Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Konvokesyen UTM ke-39

Ok finally posting up abt my convocation! =)

Last last Thursday night, I went back to Penang and on Friday attended Janice's convo..too bad I termissed Lin's but we did send flowers to her! Glad she liked it!~ Managed to go to Aileen's also and had dinner at the FattyLoh western food which is yummy!~ =) =)

Saturday had lunch with HPCs and then we drove to Taiping with Grandma, Xiaoyi, and parents..to make the story short..I didn't get to sleep for 40 hours!!!!!

Me and Dad took turns to drive to KL (obviously I drove more..cos Dad is aging d..hahaha..maka his daya ketahanan to hold the steering wheel and step on the accelerator is no good d...but Ahma and xiaoyi complained that my driving skills is 'unstable'..means I veer off the course easily)...Upon reaching KL, we stayed a few hours, then at 3am we proceeded to drive to Johor!...after convo, snapped some pictures then left Johor d..went Melaka to eat my chendol (which I got the us lost for 2 hours looking for Jonker st.)..reached Taiping on Sunday night. blerghhhh 40 hours and many cups of teh and coffee is MEMUDARATKAN..

Okies here are some of the pix...haven't really sorted them yet though..click to enlarge..

ATTENTION: NO photoshop or editing for the pix (save scaling and making them into collages, so kindly ignore them zits and dark circles and puffy eyes and sweaty pix, no thanks to the lack of sleep and sun) =)

From top right:
Mama & Papa...
me in my robe..running late for registration coz I reached that morning itself..
Mom and Dad again..
Mom with Ahma
us parading into the convocation hall..front to back: HC, lili, ahhao...while some are receiving their scrolls on the stage...From top right:
Sunder, Siti Sarah and Mohan
me and ahhao..hehe suitable o not?
fly and his automotive gang (a bit dark the pix)
lili and ahhao
me with dad & mom
presenting my photographer of the day, xiaoyi~ (small aunt)
my ahma
and my handsome Dad (20 yrs ago..now is like antique d)

Poli's pakwe, Ahsim
my friend, geokphang
dear Mahen that purposely came 4 my convo (thanks yea 4 the lilies~)

weichiang that represented my LL hsemates so send a gift =)

soohoe from automotive engineering
my kaki clubbing in johor and penang, zhihong
soohoe & fly

Fly, another automotive engineering graduate
these are the 4 pics that I do not look so sweaty and horrible:
Me & Anndy (we met during the recent petronas programme)
Me & chewchow (my favourite industrial engineer, dak mou? I dont know any1 else there..)

Sampailah pix with coursemates!!
my handsomest indian cosmate, Mohan
my cutest and most adorable cosmate, ginseng
my most lengzai cosmate, ah hao
my most charismatic cosmate, vibrate (the one I entered Spirit of KL with)

the nicest person in aero, jianzai
the most wuliao but athletic guy in aero, hah
my one and only ahli in kelab sisa aero, ziyang
my penangite cosmate that loves japanese, gimkok
The graduates in my family are all from UTM (all are my cousins)li'l cousin...li'l cousin again..(apparently he inherited the narcissism chromosome in the family)Some pix of the flowers

TO BE CONTINUED... (have to post up or else I never will) =)

Misteri kehilangan pao

This morning when I woke up, I really really remember putting in 2 seremban siewpao into the oven for reheat. And I really really remember putting them into a tupperware.

And I thought I did put the tupperware into my backpack before coming to work.

But when I unzipped my bag upon reaching the office, and eagerly reached my hands into the bag...*Ilek. *tarak. *missing.

Hmm..so where did the paos go?

P/S:this pao is not our fren, Pao..but siewpao...

ADDENDUM on Wed, Aug 29 at 3.22pm:
Misteri kehilangan pao is solved..Last night I discovered the tupperware sitting nicely beside the oven..hmm..does that mean the tupperware have legs? haha. I took the paos d for today's breakfast instead

Friday, August 24, 2007

Convo pix

Eermmmm...lots of things to catch up on at work..so no time to select nice pix of my convo hehe~ so here la a few..not of me..but my li'l cousin..

(I am refraining from bercakap buruk abt my colleagues, the guy, the wrong guy or any other guy for that matter. sigh!!)

p/s: I received my balasan for laughing at MU's lacklustre performance in the past few matches..I heard that Gerrard is injured in the radio this morning?? So, for that...little red devil
bwahahaha...evil me..

happy weekend lah!!~

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Due to my creativity in selecting a blog name @ www.hooiching.blogspot.com, my colleagues have cleverly discovered my blog. Cis!!

