Friday, December 29, 2006


well before I go on a hiatus..not exactly lar..but will be celebrating New Year I doubt it I will have time to blog. haha (have I been actually blogging for the past few months?? hmm I

Ever since Lin's birthday celebration been quite busy..let's see, meeting up with old frenz which I absolutely had fun!!..then of course the HPC members met up after sekian lama and had slumber parties here and there..I bunked in at Lin's, Loke's =) and hung out with Pao, Jo Ooi, Heng..and met Loh Jo..only one missing is Chun! wherefore art thou?? but sadly I didn't get to meet up with the others like those from LL House--leeting , Peiru, Rinrin..although I saw Sanrong briefly and thongching when she teman me to get my hair done..sigh.. and karen, janice, alicia, wenchern..and the list goes on!! I'll just post up some random pictures..with me in it of course! haha..basically my story is like Pao's since we spent a few days together

charng, siew, HP Lin, Rene, Li Yuin at Lin's bday
hooiching with HP Loh Jo
cant resist posting this pic where Pao looks like she's showing the middle finger

well on the 22nd it started with our bus trip to KL with HP Pao and Jit Shiong..on Fri nite we met up with Joanne and we went clubbing at Poppy's Garden with Fred (my personal favourite alongside with Velvet) was ok but not at our best appearance cos we were pretty tired!!in the toilet at Poppy's with Pao

The next day, we had lunch and went shopping at The Curve with li'l bro my is he a shopper, he managed to wring a pair of boxers from me, but due to his keasyikkan bershopping he missed his bus back to Penang (actually it was my fault cos we left late and I didn't actually know the way to Pudu) so he ended up having to buy another ticket. =P we left for Johor after dinner and we drove down. Basically I was the driver and jitshiong,pao were worried that I'll fall asleep behind the steering wheel so we actually talked for 3.5 hours non-stop. we shared our grandmother, ancestral stories and lame jokes. lol.

Apapun, the next morning..Sunday isit?..we went to Singapore pulaks. Heng and Loke were already in Johore, so we went together-gether la to meet up with Jo Ooi..lunch was good, courtesy of HP Pao (*wink!) and dinner courtesy of HP Jo Ooi (*wink again!)..gosh Jo's waistline is still as tiny as ever..jeles siot!!

HP OB, HP Pao, HP Heng, HP Jo Ooi (HP Loke went back d 2 teman her abang..MIA: HP Chun and HP Lin and HP Loh Jo)Orchard Road super jampacked with people and HP Heng and HP Jo Ooi with their abangs..(i ripped this collage from Pao's blog hehe phaiseh)But fear not, HP Ching and HP Pao have one another!! =) and I noticed I've grown so dark after the Thailand and trekking trip~

The S'pore trip was good, and the next day we brought Pao to City Square..which was nothing compared to Penang of course! but we had dinner at Restoran Singgah Selalu which I love...and then Pao, Adrian and Heng left for Penang d *sobs. Had to clean my room for the few days after..cos of the constant rain, my room is super damp and some of my stuffs actually berkulat (my dear pillow) as I left it the whole month. ~sighs but it was wonderful having the bestest ever friends around =)

Ooh..btw I had a super-to-die-for Christmas prezzie..thank you so much kuangzheng!! =)the box with a poster and Xmas card..
jeng jeng..presenting my original liverpool jersey for this season!

isn't it totally to die for?I've totally decided to wear it for the first day of CNY!! hehe..was supposed to rot till New Year in dinky ol' Skudai but had this sudden impulse, so I'm going back penang laterz!!! All the tickets were sold out, so I have to take a bus to KL 1st, then transit to penang..pohpee got ticket lar..and will, erm, cuti sendiri till next week I guess.haha have always been pontenging classes ever since 1st final year must continue the tradition

HEnce..shall end this post with a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!! MAY THIS COMING NEW YEAR BRING MORE HAPPINESS, JOY, WEALTH, HEALTH and all your undertakings!! Huggies, love to everyone!! =)

p/s: chronologically, I'm supposed to blog about my Thailand trip then only this post but..due to unforeseen circumstances, lolz. forgive me lah..after this im goin to post up a summarized version of my trip, but dunno when lar cos have to sort out the million of

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

happy birthday MOC

L to R: irene, pao, loke, charng, siew, ching,n bday girl lin!! missing in the pic are heng, liyuin, justine, loh jo..phaiseh..wait i get the pics from the rest yea

to my dearest babe, miss lee..happy happy birthday!! hope u enjoyed urself at TGIF last nite..terharu leh all of us dressed up in 60s style!!!haha yes pao and heng, i am in 60s style (earrings and the top!!!) just that your tahap penghayatan too low only..haha. muaxxx u have a great one..see u tonight, maybe? haha

p/s: btw, notice my new hairstyle??? kena complained that i look so chan thruout my thailand trip and like auntie, so went to get it upgraded. hehe nice or not?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

monkey beach

hooiching has gained a lot a lot a lot of weight since she quitted Fitness First. apparently she has no resistance against all types of food. spicy sweet sour salty all also she will layan. hell, she can even endure her own cooking! (and believe me,its horrible..)

after kena tembakan demi tembakan ever since she landed back in malaysia from thailand, she has finally decided to exercise!!hee hee. anyways, i managed to drag heng hsui and pao to follow me hiking at monkey beach in teluk bahang last 1st it was supposed to be a less than 5 ppl event, but we had a pleasant surprise!! the organizer aka mr. yeoh jit shiong managed to gather 14 lengzais and lengluis to participate in this hike. (actually he is my personal trainer who failed miserably during our thailand trip)

nevertheless, it was a good trip..met up with old frenz we havent seen in years..and new frenz who seem friendly, and of course my dear chimuis who are as hiao and hot as ever. the trip started with a dimsum breakfast at 8am..yalor, input then only later output..we reached at 8.20am though (me, heng, adrian, pao in the same car)..breakfast venue: Macalister Rd HK Dimsum. at 8.05am,my handphone rang..that time we just turned into the Jelutong
Expressway..more like we were near sg dua area only..tension..late d..

Fred: hoi..where are u guys now?we all eating and waiting d u noe..
me: oh..reaching d lar..already looking for parking d actually (*giggles)
Fred: mai kesi la (don't pretend ler..), where are you actually?
me: ermmm..(*hesitates for a second, sees Komtar in front of her..which is still quite far), we are at somewhere near Komtar liao..
Fred: simeh, cehhh, from my house in island glades also can see komtar wad...also consider near isit?
me: (*pecah tembelang)

that was the only glitch of the trip, otherwise it went well. harhar. the hike was not too fact just a normal trekking..since we had intensive training up the hills in Chiang Mai d..i think we reached in 1 hr++, reach there somemore can play Chua Dai Dee for 2 hours..haha blardy hot though..this ch'ng paopao ar, tak sangka in this world got anyone after existing for 22yrs but still dont know how to play..kalah teruk wan..but under the tutelage of Capt and Horng Yang, she became an expert..hehez

then after posing for pictures etc, we played captain ball which i was horrible in. never the athletic type except yoga. but our team won la of course. hehe. then i dok beria-ia wanted to hike back (tat's the purpose of the trip, to burn fat) but 11 raised hands to take the boat, so obviously i lost..*sobz...we had a fun ride back to the jetty though..and all of us went home with awful sunburns..and as for calorie loss..i very much doubt it though, cos we had a hearty breakfast, lunch and teatime.but it was laughter and laughter the whole way..with pao and heng's lawak bodohs that i absolutely adore.hehez..ok ok time for some pix,courtesy of HP heng and HP pao

guys L to R: adrian, gooi, keanchew, melvyn sim, fred, jit shiong, horng yang (correct spellings i hope)
girls:heng, pao, sui eh, amy, steph, terri, angeline

I tawt I taw a belly bish

the guys playing beach volley..i think. haha bz playing cards..and nice fishing boats!!
HpC members reunited- HP heng, HP tan, HP pao
missing HPC members- HP chun, HP loh, HP loke, HP lin, HP jo ooi
the pair of lovebirds

ceh..we also have ma.bwahaha

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

am back--with excess baggage

ok so im back from my 2 weeks trip in thailand...wheeeeee!!!!!
good part..had lots and lots of fun..good company, great ppl we met along the way, great food..

bad travel mate, shiong got pickpocketed at chatuchak market. and me, gaining at least...and i say this with much EMPHASIS, at least 2kgs!!! gasp gasp.

no thanks to my two super eating machines a.k.a travelmates who lost weight instead. damn!! not fair..why do guys lose weight so easily!!

