Friday, March 31, 2006

jz for fun

check out the baby names here. Funny...esp the Appendicitis Jackson and its siblings' names..courtesy of Jan =)

i guess i'll name my babies these names next time then: (assuming I marry someone with the surname, say...Santa Cruz, Maldini,etc *wink wink
  • Chivas Santa Cruz
  • Bacardi Maldini
  • Vodka Inzaghi
  • Malibu Nesta
  • Johnnie Walker Chong
  • Martell Cheng
  • Tequila Baros
  • Baileys Philippe
  • Wyborowa Shevchenko
  • JD Santa Cruz (again!)
  • Chenet Tan

Hey..I can even form a football team with it d.haha

Monday, March 27, 2006

My First Time..

Update abt last week 1st..

Oh yes, I finally had my first a sportscar!! oh yes yes yes *grinz grinz grinz *cant stop grinning. =) and it belongs to a hot silver Mazda RX-7. And how did I come across such good luck? Ahhh this is all thanks to my dear fren, Raj (who had suddenly became my best friend overnight for getting this kangtao for me). And the story started like this...

One fine day, not so fine lar, it was very cloudy outside, the atmosphere looks gloomy, and I am rushing to get ready for the Redzone Party..Raj called just to check out how things are, since we haven't talked for some time. He went for the Penang's Redzone with Lin, btw..I was telling him my plans for the weekend---

R: So wat ya doin' for the weekend?
Me: Uh-huh, tonight the rave party at Sepang, then maybe shopping with fren..there is this Tiesto thing coming up frens want to go, but I don't know..
R: Hey great. Listen, my fren has this VIP tickets to Tiesto's and he needs a partner for dinner..Think you can help him out? We can't exactly Brokeback Mountain you know...
Me: ($$$ Kaching!!!) (*calculates mentally in my mind...ticket for Tiesto's, RM80...dinner...yummy) So are you coming?
R: Yeah, for Tiesto's. So will catch up with you guys after that. So I give your contact to my friend ya, I'll ask him to contact you
Me: Haha..see 1st la since you have the tendency for not turning up all the time =P

On Saturday(18th March 2006), after getting only 4hrs' of sleep, I woke up (Cmin, Fly and Ben parasited at my house for the night..Cmin bunked in with me whereas the guys get to camp in the living room) bcos' I need to drop these ppl at their respective places. After a big long detour and wrong routes, managed to drop the guys at Bukit Jalil LRT so that they can go to Puduraya and go home...and I also managed to get me and Cmin to 1-Utama. Had a hearty lunch and shopped around.Was window shopping when Raj's friend called up...After intro and stuff and getting the details, it was pretty late, so had to head back home to get ready for dinner...

Neway, Raj No.2 (let's call him JR instead) called again..Apparently our mutual friend Raj got this Tiesto VIP event mixed up..JR does not have VIP tickets (sky falling down) to Tiesto's. Actually he needed a partner to an annual dinner instead, and will only head to Tiesto's after that (things look bright again) and we will meet up with Raj later at the party. Ohkay...No wonder it sounded weird, VIP ticket for dinner at Tiesto's party??? Bummer.

But eventually I agreed because I haven't seen Raj for ages and it will be fun partying with these guys. (FYI: Raj is a very good house and trance DJ that used to spin in glo penang when I worked as a barmaid..that's how we met) He tried teaching me how to shuffle, but I failed still learning!!

That aside...I was a bit worried cause I didn't have anything formal for an annual dinner, and JR said it was a black suit thing sumore. Called both my aunts, them lagi tarak. Both of their closets are full of Levi's and denim jeans, super casual. Oh, also the sizes a bit small. *sobz. Finally managed to dig out a pair of loose brown pants and a nice turqoise shawl. *grinz. JR called when I was ready

JR: Hello Tan, you ready d? Am downstairs
Me: Yeah..Wait at the curve to drop ppl of? there's a guard booth over there
JR: Okie-dokie
Me: Uh-huh,so that I recognise you...what car do you drive, plate no.? (am supposed to text the details to my friend in case of emergency ma)
JR: (speaks alien language)
Me: Huh??? Ahbo plate no. lar...
JR: Don't worry it's very easy to recognise my car.

