Saturday, January 28, 2006


fuiyoh...yesterday drove home from Johor to Penang...
1st time clocked 700km on my own in 8hrs..of course stopped for dinner abt 40mins at KL...last time when we drove is I share the drivin with Dad..but this time he's lazy to come down to I had to drive lo =)
Fun..but now my hands permanently in the position of clutching the steering wheel. haha..but my poor SLK@ Small Little Kancil subjected to road bullies thruout the journey. Sigh..seems like all the cars keep flashing me and if I don't move to left lane, memang kena tailgate kaokao. Cham lo..

Today went out wit Lin after running errands with Gramps. last minute CNY shoppin, desperately looking for clothes. Erm.. akhirnya managed to buy 2 pairs of pants!! But luckily before that bought clothes thruout the yr that haven't been worn b4..considered new clothes also rite..hihi

After that we met up Heng, Pao and nice catching up with the gang..mindless gossiping, perli-ing...just like the good ol' days. Man, miss them!!!

Yeps...will be back in Pg for 10days!!!

10days of cookies, ba kua, kum, gambling, mahjong, steamboat, kiamchai buei, great great food, clubbing, liquor, family, friends, and most of all.....ANG POWS!!!! ahhhh...*rubs hands giddily

Last but not least... GONG XI FA CAI to all of you!!! MUAXX~

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am in a good mood today!!!

yeps..Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and the mood is almost catching up. Previously being super moody and crappy...hey hey...the world is a beautiful place. Hehe~

Anyway, I just have to brag abt my happiness. We had presentation today and initially we were very nervous. But after running through it several times together, we did pretty well today, and 7 other groups presented before us, but we were the best so far. The lecturer says "Good presentation". Hehe only two words...yet this is the first time he uttered such words. Happy happy happy... Lalallalalala...

Over the weekend I went to work as Jusco Credit Card promoter at Jusco (duh!). Not bad ler, even a supermarket can produce their own finance company and Visa cards. Actually I was torn between working during the weekend or going for Guinness Party, Black The Rising as I had the invite..but then..go so far to KL...or earn $$ times like this, when my pocket is high and is better to exercise sifat berjimat-cermat. =(

Then there's the lab reports..And a test tomorrow. Can't wait to leave JB this thursday,will be driving back to Penang. *wink

While the mood is still here, better continue with my lab reports.Hehe...

Friday, January 20, 2006


Ribuan terima kasih diucapkan tuanku Liow yang telah menolong saya selama 6 bulan saya memblog. Beliau telah mengajar saya menggunakan:
  • macam mana nak tukar template (ya, tak sangka kan,dah umur 22 thn pun tak tau camne nak tukar template. siasuei nak mampus) =P
  • menukar font-font yang pembaca sekalian boleh baca tanpa memakai kanta pembesar
  • menulis italic, strike, html codes yang mengakibatkan sakit jantung
  • sidebars yang menyebabkan rambut gugur
  • meletakkan gambar sekalian yang menyakitkan kepala siol dalam satu post. {ni memang challen siol, muntah darahz}
  • dsb

Saya tau, ini semua remeh-temah jer bg korang yang dah pro. Tapi untuk amateur macam saya, fuiyoh, baru saya tau, fortran 77 memang tak berguna walaupun saya dah belajar. Tapi mr liow ini amat 'patient' dan tak menjerit..(bukannya beliau boleh menjerit dalam MSN pun..paling banyak pun letak emoticons yang hentam kepala, ataupun menaip !!!!!????)

Yaya, tadi beliau tutor 3jam lebih camner nak edit gambo aje, mau mampus giler, darah pun dah muntah entah berapa timba,tak tau beliau lebih seksa ker saya yg lebih seksa. Jadi karang, selepas berterima kasih kepada beliau, saya pun nak menelan 2 biji panadol dan tidur dah. Esok pagi ada lab agi, lecturer garang siol.

Fuiyoh, salute giler korang yang boleh buat macam-macam dengan blogs korang. Terror siot. Memang ah, saya bukannya IT atau computer engineering pun. aeronautik takyah tulis html code pun. Alhamdulillah.

eh..macam perlu jer semasa belajar CFD nanti. Ish. Taktau ah. Masa tu baru consult tuanku Liow agi.Camat malam. Sekian.