2 weeks- thailand- bangkok- chiangmai- pattaya- suratthani- phuket- kohphiphi- 1 lenglui- 2 lengzais- amazing

blog abt it soon..need to get the pics and video from the guys..sposed to be in kl now..but decided against it..spend sometime at home engsiu mom. and yes..Queensbay!! finally there is something happening near my house!!!

nitez. lazy blog. this poor blog is getting a li'l rusty..even i myself yawn when i read it -_-"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hey in thailand now..reached 26th nov...leaving 10th dec..was in bangkok for 2 in chiangmai..tata!!! +66879865695...girls if anything..can reach me temporary thai to set my 012 to international roaming. oops..gtg..muax!!!!

p/s: yes, came here with 2 other frenz (guys)..they having time of their lives ogling at the girls without shame..k..time's up..ta~ tmr am goin for trekking up the mountains in chiangmai..

p/s: haihs..broke d..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

suddenly back in penang

hehhehe..had this sudden impulse to go back here I am..had Japanese on tuesday..english yesterday..then felt like going to KL,so immediately after my English paper terus went to buy bus ticket..although am having exams now actuali..but got amazing craving for want to think so much..just do it

then my aunt came to penang today for work..luckiiiiyyyy...can follow her car..hehe. tmr nite back to KL..will spend the weekend in Flights Economy paper is next tues or wed i think..haha dont care la..will go back to johor on monday to study..

now off for laksa..bwahhaaahaaaaaa

Friday, November 03, 2006

hooiching is free till 7th nov!

bwahaha...just now Aircraft Structures II test. it went least I like to think so..and since I studied like, last nite..10pm?..or so..I think I did ok. oh well anyw it's just finals are starting on the 7th Nov..Japanese I. So my level is pretty cheap nia. can only understand a smattering of Japanese here and there in the anime I watch..everytime there're this guilt vein tugging when I spend hours and hours and hours on anime..but I'm actually revising for Japanese rite??? so dont have to feel guilty ma..but frankly speaking, I dont remember a single thing about my Spanish and French...except, maybe:
"como te llamas?"
"Comment t'allez vous?"
Cacat. I meant me. Not the language.=P Now I'm all for Japanese.

My FYP presentation for this sem is over too..dont have to touch FYP this sem d!!! YAY!!! my presentation went usual I'm self-consoling myself..its not always about the results!! The Q&A part was good also..except one question tat I screwed up. but i just kelentong without making sense. lol. my panel of evaluators were pretty nice..not as teruk as some of my coursemates kena..but this means next sem for FYP II sure kena sem only think d..

Which leaves me to final exams. bwahaha. cant wait for this sem to be over..less than a month!! but right now have to complete two assignments that lecturers gave last month (Aircraft Design I)...and another one early of the semester (Aircraft Structures--must use MATLAB,sigh). this weekend lor, cos the due date is this monday for both. but feel like chilling out prolly will head to Modestos. Saras ajak to check out the go or not to go..aiya after this wake up only think.

Initially wanted to blog abt other things..but I was reading online The Star and came across this article.. so sad~~~!!!! Wtf are these snatch thieves thinking. dahlah u rob others of their rightful belongings..and now u snatch the life also. And if u were to rob, pls la rob those richer?...I mean, this man is just a normal man, loving husband, caring father who dotes on his family. What right do you have to snatch it away. will you be able to sleep, knowing that u have taken the life of another????????? F***. I've never heard of so many snatch thief cases before..this year is the absolute worst. Even my housemate's handphone was snatched recently around the neighbourhood while she was on the bike with her boyfriend. gosh. instead of politicking on minor matters like whose opinion is correct, who is disappointed with who, punishing someone for building a house yada yada yada (that is so so so childish), shouldnt the government take action on more pressing issues, such as the escalating rate of crime in this country? I scoff with disdain everytime I read what's making the headlines in the newspapers. Come something about the crime rate, not just bickering like immature adolescents. I thought what the government and all the politicians want for the country is prosperity and peace for the country!?!? Gosh, I am so irritated. Potong stim nia...I know the post is irrelavant to the title. but. ARRggghhhhh. suak liao la. its not like we are allowed to actually voice out our opinions anyway. but still feel behkambuan (tak puas hati) for the deceased man. snatch thieves should be castrated, as are rapists!! -_-"

better watch anime.oh..anime fans, check out Basilisk:Kouga Ninpo Cho.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

me tengah buat apa

Okays..sorry laR pao and a bit rotten. lolz

yes, finally passed up my FYP 1st draft..this semester we just have to complete abt, 30% of it..since its just two credit sem its 4 credit hours. passed up on 21st its 25th d..hehehe wat have i been doing since? watching House as I type..season 2..yucks..the docs put maggots on the patient to eat the dead flesh.grimy..

back to my topic..FYP (here in utm its known as PSM-Projek Sarjana Muda)..i never told abt my title before right? Mine is "Effectiveness of plant species to reduce crosswind on highway vehicles". hehe u guys might think, "wat's that got to do with aeronautical engineering?"..hmmm. nt sure. haha well got lar..basically mine is of wind engineering...ever wondered abt the "bahaya kawasan angin lintang" signs along our highways? North-south Expressway around Ayer Keroh are one of the locations. what are the measures taken to tackle that problem? it is quite dangerous ma..anyway, im doing a research on by planting some trees at that area, how much can the crosswind be reduced. im not goin to do it experimentally..that'd take up too much im doing simulation (CAE--computer aided engineering) to simulate the real situation. will be using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to simulate the wind flow at the 'trees', and the best tree species to be used. been experimenting with GAMBIT and FLUENT...well it may seem tat im talking gibberish now..haha i also didn't know what it was about till a few weeks ago..but everything is going good, the presentation is next week. =) hopefully can do well long as I dont compete with other coursemates...

my draft is supposed to be 3 chapters nia--introduction, lit review, methodology..i thought my 40pages is pretty good d..and standard lar...fuuuh, perosak ekonomi all datang mencurah-curah. haha i think my choice of malay words is wrong, but..never coursemates under the same lecturer as mine--60pages--70 pages--almost 90pages..crazy..sigh, there's this regulation in our faculty that for bachelor's degree, the total pages cannot exceed 100 pages for the whole thesis. and that includes next sem. so means my coursemates dont have to do d next sem. hehes. chisin another batch of students (my coursemates as well) that is under another lecturer that tengah saling mendera each other trying to compete for the "most pages award"..heard that one has already exceeded 200 pages (for PSM I nia!!!)..cos their lecturer extended their due date to 27th.. (ours is 21st, and we only had 3days to do after our berlambak tests and assignments ) so 40pages was the best i could muster up..actually could do more, but didnt feel like it d..hehe so these ppl are going to slaughter themselves to death competiting.

next..after that..been watching anime anime Blood+!! watch watch watch!! the storyline is pretty good. its about this sorta vampire slayer thing, the girl's name is Saya and there are 3 to die for characters- Hagi, Kai and Solomon..only 50 eps =) of course im still following Naruto and Bleach religiously..but the fillers are really starting to be super getting on my nerves and sien d... thus now i'm reading the mangas =) Good!! when is naruto getting back to the mangas? arghhh..pekchek nia..oh can I recommend Black Blood Brothers also? =)

and..for 3 days..finally i succumbed to it. MAPLESEA (heng, alicia, justin should know..since they are rehabs =P) i started playing after i passed up my draft. hehe. this CANNOT continue!!! level up to 20 in just 3 days!! playing til 7am in the morning for 3days d..then waking up at 4pm. chammmmm..tonite kenot like tat d..i've two coursemates teman me play..they're at levels 30++ d..oh im miniSyzygium by the way (Syzygium is the plant species i picked for my PSM). hehe.. watchin House also. =)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


hmmm entah how many times I wished you d..this would be the fourth time la..heheh on 10/10/1984 a cute baby came into this world. 22 yrs later, she became a hot, sexy, super smart, super sui, super hiao chaboh. introducing HP Pao. Lazy post up her pic, u may check out her blog. haha. kutlat study la babe..see u when ur back in Msia!! Happy birhtday yo!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

nothing in particular

Last night's Midautumn Festival was spent in a hall taking the test 2 for Flight Control and Stability. hehez.

"Kegagalan sekarang tidak bermakna anda tiada kejayaan pada masa depan"
Dr. Shuhaimi Mansor

This is what the lecturer told us during lecture...trying to motivate us after most of us died horrible deaths in test 1. i got 5/20. hahaha. but i studied the night before, so i reap what i sow. but some that studied whole week also get 3.5...some 7...some 9...basically the range was 2.5-14. only 2 did well nia for test 1. but of course, last night we were slaughtered. AGAIN. ish. i really liked this lecturer cos he had the passion to teach and tried to instill certain values in us. but. oh well, after 8 semesters here, and the ninth coming to an end, being slaughtered in tests is nothing new to me..I am, after all never a brilliant and hardworking student. Imagine last night, nobody could do the test. Nobody! Even our course prodigy was stumped. oh well, I looked pretty happy after the test though. at least it meant I'm not dumb.hehe. "mati bersama-sama", remember? I did prepare for this test though...I started 2 days before the test!! an achievement d, considering the fact i actually studied for it by my study table instead of my computer table. But still..die wat.

hmmm. which makes me ponder.. Study also die, tak study also die...then why study? ish ish.. cannot so negative wan right? I still have many many tests and finals is next month.. my FYP lecturer is complaining that my progress is too slow, hence I need to buck up also..