When I went downstairs, oh, it was easy to recognise to alrite *wink wink. Mazda RX-7 be honest, it really was my first time in a sportscar (unless u count GTI as one also =P) its interior was very nice, and me being automotive-challenged..i can't describe all the meter meter thingies inside the car. =P JR is a frenly chap, quite good-looking as well =)

And the thing is, apparently we are going to an annual dinner for JSOC--Japanese Sportscar Owners' Club. Wow...sounds cool right? =) but I didn't expect what came later. Upon reaching Sunway Resort Hotel, there were tons and tons and tons of sportscars lined up. Congregation of Mazda RX-7, RX-8, Mitsubishi Evo (yes, Evo VII even!!), Toyota Supra, Subaru, MRX etc short, all the japanese sportscars also not so familiar leh..Hey,the event even made it into Malaysia Book of Records-- Largest Sportscar Gathering at One Time!! this is even better than the DJ Tiesto thingy *muahahahah. Imagine, 107 sportscars parked together..definitely EYE CANDY hahahahah.

Dinner was so-so, food was horrible..but the experience in a sportscar was amazing =) after the dinner we went to Qbar with JR's was fine, but a bit phobia house/trance music d after Redzone. hehez. Oh..the indo-mie in Subang not's Monday again!! ughhh... Patik berundur dulu with a pic of did not bring a camera that night cos I thought it was just a boring annual dinner =P


congrats to liverpool on its 3-1 win last nite yahz =)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

7-0 yo!!

Fernando Morientes in action

Well, I guess after losing conscecutively to Benfica and Arsenal, it really whip them back into form. Early this morning the REDS secured their places in FA Cup semifinals by beating Birmingham 7-0. The victory also means Rafael Benitez has ended a mystifying run of never having beaten Birmingham in four attempts as he finally completed the set of enjoying victory over every Premiership club since his arrival in English football. A goal in the 1st minute itself, man *grinz. Sami Hyypia scores a good goal:
1) Sami Hyypia (1)
2)Peter Crouch (5)
3)Peter Crouch (38)
4)Fernando Morientes (59)
5)John Arne Riise (70)
6)Olivier Tebily (og 77)
7)Djibril Cisse (89)
=) Well read more about it. Till then...this news will keep me grinning for the next 2 hours. Hope they fare as well for the next match against Everton in EPL...Btw, woke up totally late for work today..supposed to wake up latest at 6.15am..but I suddenly jerked awake at 7.15am.. thanks to the sun glaring into my face. Got ready in record 10mins, but LDP highway jammed like obviously I reached very late 8.15am lar, luckily.. =) Big boss doesn't know..supervisor just smile (hope he doesn't give me a bad evaluation this week). Time to work, adios!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Redzone F1 Rave Party

As Lin said that she went to the Redzone pre-F1 party in Penang, I went for the Sepang edition instead, held in the F1 Village on Fri (17th March)..I'm sure you guys did hear about it like, 50 times a day in the radio for weeks.. We registered for it to get free tickets for the event the week before...I couldn't think of ppl to go with, as all my kakis are either in Penang or Jhr...Luckily Jenifer (who's my colleague as well) is here..and I made my coursemate Hah to go also. So at least there are already 3 ppl to go with. I did promote the event to friends all over...but some like Charng and David couldnt go cos they had exams..and those that are in Jhr think that it's too far (Loke, yenkwang, etc).

But on Thurs, I received a phone call from Ben @ yeehang saying he and Fly will be joining us. YeSS!!! come Friday, the mood to party isn't here yet..cos it's still work work work...but I did have some improvements in my project. Like, at least the computer is finally working. At 5pm, we left on the dot as we have to collect our free tickets by 9pm...I got home, bathed, took dinner, ICI on face and left as fast as I could. Yeah, it was 7.30pm the time I reached their house...and the place in USJ is pretty congested. What more, it started raining heavily. (dampened my spirit)

Oh..btw, F1 village is located at Sepang which is really really far away, probably 60kms, maybe? And Hah kept getting lost that we travelled abt 90kms...Also, we had to pick up Ben and Fly at the komuter 1st. Obviously we are sooo not reaching in time. =( Yeah, forgot to mention that my 3 other coursemates that are doing their internship in KLIA went for the event also as its really near-- Cmin, Kok, JJ. Cmin called and said it wasnt raining *phew.. I asked her to ask the person in charge to let her collect our tickets on our behalf but the fella wouldnt let...If there are still free tickets when we reach, then there is. If not? HAve to pay cover charge lor. Obviously the whole point of going in the 1st place is bcos it is FREE.

