Friday, February 24, 2006

My Job as a Trainee

okies I know this come as pretty late...but I am goin to elaborate abt what I'm doin in Subang airport since thongching, loke, heng, terry, lin many many more seems to be asking me again and again whether there are cute pilots, or cute air hostesses..NO NO NO!! so far i've just seen old pilots and not-so-pretty air stewardesses (probably just working on ground), so sorry gurls, cant help u grab any. stereo-type ar...why only ask about cute pilots? what abt the young and macho LAMEs? aeronautical engineers? aircraft engineers? *tsk tsk..there ARE good looking ones you for air hostesses,..why no one asked abt cute female aircraft engineers??!!? *hint hint..haha~ biased nih..ishhh

so anyways..I'm working in Subang Airport, doing my internship now for 3months..I might actually extend my term there if I learn many things...but I am missing penang laksa..(ya,family and frens also la) I wont be deciding yet. Depends on my co-workers/interns also lah...there are 4 of us having our industrial training in Honeywell Aerospace Services.

HONEYWELL--pardon my ignorance, but before I actually applied to work in this company,I have never heard of it, in my life, ever...wait..I did..its name appeared in the movie Zathura in one of the scenes..the heater i think.. anyways, if you guys want to know more then-- Honeywell aerospace .there are many categories but to make it simpler, basically my company is just a service centre for the APUs.

yeaaa..what are APUs? it's an acronym for Auxiliary Power Unit, that requires only a source of fuel and electrical power for operation, and these are provided by the aircraft systems.
APUs are designed for ground and airborne operation. Depending on the application, the APU may be mounted in the tail section, the aircraft wheel well section of the aircraft or, it may even be mounted in a ground cart to provide shaft power and/or pneumatic air pressure. The APU provides:
• Shaft power for:
- Driving electrical generators
- Emergency power (if necessary)
• Pneumatic power for:
- Air conditioning
- Cabin pressurization
basically its a turbine engine that is used to start the main engine lah.

this is the only tiny pic that i can find of an APU..i dunno ler..the aviation info sometimes is quite we are not allowed to take pictures without permission inside the building. btw, my company is inside the GE we saw main engines also...not to mention the MAS Boeing 777 hangar just near us. but ours is a small company with abt 20 staffs nia,including us. anyway..what have I been doing in these two weeks------jeng jeng jeng.

first and foremost, the hardest part was waking up at 6am. yeahhh...i did, the first few semakin lama, semakin lewat d i woke up at 6.22am... luckily managed to reach before 7.30am..maklumlah, traffic jam ni..6.30am go out,confirm reach before 7am..u go out at 6.50am or 6.55 am..takes u more than an hour...

but hey...i managed to taste the essence of KL by my third day of work.

KL = traffic jam.

yea no doubt. 16kms took me 3 f**king hours... memang nak mampus siol. nak tekan clutch sampai kaki kejang neh. that was last week..the flash floods or something lah..but the rest of the days are i make sure i step out of the building, latest. 5.10pm. then i can get home by 5.30pm.

k k,what do i do there? basically four of us are just like kuli. hmm, to put it nicely, technicians la..but it's pretty fun, we just follow whatever the technicians are doing. i am attached to the electrical dept ( i know, believe me, I DID NOT go without putting up a fight)..but turns out it was pretty complicated electronics stuff.* pheww. in that dept, i get to disasseble the starter motor, wire harness, assemble it, wash it (using solvent), run the tests on it to test its performance,go test cells and etc..yea..also lots of blasting( its a type of cleaning)..mine balsting considered okay d, cos i only did blasting once for an hour..ahLun did his for more than 10hrs d accumulated..being isolated in that dark dark room..poor thing

haR...what are the benefits?we get to build up our bodies into a body builder's just like that (refer to pic below):

yeS,for free also. -_-". that's for me and jenifur. what about ahLun and Hah?

no, its not by will. first, we get to dismantle really heavy stuffs, using really heavy equipments and sometimes when we want to assemble 'em, we had to use really heavy machineries. ah..luckily Hah is in assembly dept, cos he's big-sized..if us 3 kena, tiap hari sure pakai bandage balik rumah. yea..for that we build our biceps, triceps, yada yada. and wat about our calves? *drumrolls

yups, safety shoes for all of us whenever we are on the workshop floor. i was hoping these super-heavy-god-knows-what-they-are-mad-of shoes will make my legs longer but since our 'akil baligh' has ended long time ago, so I figured the only was the muscles can be developed is horizontally a.k.a. choo pah (pork chop). -_-" *sighz