It's hard to change you know..I've always been like this since young. Procrastination is what I do best. Pushing all the assignments and studies till the due date is what I do most of the time. In secondary school, I hated Chemistry and Physics so much, during the term exams, I actually just used my eraser and wrote "A, B, C, D", threw it and filled in the answers in my answer sheet. I couldn't be bothered to study, since it's term exam nia. but I never get more than 15/40 for my objective papers in these two subjects la. hehe. It's time to repent...with 1.2 sems to go, I cannot afford to flunk any papers or else I will have to extend. *gasp!! is that possible??

Yes Yes, I've pasted motivational quotes on my notice board. But talk only no action also kenot la..

Actually I've nothing to post up wan..but saja bertanya khabar nia..oh last nite after my test, we went to Neway at CS to celebrate Fly's advance la. 6 of us, danielle, fly, eddie, master, soo hoe. hmmm can say that its blardy expensive to ber-karaoke after midnite le..but it wasnt bad. of course, my singing skills is still as bad as ever, since I dont actually sing. More like screaming and yelling out the lyrics?.. Everyone was nice enough not to comment, but I feel like I sound like a very sick dog howling. lol. I seemed to have lost the touch judging monetary value after I spent 5 months in KL. Money suddenly just seemed like..figures. haihs. which is why i have been spending like nobody's business. I've finished up the disbursement Petronas banked in 3 months basically broke, now waiting for next disbursement nia lo.. Dad obviously wont come to the rescue, since I keep spending on unnecessary things. hehe. okla..wanna go do my presentation slides d..we have english presentation on monday..ta~

cute bday boy rite?

master, soo hoe, flyme and danielle

p/s: I dont know what's up with the underline thingy, it might or may not appear in the post. anyways, sorry la, lately my posts are just boring! even me myself yawned while typing. LIFE in johor IS boring!! cant wait to get my ass back to penang/KL. hehe. ciaoz

Friday, September 22, 2006

cool or not?


arlo..MIA after sekian berkurun abad am finally back! first things first: I have made a pact to myself to: STUDY HARD! & DO MY FYP(finaly yr project) PROPERLY! i think i'm laggin behind everyone else and dwell in my misery here. hahaha. cham. i gained 4miserable kgs ever since i came back johor..that's like, 11weeks. almost 3mths la hor. haiyo. TA-ME! kenot!! behsai!! TIME MANAGEMENT GIRL, DISCIPLINE!!! maybe i'm just too free here (Actually i'm very busy la..i just choose to ignore the fact and be my hermit.haha). After such amazing 5 months of very the happening life in KL..its not easy adapting to the fact that: I'm still a student and I have the responsibility to study properly. I seem to be just chilling all the while and doing non-beneficial things. haha. *if it was beneficial, I wouldn't have gained 4 miserable kgs right? I haven't been so...heavy since,like, form 4. that's like, 6years ago? hmmm. no good. no good. cos i've been maintaining my heavy intake of food whereas there's no output. aiya. TA-ME!

Hooiching has to go on a strict weight control regime + healthy exercising routine starting tomorrow. Yes, the 98984654646th plan. but I CANNOT reach the big 6 rite? 60kg for my height is practically obese. no-no-no-no...thus, the gazillion animes i have been watching lately eh time shall be replaced by my big plan. yes. study+exercise. ahhhh..inline with badan cergas, minda cerdas adage. it's true..why not tonight start leh? cos I've BBQ to attend later ma. kenot la. and i just woke up after my heavy lunch+ais kacang nia. still feeling blur-blur

blogger definitely has problems logging in rite? i take forever to log in..and i cant seem to leave comments cos it takes even longer than forever to access the comments site. hmmmm..see?

Actually I'm online to post my successful "mission" eh pic wan. but cant upload wor. forget it la see if got mood only. YES I GOT MYSELF A TATTOO FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Papa if you're reading this then I guess I will be expecting a call from you soon. Yea..I just discovered lately that my dad does read my blog *gasp!! does that means some contents has to be filtered??? hahah. and he even prints it and brings it back to show Mama.remember when I posted on my brothers' Friendster profiles?..yea. now mom knows that brother#1 smokes Malboro. hmmm.

after an amazing birthday celebration week, I macam jatuh ditimpa tangga and dibelenggu suei-ness to the max. maybe it's my tattoo's fengshui.ish. here's the account of the miserable 2weeks:

1)2weeks ago after my wisdom tooth episode, I had flu+fever for 2weeks...I went to the dentist and nothing could be done for my teeth cos got infection and pus growin in it or something. So i had to take antibiotics for the infection, anti bacteria med, bengkak wan and my flu+fever medication. according to the dentist the infected area affected my nerves and hence the weird penyakit all coming. haihs

2)due 2 my last minuteness, I had assignments due that very week which everyone stayed back during the one week hols to do. hooiching of course, had to go back (to see her parents, of course!bwahaha. tattoo is just..secondary.hahaha). so the whole week I was practically sleeping about 2-3hrs for 3days straight. by the 3rd day, I was practically floating and with the aching tooth, I looked like a zombie. not enuf sleep = bad hair day+ bad skin day. zits were having a field day.but i did manage to finish the group assignment in time..luckily.

3) next, 2days after my I was returning from my friend's in the neighbourhood, I was bitten by a dog! what's the possibility of being bitten by an owned-pet while walking just down the road? it's not even a stray dog, and its owner was there! it actually chomped me on the place I did my tattoo. painful sial. dahlah I was trying hard to jaga it baik-baik (1st week is extremely crucial for new tattoos..i think), it pulak bit me there. i told 10 ppl, 9 asked, "wah the dog can jump so high ah?" "yes,it can jump so high". I intend to poison it..hahah but couldnt find the time, so let it go la..ytd it actually attempted to bite me again but failed when i walked past the house last night, but its owner this time pulled its ears. stupid dog. oh..LUCKILY the dog tidak bergigi. at least i think so la, cos when it bit me, there weren't any denture marks..and I still havent gotten rabies atc (at least i think so) I'm still ok. cant get injection ma first few weeks after cant go to the doc's lo.

4)PC kena virus last week. kaputed. terus cant on at all. had to reformat, so everything in C drive gone. ish.

5)tat time kinda on wit's end d,but the worst has yet to come. gheeming came to format my pc, and somehow under some circumstances my room's ceiling lights jz burned. *poof. wiring sot. cant on. had to find other lights to ganti for the moment la, cos still waiting the owner to come and repair ar..

6)got my test result. 5/20 for flights control and dynamics. haihs. but that one predicted d.getting the results was just like, confirming it. of course there are ppl geting 18 and 19..crazy ppl.aiya..blame myself la..i took one nite to settle it nia..others studied the whole week d..but lect says take 2 out of 3 tests, so hooiching still has hope to ace this subject..right?

7)last tues i had a test for propulsion. obviously i was ill-prepared cos i was idling doing nothing when i had the time..the lecturer actually gave an easy paper..and its the worst when that happens..cos everyone knows how to do and u tak tau.rite?..but it shouldnt be as bad as control paper kua..i just skipped the last question..*prays hard!

8) yea..the worst part was the nite before the test..thats test was at 10am..I kinda adjusted my temporary lights (its the same as the ceiling lights, just that it runs using socket instead of normal switch). wanted to shift its position ma, mana tau got myself electrocuted..twice!! and the lights just poofed. again!! rupa-rupanya i ter-pulled the red wire out (there was black and red) wonder kena sot..and i cincai cacak it back inside..the whole thing thing just kaputed and the red and black wire pun flew out,and its component was BLACK,burnt d ma..maka i was in darkness and went to the living room to study instead..with another chapter to go

9)of course,..after the propulsion test, i got a nice saman for parking illegally..I mean I have been parking there ever since last year but tak pernah kena saman..i parked beside that parking lot actually..and i just had to kena by the pak guard..ish ish ish. but managed to cancel it la finally after rayuan..cos i really didn't know ma..

series of unfortunate events. ish. must tukar fengshui d le..i must believe that after such suei events, only good things will happen. aite?..yay i berjaya post up my tattoo pic d..nice or not??okla gtg for the bbQ d..hooiching must ganbatte for THE PLAN d. hehehe. ciaoz~

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tanjoubi me!