Anyway, we finally reached abt 10pm or so..the free tix were all distributed. -_-" Hah was like, "WTF?^$% " Fly and Ben, since they paid so much for the bus trip here already, wouldnt mind paying for the cover laR...RM20 only mar, inclusive of 1 drink. Me and Jen were reluctant to pay also lah..haha lately superbroke for spending so much. But at last, ahem, with our charms and the sweetest smile that Jen and I could muster, we managed to wheedle our way in for free. SUCCESS!!! =) We saved up RM100 thanks to this sweet guy, Darren. Thanks ya if ur reading this, haha.

L to R: Fly, Cmin, Hah

Me and penangite comrade @ coursemate, AhKok

Jenifur and JJ

The party was pretty good, and near the entrance there were motorsport games...The girls at the games booth all were totally hot. HOTTT. damn skinny with porcelain skin, long hair, and kohl eyes. couldn't tell apart their differences, all look the same. hahha. We won ourselves a cap and also a nice lighter. The fireworks display went on several times throughtout the night and they were incredibly nice!! =) Amazing. The DJs, needless to say, lived up to the expectations of what is expected of a rave party. DJ ATB, his fisrt appearance in Malaysia really got the crowd hyped up and I'm not sure what the titles of the songs are except (Ecstacy) but I know the theme song was very good. As usual, Ben and Fly danced like they were in trance, probably they're very good in it..I mean, Ben teaches dancing,sure lah =P Me ar, so so nia cos I'm not good with house,trance,techno music..I can't even differentiate the differences between the songs. -_-" But still not bad lar *wink wink.

Me, the sesat case went to ask someone whether they'll be spinning R&B later or not...apparently not..I guess abt 1am++ or so we already potong stim so we left abt 2am++..But note that the DJ Montana after ATB was very very good also..just's too much for us..hehe we budak kampungs cannot take it although Ben and Fly are hardcore clubbers. Lolz. But the party was still great. The crowd, great. The fireworks, great. The fire stunts, great. Lighting (neon lights etc), great. Girls, hot. Guys, not so. But still good =) but getting lost the way back and supper ended up with us sleeping at almost 6am. -_-" uh-huh...Pics coming up soon, pending... can't seem to upload more pics..will post em laterz k


Yay, our Malaysian shuttlers have done us proud in Commonwealth Games by winning the gold medal for the mixed team event. Usually, it seems that we only do well at our local arena, say Malaysia Open etc etc..which is why perceived as jaguh kampung especially Lee Chong Wei. It is very exasperating to see them play, I mean have you guys watched the recent All-England that Lee Wan Wah, Choong Tan Fook, Lee Chong Wei play? Man, it was THIS close to winning. Me and Thong Ching almost yanked our hair out cheering ourselves hoarse to the TV...which led to eventual lost. =(

Newayz, that is beside the point..the point is..Me, Thong Ching and sometimes Yit Phing go to these badminton Ipoh Masters when we were in Form 4..Malaysia Open 2004, Malaysia Open 2005. And definitely not to watch the female players...I mean, during the female events we usually do the photo snapping, autograph taking, toilet, refreshments thing. I don't think the girls even got far, not till quarter nor semis..but this time..Am proud of our female shuttlers, esp. Wong Mew Choo. Of late, they have been showing progress..and she (Mew Choo) helped us clinch the gold medal...pats on the back =)

On a sadder note..Poor Nicol lost, but hey girl, you've got a long way to go somemore down the road..=) *pats on the back too


kengkawan Georgianz & HPC-ians..our dear fren Lin finally has a blog, here. So check it our lar yah =) guess now we hv to make Jo-Ooi, Loke, Loh, Chun then we can keep in touch with all of them d yahz =)