I enjoy doing lab!!

*Gasp. How can lab be interesting? Yeps, after 3.5 years in UTM, this is the first time I've found lab work interesting. Usually the labs we go to are more to machinery stuff...I mean, we do experiment with machines, turbines and stuff, but it isn't so nice...Maybe the lab reports just kill me. Anyhow, this semester we have this lab that wants us to have hands-on experience instead of all theory and no practical. Luckily the section that I registered for have interesting labs lined up for us. The first time we get to produce our own composite product, and last week we dismantled a gearbox, so we got to know how auto-transmission works.

But this week we had Auto-Engine, and we get to dismantle a Proton Wira 1.5L engine to bits. Fun!! Maybe it's because the technician was very helpful, or it's the lubricating oil on our hands that make us feel like we're really engineers (or rather, mechanics)...But it feels so mechanical, y'know...made me so excited for my internship in February. It's fun lah...or have I run out of topics to blog on? haha. but I really had fun, so I just wanted to share this. =) but I am not looking forward to the lab reports that I have to do this semester. Unfinishable. *pukes.

Viva mechanical engineers...

L to R: vun, lili, jennifer---my labmates

Mr. Yap, once my savior. Helped me and housemates set up networking for Streamyx, formatted my PC, deleted all my pics by formatting the wrong drive...Lolz

me in the UTM car during auto-transmission lab

part of the gearbox we dismantled last week

yet another part

yay!me and lili finally assembled the gearbox back to one piece =)

vun, kok and yap dismantling the engine

Proton Wira 1.5L Engine

unscrewing the valve screws

pistons!! and my peace sign *lolz

pistons again?

me and Yap with our engine. i know, my eyes very bengkak & IS 9am in the morning..

filter the lubricating oil mia..

dismantled d!~

the proof that I did do some work! =)

washing my hands...

with this!!

vun unknowingly became my model =)

Monday, January 16, 2006


Hmm, recently I've got a question from without borders asking me about malaysian culture on my recent posting of pics while visiting Bali Island, Indonesia and my profile in my blog (yeah the short paragraph on the right,just below my display pic--- i quote

"This sounds fun but how strict is malaysian society? it's supposed to be "islamic" and i don't see veils and all that. sorry for the misconception but this is a real question for me." unquote.

I would say that is a big misconception. Yes. Malaysia is an Islamic nation, but I'm proud to say that Malaysia is a very unique country. It is a multi-ethnic nation which is like a cultural mosaic comprising Malays, Chineses, Indians, indigenous people and mixture of other citizens of other races, expatriates maybe. Refer to this for more info on Malaysia.

Anyway, although Malaysia is an Islamic country, but all its citizens practice diferent types of religions. We have Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Christians etc. As for me, I'm a Buddhist. But we respect each others' religions and during times when we celebrate our religion festivities, for me, Chinese New Year, we visit one another regardless of religion and background. We celebrate the Muslims' Hari Raya, Indians' Deepavali, Christmas as well.

Back to the point. Yes, Islam did state that the Muslims are supposed to erm,to put it in easier terms to cover up some parts. Like the veil (tudung), the females are supposed to wear it. But our government do not impose that rule on all of its female citizens. We are free to practice our own religion albeit Islam as its main religion and I'm glad for that. How strict is the society? We are a conservative society, that's for sure. Aren't Asian countries as such? We do not condone disrespectfulness and family is put above others. We do not call our parents by their first names. But we are given the freedom to do what we think is right. Freedom of speech, not so though, maybe. Haha. My point is, no, just because I live in a Muslim country, but I am a Malaysian Chinese, so no, I do not have to wear a tudung =)

===> p/s: pardon my poor English. just woke up not so long ago, and my brain is not functioning properly. Being able to muster up this much is already considered "good" for me. Note: I haven't been using proper English since I graduated from secondary school. My uni uses more of Malay in its syllabi, so there goes all my vocab, grammar.. =( BTW, this entry doesn't make much sense, (no head,no tail) but's my blog. so...

Haha, and yes, Malaysian girls do know how to have fun too *winkz. Oh yeah, the guys too.