Yes you all may wish me here =) Arigatou gozaimasu. Belated also's the thought that counts..And no,it's not cheap publicity..what's wrong with asking for a birthday wish right? *lolz

22yrs ago, on 7th Sept 1984..a super cute baby came into this world. 22yrs more cute..but eh sai lar.haha~

Goin out to meet Lin in a bit..I had a pleasant surprise last nite! Thanks peeps.Will blog abt it soon hopefully..Ciao gonna go get ready liao...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back in penang..for awhile

Arlo kengkawan sekalian..yes I'm back in Penang..but just for a few days..solely came back because I wanted to see my family (yea rite!haha)..laksa laksa laksa..get some things..chill..


'Twas a hectic week since last thursday..everybody came down to JB for their convo..although it has nth to do with me..bukannya aku yang graduate pun..but my ex hsemates and frens are!so excited for thinking whether at the same time next year whether I will be able to do the same or not..lolz. final yr project..still stuck at 0% progress. But it was so nice to see all of them in robes and flowers!! And yes, it was expensive to attend their no no,there wasnt any entrance fee..but buying flowers aren't cheap le..let's see..5 ex hsemates..seniors..friends..ish ish ish. harap-harap they next yr also will sekzhou. Buat baik dibalas baik. haha hope they are reading this post!(*hint!!)


Must've said this 9274305th time. I swear my dieting/exercise regimen starts next week. Hee-hee..this is my birthday week,so I'm allowed to indulge in the fatteningest and bercholesterol and cheesiest food as much as I want to. Fans, I know you will love me although I have fattened up right? hahaha. Now on eating spree--running extensively since Wed.

Wed- BBQ (courtesy of Aero)
Thurs-KFC (courtesy of Hooithin-nandri)
Fri-Pasar malam
Sat-Duck Rice (courtesy of Cheng San Yeong- merci beaucoup)
Sun-McDonald's (courtesy of Panathong- arigatou gozaimasu)
Monday- Pizza Hut (courtesy of Pana's bf - kamxia kamxia)
Tuesday- Sushi King (me belanja sendiri--so thank myself)
Tuesday nite- Victoria Station!yumyumyum.. (courtesy of Low KZ-muchas muchas gracias)
Today-planning to 'wat' my parents
Tomorrow-planning to 'wat' my kaikor Geralde..he doesn't know yet though.haha
Friday-will be in KL..if I happen to get a nice fat angpow from my mom, then I will reward myself with japanese buffet with Meiyin..

hahaha.but mom and dad seem to be oblivious towards the heavy hints that I have been far Mom only belanja-ed me hokkien mee for lunch just now..aihh

snippets from phone conversation:
Dad a.k.a Otousan: When are you coming back?
HC: Tomorrow lo..
Dad:Coming back how many days?
HC:2-3days nia lo..
Dad:So few days..might as well no need to come back
HC:Come back to see you ma..
Dad: Yea rite
HC:...and also to get my birthday angpow ma
Dad: (kebingungan)..Since when do we have this 'birthday angpow tradition'?
HC: Since I implemented it this year
Dad: -_-"

don't know berkesan or not ler this tactic..need to collect funding for my "mission" ma..

HC:You know what? I came back to see you guys nia...
Mom a.k.a Okasan: Right...go away I'm sleeping
HC:You know what? My birthday is tomorrow...
Mom: Yea, so you have to celebrate me instead..cos 22yrs ago I gave birth to you, thus it's Mom's Suffering Day (Mu Nan Zi)
HC:-_-" You know what? I'm going to get a tattoo...
Mom: (blows her top) I'm going to disown you
HC: What if I tattoo "Mom I love you"..sponsorship, maybe?
Mom: Even if u tattoo my name or "Mom,Dad love you till I die" also no chance

kesimpulannya: FAILED

SO so so suei!of the 10 times that I come back to Penang, 9 times I kick off my holidays with fever/flu/sore-throat for the 1st few days..this is no exception!! Come 22nd yrs in my life..I'm growing wisdom tooth!! damn nerves acting up. Creating a thousand problems for me. Sorethroat (but i think this is due to all the fast food i've been taking past few days), flu, fever..and worst of all is the swollen gums! aihhh...chew also can't chew properly..but how also must 'lun' and 'ngeh ngeh' eat..ahbo beats the purpose of me coming back d..right??? Last night's steak I also chew painfully but it was definitely worth it!! he-he

Oh..Ah Pao/Wailyn are not the only pharmacists to be that I know of. Apparently I've 3 pharmacists in the family..just that theirs is not certified wan.self-medication.. My cabinet is full of medicines accumulated from the regular visits to the docs. So if the penyakit is normal nia-- eg. flu, sorethroat, headache, joints, fever... Fear not. Pharmacist Ong, Lee and Tang will come to the rescue...

Jeng jeng..introducing:

Pharmacist Tang a.k.a mom-most qualified d..cos she finished form 5 ma.haha. her favorite medication is PCM

Pharmacist Ong a.k.a aunt(ahkim)- she likes to prescribe 2 biji PCM 500mg and 1 biji Piriton for flu&fever. usually does the trick

Pharmacist Lee a.k.a AhMa (grandma larr)- illiterate but her prescriptions very the keng wan..chinese herbs usually

So for my swollen gums now I guess its Ponstan ponstan ponstan..fever is PCM..flu is piriton. mom recommends ice cubes. Another aunt says lime juice does the trick. Grandma says lengteh. Hooiching says what also dont have to restrict. eat more laksa then will cure's 4pm..time for laksa. haha. lao eh. phlegm banyak siot. luckily laksa is not hard substance ler..can swallow..Itadakimasu!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

In diversity we can find unity

This phrase struck a chord in me and I felt that this is what we should remember to uphold the integrity of our nation, and step by step..we shall take it towards the realisation of Vision 2020..

"and we are brave enough to face the challenge that lies ahead and with the support of all the elements, the different races who made up the Malayan nation, we feel confident that we can overcome all obstacles. Let us show the world how in diversity we can find unity. We have now been admitted into the United Nations and recognised by the whole world as a free and independent nation. Let us show what we can do towards peace and happiness not only in our country but in the interest of the world in general."

Tunku Abdul Rahman
1st Prime Minister of Malaysia

merdeka omedetou!

or..dokuritsu kinnenbi omedetou!

In other words, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!!how many yrs of independence d..49? But I'm happy that I'm living in Malaysia..can't think of anywhere else with such yummilicious food..

Hmm basically my blog is really rotten..but then again..I feel rotten..everyday is a routine which I look forward to night time, so that I can sleep..or meal that I can eat..haha not good obviously..everyday is so unproductive..

I did promise you guys about my Cambodia pics..but the connection here is blardy slow and it takes forever to upload a pic ler..potong stim nia

Sempena pao and heng's post on how they ended up in their courses..maybe I shud talk about mine..insya-Allah..i will graduate next year..which is 2 more sems =) =)

If some of you do not know already..I'm currently taking Mechanical Engineering-Majoring in Aeronautics...Aeronautical Engineering lah ulu uni in JB..the most happening thing in JB is its crime rate otherwise, everything else is NOT!

clubbing scene-BAD
water quality-BAD

But mau tak mau..pun have been living here for 4yrs d..time really did I end up in this course?..*flashback 4yrs ago..

I didnt know what I wanted to do after form 5..ideally is finding someone rich and goodlooking to marry..but nampak sangat that plan A plan B would be continuing to pursue my studies.. SPM results was not out yet..but I didn't have good feelings for fact, Dad was pretty worried that I will be failing my Physics, Biology..Add Math..based on how I described it everytime he picked me up after my papers..

"Haih..If you do really's either you work, or mayb I should send you to my sister's in Australia to continue your studies.."