Monday, March 20, 2006

last weekend

yeah, with pics i posted up few days back, i didn't have the time to actually tell about what happened. anyway, last weekend..which was 10th march (fri)..Most of the coursemates applied for leave on that day so that we could settle of PSM (thesis) titles. We were supposed to pick 5 titles from the list that was offered by lecturers. Anyway, I drove 4 of us back to johore on thursday night in my SLK *wink. Hah's Wira is being used by his bro so we can't ride in his car..The journey was pretty pleasant =) it feels so good to see the housemates again...luv you girls~~

come friday, we went into campus to find the lecturers and also to listen to what their titles are..uh-huh,some of the titles were super 'deep', designs of wide-band antennas, turbines, yada yada..there were some interesting titles usual the good titles surely will be taken up by good students. hehe, and not so good students like yours truly get..haha. but who knows lar..cos we just had to fill in the forms 1st. the choice will be made by the faculty panel later. *cross my fingers that I will be getting my first choice.

that night, we went bowling (as what the pictures indicate).. 10 guys and me, vun being the only girls. maka I pun beria-ia wanting to become the best female player there. hahha..but after a few rounds..i was so lagging behind vun..maka i decided to declare myself as The 1st Runner-up for best female player. haha..but i did out-bowl vun eventually,so i did win. =) gheeming had the highest points la..and I was pitted against my course's supergenius 4-flat, khongwui. but rupa-rupanya even supergenius also have their kelemahan wan..cos I won him!! YES!! although my total points for that was a dismal 64. phaiseh. after that we went McD for supper and it was good to see the coursemates again..cos some only having their internship later this year. caught up on the latest dits on them

saturday i had McD,again (i know,what about my diet?) for lunch, went shopping with my soul-sis thongching.hahah. havent seen each other for a month so memang a lot of things to talk about,..but she's pretty busy with her thesis cos she's graduating next month..sigh..I have a year more to go before I'll be getting my aero degree. At night went out with Loke and her frenz to Tebrau City and that little witch made us take cakes. Hehez.. I mean, we ordered pasta and stuff d ma..but she had cravings so me and yinting succumbed to her cajoling (yes,..once again what happened to my diet??) i bought a really nice pair of shoes at Vincci =) we also went to watch Underworld 2. not bad, but I was a bit lost cos the prequel was pretty long ago, kinda forgotten its storyline liao.

on sunday once again I fattened myself up with yummilicious indian food when i met up with my senior Siva for lunch (pao, help!!). about 3pm, we drove back to KL..but the week before, remember the fantabulous yummilicious chendol Malacca jonker st that charng introduced us? we went back again for it. Actually I forced them to go laR cos I had mega cravings. NO, I am not pregnant =P it was some quite a drive away from the highway and we had to drive a bit before reaching Malacca Town, 15mins, maybe? We started off with Nyonya Laksa which tastes sorta like our Penang Assam Laksa, just missing the 'heh ko'(prawn paste) and it has additional stuff like egg?.. it tastes quite good, probably cos' I am missing penang laksa so much, hahah. then we went to buy the chendol instead, but ran out d?? sold out. bummer. *sobs sobs..all the way for nth??? btw, the place's name is Jonker 88 dessert, i think. go check it out!! it has very good ambience cos the owner is an antique dealer,so there are stuff like artefacts in display. chendol but I was pleasantly pacified by its ice kacang instead. I asked for the chendol's ingredients so i get to eat the greeny thing...cos their coconut milk ran out d,but the ingredients are still available. its gula melaka is just delicious!! I think I've said that many times. After that we took some pictures around Jonker St. and headed home to KL... =)

Good trip.I had an amazing ammmaaazzzzing time this weekend but it's 1.30am so I'd better get some sleep..6am have to wake up again (what?? It's monday already?? damn)...NItez =)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Congrats Liverpool~~

After beaten by Benfica and the recent loss to Arsenal..Liverpool has finally regained its form!~ 5-1 win against Fulham early this morning...Yay~~ u go, Reds!!

