Friday, May 18, 2007

it's holiday~

...Not to Terengganu tmr though!! just got my ass back to KL again..*Shudders remembering the congestion in KL town just now..starting to miss the lackadaisical penang lifestyle d..

Just now I was chatting in MSN with my coursemate DT and asking where he is yada yada..he is now damn bahagia in Switzerland for training by his company, Alstom..then he also suansiao me saying I damn bahagia in Malaysia..really sai meng la him, saying that he is very the kolientai having to cook and eat spaghetti everyday.cis. I get to scale the Peninsular Malaysia in these 2 weeks..he pulak get to go across Europe..

hooiching: Johor, KL, Genting Highlands, KL, Taiping, Penang, KL again and Terengganu

DT: Zurich, Germany, Milan (*goes green with envy cos he gets to go to Italy)

What do you call that ar, the old saying in Cantonese, "same XXXXX different life?"

Hence, I shall sign off on a very very very sour note (cos of jealousy/envy or whatever you call it when you eat vinegar 'ciak chor') =P I'm sure I will enjoy myself in Terengganu with the turtles..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Warning: Long post alert~

I want to blog..I really want to blog..I want to tell my readers what has happened for the past few months..but there are so so so many things to tell and I do not know where to begin. and the laziness is creeping into me..

Been back to penang a few days d..was totally lazing around doing nothing. eat eat eat..feeling so lethargic...oh btw my house in penang has been upgraded after the rebuild. damn cantik. hehehe as usual I promise that I will post up the before and after pictures when I have the time (as I have for ALL my other promises to blog on other things, but eventually I will procrastinate to no end then eventually I will forget about it...) Can't blame me ar, my hard disk has died so means I don't have my computer to use uncle has stripped and dismantled the whole thing d I think..and the previous CPU is all gone and buried d from the thinking whether should I get a laptop or a new desktop... that i'm a sort-of-a-graduate (SOAG), my limitations are even more limited when I was a student. as a SOAG, there is no more monthly disbursements from my dear sponsor a SOAG, I'm not a student, but not yet a working adult. even when I do start work, i'll be penniless for the whole month i'm working. As a SOAG, I can't ask money from my parents as I never did when I was a now lagi kenot kan? I'm only a SOAG for less than 2 weeks and it's already THAT depressing. no good no good. When I was a student, I sumore can afford to travel every year u noe??? now ar..want to go graduation trip also kami pergi Genting Highlands nia.

well..I can actually chi yam chi sek at home till I get my 1st salary..but being the hiao person that I am, I just had to find a job in the busy KL where the cost of living is high, where i dont get to chiyam chi sek and where i get to spend double the fuel to get across to half the distance as compared to penang. maklumlah the congestion in KL that teruk wan..but i beh kam muan ma, if I don't work as an aeronautical engineer. then so chicham study liao work as mechanical engineer in a MNC a bit wasted rite?..although it is a big temptation la, my house just behind the FIZ in Penang. I can practically golek to work in Motorola or Seagate or Intel and reach in half an hour. so now a bit bummed. i guess this is the typical transition eh feeling when you are a SOAG...

but nampaknya the penyakit SOAG comes with another chronic disease where we all have to face the brutal truth. Aging! damn. now go outside, no longer the status of a student, people are basically entitled to call me as auntie d..lately I also feel like an auntie..*gasp I actually turned down offers to go clubbing u noe? like, I never do that wan..will always find the energy no matter how tired I the idea kinda turned me repelled by clubs? and hip hop R&B songs? totally irritating and annoying. there is definitely something wrong with me right? i now listen to Light more and prefer jazz, oldies, classical. lao eh. no good no good..need to regain my youth before i turn to uncle type like my dad..

there are so so so many decisions to work or not with my sponsor Petronas, or join the aero company..I did promise the aero company d, but i guess I can leave during the probationary period..but my problem is, I'm bonded to Petronas for 10years. Sigh. I even had to reject the other German company that I got because the company wants to bond for 2 yrs (cos they send training to US)..and what if I do get the Italian scholarship (I've to stop talking about it d else the disappointment sure damn tinggi if I do not get..and Dad also hoping that I won't get...he wants me to settle down and work d..)...sien ya!!!!!!!!!!!! so it's all so indefinite now, hence amplifying the SOAG status. Feel like a rice worm (mi zhong) now..blergggghhhhhhh

just got back few days nia, tomorrow will leave for KL again d..will leave my SLK here for 10days going Terengganu for 10days on Friday for a Petronas programm cum interview. now also damn tension..all my family members are keen on me working with Pet but I am reluctant to..dont know why also..memang something wrong with me. -_-" I'll be starting work with the aero company in early June. haihs haihs haihs. dont know what I am feeling also la..just know that when I'm this miserable then I sure eat eat eat nia wan..I should be happy that I have so many choices but I am not at all wor..cos i damn terkenal with my indecisiveness wan.. late d..have to continue unpacking and packing. i only had laksa once ever since i got back!!! cis...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

im unemployed

hohoho just realised that i've actually went missing for a month. i bet nobody reads my rotten blog anymore..everyone complain that it meh? i still got read your blogs ma =P

latest updates of hooiching:

I'm officially a graduate! at least, should be la. all my subjects pass ma. =) for the past month been totally busy with exams..last minute projects due and also my oh-so-dear-Final Year Project! I can safely conclude that I aced my FYP hehehehehehehehe. the results are out. i managed to score my Electronics and Italian quite happy ar..but some subjects like not so ok. but this is the semester that I've worked the hardest in all the years in UTM la.hahaha. so my pointer shud naik this sem.been totally busy for the whole month..sleeping average of 5 hours or so..sigh depressnya..but its all over so its good!=) now feel very mouliu cos nth to do actually. btw, i din blog cos my pc died again. the hard disks crashed.mayb i abused it too much for the whole month i'm running my simulation program for FYP.

oh just to announce: Janice Jaya Ram, I'm so so so so green with envy that you are goin to Spain!!

Oh anyways I'm applying for some scholarship to further studies in Italy. saja. dont think it will be easy to get..but just apply lar..

so anyways..most of my results are out..all confirm is grad d la. so officially am an umemployed graduate. kolien hor? hehe but i did receive job offers d la. accepted an aircraft design will be working as a CFD aircraft engineer in june..if everything goes well la..gonna log off d..just to update nia. wil be driving back to KL then penang tmr cos mother's day on sunday. and also dad's bday!

gosh there are so so so so many stuffs. will try my very best to squeeze 'em all in tmr!!! muaks and hugs to all..i miss blogging..i think.hahaha