So..now I can't cakap buruk abt them d..nor complain abt the lack of Milo..or underpaid/kerja kuli or gossip abt the lengzais or the lack of them (so now, all not lengzais also I have to say lengzai)..(Colleagues, I hope you read this sentence! Haha!)

Convo pix coming up..after I edit, photoshop all the horrible zits and panda eyes!!!! lol. joking..I don't even know how to use photoshop..if can, wanna edit and make the eyes big big, nose sharp sharp, and mouth small small...and of course body slim slim.

K k..back to work..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Selamat berconvo!!!

I'm not a greedy type kinda person.. =) =)...so sempena my convocation this Sunday...this will be enough... (taken last year-- PTC and SanRong dsb convocation)..

Or this...which I received from a very sweet guy awhile back..
Chan and Loke's birthday flowers..so not mine..

But most of all...I want this:

Hehe. Kengkawan, do come for our convocation for 5SMT--Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Aeronautics), Class of 2002-2007 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar this Sunday, 19th August 2007, morning session at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai Johor. =)

Marilah ambil gambar beramai-ramai..and as they always say..
"Orang tak boleh sampai tak apa..janji bunga sampai"..just kidding k..

Will be on leave till next Wed..don't ask me why I took so many days off..saja wanna lepak at home after that..so toodles!~ going back Penang today..yay yay...Today it's Lin's convo..tomorrow will be attending Janice's.I will be taking Konsortium..Dad was adamant that I only take Konsortium after the tragedy involving the caplang bus..condolences to those who are bereaving..

back to work..oh this is the pic i took when I went to PERNIM last last week..he looks miserable but he smiles most of the time, just that not in this picture..Those in Pg..jom lepak! =)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I am in a positively miserable mood at the moment. as optimistic and jovial that I try to be at times..(and I even try to encourage my friend to think positively when she is down!) but...berrrreeeehhhhh hehhhhhh heeehhhhhhhhh. very pekchek. And it's 9pm!!! and I am still in the office!!!! gah.

It all started this morning when I asked my admin asst for the 10th time that our pantry ran out of Milo since 2 weeks ago...she always told me the same thing, "Dont worry, I'll tell the manager..."
Today I harassed her again, then she told me that the manager says no Milo..due to budget control..

I went totally berserk and went "What??? The company is depriving us of human basic necessities!!! What kind of budget control is this...no Milo means I can't mix it with nescafe, no nescafe means no caffeine, no caffeine means no productivity, low productivity means...yada yada yada"

I complained to several colleagues and they asked me to bring personally lo. As in, buy my own Milo..I already provide my own tidbits, soya bean milk, milk d..takkan Milo also..??? I told them that I am an underpaid freshie..takkan Milo also kena beli sendiri?? If my salary is 4-5k like them..then no prob rite???

Then..along the day..got lah perkara-perkara yang mempekchekkan berlaku. at that time, my "vein was totally crooked". I glared and jeling till my eyeballs wanna pop out at anyone who crossed my path, and snapped at any innocent beings that tried to give me a "smart joke/reply". Somebody even said my face is like Justice Pao. gahhh..

and the most irritating part was this guy, D, who has been harassing me for the past week. He absolutely calls me few times a day, sends me texts asking me for dinner. He is those "sei chin nan ta" type..Why do I say so?? If dinner kenot, never mind..what abt supper??? if supper kenot, nvm...what abt movie??? kenot ar...what abt tmr go gym together?? cant...what???lusa u r going to play badminton with ur colleagues?? can I join??? NO!No!no! no I wont be free today, tmr or lusa or whatever during weekdays, and mostly on weekend as well. He seems nice and all, and even drives an Altezza but............arghh! I don't have any topics to talk with him. He keeps asking me the same question over and over again. I think he has asked me 4 times what I studied in Uni. Aeronautical Engineering, dammit! "ohhhhh so you doing ur internship now or sth??" Like, no...I've finished my studies and my convo is this weekend, so Im working for real d..wahlao.Everytime he asks me that on the fon, I feel like pulling out my hair. In fact I'm having headache at the moment. I think he is reali reali lonely lo. Cos he harasses Joanne as well. Arrrggggggggghhhh!