Read more abt it here, ...and as for me, it's time to go back to work. =p what I've learned so far in don't always get to pick the job that you want. haha, I'm now like, thrown to do sort-of computer maintenance stuff, and I'm a computer idiot. Totally. -_-" nothing to do with aeronautical engineering, that's for sure. but am learning stuff also lar, when I sneak away to help out at my electrical dept..i get to diassemble parts. oklar..update later...just wanted to congratulate Liverpool!~ =)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

this time..for ais kacang!!

back in malacca again!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hah vs. ahhao

david and vun

JJ against ahlun

me pitted against my course's supergenius! and i won!!! muahahahha

gheeming vs. ginseng

ahkok vs. kwang

King of Bowling, bruce lee style

note: the one hiding under the table is one of my smartest coursemate. ironic

random pics we took last weekend. we went bowling!!


Here I was, I had a great day, my lecturer came to visit our company,he was very happy and satisfied with our performances (or did we put up a good act pretending to be diligent and everything?haha), our supervisor gave good comments. and hell, I even slept at 10.30pm the night before!!! healthy lehhh. not really...cos had to compensate and make up for the 2hrs' sleep I got the night before. Anywayzz...I was about to blog about my weekend...and then I had to see this!!

Yep. The demise of a great blog =( we've seen blogsuicides for various reasons--like dawn yang's cos of speculations abt her natural beauty..the other s'porean which I forgot the name. etc etc. but this...this i cannot comprehend. =P has been around for a long long time. At least, for me lar cos this is the first blog I read...the rest of the blogs I've only started reading like, last year?!? when friendster started its blog thing. hmmm. maybe narrowband is just going to take a hiatus.hehez. But I do realise that everyone who blogs regularly has been missing lately...probably only once a week or so. I guess this quarter of the year, everyone's pretty busy and stuff. In fact, I only update once or twice a week...

Neways, back to narrowband. on his blogobituary,..the owner is my sifu, mentor, fren ish..make it sound like obituary pulaks. hahaz. yeah the sifu taught me everything I know about how also have to thank-thank a bit. Thanks mate!

Wishing narrowband all the best in life. Cheers.
Yeah..just a little farewell song. Ppl, download it here!...Actually it's my latest favourite song. hahha. Oyasuminasai...

Monday, March 13, 2006

My review

Here's my unbiased review of the match between Arsenal and my team, Liverpool just now.

21'- Henry scored with a really nice goal.

75'- Great header by Luis Garcia after Gerrard missed.

82'- poor larling Xabi Alonso tak tentu pasal kena red card. ish, kayu punya referee!!

84'- Gerrard kena rasuk, thus sent the ball right into Henry's arms, i mean, feet. Scored very nicely,the zone was practically empty. Gerrard, what were you thinking man!!???

ended? Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool. *scowls really really badly

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I forgot where I got this from

Maybe I hang around here
A little more than I should
We both know I got somewhere else to go
But I got something to tell you
That I never thought I would
But I believe you really ought to know

I love you
I honestly love you

You don't have to answer
I see it in your eyes
Maybe it was better left unsaid
This is pure and simple
And you should realize
That it's coming from my heart and not my head

I love you
I honestly love you

I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable
I'm not trying to make you anything at all
But this feeling doesn't come along everyday
And you shouldn't blow the chance
When you've got the chance to say

I love you
I honestly love you

If we both were born
In another place and time
This moment might be ending in a kiss
But there you are with yours
And here I am with mine
So I guess we'll just be leaving it at this

I love you
I honestly love you
I honestly love you

Joke: ?!??

A couple, age 67, went to the doctor's office.
The doctor asked, "Whatcan I do for you?"
The man said, "Will you watch us have sexual intercourse?"
The doctor looked puzzled but agreed. When the couple had finished, the doctor said, "There is nothing wrong with the way you have intercourse", and he charged them $32.00.

This happened several weeks in a row. The couple would make an appointment, have intercourse, pay the doctor and leave. Finally the doctor asked, "Just exactly what are you trying to find out?"

The old man said, "We're not trying to find out anything. She is married and we can't go to her house. I am married and we can't go to my house. The Holiday Inn charges $60.00. The Hilton charges $78.00. We do it here for $32.00 and I get back $28.00 from medicare for a visit to the doctor's office."