Secretly I'm happy that Dad is going to send me to Australia if all else fails..but obviously it will be hard on the finances la..since I have two younger brothers more to consider..then one day I received an offer to continue my tertiary education in UTP--Universiti Teknologi Petronas which I went interview for..So happy that I got it at that time..cos only 4 from my school was offered the scholarship..but under unforeseen circumstances that are deeply regrettable, I did not go -_-"

Come form6, I reluctantly went for classes everyday..hoping that will be getting the offer in UTM..then world cup and thongching terus tak payah study..everyday mengkaji the matches only..our monthly tests getting 20%-40% only..we still wished that we'll be getting the UTM offer..hmmm we did not get it..*sad sad

But we were accepted for its third intake, alhamdulillah! =) And I was offered aeronautical engineering, which was my choice la..1st choice was Mechatronics..but 2nd was Aeronautical..and am I glad I got aeronautics instead...

love my coursemates (*wink..thanks for the bbq party which turned into advanced birthday celebration for me last nite)..

im really not academically inclined..semester by semester I only score in subjects like languages, math, critical thinking..not those technical but I enjoy my lessons-- Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Design etc..tak score nia ma..hahah. life will be very enjoyable if there are no written exams!!! they should assess it by attendance..projects ma..hmmm like that also kenot le..Im pretty lazy wan..but I'm happy with how my results are right now =) no 1st class..but cukup makan...I love Aeronautical Engineering..wouldn't trade it for any other course in UTM =) (nasib baik didn't get mechatronics..i realised how untalented i am in Electronics during my 3rd yr..ehe)

tanpa disedari, 8 semesters have passed..can still vividly remember my 1st semester =) ah..there were good times and bad times..but definitely good times surpasses bad ones..I believe that I will have nice stories to tell my kids next time about my varsity life..hmm..nothing much to tell abt the academic wise la..but fun things i've done in these yrs i guess...they say varsity life is supposed to be the best time in your life..i dont think so..every stage in life is equally important aye! primary sch..secondary sch..

ooh..terbias d..haha am supposed to be doing my research online..been sitting here 3hrs d without any progress..hahah tata~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

sori ya

Haha I seem to be apologizing everytime I go missing from the blogosphere..Been really busy..not with academic stuff..but just..being a sisa..not good =(

Wasting time is what I seem to be doing everyday..Wake Tests and final year projects are abundant, but I choose to feign ignorance.

Not good!

Oh..not to mention my thesis...progress- nil -_-"

*grabs my hair..hooiching, have to repent!!!

"Procrastination is the thief of time"

so very true..tanpa disedari, I daydreamed my way in JB for 6weeks d..and in two weeks will be having our midsem break! the reality just hit me yesterday when I screwed up my 1st test of Aircraft Structures II. Poorly prepared for it ler..but really daisei wan.hehe.

The weekend..I went Eskimo Joy again. Went with Meiyin and few other friends..we were pretty early and even went supper beforethat. At midnight, we went into the club--and I terima culture shock. uh-huh..we were greeting by live band---mind you, I love live bands..esp like the one in Slippery Senoritas, the Phillipino band..but this...

The band was singing in Mandarin!I mean, I am Chinese!But clubs are supposed to be singing in Chinese I being biased? haha..worse still, they were singing chinese rock songs! The main singer was so ahlian-ish..and the crowd was totally ahbeng-fied. to the max! the crowd was pretty hyped up over the band you know, esp when they sang Beyond's song or something. Somehow the environment reminds me of the place where uncles congregate to gantung bunga for the lady singers (ye zhong hui). -_-" potong stim terus...even lost the mood to dance after that cos too traumatised. hehe. Man, I am so banning Eskimo...since having hols d..cant wait to go back KL and penang!!

Oh yes,yes,yes..I have so so so gained weight!!!No more the tiny waist..miss my gym sessions so much...

Have I mentioned how hot Wentworth Miller is? High-voltage eyes to the max!!~ehehe

And I am now on a mission...will only let you guys on it once I have executed it. =)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

please pray for my supercomputer

i know it may sound stupid to pray for a pc..but its vital!!! my poor baby is now in the its either berjaya or fail nia..if fail to resuscitate..means i hv to buy new processor = new motherboard = new RAM (cos now no longer using DDR)...ughhhhhhhhhhhh. shouldnt have attempted to upgrade it to 1 Giga RAM..worst of all, shouldnt have wanting to wipe it clean.ugghhhh when i bought it 2yrs++, its considered high-end wan u know...keksim

now the case..i bended the processor's pins behind the processor..3 bended pins..2 saved..left 1 more..which is quite serious. i made my rounds to the hospital jz now..the doctor is not confident of saving it..more likely it will patah..but no!!!! it kenot kenot kenot patah..cos patah means goodbye liao to guys..pls pray for it...thanks..will go to have a look at it again tmr...haihhhhhhh

stupid me!*slaps ownself silly

Monday, July 31, 2006


What's life? well sorry for being MIA in the blogging world for a 10days! but don't worry I still read all my favourite blogs regularly, just to update on friends and stuff..been very busy lately..mostly involves eating, but let's not get there..

It's 7th lunar month..and there's two 7th month this yr..gasp!

There are so many things happening lately outside. This Israel killing ppl away..Indo kena tsunami..yada yada. And in our Malaysia itself?..The poor pilgrims that died on the way for the festival. Last I heard, yesterday a 18 year old boy was whacked to death cos he refused to give the robbers his money. Dad called the moment he read the news, "Don't go out unnecessarily..yada yada" as every parent has done I guess. 3 of my coursemates has been robbed of handfon, wallet in recent mths. Some are thieves rushing into the house with parang knives, and I cannot even name the rest that got robbed before among our friends..hehe Loke is the most recent one la..busy shopping till kena rob also tak realise..Gosh what has this world becoming to? No wonder I never go out without a pepper spray..Even so, if you are attacked in a group, there is no such thing as self-defense d..

Oh..not only that, apparently a guy in MMU malacca fell to his death yesterday from the 18th floor..and somebody drowned in our UTM lake as well. Life is so impermanent. Sad..makes you think, what are you living for? Are you living till somebody ends your life for you? For all we know, we might fall to our death cos of the slippery bathroom tiles, or choke on your saliva, etc etc *touch wood!!!!! Thus, we should do something meaningful that we value. Family, friends, God, keeping in touch with people that you treasure, cos you may not know what will happen to you/them tomorrow.. Life is so unfair! Why does all the bad guys are leading extremely luxurious lives whereas we keep reading about sob stories regarding nice people leading short lives?

And humans are never satisfied with what they have. Greed, lust, thirst for power, determination to control their lives etc.

How many of us wake up and say? Gawd, I'm having such a bad hair day!
Be thankful you are not bald(not by choice la!!)

Damn I have no waist! Its layers of fat!
You are being paranoid. It already is 26inches

I have thunder thighs!!
So does everyone else

Yes, I answer yes to all of them. How many of you do too?

I always complain, complain, complain...I tell you, humans are never satisfied.

I have an average skin, occasional zits, and sometimes if not enough sleep then tumbuh berlipat ganda--but NO, I want a skin that is super licin and fair

I have an average weight, not too fat, but definitely NOT thin --but NO, i want to lose another 5kgs(the very least)

I have an average grade--but NO, I want first class (too late babe, since you never study..that's called wishful thinking)

I have an average body--but NO, if only it was like Jessica Alba's

I have natural light brown eyes--but NO, if only I had longer lashes or bigger eyes

I have 'pouty' lips--but NO, if only it wasnt that dry

I came to realise..that I should learn to be grateful with what I have. We should be comfortable in our skin, learn to love our body etc. Yes, we can lose weight to achieve the desirable body weight, use good products to get nice skin..but no, we can never be too perfect. When you lose that weight, you will want to lose more. yeah, when you get good results, you want better.

At the end of the day, you gain nothing, no? Self-satisfaction, maybe. I know I grin the whole day everytime I manage to lose a kg (although usually I reward myself after that and gain it back haha). Ultimately, self confidence is what that matters. it makes a person most attractive.

I have met ppl who are ++ sized girls that attract people like magnets. Their enthusiasm and zest for life, aspirations, meaningful dreams really make me feel so small. Us? Depressed over facts that I have another zit today, or gained another kg, and starving ourselves (this excluded for me..otherwise all true ehe), or results are just not good enough.

People, be grateful!!!!! Reasons:
# you are alive, with four limbs intact, and all your senses working
# you are self-dependent
#you have family members that really, really love you
#your friends care! Although you may not hear from them alwiz, but yes, they care..we care..I care!!
#luckier ones ma have bf/gf that love you lo.. (*hint)
#there are so many beautiful things in the world, bask it in!

Thus, I want to thank and give my slimiest kiss and big hugz to all of my family members and friends that made my life so colorful. People that I met in my 21 yrs of journey through life.. it moulded me into what I am today..although I still keep my bad habits la. hehe

Dad, Mom, brothers--although dysfunctional in a way..grandparents, aunts, uncles, all of them!