After that text just now to ask me go for movie, my killing intent was super super super high. You know those inner Sakura look that beats up Naruto all the time, or when someone says Sakura is not pretty? ahhhhh those types..

but now ok d la. I finally won my fight with my manager..she promises to buy Milo tmr..=) =)

p/s: gotta finish my work cos will be on leave Friday ma. Try to help my head of dept as much as I can..he's not those cinkak bosses that you usually see..but our big boss and deputy big boss are...

Monday, August 13, 2007


Sempena my kepokaian, I celebrated it by spending Friday night and Saturday vegetating at home =)

Friday night I did go to William's for the roti naan..then I fostered love and understanding between little notebook and I. I even managed to watch the last episode of wahlahtoi's 9.30pm cantonese drama acted by Ma Chun Wai..(which has crappy ending..there were 4 times they fast forwarded the time in 10 mins...in total 9 years later)..Then I set up at task for the weekend, which is to clear the long uneaten frozen food in the refrigerator. That night, I started with the roasted beef kebabs, and Snickers ice cream. Unfortunately, I have been possessed by a cup noodle ghost, so that night at 2am I had 1 Maggi Hot Cup, Curry Flavor. Oh, I watched The Law of Ueki, an old anime which is pretty good...which reminds me of Hunter x Hunter..I want to watch Eyeshield 21..but I do not know of a website which I can d/l the series..so I just basically vegetated with my lappie till 4am watching anime..

Saturday woke up early (like, 11am) Haha. Started my mission. I took out the Kari Kiam Hu (salted fish curry with vege) that I kept for almost 2 mths d..ate that, took 3 mini-chicken pies and chocolates again..with an apple. After guling guling on the bed with anime till 4pm, had meatball miso-soup with eggs which I created. Hoho. Kenyang giler tak boleh bergerak. Went to my aunt's restaurant to tolong..tolong tengok. Hehe. In between serving the customers and walking into the kitchen, I took pieces of fried chicken n assam prawns. Then wanted to go Kajang for satay..but after having this XXL portion of assam laksa at 10PM..too full to eat anything else..so will go for Kajang satay another time lah...that nite..for the 1st time in like, 2months++ I've been in KL, I actually kuai kuai stayed home. Even my aunt was surprised =) Spoke to Fred on the fon, and then watched the opening match for Liv-Aston Villa. I have a feeling Torres will be my favourite player in Liverpool soon..besides Gerrard (no prizes for guessing why haha). The match started very..well slowly..probably haven't gained momentum yet both of the teams, but Kuyt played very well..and we won 2-1~ (although one's an OG, but a goal nonetheless)..and the hero nv fail to deliver when needed!~ =) (Gerrard..cos a few of my friends let 1/2 ball ma..so somehow we needed an extra goal from Liv)..

Ohh I was saying abt my mission..miraculously, my elastic tummy managed to make way for some extra ice cream while watching the match. Hohoho. u noe the Mini Cornetto thing? yeaaahhh..anyway the maggi cup ghost attacked again,also at 2am sharp. This time I had Maggi Hot Cup, Tomyam flavored. But it was a Saturday well spent..I can see it on my tummy..

Sunday I woke up and went lunch with Yong, a nice guy I met few mths ago since he just lives nearby...He said that the pork noodles in OUG is sooooo good and that the teh see is smooth as silk. Aiya. so-so only lar =) I had pan noodles and also some fried cempedak. Then we went Jalan Pudu to have egg pudding which is supposedly so popular..also to me..so so only..too sweet..but the black soup+egg tongshui is not bad..I get to bask in the glory of being stuck in the ever-present KL traffic jam. Then I went to 1-Utama with Lin to do some shopping (no I tarak $$$, i swear!! but I watched accompanied her shop..Then we ate the Sausage Cheese Dip thingy at Pizza Hut. never have Pizza Hut at 1U~ service, no good..nobody follow up our orders/clear the dishes..soup is even more diluted than the air longkang..-_-" but damn kenyang la. Went back home..also miraculously (again!) I had chocs and rootbeer float..watched the MU match..aiyaya..MU 0-0 Reading??? with Reading having only 10 men? wat a good start..keep it up yea MU (Joe and Miss Pang..don't be sad..better luck next time aite?? oh and also zewt haha.)..ahhhh..then last nite I couldn't sleep due to the incense burning from downstairs I think..last nite is the night the gates of hell open for the 7th lunar month..kept sneezing. and...at 2am again, I had cup noodles..this time is Super brand..also tomyum flavor.

and today I kandas terhadap the temptations of nasi lemak 4 breakfast. ughhhh! Hungry Ghost festival jek..takkan me also turned into a hungry ghost?? I absolutely made up for my past week's contraint on carbs, fats, santan during the weekend..sigh. overdosed.