Malaysian readers(yes, u frens!!), support sikit ah, comment something about what you like/dislike most about Malaysian culture. =)

Erm, Malaysia boleh?

And he said:


Is Mother of all Postponements
Culprit of all Procrastinations
16th January 2006
Flattered bo, Mr.Liow..heheh

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Worst driving luck

Yesterday, yeah Saturday was a bad,bad,bad day for me. Hell, it was. After having a wonderful Friday night outing with Loke and her friends, I expected the same for yesterday. So I woke up in the afternoon, about 12pm (hey, it's saturday, you are allowed to sleep in!! =P) then I received a call from a friend which I have been expecting since he told me in advance a week ago that we should meet up. Sure, since he is a dear friend.

Is it my fault that he told me to meet up at 3pm last week and suddenly to expects me to reach at 1.30pm instead, being Tebrau City about 30kms away? or is it 25km? when he calls up at 12.45pm?? A girl's gotta bathe, brush teeth, pick out some decent clothes to wear, with my gazillion zits, sure have to paint on some ICI Dulux also right? I got ready in record time,about 1.10pm

Then, I started driving. With the sense of direction as bad a blind bat, I took a wrong turning and had to drive to God knows where and took a super big round to reroute yada yada. I ended up in Taman Daya, Austin Heights and some place with many many big factories. When I finally reached Aeon, the complex being a new shopping centre, was jam-packed with cars. Had to susah-payah park. When I finally saw him, he was scowling, because I was late. Very late. Wei, 2pm nia ma!! 40kms all the way (plus the wrong turnings) to see him scowl? wahlao eh. And after I texted him that I was lost, he immediately took his lunch. &^%$# I haven't even taken my breakfast yet!!

So he sat there watching me eat, and then we chatted for a while, and then he had to go coz his company bus is expecting him and his colleagues by 3pm. So about 2.40pm I dropped him and his friend by the bus. By then I was already crappy as hell coz of some events/conversation that took place within that 40mins. Kesimpulannya, I was pretty pissed off. I managed to keep a smile plastered on my face although I was fuming inside, since he did took all the trouble to ask me out in advance. Hey, I also did take all the trouble to travel all the way ma~

In fact, I was supposed to be having my lab discussion with my groupmates but of course, I stood them up for him. I expect some courtesy. And yada yada yada. So we bid farewell in not a very best-of-friends way. I hate guys with manners/gentlemanliness of an ogre!! End of Part I. Mood rating: drops to 80%

Then my adventure starts. Since the needle of my fuel tank has reached E like,so so long ago, but I didn't want to fuel up as I didn't want to be late. So I had to go refuel, then took some wrong turnings again, and get myself caught in some huge congestion. Okay, stuck half hour there.
Mood rating: drops to 65%

And after thinking in my mind why I got myself into such a trouble in the first place and what I got in return,
mood rating: drops to 45%

I was in a foul mood =( %$#^$%^ Growls to myself. Then I got into my infamous reward system mood swing. I called up Pelangi Leisure Mall GSC, booked two tickets for Memoirs of A Geisha which I very much anticipated. Then I called up Jennifer, my dear housemate (since she's very excited about the movie as well) to come down to watch. She agreed. ME? I was so busy on the phone with her I missed the turning to Pelangi Mall. 4pm then. Movie at 4.50pm.

Damn JB roads. Once you miss a turning, there's not much chance that you will come across a U-Turn sign within a 10km radius. Okay, okayyyy 5km then. I don't know how, but ended up somewhere near City Square. I stopped to ask for directions, but misleading ones. Finally reached Pelangi Leisure Mall at 4.25pm.
Mood rating: drops to a dismal 30%

Finally Jennifer reached at 5pm,we did miss a bit on the beginning but it's okay, cos I did download the movie anyway, heheh. Just that I needed to watch the movie on the big screen 1st. Then it was more than 2hrs of good movie, munching on popcorn and sipping Pepsi. We came out a bit teary eyed. Hehe. Not me lah. Jennifer. Hehe. Okay...I almost cried. Almost nia lah.
Mood rating: Increased to a good 70%