Friends esp--(since I am single so I dont hv bf to thank la) kindy, primary sch, sec sch, camping friends i met, HPC, uni mates, housemates, ex-colleagues, coursemates, petronas scholars. clubbing kakis, net friends, bloggers of the blogs I read, even you ppl who read my blogs, friends that I met along the all of you! and I seriously appreciate what all of you have done for me..I feel so lucky to have met all of you, and yada yada


Ok I'm not making sense am I, and it's a boring post. Hehe. okla, I'm just finding excuses to not do some literature review for my thesis. And I have a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow... OK ok..I have to start!!!!!!!! Ta~ Sorry lah if this post very the boring...can kah if I reward with something here..

ok la time to hit the journals d..gawd they are just beautiful right? (minus gattuso and pirlo) *drool drool drool

Friday, July 21, 2006

no... somebody stop me!

somebody stop me from eating! damn i've stopped gym @ fitness first for almost 3weeks..but I am still eating as if I'm a regular in, double portions for every meals..and suppers?!!? this way, my "nice and curvy" body that friends have commenting on will be out of shape soon. very very soon..

i just got home from JB. went for yummilicious japanese food with jen & terry. thanks terry~~ *wink wink. yummy yummy sashimi and tofu and potato salad and ramen (*gasp!) there's more..after that..halfway, have cravings for ABC, stopped at Singgah Selalu..shared Roti Singgah Selalu and cream..and soursop ice kacang thingy..don't know lah..just know that now very full and feeling extremely guilty..someone pls drill the fact that I spent almost RM600 in gym into my head!!!

and somebody stop me from spending already..I do not have money to pay for rent d, basically waiting for my disbursement from Petronas.heheh. but I still spend. latest indulgence..not really indulgence a new baby I invested in..a microwave oven! Gawd u ppl must be wondering why a microwave oven. dont ask me why..I have my own personal theory. hehe. Im thinking of cooking a lot this sem, using m.wave oven. In my twisted mind I have already came out with so many things that I want to cook with my new baby. But I have bought it 2days d and I have only used it once.. tmr and this weekend also not so likely to be using it also. hmmmmmm.. reflect reflect!!

arrggghh speaking of spending..I freaking paid RM50 for the fine I got 'awarded' with. hehe. yalo, for coming back late to uni, thus late registration. biasalah. I have this tendency to skip 1st week of class wan. so 1 subject is RM25..2 subjects is RM50 lo...

And speaking of spending again..I'm goin to S'pore with Loke this weekend! u noe the go fishing, hiking...obviously NOT!!!! to shop la of cos (*tears roll down) but no worries..I have Singaporean currency with me not so sakit hati cos I dont have to change $$ using ringgit..

And....I have single room this sem! Yay!!! Although I do very very much miss my old hsemates..I am so used to thongching in my room,talking talking talking and she parasiting my pc..using my things without putting it back..just her throwing and scattering things around the's only 4days in the single room..and I miss her alreadY!gosh.. not to mention csY that comes into the room..and us hanging out in hers..corrine to patpat abt stories and joke...leeting that is the responsible one reminding our duties..jenifur that we consult makeup, clothes, beauty tips with, peiru that does a lot of cooking..not to mention her longlegs..i miss all of the lenglui hsemates!!

*sobs I'm too full..better go continue unpacking..9am class leh. This sem is going to be a hell of a sem..thesis! projects! assignments! cooking with my microwave oven! yoga everyday(no,still hasnt been executed)!haha~ nitez

Friday, July 14, 2006

my status

Arlo everybody. HEHE. ok I know I told everyone I'm leaving for JB on monday and I very the semangat left beloved Penang on Sunday afternoon.

FYI: Am still merempat-ing in KL. Dunno what for also. Haha just chilling out here la. Since classes cancelled for this week anyway.

Am on a super spending spree. Cham. No $ pay rent d. chants--MNG, hair, estee lauder, massage, japanese buffet, yoga. explain next time. *wink

Actually I felt quite mouliu today so I went into friendster after berkurun abad..seems like my 16 yr old bro also playing friendster d now.. (even my 12 yr old cousin does!!) am just here to promote my two brothers. hahahha *rofl

Really behtong my both brothers' About Me section:

Kwok Tong @ li'l Gary (is a hairstylist/consultant at Extreme Hair Specialist, 20yrs old)


About Me:
My fren all call mE cbtong or gary...
I drive kembara..!!
I likE liquor..!!
I smokE Mild SevEn Charcoal sofT Pack..!!
I use motorola h/p..!! buT now using nokia d... ekeke
I like Converce..!! jack puncell, all star
I wear nike shock..!!

I like to wear renoma underwear..!! levi's sumtime..
I use Kerastase or Redken shampoo..!!
I use redken for men's Manuever working wax style ma hair....!! ekeke
Hahaha nth to write wert....=_="

Kwok Liang @ CrazyChild (still in highschool, 16 yrs old)


About Me:
I'm 16 Yrs Old bt seems older than mY same aGe frens......
I'm a normal GuY but hv some bad habits......
I alwaYs Put a smile on mY face but frens saY me 'stim' 1......
I like 2 hanGinG out with frens but dunno when will Go home.....
I use GatsbY cLaY but lazY 2 stYlinG mY hair.......
I use GatsbY facial Gel but lazY 2 wash mY face......
I use BodY Glove wallet but no moneY 2 Put inside......
I like 2 drink fruit Juice but din c Gt healthY leh......
I Go sch everY morninG but alwaYs canT wake uP......
I wan 2 Get a Gud result in exam but lazY 2 studY......
I wan concentrate whn teacher was teachinG but still non stoP talkinG..
I wan 2 keeP fit but still non stoP eatinG......
I wan 2 keeP some moneY but cant 'lun' n use it......
I love MONEY so much but MONEY leave me alone.......
I knw wht is LOVE but LOVE dunno who i am......
I alwaYs tell mY stories 2 frens but theY tot me talkinG nonsense......
I hate mYself but alwaYs stand in front d mirror......
I hoPe 2 drive Evo but dunno when will hv moneY 2 buY......
I hv a hair stYlist bro but he always cut mY hair till verY short 1......
I hv a rich sis but she din Gv me some moneY 2 use.......
I knw wht i'm doinG but cant control mYself oso......
WhaTeVeR La.......Juz like tat 2 describe mYself......^^


Really cannot tahan to kaoluei like that also tak tau!but still love both of them la although they always rob me poor! okies my blogger is acting up cant seem to change its font..okla..tata~ man i love friendster! after sekian lama MIA in it..ehehe.

Monday, July 10, 2006

happy birthday!


Selamat hari jadi! *wink love u to bits la

Viva La Italia

YaY!!! we did it!!! Finally I did not jinx a team that I supported from the beginning..Yitphing, Janice..our team won!!! Azzurris rock!! With mr. perky butt as a superb defender/skipper..hehe. but so so happy! watched it at The Curve..they had street party..wanted to watch the trophy presentation mana tau they screen lucky draw pulaks -_-"

So happy..but so sad for Zizou. Moment of madness which he headbutted Materazzi in the chest. Like,totally hard.As in,on purpose. Throughout WC'06 Zizou was the player with the best sportsmanship..totally respect..but to think he played his last match of his career like this. sigh, ended disgracefully. But. He is still my favoritest players--skills wise. but of cos I'd date any of the italian players anytime. hehe...

My heart breaks when I saw Zizou left the field in tears. Awww. that's so sad...

Darn. 6am. Mixed emotions. Ecstatic for Azzurris..but heartbroken for Zidane.. I mean, Materazzi was the one to provoke him also lar..but..if only he held his temper. Then the outcome of the penalty shoot out would hv been different.Gawd. Why do I sound like I support Les Bleus more. Jeez. No no no..I'm a true italian supporter. Although I did have FRENCH fries during the match.But I'm proud of both teams. =) Perky butt..u did it as the captain!!!

Sleepy. 6am. Reached KL on sunday evening. LAter wake up have to clear the whole room. Estimated 2hrs. I hope. Dunno la. Cham. Then drive back JB

The end of World Cup 2006. *GRINS. now i can properly jaga my complexion. Way to go Italia!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Joke:3 Condoms

A young man goes into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist,
"Hello, could you give me condom. My girlfriend has invited me for dinner and I think she is expecting something from me!"

The pharmacist gives him the condom; and as the young man is going out, he returns and tells him:
"Give me another condom because my girlfriend's sister is very cute too. She always crosses her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me and I think she expects something from me too."

The pharmacist gives him a second condom; and as the boy is leaving he turns back and says: "After all, give me one more condom because my girlfriend's mom is still pretty cute and when she sees me she always makes allusions...and since she invited me for dinner, I think she isexpecting something from me!!"

During dinner, the young man is sitting with his girlfriend on his left, the sister on his right and the mom facing him. When the dad gets there, the boy lowers his head and starts praying: "Dear Lord,bless this dinner...thank you for all you give us...!!!"

A minute later the boy is still praying:
"Thank you Lord for your kindness..."

Ten minutes go on and the boy is still praying, keeping his headdown. The others look at each other surprised and his girlfriend even more than the others. She gets close to the boy and tells him in his ear:
"I didn't know you were so religious!!!"

The boy replies:
"I didn't know your dad was the pharmacist!!!"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

France 1-0 Brazil

I'm writing in bold means it's a shocking news. BRAZIL is out! *shocking!

