Friday, December 29, 2006


well before I go on a hiatus..not exactly lar..but will be celebrating New Year I doubt it I will have time to blog. haha (have I been actually blogging for the past few months?? hmm I

Ever since Lin's birthday celebration been quite busy..let's see, meeting up with old frenz which I absolutely had fun!!..then of course the HPC members met up after sekian lama and had slumber parties here and there..I bunked in at Lin's, Loke's =) and hung out with Pao, Jo Ooi, Heng..and met Loh Jo..only one missing is Chun! wherefore art thou?? but sadly I didn't get to meet up with the others like those from LL House--leeting , Peiru, Rinrin..although I saw Sanrong briefly and thongching when she teman me to get my hair done..sigh.. and karen, janice, alicia, wenchern..and the list goes on!! I'll just post up some random pictures..with me in it of course! haha..basically my story is like Pao's since we spent a few days together

charng, siew, HP Lin, Rene, Li Yuin at Lin's bday
hooiching with HP Loh Jo
cant resist posting this pic where Pao looks like she's showing the middle finger

well on the 22nd it started with our bus trip to KL with HP Pao and Jit Shiong..on Fri nite we met up with Joanne and we went clubbing at Poppy's Garden with Fred (my personal favourite alongside with Velvet) was ok but not at our best appearance cos we were pretty tired!!in the toilet at Poppy's with Pao

The next day, we had lunch and went shopping at The Curve with li'l bro my is he a shopper, he managed to wring a pair of boxers from me, but due to his keasyikkan bershopping he missed his bus back to Penang (actually it was my fault cos we left late and I didn't actually know the way to Pudu) so he ended up having to buy another ticket. =P we left for Johor after dinner and we drove down. Basically I was the driver and jitshiong,pao were worried that I'll fall asleep behind the steering wheel so we actually talked for 3.5 hours non-stop. we shared our grandmother, ancestral stories and lame jokes. lol.

Apapun, the next morning..Sunday isit?..we went to Singapore pulaks. Heng and Loke were already in Johore, so we went together-gether la to meet up with Jo Ooi..lunch was good, courtesy of HP Pao (*wink!) and dinner courtesy of HP Jo Ooi (*wink again!)..gosh Jo's waistline is still as tiny as ever..jeles siot!!

HP OB, HP Pao, HP Heng, HP Jo Ooi (HP Loke went back d 2 teman her abang..MIA: HP Chun and HP Lin and HP Loh Jo)Orchard Road super jampacked with people and HP Heng and HP Jo Ooi with their abangs..(i ripped this collage from Pao's blog hehe phaiseh)But fear not, HP Ching and HP Pao have one another!! =) and I noticed I've grown so dark after the Thailand and trekking trip~

The S'pore trip was good, and the next day we brought Pao to City Square..which was nothing compared to Penang of course! but we had dinner at Restoran Singgah Selalu which I love...and then Pao, Adrian and Heng left for Penang d *sobs. Had to clean my room for the few days after..cos of the constant rain, my room is super damp and some of my stuffs actually berkulat (my dear pillow) as I left it the whole month. ~sighs but it was wonderful having the bestest ever friends around =)

Ooh..btw I had a super-to-die-for Christmas prezzie..thank you so much kuangzheng!! =)the box with a poster and Xmas card..
jeng jeng..presenting my original liverpool jersey for this season!

isn't it totally to die for?I've totally decided to wear it for the first day of CNY!! hehe..was supposed to rot till New Year in dinky ol' Skudai but had this sudden impulse, so I'm going back penang laterz!!! All the tickets were sold out, so I have to take a bus to KL 1st, then transit to penang..pohpee got ticket lar..and will, erm, cuti sendiri till next week I guess.haha have always been pontenging classes ever since 1st final year must continue the tradition

HEnce..shall end this post with a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!! MAY THIS COMING NEW YEAR BRING MORE HAPPINESS, JOY, WEALTH, HEALTH and all your undertakings!! Huggies, love to everyone!! =)

p/s: chronologically, I'm supposed to blog about my Thailand trip then only this post but..due to unforeseen circumstances, lolz. forgive me lah..after this im goin to post up a summarized version of my trip, but dunno when lar cos have to sort out the million of