Monday, March 06, 2006 9th Birthday Bash

Yes!! I went for the 9th birthday bash!~ Held at the Mahkota Parade open carpark for 9 hours straight of partying and great music, from 3pm to midnight on 4th of March 2006 in Malacca.. this is what the DJs on had been chanting for the past 2-3weeks everyday... I mean, I am always stuck in the traffic congestion every morning to work,so I have been listening to this sentence which is repeated every 5 mins or so everyday single day except on the weekends -_-"

so, I invited my coursemates Hah, Poli and my oldest friend ever, Charngyee to head down Malacca.yea, i invited david also, but he turned me down. hrmmpphhh!! since i haven't seen charngyee for ages, am elated to see her! =) totally gorgeous!~ haha (kembang lah u, charng!)

Anyways, Hah drove us down to Malacca, and we reached about 3pm or so. we went for lunch at one of the shops.."pai gu mian" (pork mee?!) it wasn't bad, but personally I thought that Penang's wantan mee is better (haha,the ego of a penangite)...after that we went to the Tan Kim Hock building to buy dodol (is that how u spell it? am not sure...neh, the pyramid shaped thing that is absolutely delicious)... the mee we had wasn't exactly fulfilling, so we went for a second round at Jonker St. that place is really well preserved, and its heritage buildings really nice. We went for Cendol as Charng (she used to study in MMU Malacca and Poli is a Malaccan) claimed that the Cendol there is yummilicious) I couldn't agree more...!!!! (*slurps)

but it's a bit funny cos the Malaccans go Penang to eat Cendol whereas penangites pulak purposely go Malacca for cendol. lolz. this is the one I had (eight prosperous cendol or something). it's very very very good, probably cos the texture of the cendol (green stuff) is just nice and the have gula melaka which makes it even more fragrant. but it is a tad too sweet. ahh, they also put in roasted nuts, so it tastes really nice.

Me, hah and poli -- 3 aero coursemates:

introducing my longest fren ever..charngyee (known each other since we were like, 5yrs old or so..that makes it 17yrs? wow.. our dads were colleagues i think..):

lenglui or not? too bad, she's taken..but u can look. haha~

anyway, the event didn't turn out as I expected it to be. I went to it's previous birthday bash back then in penang, and it was at the beach, so we get to scan ppl in swimwear...also, we had to have tickets, which Heng got for us, it makes it pretty exclusive cos only those above 18yrs old were allowed to go also..if i remember was really fun) this one? it's supposed to be the biggest bday bash ever, so we could see kids running around, all kinds of ppl everywhere =( tarak quality control~ sigh...but since we drove for 2hrs all the way..must enjoy also-lar rite?

we played some games there, checked out the booths, took many many pictures and stayed for the concerts which featured our local acts like Ferhad, Reshmonu, Popshovit (which is really good), etc etc..yea, remember The Moffatts? they were there also, albeit there were only 2 brothers left, and they changed their name to Same Same (!!??!!) of course, there were the DJs -- the ever gorgeous Serena C, Rudy and JJ (yea, we watched the premiere of their video,their version of Dont Cha) which is those type that you love to hate. Irritating, but know =P

but i didn't really like that Lo fella which redefines the word irritating. hah! but he really got the crowd hyped up, so it's ok...there was a bunch of fengtau malay teenagers beside us that were REALLY hyped up, and dancing/jumping away like epileptic bunch of idiots. ah,and also very hiao to boot. also Hah was there to protect us girls..haha but you know ler, better not mess with rowdy ppl...we moved away to the other side. by then, we were quite bored/tired, so we stayed and joined the crowd till about 11pm till it's free music time. then, the DJ started spinning music d, and we weren't in the mood to dance so we left d because we still had to drive back to KL~ besides, there weren't exactly lengzais to scan/cuci mata also, so even more reason to leave. hah.

so we took random pictures and left =) i guess highlight of the day was meeting up with charngyee after so long and also the yummilicious cendol. i would just give the birthday bash a 5.2/10...which is also due to the local acts. our local artistes really have the potential, and i'm proud of them *wink popshovit rocks man..although im not so sure if that is how u spell it. hehz.. ferhad is just adorable also@!!!