But this time I have no complains abt the referee la..since he wasnt biased or anything..unlike yesterday's. All the good players are in the line-up--Cafu, Kaka, fatty a.k.a Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Juninho etc etc..But France were superb, pushing forward all the turn around from its initial matches.. Great goal by Henry btw..

But it couldnt have happened without Zizou..Salutes~ Zinedine of the greatest players.............

Now ma all Europeans in d lo? can. Oh well..since I took French in uni b4..time to support France also d lah. =)

Poor Brazil..its supporters..join the gang..

penalty 3-1

yay! England's out so there won't be a sore eye for me. And Rooney is so going to kena tomorrow in the press for his impulsive action which led to his dismissal. Red card yo! Padan muka ..poor Becks will be too old to play anymore in the next WC..unless he can be macam Figo la..old but engine still working.. France-Brazil up next! But mind you, I'm still mourning for Argentina.. Pekerman shoudlnt have substituted its players so early..sigh sigh sigh. now expecting Italy to avenge my Argentina la..

Saturday, July 01, 2006



Stupid kayu referee that must've been fed to the max! Tevez kena whacked at the nose til bleeding, Germany tak kena apa.. the moment Arg touches Germany, its players suddenly can become superthe acrobatic and flew and rolled and rolled on the field like kena tumbuk. Shit. And Arg kena foul, yellow..what?!!!

Franco was too inexperienced la~ and if only Messi played. sad sad sad.

I will be mourning till...

Dunno Italy play 1st

Thursday, June 29, 2006


shopping spree = self satisfaction = detrimental to your savings account

spent RM200 in MNG and Giordano yesterday
spent RM100 buying odd items on Monday

but I feel happy today..!! hehe.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


i never do tags..but this one give exemption la.hahah~

Name 20 ppl u can think of and then tag 5 more ppl to do the survey..

1. Heng Hsui
2. Lee Lin Lin
3. Charng
4. Alicia Khaw
5. Jo Ooi
6. Yit Phing
7. Ch'ng Pao
8. Thong Ching
9. Sanrong
11.David Liow
13.Li Yuin
14.Janice Maldini
16.Kok Whei (Tristan)
17.Sze Min
18.Mei Ching
19.Loh Jo
20.MC (hahah.this only lin and loke noe..private joke)

can put 20 nia ar..i've got more leh..then priorities to those who read my blog lo

1. How did u meet #14(Janice)?
haha Joe and I go waaaaay back. in Form 1 met her..we were crazy over Spice Girls and we love BSB!She's always laughing and laughing and..well, laughing? Jokes that only we comprehend..and we were partners in Form, she's such a fun!..hahaha. now we're on World Cup sms frenzy sumore..miss u loads babe

2.What would u do if u haven't met #1(Heng Hsui)?
haha my answers somewhat like Pao's..hmm then I wouldnt know how to do 60s dance,..and I wouldnt be so hiao..and I wouldnt have so much fun everytime I'm in pg when she's around..and I wouldnt get into UTM. serious! =) thanks babe

3. What would u do if #20(MC) and #9(Sanrong) dated?
then I'll probably kill Sanrong.hahaha. hands off!

4. Would #6(Yitphing) and #17(Szemin) make a good couple?
er..both are tall..but i think they're straight..

5. Describe #3(Charng).
Hmm..oldest fren will be the word..we were in the same kindy, primary sch, sec sch..then diff uni dont find someone like her often..attractive,talented, and super nice all the list goes on and on..

6. Do you think #8 (Thong Ching) is attractive?
Sure!damn hot in fact..kalah me a bit though..hahahhahaha hope she doesnt read this

7. Tell me something about #7 (Pao).
Let's see..She has bigbig eyes with sharp sharp nose and heart shaped lips with a heart shaped face..oh..and very ang geh wan her face..just love her face lah..very the cun.eheh..and smart..and funny..and cute..and fun!oh..but most of all, hiao..hahaha

8. Do you know anything about #12 (Loke) family?
Her dad's name is Loke Kim Hai,works for Loh Boon Siew i think.haha.Mom dunno..but works in Pacific.She has 2 sisters, Ah vien and ah Sue..but her ahvien's nick used to be hambak (clam eyes?)..and oh..she has her yipo also.

9. What is #8(Thong Ching)'s favourite?
This is easy.. Guys! Preferably with curly hair and chest hair..hahha. what lo..Kawaguchi, Giggs, Nakata, Ljungberg..ah, and eating. hehe

10. What would you do if #11 (David Liow) confesses that he/she likes you?
Sure accept! haha Shawn Yue lookalike ok..188cm..who dowan..friendly, humourous, broad shouldered, smart, athletic..hahaha. macam dok promote him ajer *bleks

11. What language does #15 (DK) speak?
Perfect English and BM. Smattering of Cantonese..others not sure..oh. She paling pro is clubbing language though.haha~

12. Who is #9 (Sanrong) going out with?
Ehehe. Ron Ng?..many more taiwan artists..

13. How old is #16 (Kok Whei)?
20..or 19?..but not legal age yet la for sure

14. When was the last time you talked to #13 (Li Yuin)?
ages! last met her sometime end of Dec..but miss her la..

15. Who is #2(Lin) favourite singer?
BSB (used to)..B-Rok..haha then Linkin Park lo

16. Would you date #4 (Alicia)?
Who in their right mind won't? Lovely, sweet, good at baking cookies, smart, has an even sweeter smile..yada yada..honest!

17. Would you date #7 (Pao)?
Definitely..who doesnt want to date someone so pretty?

18. Is #15 (DK) single?

19. What is #10(Colin)'s last name?
Colin Tan Poh Huang.hehe

20. Would you consider being in a relationship with #19(Loh Jo)?
Haha. Princess Loh is so hot..any hot blooded male would want to..but Im a only relationship we can go furthest is HPC nia..*wink

21. What schools did #3(Charng) go to?
Tadika Sg Nibong, SRK Batu Lanchang, St. George's Girls' School, MMU

22. Where does #6 (Yit Phing) lives?
Currently in Aus..but in penang ar..near SGGS wan lo..know how to go nia..dunno where its called

23. What is your favourite thing about #5(Jo OOi)?
her waist and cute butt. haha..face! ...nose..!! character..!! everything!!

24. What do you think about #13(Li Yuin)?
A great friend that will always be there for u..frenly helpful cute with a golden heart

25. What do #4(Alicia) and # 19 (Loh Jo) have in common?
both live in sg ara and went to same sec sch..with same sch bus ahcek..oh..both are hot!

26. What special qualities does #17 (Szemin) hold in your life?
Nicest person I ever know. She holds God very close to her..hmm my best fren in uni lo..but she taught me that you dont expect to get things in return when you help someone I love her!

Tag other 5 people:
Those I wanna tag oredi kena tagged mostly..but still many to
David Liow, Alicia Khaw, Tristan, Lin, Alicia Hue

Italy 1-0 Australia

Hail Totti! Great penalty kick that was awarded 93rd minute or so..

The Australians played better..but who cares. hehe Italy is through to the next round! Joe and I were so kincheong and texting throughtout the we can sleep in peace..lolz..


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Incoherent ramblings

Hmm I'm going to blog very little liao till July 10th.Cos..

1) I've no time
2) The time I use to blog is from my working hours
3)I've to pass up my assignment by next week *gasp and I'm still far-far-far away..thanks to my MSN-ing everyday with HP Loke, Lin, now Heng.
4)My gym attachment is coming to an end..and yet I do not see results..*gasps again. so have to ganbatte till the very last breath today onwards till 30th june.(yesterday pun tarak pergi la..sick. sumore pile up on lasagna and popcorn. Tokyo Drift..nice!)
5)I'm going back to Penang after I finish my work in June..meaning hopefully I will touch down in Penang on Monday (3rd July), the very very was initially planned to be early June..extended a month d..and now I've a week left..*sigh
6)since I'm in pc in pg is practically a retard d lagi tak payah blog. and 7 days many many things to do!!
-meet up with uncountable ppl that i promised i will be back ever since june.
-spend time with mom,dad
-return things to those i hutang
-shopping with HPs..hopefully
-visit my favorite glo..
7)10th july the ulu Uni resumes classes again! I intend to skip the first day..cos there's too little time in Penang d..and if Im feeling even more evil..I will skip the whole week *bwahahahahah

Things I will blog about indefinitely if I have time:
1)World Cup--on certain matches

Things I said I will blog about but still haven't gotten around doing it:
2)Yoga which I swear on
3)Siem Reap

Things I wanted to blog about but it's been so long there is no point to blog about it anymore:
1)Spirit of KL

And..I want to do my hair!..upon listening (rather,reading) about Charng, Lin and Loke's recent splurging on hair, makes me want to a little maintenance on it?..ataupun..enhance it?actually, total make-over for it. my current RM12 hair cut resembles a mop that is super dry and without any volume at all. I do not attend to it and just wash it everyday nia. No conditioner, no treatment..sigh. so cacat. but thinking of spending RM300-RM500 on it seems to shred my heart into a million pieces. Think investment..think investment...let me think till 1st of July first..maybe then I WILL do something to it..thinks thinks..sien!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil 2-0 Australia


And Ronaldo is fat. very fat. I hate his tuft of hair on his chin, or am I just hallucinating it? 4 years ago he sported it on his forehead, which was even sillier and uglier..and he played badly..I think his zaman kegemilangan is...over..