After that we went to MPH bookstore to browse through some novels talked about some good books that we've read. We went to have dinner at Kyushu Nihon Ryori restaurant nearby, which was very nice. I had some Saba Bento (yes, I also had Japanese food with Loke the day before!!) and we stayed on till almost 10.30pm to chat and talk about the good ol' times.
Mood rating: increased to a hearty 95%

Both of us being no sense of direction whatsoever, decided to let her lead instead. Lead,she did. To a dead end instead. But by then, I was in such a good mood again, it didn't affect me one bit. 5mins later, we came to a complete stop. The junction to go back to Skudai was blocked...somewhere before Danga Bay. We waited for more than half an hour for the VIPs, judging from the length of time we waited, it must be VVVIP instead. My car infront, Jennifer's behind me. And the endless string of cars behind us. After I went to ask the traffic police in front of us, apparently we are waiting for the Sultan to pass. What Sultan?!? We see cars like Wira, Iswara, Kancil, buses, City Tram, but no Sultan. Save the police bikes with sirens and some luxury cars passing by. But we still weren't allowed to cross. Me and Jennifer drank like, so so so many glasses of ocha (green tea) at the restaurant.

Waiting for VIP+bladder almost bursting,
mood rating: dropped drastically to 20%

Then we finally were allowed to go. I drove like a maniac and wanted to go home ASAP to relieve my bladder. %###%^@# I took another wrong turning and my mind screamed all types of profanity then. And to U-Turns in the another 10kms!!! I ended up near City Square. And it was so bloody CONGESTEDDDDD!!!! All the Singaporean cars were on their way back to S'pore. I wanted to go to the right lane, since I was at the far left. My my, what good manners all of them have. All in their Harriers, Subarus, Vios seeing me in my li'l Kancil bullied me to no end. None of them would let me pass, and finally some old looking car let me cut in after I rolled down the window to wave my hand. Finally I managed to go into the right lane. And finally I got home. at 1.15am.

Almost yanked my hair out.
Mood rating: ended: - 50%

and also with a massive pounding in my head

I clocked a record mileage of 120km yesterday. It could have been just 50km. ^&#@^%$

Saturday, January 14, 2006

yitphing's turn


sanrong's transformation

sanrong again, looking absolutely adorable

sanrong looking happy

sanrong choosing the style she wants

braidin by the sea

pura at goa gajah

Goa Gajah

4 lengluis!! lolz

thongching also jump. heYYY, i was the photographer but it aint my fault *wink

tachoo taking the bungy jumping plunge, AJ Hackett mia lo,fuiyoh

Thursday, January 12, 2006

beautiful Tirta Empul pond

blessings from the pendeta

tirta empul~ one of the temples

water to wash face from one of the's for blessings


back to my bali pics!!the black object circled aint a heli, it's a fly!! *gasp

memoirs of a geisha

I am now reading the book by Arthur Golden, still halfway only,but so far it's quite nice,although some of the parts can be a little too descriptive. Am anticipating the movie starring Zhang Ziyi as Sayuri, but this u gotta watch: (courtesy of Narrowband)

(Almost laughed my ass off watching the parody): No offense ya...Bobby Lee is a genius,lolz

Gunung Ledang expedition

Sorry sorry was super-duper busy for the past few days. Guess what, a few days ago 10 of us went hiking and camped at Gunung Ledang!!~ I know, you guys must be thinking 'what were these bunch of people thinking, going camping during monsoon?!?'

Anyways, the moment we stepped out of our houses into the cars (10 of us aeronautical undergrad, hehe--8 guys, 2 gals) we it basically rained till we were back again at our houses. Yepz, being drenched under the rain for hours and hours...even after we set up our tents, at night it was like sleeping in a mini-swimming pool. yeps no flysheet is going to menghalang the water from going in. So, I didn't sleep at all..

We had 4 tents, but my tent is so wet, me and Pow Lee went to bunk in at the guy's end up we had to share a 4men tent with 5 people. Pow Lee basically took up all our space, so poor me, yenkwang, vibrate and ginseng didn't really sleep.the other occupants of other tents didn't do much better also. Jiajian and gimkok were like fishes in a mini-aquarium, and the others ahlun, daktong and david's were a li'l better, haha.