so basically that's what im doing..but it's fun =) yea, georgianz, guess who i met today during firedrill? TEH WEI LI, yea, our dear Wei Li..she graduated d,now working for I haven't seen her for 4 long years..she still looks the same. what a small small world..cos we actually work in the same building? wow. non-georgians, weili is our fren back in secondary school. itu jer...but its alwayz nice to see a familiar face =)

what else..yeah,this is a long long entry..pent up for two weeks d ma...guess what, today we met up with our coursemate who's under industrial training with MAS, so after lunch, since it is Friday, we have 2hrs' break. Yea, we snuck into the MAS hangar!~ where they keep its boeing 777 was under maintenance, but i guess its the friday prayers,so there are no LAMEs around to be seen, i guess they went off for lunch..we did see a few after that, but we pretended like we are MAS trainees,so they just ignored us. * is a restricted area cos anyone could've sabotaged the plane rite? but one of the LAME did keep an eye on us la, but luckily didn;t halau us. so we got to see the plane from near,it was huge!! and I climbed into its cockpit. man, the feeling is just INDESCRIBABLE, fantastic man. seeing it from near makes it REAL.

i guess that's it today..gonna watch Pink Panther tomorrow, under Heng's recommendation.haha..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

first weekend in KL another week has passed since i've blooged d..can't blame me..6am wake up everyday, siapa yang tak mampus =P anyways. this entry is not goin to talk abt work, but abt my weekend instead. hmm...

friday night--it was the aero's outing!! since there are 15 of us doing our industrial training in KL ( 4 of us in Honeywell Aerospace, 7 in Grouptech-Transmile, 1 in MAS and 3 more in KLIA), naturally, we missed each other a lot!! *ahem anyways as i was saying how much we missed each other (haha), so we met up. Meeting point: Summit USJ.. i know, it's a chan place but that's where 11 of us are staying in Subang Jaya,so that's the best place to meet. but ended up only 5 of us came nia..cos they didnt want to watch we didnt go to the cinemas, we went to their apartment instead. played poker, catch up with them, then supper lor...some went back to their home d..but it was still good to c 12 of us together.

came saturday, i get to sleep til 1pm!!!aHHHHHH what a pleasant change,as compared to the 6am i have to wake everyday...damn, it feels fantastic!!! then during the evening of course I help out at RESTORAN TAIPING LANG. since the food is reasonably priced and the ambience and food is very good, so it was packed during the weekend. helped til abt 10pm...was supposed to go Poppy with some friends from KL, but since my dear Loke came to KL,so have to engsiu her la. After rushing and etc etc, I met up with her and her friends at IOI Mall and we went downtown KL--- Thai Club. it IS in KL rite? dunno le..dont hv sense of direction whatsoever. yea, I know-- its an ahbeng/ahlian joint. aiya..we didnt know ma~ but it was quite okla that nite..not that Ahbeng-fied and Ahlien-ied that night..I do have d pics we took that nite..but cant b uploaded i do not know why..later lah then.

reached home day sleep till? 2pm..could've continued, but i have to clean my stuffs. Did i tell that i was sleeping in the living room the whole week? cos my aunt from Aussie are here..(i mean,were. they went back on monday) and her angmoh kids they took up the spare room..yea, i could bunk in with my cousin downstairs..but lazy la..newayz the evening was obviously spent at the restaurant again.. nite i introduced naruto to my australian cousins..thy're 10 and 12..but its a good start for them. They loved it~~ got taste lah tu..we watched til almost 3am..had to stop la since i've to wake up at 6am d...

on monday,job's fine..but my cousins went back to Aus d on monday..since they've already skipped school for 2 weeks..and my aunt also of course. abt 10 of us sent 3 of them off. since her husband is an aircraft engineer, so they've this staff price thing, but hv to stand-by wan lar the tickets. but they finally got on the cousins are just oh so adorable. Alex, who's quite cute, but the 10 yr old Maddy (madeleine) is just going to be super gorgeous when she grows up. Hyperactive though. There's also Tim (19), Nick (18), Amanda (14) but they went home earlier..Love their oriental+ western looks..of course,us Malaysians sure pretty/lengzai also laRR...hehez

okie-dokie..i was goin to blog abt my internship, but its time to go to bed sooooo leading a healthy lifestyle lately..used to start semangat after 10pm,and sleeping at 4am is such a norm, but now cant even keep my eyes awake by midnight. -_-"

yea..congratz to Liverpool for winning Man Utd during the weekend =)

continue my story tomorrow..nitez..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

happy valentine's day

everyone..happy valentine's this yr I did not have any other half to wish, so I sent msgs to my girl frens to wish 'em instead. =( but hey, they are the ones who stood by u thru the good or bad times. in fact, i even texted my parents to wish 'em. -_-"

today is my second day doing my internship at subang airport. YAWNNNSSSSS 6am dey!!! camner nak far so good though. both days still not late for work...but if i continue sleeping at 1am, 2am..memang mampus ah..