But thanks to Adriano and Fred, they only won the game..ahbo, from the way they play, you'd think that it's going to end up with a draw,so many good players but did not perform up to standard-la..Australia had many chances to score also, actually had they aimed for the net instead of the spectators behind =P

I'm still not over with Ronaldo's fatness yet. hehez..but if want to kaji leh hor..Rooney is even that makes Rooney no.1 and Ronaldo no.2 as top candidates in the Sistem Penebat Haba.hehe

Aiya,on a brighter note..I have a very strong feeling that Argentina and Spain will be very very strong contenders for the title this time,judging from the way they played so far..yay! =)

Sien..back to work in a semi-conscious state now anyw -_-"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Italy 1-1 USA(og)

Ggggrrrr!!cant believe I stayed up whole night to watch this?!!! Dahlah I gained one kg for this match! Yalar..I spent the entire first half of the match munching on muruku I bought by the roadside today..I like,ate the entire pack? And before that I went to have supper (seafood) till 1am..Man, the match was horrible! 3 red cards-- 1 for Italy for trying to break the poor American's nose (McBride I think his name) and the other 2 issued to USA,which is given unfairly..I thought Italy was supposed to practically, annihilate USA, you know, probably try to emulate Argentina's score of 6-0 the night before?..aiyaya...

And Italy had so many chances to score too!hmmmpphhh. thanks to them, I've to do about a billion sit-ups and push ups to burn off the muruku -_-" Nitez

Friday, June 16, 2006

england 2-0 trinidad & tobago

83' header goal by Peter Crouch, the pole and 90' goal by Steven Gerrard,which was a better goal than Crouch's. And I was just starting to like Trinidad & Tobago a lot..sigh, so near of reach to scoring their 2nd point yet so far.

Well, well...England is officially in to the next round..kudos! An incredible save by Terry..he was totally..well..totally incredible lah..very 'pokmeng'..

And I find Crouch extremely irritating. Dunno why. His whole person in general and the way he hogs the goal post extremely incredibly eye-soring. If that's the correct place..the penalty box area la..but most of the time I only see him tugging and pulling and pressing on other players to do heading -_-" apa pun,congrats la I can go to bed. heheh~ (And I find rooney extremely fat and fugly..but god is fair,so he is talented =P)

oh..long live liverpool players--ahem..namely xabi alonso, crouch(altho irritating) and of course, gerrard!

p/s:I hope Paraguay wins later...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ai khun liao..

i think i shall cease posting pics from cambodia 1st..forgotten all the name of places we went d except Cambodia,so no point...unless all also Angkor Wat la..or Kbal Spean, Angkor Thom..tat's about all I remember ..hahah wait la I kaji first..I did jot them down somewhere..stuffed inside my bag of not unpacked yet souvenirs..meanwhile my fans, ahem!! namely miss heng, miss ch'ng, miss pang, miss lee, miss loke..menghayatilah pictures nih yang tak seberapa dulu..janji muka i ada kan?hehehe..okla..sleep 1st..been totally late for work past few days ever since world cup started..nitez..

L to R:Jiajian,david,sanrong,xiaoyi(my aunt),woei loon. missing is hooiching, the great.eheh

So I feel like being again..amazing Angkor Wat behind

the place was packed to bits, all waiting for the sunset..spotted me or not?..

me and sanrong..again..saling membantu naik ke atas..

tourmates! hiking up the hill for sunset

my tourmate,Woei Loon, being 'abstract'

Jeng and sanrong 'panyeh' =P

amazing clouds right?Tonle Sap lake to visit its Floating Village

Spain 4-0 Ukraine

I should be SHOT! I just realised that I did not include Spain as one of the teams I support..hahaha. How could I so so so forgotten about it when I intend to marry a Spaniard when I grow up?..wait..I am grown up.. -_-" Erm..when I work then..hahah I somehow got this notion when I took up Spanish in 2nd year of studies in UTM.Lolz..Or was it after I watched Mis Tres Hermanas' Jonathan Montenegro as Francisco (although Venezuelan lar..)

Anyway,a great game just now..although the penalty was definitely uncalled for..I mean, he just tugged his jersey a teeny wee bit right?..but the goals were fantastic, esp. Fernando Torres'. Kudos to Xabi Alonso, Villar too!! Oh, and Raul..but all in all,the players were very co-operative..I mean, the passing of the balls were so smooth, the transition from one player to la..Im not very technically expert. so, nevertheless, a great match..

Ukraine..sigh..tak sangka I so support Shevchenko (yala, opponent's team wan) but he didn't perform up to standard la..Nah, won't be watching Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia liao.. =P Sleepy liao..sorry sorry..Cambodia pix still pending yahz

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who says Santa Cruz isnt cute? and other issues

He may a bit mopeng(moon crater-ish), and sometimes a bit messy looking..but have you ever seen him smile? on the field? I admit la..he does have his bad hair days..but the pic Heng posted does him no justice!! and the reason he's not so much contributing to the match against England was because he dibelenggu penyakit ma..not his fault wat..(sounding defensive) here are a few pics i can dig la..Note: he has the nicest nose! lolz..

FYI:In a 2006 World Cup edition of German magazine Kicker he was voted the sexiest man to be taking part in the tournament.There! But he's happily married, with a son and a daughter * bohpien la..maybe I can find a buatan Malaysia Santa Cruz hahaha..

And I dont claim myself to be a football expert..personally I've only played football twice in my life, during a training programme for its Petronas really isn't easy to play sometimes have to hold back our scathing remarks on how poor the players' performances huh..but my point is..Im just a fan. Cute guys inside the teams we support are bonuses, right?Takkan purposely pick all the ugly players, right??? It's like a packaging thing mar

No offense..but I feel that guys that sometimes can be so sceptical when they hear a girl claiming that she is a HUGE football fan. C'mon? Give us some credit..!!! no, I do not know every single players' stats nor their jersey numbers, their position, the 20 clubs they have previously played in, nor in which year, which month of which particular match of a certain league they scored this major goal. but yes, I claim to be a fan. Can ah?

BUT,I do understand where the guys are coming from with their scepticism. Cos while there are girls that genuinely like football as the game itself (as I quote from Heng's blog),there are some that seriously say it out loud and proclaim that they are football fans,and do not even know that DAVID BECKHAM DOES NOT PLAY FOR MANCHESTER UNITED EVER SINCE BERKURUN ABAD YANG LALU

I had someone asked me before this seriously sexist question last year...
"So you're a football fan huh?So what position does David Beckham play?"
"Huh You dunno kah?Not midfield kah?"... -_-"
"Yea,just testing. Cos I've got girls telling me they're huge fans but can't tell which is the striker or know lah, girls.."

I was so blardy offended to that remark,for the goodness of all womankind.I mean, like I stress again, I'm no expert..but pls..dont say that you like football just because your bf knows every single match's scoreline but doesn't even notice that you have a big mole on your nose bridge, and thus you told him so, so that you can get more of his attention. Aite?

I mean, and what's with the My favourite team is England and my favourite player is David Beckham or I love Brazil, and my favorite player is Ronaldo/Ronaldinho..which positively irks me off.Ughh..there are like 25987 players more and 30 other teams to choose from ma.Takkan you like them till so so so so much meh?I may be biased as I dislike Becks..altho his corner kicks are fantastic.but i still dislike him.But my point is, girls,there is beauty in the whole football game.. ENGLAND/BECKHAM IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO FOOTBALL. No, I don't go around donning football jerseys of my favourite teams nor paint my face yellow/green. Heck, I do not even jump up and down screaming "GOALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!" when my team scores, nor kick the chair and overturn the table when the opposition team is awarded a penalty.

Macam terpesong dari my topic d..but yes..there is reason why guys think girls who actually watch football are fake/shallow/hypocrite/pretentious. So kesimpulannya again, please help us save our faces ma..or do some research on it 1st before making comments like,"Oh..i saw Man Utd play in last night's match in World Cup" *pengsanz *REMARK:THIS IS TOTALLY A TRUE STORY