Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ilham sudah datang..chapter 1: Etna, Sicilia

Finally I am starting to post my traveling chronicles...I was traveling quite some bit in Europe/Italy, but it was pretty hectic going from a place to one, then arranging the pictures, getting the pix from the rest, and the rearranging..deleting redundant ones, deleting the ones I looked ugly...then ones I looked fat...the ones with irrelevant people yada yada yada in the end I just give up and keep looking at the pictures and deleting them. Finally I have finished with the ones with Sicily so voila...!!!!!

Recap a bit 1st...I was in Sicily (Sicilia) from 1st May- 4th May..almost 3 months ago d...FYI, Sicily is an island located on the south of Italy, its biggest island and arguably the prettiest. in my humble opinion lah. due to one MAJOR factor and one that I really have to stress on:


Serious wan!!! No kidding...I mean generally Italians are good looking, I swear that even the tukang buang sampah also lengzai wan...but the ones from Sicily are even cuter than average Italians...according to my teacher, Sicily used to be dominated by Arabs, Spanish yada yada...so they have some Arabic features..tanned skin...and clear eyes..dark hair...*sighing blissfully...and they are very vain wan...very dressed up. absolutely to die for. I personally only know one Sicilian but to me he is relatively cute adi (the one who was in my post for my farewell party, Francesco is Sicilian)...hehe...so girls...u all know where to go lah when u visit italy...and guys...u know where to avoid lah to not terasa kedudukan tergugat...haha.

So...I shall start with Mt.Etna. It is the largest active volcano in Europe...We went there like, 1 week before the latest eruption. Lucky also lah when we went tarak eruption...if not now I will be a bbq hooiching d...but Mount Etna was amazing, treading our way up to some of the craters...but quite windy lah. anyway click on the hyperlink to know more about Mt.Etna lah. =) Here are some pics of Mount Etna!~
(please click to enlarge the images)

And as promised I got do my yoga ok...at least at most locations lah when I travel hehehe. I went to this trip with a busload of my university mates (the 210Euro 4 day trip organizzed by my university)...but basically we are always in a group of four. Me, Selina (my Chinese housemate), Mariana (my Mexican classmate later turned into my travelmate to Florence, Liverpool, Sardenia, Pisa, Naples, Gubbio haha) and Kasia (my super stylish and drama queen Polish classmate who is just absolutely classy and gorgeous)... =)

This is the 1st volcano that I ever stepped my foot on...Last time when I went Bali, I did go to see Mt. Batur...but from the restaurant nia wor...this one different..sumore get to climb up...and posing here and there...not many climbed up lah cos quite slippery...and cable car damn expensive and long Q...but whatever it is, the view was amazing and plain worthed it. But of course...it was high up in the 1st place, so the bus took us up till the peak of the mountain la, then we only climbed the craters... =)

Hopefully I will continue my chronicles every nite b4 I sleep lah...tiring u know working at my grandpa's kopitiam...knowing how "lucrative" my job is. haha. but now my aunt pulih d the penyakit...so I can sleep till 11.30am..then help till 4pm-5pm like that...probably start my new job 11th august kut...nite nite...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

no more berkulat at home!

oklah since i kena shoot by my friends asking why I did not prepare for the interviews...i have good news...I've been offered a job! by the company of the 1st interview I went to..itu oil and gas punya.. i also shocked. but i also got pray larrrr...hoping that they really really really need ppl... or they didnt have much of a choice since not many applied for the position. hehe. and i got berbuat baik u know. the night before the interview, I at at Nando's and the cashier gave me an extra RM10 for the change. I sumore told the girl "Cik u gave me extra RM10 lah" ...so...buat baik dibalas baik... amitabha..

but the job will not be technical lor. Quotations analyst. I mean..the job required an engineering degree...but I dont think it will be very technical also. but good also la. if too technical also i will end up suffering...and the pay is not bad...more than I expected also. So I'm now just waiting for the offer letter...then review the benefits...the interviewer basically emailed me about the basic benefits d..so i think okay wor.

And since i came back from KL this monday...for the past 3 days I have been abused max. Exploited! My aunt who works at the coffee shop is sick, so I had to substitute her cos ...I don't really have a choice. My grandparents and mom and aunt asked me to..so must give face right...
I HAVE BEEN WORKING FROM 6.45am to 5pm...or 5.30pm...means 11 hours lidat
U know how much my ahkong gave me ar...just to entertain me...RM30...means tak sampai RM3/hour also. very the kolian lor. if not usually i help 12pm-2pm nia..but tmr also same case..have to wake up so early...haihs...but good also la. free workout. run sampai berpeluh-peluh. cos waiting for new maid to arrive ma. so meanwhile my fate is worse than even of an indon maid's...i very confident that i lost some weight d..no 2 kgs also 1 kg lo..kesian me.

hehe...sekian sahaja kali ini. so i am now blogging from my brother's hairdressing shop to prepare for my new job this 1st august. i think so la starting 1st august...but in the meantime..i must pamper myself at my bro's shop. i will curl my hair. hehe.

Happily waiting for my hair to be curled...