Paging for Miss Pang: sui eh, coming down to watch World Championships o not?? let's go stalk Bao Chun Lai this time..haha I go for Caiyun-Fu Haifeng

Friday, August 10, 2007


Feeling so burned out...don't even have time to memupuk kasih sayang with my notebook. I've just opened it like, 3 times for 20minutes out of my 6days' ownership. -_-"

Wed nite I had to fill in my convocation forms after watching Transformers, so slept abt 2am..Then ytd whole day working my ass off...Left office at 6.30pm like that to go to gym..Currently I have 2 davoted yoga students a.k.a my colleagues so since I promised them to practice it together ytd, so I stayed till abt 9pm at the gym. Rush to dinner, reached home, bathed then belah off to find Joanne d. Last night I went Zouk for Ghetto Heaven with Joanne and some others. Blerggghhhh.. tried this Bacardi Apple Rum, then had some Tequila shots, and some Black Label. Had to call in for half day leave today...

Haihs now I know I can't club from Sunday-Thursday. So tired when I got home abt 4am..and last night I was a party pooper anyway...I only danced less than an hour, then terus cut d. Sat the whole nite after that. hahaz

Tonight party lagi??..don't think so..letih giler..maybe tomorrow night instead. Today I have cravings for roti naan mozzarella cheese ham at William's..

Happy weekend guys~ =)

p/s: Keninaz, u get a special mention, wishing u a very happy birthday!~(courtesy of zewt) =) =) Have fun celebrating at Poppy's this weekend

*addendum..fine..KENNINAZ (spelt with double 'n' thim =))

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hey I'm back to write abt my newly acquired notebook. Hehez...

Yes..today still feeling very cold, jalan also terumbang-ambing, no $$$ marr.

I have watched Simpsons The Movie which I thought was very kelakar siot..I enjoyed it a lot..and also finally, last nite I watched Transformers =) =)...On Friday, I went to Poppy's again. *heeheee my new 2nd home, kinda getting sick of Velvet.. It's a smaller group la this week, just me, DK, DK's friend visiting from Indonesia (Sarah), Joanne, Kei and Kei's friends..but it's still fun lar..the best thing is, the bartender gave us a glass of Russian Turkey, on the house when one of the girls wanted to get a drink from the bar =) (erm..I think it's vodka+cranberry juice, if my barmaiding knowledge does not fail me)...and we had another complimentary drink..it's definitely Screwdriver (vodka+orange juice)..but I guess this time it's from one of the guys sitting by the bar. *woo hoo guess it's really nice to go clubbing with hot chicks, I get to tumpang bahagia when someone buys my frenz drinks..

Oh Friday nite was also my company's 1st anniversary dinner, so we had a cocktail party kinda thingy at our building =) the food was ok..it's Eden catering..but we had champagne, Moet & Chandon and wine, some Merlot & Cabernet..maka a bit OD, that nite I slept soundly..woke up at 5pm on Saturday =) 12 hours of sleep is very the bahagia...so rolled on the bed a bit..makan the leftovers of the cheesy stuffs left from the company's dinner..and contemplating if I should join Joanne at Velvet that night..Finally let it pass, cos feeling a bit burned out (so unlike me to pass clubbing for supper)..Instead, I met up with Buyong (hehe buyong, you get a special mention in my blog again! See my pengorbanan for u!) for supper..I have never been to Bangsar (oh yes, I'm such a hermit/suaku) so we went to Bangsar Village for supper..looks happening lei..we walked around the streets..I finally saw BarFlam..then got one very Indian club called Chemistry sth sth..that has Bangra nite..Kollywood nite..Bollywood nite...so Buyong and I had this kinda heart-to-heart talk thing..(actually he wanted to consult me for sth.. *wink) oh well..but ended up me consulting/storytelling pulaks. Got home almost 3am and slept at 4am-ish.

