..cos it was supposed to be a high scoring game.. (Sweden pang 1.5-2 liap wor). I mean, they were ecstatic with just a draw!..on the other hand..the fans clad in yellow were pretty much mourning already, looking depressed. hmmm..too high of an expectations kua..

Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast
My team!I tried my very best to stay up to watch this, I mean, I snacked, took lots of cookies, drank lots of water...but still fell asleep about 2.30am..after the previous match. eventually I woke up to watch the match lar..but no kick la,cos tengok sendiri wan in KL..anyw the match was pretty thrilling, cos both teams were very good. haha. but thanks to Crespo (24') and Saviola (38') least they not so kincheong d, lest the nightmare of thier early exit 4 years ago..but it was not an easy victory for them, as Ivory Coast's Drogba was superb as well ma..I read that Drogba and Crespo were contending for a place in Chelsea as first choice, which Drogba won right?..not sure lah..but glad Argentina won. hehehe

As for tonight's game?..I watched Holland play against Serbia & Montenegro (what's with the long name?) just now..1-0..a win, nevertheless. But no form to watch Mexico & Iran la..not my match..I do want to watch Portugal later..but 3am ah...6am sumore must wake up for work d..I think I shall conserve my stamina to watch Italy tmr nite (3am) la..and there's Brazil the day after..

After this month, all my effort to improve my complexion (Biotherm Line Peel, AcnoPur) hamisai all also going to waste la..back to "Hooiching, the zombie panda with a big butt." (as my aunt calls me,haha)..yalah..gym pun gone la..based on my snacking in front of the tv..-_-"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Germany 4-2 Costa Rica

Hmm looks like I wont be blogging much about anything else save football for 30days from now. Since I will be living in recluse and make a nest in front of the telly. No clubbing, especially cos it clashes with the football matches eh time. Unless it's a super unheard of team Trinidad or Togo or Serbia-Montenegro. then maybe I'll reconsider. I've basically stocked up loads of food in the house,so I will survive in this chicken coop. Hehe but do remind me to somewhat post about my trip to Siem Reap (Cambodia)..and pictures of course..I havent even posted pics on KLIMS and Spirit of KL!~ Ish ish ish.

Oh..back to the match. 4-2 is the highest scoreline,ever for an opening match yeps yeps. With goals from Lahm 6'...Klose 17' & 61'...Frings 87'---- Wanchope 12' & 73'..the match was very fast paced. Germany was certainly very aggressive with their attacks, and they really wanted to make it 2 goals ahead of Costa Rica. Hmm. My guessing is Germans sure bet on their team (pang 1.5-2 liap) die die also must goal la. But then again, the defense on both teams were pretty weak..make me so kincheong for the keeper Jose Porras. Haha but I feel that he was very good d..and Wanchope is definitely the man of the match. Dunno why..lolz. but half-time I fell asleep, and my uncle was watching with me had to wake me up. but now after the match like damn awake I'm going to watch Naruto Ep. 188..ehe. Poland vs. Ecuador 3am hor..

p/s: Oh..have I mentioned that I find Shebby the commentator extremely and immensely irritating?Ugh =P

Friday, June 09, 2006

Viva World Cup

Just realised that I did not make any post on World starts today!! am so excited la.. tonight's match Costa Rica vs. Germany..I think I'll go for Costa Rica..since Germany I only kenal Oliver Kahn..But tomorrow's match for's definitely Paraguay for me..hehhe thanks to the fact that I was obsessed with Roque Santa Cruz 4 years ago..I even went around penning my name as Ching Santa Cruz, as Janice is crazy abt Maldini. HEHE

Hey..I do watch footie for football kayz. No, I anti Beckham wan..I've read some really male chauvinist posts yada that says uncool stuff on girls that watch football?..I can name 10 here that do watch football for the love of football..This is instilled cos our dads watch it and he alwiz berebut remote control for certain matches..those I know who watch..hmm, there's thongching, corrine, waiwai, janice, meiyi, yitphing etc etc etc..therefore guys dont pre-judge!!

(flashback 4 years ago)..
May 31st-June 30th..I was in Form 6 when World Cup started..that time me and thongching were still waiting for our applications to go UTM..since ours is 3rd intake,so we went in a month later than the other batch of 1st intake students..spent 2 months in Form 6..but then, we knew we didn't want to continue Form 6,so we were practically failing all our monthly tests *phew..don't think we studied one bit. haha. I remember getting 40% for my Physics test, then I changed to Biology class instead..I got 27% nia for its test, worst! -_-" the reason we didn't hit the books..WORLD CUP.. matches start about 3pm or 4pm till about 9pm at night, if I still remember correctly. But I know I hogged the telly and practically made a nest on the couch. Every single match (did I watch it via Astro?...only night matches I think)..I switched between channels TV2 and NTV7, cos the matches run simultaneously..unless it's those matches that I really really support the team, then I glue to it lar..

I was Dad and Ah Teongku's(uncle) reporter..since both of them made bettings and can't watch it at work, so they rang home to know the results (Dad can know the results via anyway)..but I just give the game analysis on how the teams fare and stuff.In between? I am on the phone with Janice or Thongching discussing the match (and the football players!) hehehe. Then we were accepted to go into UTM, we were in quite a dilemma, we didn't want to leave yet cos no more WC for us..I remember that it was Friday when we reached Johor..Dad drove la,cos too many stuffs to pack, I only received the notice on Tuesday..But me and Thongching (and dad, thongching's dad) damn kincheong cos it's the match between Brazil vs. England. We managed to find a telly at the administrative office at my faculty while I filled in my application forms..So I filled it in, very very very slowly. hehe..

Ah..triumph and tears of WC..I actually cried (yep! cried!! eheh, erm...more like a tear rolling out from my eye) when Argentina lost to England, hence out of the running for the title. Silly hor.. Basically I cried cos Arg was in a super economic doldrum at that time, and its citizens only had WC to look forward quite kelian ma lost in WC..and the tv showed a super cute fan sobbing when they lost!Sure my tears kenot tahan d..Also damn pekchek when South Korea scored a goal at 117th minute while playing against Italy..(made many ppl lost lots and lots of money, not to mention)..yada yada yada..enough of reminiscence..I'm back at 'work', by the way

Kesimpulannya..this time around, I'll still be rooting for my favourite teams Paraguay, Argentina and Italy..IMHO, World Cup is not just about football, it is the player's passion and spirit and their semangat to play their very best to bring glory to their country.. EPL and other leagues, they just play cos they're obliged to, cos the clubs sign them up ma..watching their triumphant and sorrowful moments can really be touching u noe..

Santa Cruz rocks!~

Thursday, June 08, 2006


wow..i haven't accessed to friendster for..months!! no lar..probably a month nia..but ever since I started blogging here, I seldom go into friendster now there are so so so many new enhanced features..feel so sesat now. lolz..all my pix, etc there also not updated d..i wonder if everyone who blogs still go into friendster?..


sorry haven't been updating yeahz..was very very very busy organising trip...and now it's over! back from Cambodia d..just a short trip, but pleasant la..its a beautiful but hot hot hot hot hot hot place..we went Siem Reap nia though..4 days 3 nights is more than enough.haha~ update laterz