Monday, July 21, 2008

the kemouliuan being jobless

jobless for 3 weeks d. starting to feel pathetic. boo hoo hoo. guess what, last Friday I went for 2 interviews... not bad leh..so fast oredi attend 2 interviews in KL...but also i think mati dengan ugly-nya lah. tak tinggal mayat also. sedihhhhh...

well apparently i met some big shot guy during my flight back Dubai-KL who somehow hooked me up for an interview in a big oil and gas company...but i did not treasure the opportunity lah. ruined the interview completely. i went there to goreng goreng oni and chit chat with the guy who interviewed me. haha. he cringed when he heard my responses...although he appreciated my sense of humour...i dont think it will land me a job. hahaha. I give myself credit being able to handle the interviewers without being nervous though. hehe.

as for the 2nd interview..I emailed my resume in the morning and got a call immediately the same afternoon. I was like, no prob, I can attend the interview tomorrow...can wan...thinking of killing 2 birds with one stone. nampaknya there is this saying "If you don't prepare for an interview, you are done for. Don't think u can kelentong or goreng-goreng"

2nd interview lagi mampus. I was only briefed which company I will be vying a position for half an hour before the scheduled interview. Worse of all...tire company...worse of all...very technical wan...and the WORST part: "Ahhhh...later you will be tested some questions on mathematics and physics"

MATI. hehe. I dengan glamornya filled in the blanks in the paper that i was given 4 questions which I texted my coursemate for the answers...with my description...probably the answers were wrong also. when the interviewer asked me why I answered the questions like this and like that..I was like...yeahhh I remember studying sumtin like that..based on instincts... hehe
DEAD lor...

but they looked entertained at least. all 4 of the interviewers in the 2nd company. dont know entertained ker of frustrated maximum. I would say the latter. hehe.

so sekian sahajalah of my kisah interview CHAPTER 1: DISASTER. back to penang d now...but all is not lost. at least I managed to meet up with Abang Buyong and Abang Ken and ex-colleagues and HP Heng and HP Lin...

Friday, July 11, 2008

back 10 days, farewell pics

Yeah, janice thinks I should be updating my blog. Well the fact is that I have been back exactly 10 days and I have not done anything productive. I had KFC 3 times for dinner so far and laksa every single day that I have been back in Penang. I stayed 3 days in KL parasiting at Lin's house and then 1 day at my aunt's restaurant. I got back to Penang 1 week ago lor...

After sleeping sooooooooo much I finally forced myself to update my resume. Yes...jobhunting. Sigh. The last time I hunted for a job was last year before graduating. So I didn't get to really goyang kaki at home prior to working. All hectic hectic schedule. Always. Sempre.

Now goyang 10 days I also feel very mouliu d...but still must ikut the procedure by writing resume. Sigh. 9 months in Italy sumore killed my English d. Want to construct a sentence in English also damn mengkillingkan my braincells.

But slowly adapting back to my lifestyle in Malaysia la...
1) In Italy, lights out max at 1am...here 5am
2) In Italy, face no zits wan cos seldom eat spicy or fried food. Here I only eat spicy AND fried food
3) In Italy, I am considered thin and petite. Here I am miniKingKong
etc etc...

At first it was very difficult for me to speak in Malay again, due to the similarity of Italian language and our Bahasa Melayu in the sukukatas...but after 1 week..ok d lor...but the faster I pick up my malay again, the quicker i forget my italian...sigh

Oh here are some pics of the farewell party I had 2 days before I left...that would be 27th June..

We bought some chips and refreshments...I cooked some nuggets and made sushi with my Ukrainian friend Oksana!~ Hehe...oh by the way...our party was "Festa sulla balcone" means we hosted it on our big balcony...we had the stars sparkling and the moon shining upon us,we set up our own sound system with my Chinese housemate's subwoofer...and we bought lots of wines and some amaretto... of course...I didn't drink at all..except fruit juice. hehehe but the rest were totally tipsy...at least, some of them. hehehe

View from our balcony

Some of the pictures...
Mariana and Ciccio (Francesco) being my only English speaking friends in Italy

My lovely housemates...
L to R: Selina and Helen (China), Nadia (Morocco), Dora and Milena (Italy)

Some of the wonderful people I met in class...
Oksana (Ukraine), my piccolino Alejandro (Colombia),
Merhnaz and Solhmaz (Iran), Mariana (Mexico)

All in all I really enjoyed the evening because at the end, I received a very very pleasant surprise. For this I must thank 2 persons in particular. Cannot tell lor. HPC u all know lar d hor... Hahaha. But anyways, my housemates were great throughout the 9 months I lived there, I learnt Italian at an incredible pace thanks to Dora, Milena and Nadia, not to mention my Mandarin from my Chinese housemates....But now got one small conflict with one of them...nothing big, it will be resolved soon. And the classmates I met...I'll upload more photos soon, with my Korean classmate and ahhh Jiji, Lili and Kostantinos of other occasions

Now 3am d...time to go to sleep again. Today I discovered the 57th zit to pop up ever since i got back 10days ago on my nose. sigh. Toodles~