The next day, woke up at 7am++~ uh-huh..3 hours sleep pulaks...I went to PERNIM, which Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Pesakit HIV/AIDS Nurul Iman, located in Kg. Baru Cheras...Chun Beng (TCB) invited me as his organization were going to throw a birthday bash for the kids there. The event finished about 2pm++..we played games..(okayyyy..they played games, I helped..to watch..) There are about 40++ kids living in that shelter, and that day there were abt the same number of volunteers. I got assigned to this kid, Amir...but he was soooo scared of me =( Then at last I ended up with a cute boy named Ameer..He wants to be a pilot when he grows up..I wanted to brainwash him to become an aircraft engineer instead,but he's kinda young..so..I didn't. Hehz, we helped them draw their dreams on tiles..there was a clown to entertain the kids and McD sponsored the lunch..lastly we had birthday cake and we kinda wrote wishes on a paper, tie them to helium balloons and let 'em up. (which is kinda like a pollution, cos eventually they'll fall also lar)..but I guess it's for the publicity kinda thing. But luckily I managed to charm a pair of twins (a bit terasa cos Amir was so scared of me..I actually made him sniffle) that kept smiling at me, Aizan and Aizat. But I was quite passive also la..stim stim coz not enough sleep lar...but I'm glad the kids enjoyed themselves..

Then sampailah my detik-detik of why I am so cold and unsteady these few days. The acquisition of a brandnew notebook. *jeng jeng, presenting Satellite M200-E412. Actually, I really really AM broke wan..nak makan also got kesusahan d.. (*sob sob)...but I just HAD to buy this notebook..due to the epiphany/wahyu that I got on Saturday nite at about 8pm..in fact, I immediately called David to ask him abt this Pikom PC fair thing. He says it's open till 9pm only so I couldnt go to the fair that night..Instead, I went Sunday afternoon after the charity thing. Lin works in ExxonMobil, so I conveniently parked at her workplace and she accompanied to fulfill what I was destined to do (which is, of course to buy a laptop). Okay, okay, I was lagi determined after KhongWui bragged about his NEC laptop he bought during the fair.

I was stuck in the car traffic jam on the road for 1 hr but the human congestion at the KL Convention Center was worse!~ My epiphany dictates (don't know it's the correct usage of the term o not) that I have to get a Japanese brand laptop (heeheee..but I heard Dell and HP ones tak tahan marrr)..so it was either Toshiba, NEC or Fujitsu. After comparing here and there..and my budget..actuali my budget is only 2k..but the epiphany thing says must get a good Japanese laptop..pricey wan..aihsssss. Anyway I ended up with this Toshiba notebook lah. Actually I had this warning that says I should not follow what the epiphany reveals, when the credit card I swiped (of course I didn't pay cash..I am broke, remember? I opted for the 12mths easy payment thing) didn't go through. As in, transaction failed la. Meaning lokpao zhor (over d lor)..And I called my assistant boss (a.k.a Dad..Mom is the boss), he asked me not to buy. Since credit card can't go thru ma..why paksa paksa??Wait another day la..But.....

1) My epiphany says I have to, no matter what
2) I been bargaining for 1 hour, it will be so mensiasueikan if I told the salesman, sorry, don't want d..
3) I have not watched anime for a month. Ugh! Esp Naruto, Bleach, Nodame Cantabile
4) If I want sth, I have to get it, or else I won't be able to sleep..
5) I'm tired and feeling a bit stimstim d, so wanted to get it over ASAP

So happens that dear Miss Lee had a credit card with her. and tadaaa...transaction done. although I have no idea how I'm going to pay her back RM4.2k (since Dad specifically says, "if you want it, buy it yourself"). So I am going to skimp and save for a long long long long time..but I'm happy with the notebook la =)

Monday, August 06, 2007

So cold

Today I feel so cold...Brrrrrrrrrr....

Very very cold...
am garbed with 3 layers of clothing..but still so cold..

In fact..walking also unsteady..not the usual firm footsteps..just now as a gust of wind swept over me, I almost toppled over..uh-huh..it's true..

This kinda coldness wear how many layers of clothing also no use wan..it's the inner coldness thing..no sense of security

That you feel when you are very very very broke. *sob sob. got myself a new Toshiba laptop at the PC fair yesterday~

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Feeling philosophical

So long as space remains
So long as sentient beings remain
I will remain
In order to help, in order to serve
In order to make my own contribution