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

happy birthday MOC

L to R: irene, pao, loke, charng, siew, ching,n bday girl lin!! missing in the pic are heng, liyuin, justine, loh jo..phaiseh..wait i get the pics from the rest yea

to my dearest babe, miss lee..happy happy birthday!! hope u enjoyed urself at TGIF last nite..terharu leh all of us dressed up in 60s style!!!haha yes pao and heng, i am in 60s style (earrings and the top!!!) just that your tahap penghayatan too low only..haha. muaxxx u have a great one..see u tonight, maybe? haha

p/s: btw, notice my new hairstyle??? kena complained that i look so chan thruout my thailand trip and like auntie, so went to get it upgraded. hehe nice or not?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

monkey beach

hooiching has gained a lot a lot a lot of weight since she quitted Fitness First. apparently she has no resistance against all types of food. spicy sweet sour salty all also she will layan. hell, she can even endure her own cooking! (and believe me,its horrible..)

after kena tembakan demi tembakan ever since she landed back in malaysia from thailand, she has finally decided to exercise!!hee hee. anyways, i managed to drag heng hsui and pao to follow me hiking at monkey beach in teluk bahang last 1st it was supposed to be a less than 5 ppl event, but we had a pleasant surprise!! the organizer aka mr. yeoh jit shiong managed to gather 14 lengzais and lengluis to participate in this hike. (actually he is my personal trainer who failed miserably during our thailand trip)

nevertheless, it was a good trip..met up with old frenz we havent seen in years..and new frenz who seem friendly, and of course my dear chimuis who are as hiao and hot as ever. the trip started with a dimsum breakfast at 8am..yalor, input then only later output..we reached at 8.20am though (me, heng, adrian, pao in the same car)..breakfast venue: Macalister Rd HK Dimsum. at 8.05am,my handphone rang..that time we just turned into the Jelutong
Expressway..more like we were near sg dua area only..tension..late d..

Fred: hoi..where are u guys now?we all eating and waiting d u noe..
me: oh..reaching d lar..already looking for parking d actually (*giggles)
Fred: mai kesi la (don't pretend ler..), where are you actually?
me: ermmm..(*hesitates for a second, sees Komtar in front of her..which is still quite far), we are at somewhere near Komtar liao..
Fred: simeh, cehhh, from my house in island glades also can see komtar wad...also consider near isit?
me: (*pecah tembelang)

that was the only glitch of the trip, otherwise it went well. harhar. the hike was not too fact just a normal trekking..since we had intensive training up the hills in Chiang Mai d..i think we reached in 1 hr++, reach there somemore can play Chua Dai Dee for 2 hours..haha blardy hot though..this ch'ng paopao ar, tak sangka in this world got anyone after existing for 22yrs but still dont know how to play..kalah teruk wan..but under the tutelage of Capt and Horng Yang, she became an expert..hehez

then after posing for pictures etc, we played captain ball which i was horrible in. never the athletic type except yoga. but our team won la of course. hehe. then i dok beria-ia wanted to hike back (tat's the purpose of the trip, to burn fat) but 11 raised hands to take the boat, so obviously i lost..*sobz...we had a fun ride back to the jetty though..and all of us went home with awful sunburns..and as for calorie loss..i very much doubt it though, cos we had a hearty breakfast, lunch and teatime.but it was laughter and laughter the whole way..with pao and heng's lawak bodohs that i absolutely adore.hehez..ok ok time for some pix,courtesy of HP heng and HP pao

guys L to R: adrian, gooi, keanchew, melvyn sim, fred, jit shiong, horng yang (correct spellings i hope)
girls:heng, pao, sui eh, amy, steph, terri, angeline

I tawt I taw a belly bish

the guys playing beach volley..i think. haha bz playing cards..and nice fishing boats!!
HpC members reunited- HP heng, HP tan, HP pao
missing HPC members- HP chun, HP loh, HP loke, HP lin, HP jo ooi
the pair of lovebirds

ceh..we also have ma.bwahaha

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

am back--with excess baggage

ok so im back from my 2 weeks trip in thailand...wheeeeee!!!!!
good part..had lots and lots of fun..good company, great ppl we met along the way, great food..

bad travel mate, shiong got pickpocketed at chatuchak market. and me, gaining at least...and i say this with much EMPHASIS, at least 2kgs!!! gasp gasp.

no thanks to my two super eating machines a.k.a travelmates who lost weight instead. damn!! not fair..why do guys lose weight so easily!!

2 weeks- thailand- bangkok- chiangmai- pattaya- suratthani- phuket- kohphiphi- 1 lenglui- 2 lengzais- amazing

blog abt it soon..need to get the pics and video from the guys..sposed to be in kl now..but decided against it..spend sometime at home engsiu mom. and yes..Queensbay!! finally there is something happening near my house!!!

nitez. lazy blog. this poor blog is getting a li'l rusty..even i myself yawn when i read it -_-"