Our food at campsite? Lots and lots of Gardenia bread and sardines, sweet corn, beans, Lady's Choice peanut butter with strawberry stripes!!Of course there were miscellaneous food like chocolates, granola bars and....Mamee!!! which I was pretty much against of. Dahlah tak cukup air nak minum lagi nak makan makanan yang tak mengisi perut dan mendahagakan?? But it served as a good junkfood lah,since all of us seem to love Mamee a lot. The ranger raised his brows when he saw what we brought as food.

Ranger: Ahmoi, bawa tak stove?
me: Takde, cumer ada makanan tin jer (then gave me portable stove and gas)
Ranger: Minuman panas? takde minuman panas malam nanti sejuk ahmoi, boleh sakit ohhh
me: takde ah..cumer ada air kosong jer...(then gave me few sachets of milo and nescafe)
Ranger: Cawan?
me: takde jugak ah bang. (starts to look sheepish)

We figured it will be raining so the ranting pokoks all will be wet,so it will be hard to actually build campfires, bonfires etc. That's why me and Powlee, being ex-trekking members, brought solid fuel, tada...but then, the solid fuel also not really useful, but we tried to build super mini-campfire...kinda successful, but that's for the sake of camping spirit. In actual we used the portable stove that the ranger loaned us lah to cook the food. Some of us has not even been camping before, so it was good experience for some of us.

Hehe...they get to actually set up tents for the first time in their lives, pitch down tents, getting drenched in the rain, bathing in a freezing cold river, drinking yellowish water. Finally my years of guiding skills were of use. Er...actually none of them were used ler..The last time during my camping days in secondary school were more like preparing for inspection, cleanliness, gadgets yada yada. For this, it's more like just surviving. Lolz. My my...

The trip was good,albeit the heavy rain.All of us were quite cheerful and didn't scowl lah,I mean we expected it to rain anyway. Unfortunately we didn't get to hike up to the summit of Gunung Ledang/ Mt. Ophir (it being the 6th most difficult in Malaysia, with Mt. Kinabalu placing 12th). We only get to camp at Checkpoint 4, and the ranger did not encourage us to climb further up, cos the rain was really heavy and non-stop.

We waited from 3.30am till 7am hoping that the rain will stop,cos after CP4 that's where the tough terrains really start. We had to cross a river,that's why we weren't allowed to continue, due to the river's strong current. Haihhhzzz...the route up to CP4 was pretty ok, just that it was very muddy and slippery. It took us less than 3hrs to hike up to CP4. Of course I manage to keep up with the guys lah,hehe (although it wasn't flattering cos the guys treated me as 1 of them), but they had to carry awfully heavy tents so it was excusable. Hehe, I cuma contribute by carrying foodstuffs and also my own bagpack of clothes,water etc. At 9am, we lost hope and pitched down our tents already cos we won't be able to make it in time to go up till the summit CP8 and then descent the mountain. So down we go...after that we went to Muar to have the infamous otak-otak. =)

But then...sadly...*sobz we lost all our pictures!! yenkwang's SD card keksim cos all of us bersusah-payah take pictures and everything, posing under the rain..sigh!!! Although we promise we will be back to conquer Gunung Ledang! Ngiek ngiekz

All in all, it was a good trip, mengeratkan silahturahim among coursemates =)

another version

Courtesy of narrowband's friend Elaine:

but in fact, the real truth.. *hehe
And of course, some people think as such:
(no problem guessing the blogger's gender. lol)

Friday, January 06, 2006

How true...

Sad isn't it. Go figure what this pic means. What does it tell you? =P


so chim..I learnt a new word today
So, Did you know....??

nar·cis·sism also known as nar·cism means:
1. Excessive love or admiration of oneself. conceited.
2. A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.
3. Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one's own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.
4. attribute of the human psyche charactized by admiration of oneself but within normal limits.

