Saturday, March 15, 2008


sorry lar long time tarak update d..still alive here...been really busy lately..anyways Berlin trip was good and been to the Republic of San Marino as well last week..oklah..just to update a bit that i will be heading to Barcelona for a week this when i come back time oni update ord lah.. have to post pix of these places when i come poh pi poh pi that i come back dengan selamatnya to send u guys the updates lah..

tonite have to pack, then tmr will be heading to rome..have to sleep one nite at the airport loh..oklah toodles! muax

(btw: i am using my lengzai greek's pc 2 update this post cos my internet connection at home kaputed d. which explains my disappearance for a month...susahnya kehidupan menjadi seorang hacker..itupun seorang hacker yang amat gagal...aihssss)