Wednesday, December 28, 2005

man i love tuesdays!

coz it's Movie Day at Mega Pavilion!!
for less than RM10, I get:
a 3hour great movie(RM6) + popcorn
and I've still got RM0.20 to use the ladies'

*sniffles...poor KingKong though
elaborate damn sleepy d...


*Sniffles again..poor poor kong again

Monday, December 12, 2005


Today's your day
You're finally finally 21!!!
(Although you look like it ages ago)
hahahaha...Just kidding...
Anywayz, hope you become:
Lagi cun
Lagi seksi
Lagi hiao
(memang ah ko dari dulu agi dah cukup cun,hehehe)
Stay siao
Love ya, muaxxxx
Too bad can't join your 'cocktail party' eh
Hahaha...see ya back in Johore, dear roomie


I'm stuck in KL now
Haven't actually finish uploading the pics that I want to
Yea,those taken in Bali
But with no access to Internet
Kinda hard ler,and inconvenient
So will only post 'em after I get back to Penang
What am I doing in KL?
Have to help out at my aunt's newly opened
Restoran Taiping Lang
So anywayz
I'm entrapped at the restaurant
Coz' it's easier if all of us stayed upstairs
instead of commuting to the restaurant everyday life...
I've only been there,what 2 days?
It already felt like an eternity
and today's like,onli 12th
I have to stay till almost X'mas
Only get to cabut back to Penang
Working there is quite fun...
Same old thing lor,waitressing
But I've been so used to MSN-ing everyday
and surfing the Net everyday
reading blog entries everyday
Downloading anime everyday
The area there is quite new so there isn't a phone line yet
As in, no coverage for Telekom
so can't apply for Streamyx yet
Tak apa, sabar, sabar, kejap jer masa berlalu
But I miss penang food!!
And my friends in Penang...
Instead of losing weight (as I initially planned to)
Coz' my aunts both have lost so much weight
since the opening of the restaurant about a month ago
Maybe they keep rushing here and there kua
I'm gaining weight here instead
Basically what the restaurant is selling are home-cooked dishes ma
So since the business is quite good
Obviously it means the food is delicious
So it means I'm eating delicious food everyday
So if the food is delicious
You'll eat more right?
So if you eat more...then...
Go figure.
Not exactly Aerodynamics
Gah..I'm babbling
Today is offday for the restaurant
so I'm back at the apartment
Which is why I'm online now =P
Laterz have to go back to the restaurant

Thursday, December 08, 2005

sigh..tomato soup pulaks..yucks

we got cheated!!thinking it was tomyam soup

PTC rejected her pleas to buy souvenirs from sour..

PTC's RM10 indo-mie which tasted like our 'perisa ayam cintan mee'

yum-yum..pork satay,fish satay,gado-gado,fried bayam etc

bali feast!



the black black thingy is hardened lava


mount batur volcano

my buffet lunch at Puncak Sar iRestaurant

the satay man~

this drawing took 6 months to draw~

~ =)


amazing paintings

oil painting--and acrylic painting shop

at KLIA with prab

love this pic although a bit blurry...woodcraft!! woo-la-la the manhood *wink

tourmates-- L to R: sanyeong @ CSY, hooiching @ THC , thye aun @ tachoo, thongching @ PTC, yitphing @ prab

hard rock beach pool

Bali Bombing 2002 look solemn or smile at the camera? *Sigh

L to R: Yitphing, Sanyeong, Hooiching, Thye Aun

I'm back

guys I'm back!!
yes. although I landed in Malaysia on the 3rd, 11pm+...but...
it was a very taxing trip
(yes I meant it as a pun as well,the 100000 rupiahs airport tax)
newayz,I spent days and days sleeping in
upon reaching KLIA, although the trip was fun
But I am so happy to see familiar Malaysian faces
Listening to our Chinese dialects, Malay
MANNN....I love Malaysia!!
Anyways, before I recall on my Bali trip
I'd like to dedicate this entry to our scrumptious & yummylicious
P.E.N.A.N.G food~ doubt the best
Since I was in Penang on Monday
Aside from sleeping, the other thing I was busy doing was eating
Since my car is in Johor, no, didn't drive my SLK home
So basically there isn't any car to use here
Aunt's Getz is too new
Dad's too ngeow to loan me his car
(he needs to get to work anyway)
Bro's Kembara is too far
Anyway, I ended up riding Uncle's bike
Day 1--Monday
Batu Maung laksa
Day 2--Tuesday
Opposite PingHwa laksa
(I had a facial appointment anyway)
Day 3--Wednesday
Air Itam laksa
For the love of laksa
I rode all the way to Pulau Tikus
and also Air Itam
Yesterday ended up drenched
It was raining -_-"
Since I had 4 bowls of laksa in 3 days
I think it's enough...
Tonight going to eat something else liao
Btw,tonight I'm going to watch
Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam II
Since I went to watch the 1st at the cinemas
This time also have to continue the tradition