Sorry lah my English standard very the jernih...
usually i use these terms instead.
Mandarin, 自恋 (zhi4 lian4).
Bahasa Melayu, perasan, syok sendiri, cinta sendiri;
or in our colloquial hokkien, sipeh kao bin puei

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Perhaps Love

Oh I finally watched Perhaps Love starring the oh-so-gorgeous Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhou Xun and Jacky Cheung...I'm sure some of you have already watched it,so I won't be talking about the synopsis and stuff lah..Actually the movie reminded me a li'l of Moulin Rouge, it being a musical film and all. But mostly it reminded of that movie, nehhhhh, that one ar,...which has Meteor Garden Daomingsze and Karen Mok...also the same ler...poor Jacky Cheung...why lah he everytime so kelian? always the victim of being the 3rd party without him wanting to... and gosh his voice is so so good. Man, Takeshi is so so so gorgeous!!! lolz

Last week I went to watch The Tall Chinese Story or whatever the title is which was such a waste of $$. Nicholas Tse has resorted to such cheap movies? And the cast was pretty good. As in there are many veteran actors. 5 minutes into the movie and I was already downright mengutuk-ing the storyline which the mouliu-ness yang melimpah-limpah. But then, the title of the movie already said it all. But the chicks inside were hot lah. No, I don't mean Charlene the movie was endurable.

It's already the New Year but I'm not feeling it. Instead of feeling energized that it's the new year, and looking forward to having a blast, I'm feeling drained. Maybe I haven't really rested well during the holidays working period. It was supposed to be holidays, but since I promised my aunt to help her out...then when I got back to penang, glo was in need of staffs during the festive period,so I went to assume my ex-post there for just a week-- barmaid/bartendress. It was fun though, loved the job there, and it IS the most happening club in penang at the moment. Yea,I used to work there during my semester break this year last year with linlin. Basically it wasn't much of work though, it was more like 3 months of clubbing, 4 times a week. After that, I banned myself from clubs for quite sometime. haha. Reminiscence. But if not for that, I'd still be a dungu about liquors and liqueurs. The only alcohol I used to know were the name of beers (Tiger, Guinness Stout, Carlsberg etc) and Chivas, Martell. Mana tau we have all types of gin,bourbon, rum, whisky, brandy, vodka, tequila...Very the sesat lah me...phaiseh.

Aiya, enough of remisniscing liao. tomorrow morning have to go bengkel somemore...It's composite lab, should be it's time to sleep. I've only been back yesterday, so during classes yesterday and today, I've been zoning out and did not pay attention one single bit. Still in the festive mood I guess. Bler-bler...And I haven't even finish unpacking!! Everything is strewn everywhere...luckily I'm staying in a master bedroom and I have a roomie as messy disorganised as I am. Lolz...I still don't understand why they say Virgo mia budaks all very the pentingkan cleanliness eh. hmm..looks like I'm typing in 3 languages liao... Means a bit steam d.. So I'm going to... (YaY!! I've gotten my hands on the book Memoirs of a Geisha,courtesy of my housemate jennifer) start reading the book prior to the movie. Bonne nuit~

Monday, January 02, 2006


okiez peeps...I'm back in Johore!! dinky ol' JB (no offense jB frenz..haha).Newayz, reached skudai at about 6am this morning,then it's 8am class...ya I know I know stop reprimanding me...memang ah aku tuang kelas 1 minggu!! *bleks...well was in KL as I said to help out my aunt at her restaurant (btw, before I continue, yes I gained a lot of weight in KL!!!) everyone said I looked like a thanks to the nyonya food, but no thanks either to the fact that I walk into the kitchen every 5 minutes or so to nibble. Well it IS grandma's cooking...

Hey before I continue rambling, everybody: Happy New Year 2006!!!~~

It has been a really hectic week for me, the past week it is...been running around here & there. Yeah, thanks for noticing (perasan), it's a new template!! New year, new beginning..I don't want to write in short paragraphs d, cos I type time also feel a bit mabuk, not that this is any better, but trial and error lah see how...

Things to update in my blog: (just as a reminder to myself)
1) My side bars I killed
2) My unfinished pics-uploading of Bali
3) Expeditions
4) My new hairdo!

Uh-huh, time to sleep actually...slept about total of 6hours in 2 days nia. Blog again tomorrow? I hope of the New yr resolutions--blog regularly...coz sometimes I forget what I wanted to blog about after a few days...Nitez everybarrrdyy...