Thursday, March 22, 2007

sien arrrrrrrr!!!

so sien with my PSM (Projek Sarjana Muda @ Final Yr Project)..feel like an absolute hermit. no life no life no life!!!!!! cant wait for the thesis draft to be passed up end of this month. for the mean time, this blog will be left to grow its ladang cendawan till april. hohoho. but i still check out u guys punya blog la regularly. =) blerrrrgggghhhhh. if i had been this hardworking since sem1, i'd be acing all my subjects. but i've been rajin for less than 1 mth nia feel like wanna die d. if i were this way since sem 1, early early masuk hospital bahagia d~

just now had Electronics test. sien. yalor..retake it..tot wanna repair/improve the grade. regret sungguh.esp after the paper just now.haihs.over is over.gonna watch a few episodes of anime/drama then back to add-oil.

moga-moga will grad la in may..*crosses fingers

Sunday, March 11, 2007

malaysia boleh

malaysia boleh!! so proud of Tan and Koo! =)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


thanks for all the wishes..terharu sungguh sungguh.hehe.

my aunt sent me some pics of the house(after the malapetaka)..will upload them when I can yea..just wanna congratulate Liverpool for pulling through this morning. Gudjohnsen scored but Liverpool masuk next stage..yay..

my PSM (FYP) is now in progress..last week very busy doing it. still a looooong way to go but at least i sedar diri d for the moment. takut cant grad ar.. =P back to assignment, later have to meet lecturer..