got roped into helping out at aunt's after my job in subang.that's how i spent my valentine's day..itu jer. phaiseh. kenot type ade. (dozes off)


Friday, February 10, 2006

this is utterly depressing

Here I am, 4.30am in the morning and I don't get to sleep. Upon reaching JB since monday morning, I've been getting an average sleep of 4 hours daily due to the darn lab reports. Yeah, my bad.. who asked to enjoy so much during the hols till forgotten to do the reports? Hello its a holiday ma... Neways, I have this final report that I should really finish before splitting from JB. Jeez, I didn't even get to blog about my Chinese New Year holidays@@@@!!!! will blog about that when I am properly settled in KL next week.

Ishhhhhh...about 15 hours more before I leave Johor for a veeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy long time. Cant say I'm happy though cos have to be separated from my housemates..wont be seeing them d cos they are graduating soon. siggghhhh!!! And will be in KL for months!! Geee...

Reports reports reports~ compressed air systems?? pneumatics?? programmable logic controllers?? CNC-computer numerical control milling?? wind tunnel testing?? I've lost count of reports that I've done this week alone. Zits are popping, eye bags are bad... dark circles that are starting to become permanent eyeshadow...And I wonder why I don't have a boyfriend. @@$^$^#

(ok,so I just came back from supper. Yeah, and the RM50 dinner just now. Oh, and the RM20 steamboat yesterday). Hey, a girl's gotta rest u know..Back to the report..wind tunnel testing. where is the solid blockage equation!!??!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This the birthday Gal!!!

by: hooiching & thongching--final joint venture

we have no poetic skill whatsoever in our genes
but this we have to write by any means
the ryhmes that we make really sucks
but it's ok as the one celebrated rocks

yitphing oh yitphing how we love her so

back in the ol' school days she was the tallest
We've alwiz tot she was the prettiest
though not so close til upper secondary
but we managed to become classmates finally

many times we've siasuei-ed together
giordano, kenny rogers, many others we can't remember
buying our very first make-up
and for prom playing dress-up

Many nicks indeed that she has acquired
Obviously some really got her bewildered
One that was permanently stuck is called Prabhu Chong
till now it hasn't ceased and everyone seems to call along

Of course this is thanks to her guiding past
Man, her social network is really vast
But with chun as her patrol member
YP never failed to get perli-ed with the other gender

Chinese, Indians all also she pernah kena
but thank god all the rumours never tahan lama-lama
But then again, there's always someone new
but of course her 'suzhou shits' are never few

But this girl is really a super smart
Gettting straight As is just like a fart
UPSR, PMR, SPM she breezed through it all
And that no doubt really made us felt small

Humble she is, there's no air about her
Although sometimes she may seem a little bler-bler
We used to ICQ till the wee hours in the morning
And burst our stomaches in the Net hiao-ing and laughing

Years have passed and of course we share some same passion
Badminton, football, gossiping but definitely not fashion
Of course her taste in guys are different too
As we thought her Xia Xuanze is like out from the zoo

Manchester United is her favourite team
and Daniel Wu is the man of her dream
But Xia Xuanze that we cannot accept
Lin Dan is better we insist, but she says he's inept

Now she has flown to Australia to study
But still together we managed to go Bali
Sunbathing, spa-ing, dancing and most of all enjoying
An alcoholic she is when she goes clubbing

Since we can probably go on and on abt her kelebihan
We're gonna wrap it up coz our brains already keletihan

stay you!¬

while we're at it, Happy V-day to u too!¬

Lots of hugz and love

Heartwarming innit

Man, it's always nice to hear/read such heartwarming stories in the papers after a loooooong day. Yeps...this Uncle Panjang is such a darling, and no doubt, the potholes in JB are the worst ever. Just outside my house there are like so many big potholes that have been there for ages. Sometimes I guess the authority patches 'em up, cos I dont see them anymore, but they never last long also. I wonder why. Poor material and method, no doubt.

point of my entry is: Kudos to Mr. Panjang...!! And he's already, like, in his 60s? Pardon my selfishness, but I don't see that happening to me, but awww...little things that people do to make our days more comfortable. =)