Ferhad,totally charming

me and Hah, my coursemate @ colleague

hah and charng. it seems that he looks happier in this pic. hmmph!

random pics during intervals of performances

notice the bunch of cam-hoggers behind charng

hah's signature pose- sailormoon (i've got like, so many versions of it which has been taken in different occasions during coursemates' outing)

the moffatt brothers--the blond one(drummer), cun. and charng again!! haha. in case ur wondering what happened to the other girl, Poli. she went home at 7pm, that was her main reason following us from KL =P

cam-hoggers again behind us -_-"


display of fireworks to celebrate hitz's bday

us advertising for hotlink

the party ended with our final pic of the day

although the party wasn't what I expected it to be, but on a brighter note, I enjoyed the company of Hah, Charng and Poli..besides, I finally get to go Jonker St. which I wanted to go since long time ago..the last time I went Malacca, end of Nov. we only toured the Famosa place and a few other tourist spots =( will definitely go back for the cendol again! the guys came to my house =) hah, ziyang, ahhao, lun and vun, the only girl. they had to, as I left my car at hah's so he had to drive it back to was good seeing them, although they did raid my fridge. =P apa nak buat, their house what also tarak,the only thing their landlady gave them was a sofa.

man...time to zzz. it's 2am~~ have to wake up in 4 hrs' time for work..and it's another Monday!! looks like i'll be zombie-like again later

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i chopped me hair!!

(referring to the title):
yeps!!i have reverted to my old hairstyle which i had kept practically my whole life..only this time its a bit shorter..i've tried..i really tried keeping long hair..but this kinda shoulder-length-ish hair is the best i could do..actually can wan..just that i've completely destroyed it before New Year, by curling it again and highlighting it red. yeah, at one time. hangus terus siol rambut aku. yea, no to mention the amount of $$ i burnt. the auntie that did my hair the first time did a terrific job the first time i curled it (refer to the display pic on the right hand upper part) thought can find her again this time..mana tau.. she just oh-peh cut and curl wor!~ end up i have to spend even more money to buy Redken shampoo, color extend conditioner, CAt (protection) at my bro's hair salon to save my rentung hair.

yea..this is the one when me and loke went eat japanese food together..dunno posted b4 anot la.

anyways..why did I chop away my locks.. I know, I've sworn a million times before that this time i'll be keeping my hair long) but it never happens. tata..presenting my short hairdo:

actually i cut my hair for several reasons. but it is a compulsive act. which is hope is for the better...

1) it is for convenience..waking up 6am everyday, and then if i go to my aunt's restaurant to help out after work,sometimes i reach home at almost 11pm..totally no time to wash my hair, cos it takes 3 hours to dry up..and my hair is already macam ranting pokok as it is cant blow dry it whatsoever.

2) many has threatened to torch my hair. as i did the coloring and perming at one time, it is ultra-super dry. my aunts, mom, friends have been very tempted to torch it cos of its dryness (aka lack of moisture, think ranting pokok)..

3) hard to take care of cos working at the heavy industry. i mean, keeping long hair is just a nuisance. say, when i want to wear safety helmet, eye protection, mask.. or when things get really greasy..yada yada

4) motivation to lose weight. new haircut,then mayb i can actually put my dieting/weight losing plans into actions. haha~ but hasnt commenced yet la. this is becoz my fitness instructor (his initials is L.K.C has not been very helpful!! *hint) lol

tats the story of my chopped hair. yeah..over the weekend i went to watch the pink panther with david. i finally went to 1-utama,nice place its huge! its hilarious and obviously Steve Martin is such a genius..he's been one of my fav actors since the movie Father of the Bride. in this movie he acts as Inspector Jacques Clouseau who's a total moron but with a biiiggg heart. nice one..a must watch!

yea..on monday and tuesday also, i almost throwed away RM500++ to join Fitness First gym cos the facilities are pretty good..3 mths commitment..but may not have the time nia...perhaps i shud do it the conventional way..say, jogging and swimming? cos i havent been sweating it out lately and it doesnt feel good. not including today la..had a major work-out at test cell for APU today. hmm..cos my aunt's restaurant may b short of waitresses beginning next week, so if i have to help out then i definitely wont have the time to go..

guess thats it for today..time to catch up on some anime