Friday, December 21, 2007


Dear God,

I was just joking when I said I love places with mediterranean climates...i think it means with 4 seasons??? i take it back...Now make Italia a tropical climate country please????? Brrrrrr....

Tiga Ekor Pontianak

Pada satu malam 3 ekor pontinak sedang bertenggek di atas pokok sambil bergaduh tentang kehebatan masing-masing.Ketiga-tiga mengaku diri mereka hebat.Untuk menentukan siapa paling hebat mereka pun cuba membuktikan ke hebatan masing-masing.

Pontianak A terbang dengan sepantas kilat.10 saat kemudian balik semula ke pokok tersebut.Kelihatan ada kesan-kesan darah di sekitar gigi Pontianak A.

Pontianak A : Korang nampak rumah tu?
Pontianak B : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Nampak!
Pontianak A : Satu rumah tu habis aku kerjakan.

Pontianak B pula terbang lebih pantas dari Pontianak A. 5 saat kemudian balik semula ke pokok tersebeut.Kelihatan ada darah bukan setakat pada gigi,malah pada keseluruhan mulut pontianak tersebut.

Pontianak B : Korang nampak kampung tu?
Pontianak A : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Nampak!
Pontianak B : Habis satu kampung tu aku kerjakan.

Sejurus lepas itu Pontianak C pula terbang lebih pantas dari Pontianak A dan B .Dalam masa 2 saat je dia kembali ke pokok tersebut.Kelihatan darah mengalir-ngalir bukan sahaja pada mulut,malah pada keseluruhan muka pontianak tersebut.

Pontianak C : Korang nampak tembok kat hujung sana tu?
Pontianak A : Nampak!
Pontianak B : Nampak!
Pontianak C : Err...tadi aku tak nampak...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My 1st snow!!

15th December is the day that I touched real snow in my life hehehe. ok ok so i am a bit suaku...hehehe. but the day before it was extra super the cold...gah! at 7.30am Milena, my housemate woke me up and I saw snow outside!! Lol...excited siot! Went outside to take a stroll for 1 or 2 mins, then almost kena pneumonia d...came back in...brrrrrr...

Warrior III pose in the snow...brrrrr...

Will pose for more yoga poses in future posts haha...btw, thanks to my another housemate Nadia, I get to on9 these few her loads for the Naruto that I get to download!!!!!! heee heee heeeeeee...

Monday, December 10, 2007


Another week has gone by, time really flies!! I’ve been here for almost 2 months, tanpa disedari. Haha. As I mentioned previously, I am sooooo busy with shopping for groceries every day. Arrrghhhh…this is really dangerous for my pocket ler…In fact, on Saturday I went to a centro commerciale (commercial centre…sth like our Jusco) to shop…I also don’t know just buying foodstuffs also can amount to RM150…and itupun I haven’t added the usual “every other day” RM50 shopping…oh i bought another winter jacket...hehe RM100++ lo

Arggghhh…last night when I opened my cupboard, I realized I have 10 different types of pasta (I couldn’t resist buying le…coz they have such adorable shapes! Farfalline, stelline, tempestine…etc etc…they are in mini mini sized shapes…such as butterfly shaped pastas, or screwdrives, or rice shapes…ahhhh. I see time hati also kenot tahan…basically it’s enough to last me till next March or so…not to mention rice and potatoes le…

Meat…ho ho ho…I have chicken pieces, bak kut, pork steak, beef steak, burgers, tuna, sausages, bacon and mixed seafood. Aiyaya, I estimate adi also…enough to cook for another 50 times of dishes. Sigh. Nampaknya I won’t die of hunger even if I don’t go out for another 2 months…
You may ask how to cook without oil then??? 2 months wor…no…I have 1 kg of salt, 3 litres of oil, curry powder, turmeric, cream, prezzemolo, oregano, basil, pepper, etc etc…Ahhhhh also 5 loaves of bread! Aihs…now everytime I open the fridge also I want to pengsan ler. Bahagia…but overspent le…no wonder la my $$$ keep on melayang…

On the other hand…hehe I had crepes for lunch yesterday. Yummilicious…with salsiccia and mushrooms wan…Here are the pix of the food that I had lately…Next time I update I feature how to make crepe ok? Don’t know which is my favourite yet so far…everything tastes so good!!!

For my Italian language…cos I too busy cooking or looking for recipes (so far I search nia, but don’t actually cook any yet…so don’t actually have the time to study, but I think I am making good progress by talking to my housemates…cos we kinda hang out for lunch and dinner most of the time now…lili is too busy with her own things also la anyway…Lol…I can’t really speak yet though Italian fluently…ya I very useless la…haha. Sumore keep ponteng class…grammatically I suck, but my spoken Italian is so far so good, I mean to convey message…(*perasanly) cos the teacher told me that I learn very very fast. Itupun must thank my housemates la…and the TV my landlord lent us. Cos all my housemates have their personal tv in their rooms…so I don’t like, have a TV…it’s a bit cacat la right if orang kat Italy tapi tak tengok tv…so I requested from the landlord lo…now we have a public tv in the common room…I mean, living room…but I had to buy the antenna la…

Yesterday they were discussing about how I got the scholarship etc..and they were like, 700Euro is a lot a month! Perugia is ngam ngam la to survive nia…I think la..but I think they quite behsyok la cos I tertekan their button when I said, thanks to their parents…memangla, the scholarship came from the embassy, came from Italian government, which came from the taxpayers’ money which came from their parents…
But the 2 Italian girls I live with are super nice…One is Milena, the other Dora…but Milena likes to pinch my cheeks…painful la most of the time…but she means well, but now my cheeks also puffier adi cos she does it every single day!

Now they are starting yoga lessons also adi with me. Me no expert, but just sharing some postures together…Cos they both are about my height but probably 20kgs heavier than I am…that’s why I can afford to continue eating…cos everytime I eat with them, I feel that I am very thin…which is not true la…if I go back to Malaysia now, I will be considered obese…lol…so I tengah menipu myself…I don’t know…but they never take supper wan…and one don’t even take breakfast…me…breakfast must have cappuccino, bread or cake with yoghurt…then lunch…lately eat with them, so pasta…after pasta we have the “dolce” session of cakes or chocolates…and another cup of espresso… Dora likes coffee a lot…and now so do I…(I’ve turned into my dad…2 cups of coffee a day…without coffee my eyes kenot open wan…and I feel like a zombie)…Then dinner…pasta again… I stupidly placed croissants in my room..I have finished 18 of them in 1 week. Aihsssss…But this is normal habit for me la, before going to bed I have to eat something…now I have been enlightened with the existence of Creamy Hot Chocolate…teruks. My clothes feel tighter adi…

When I first came here (the 1st week), I think I lost weight…coz everything seems so expensive. Now I’ve stopped everything feels so cheap now…which in actual fact, no…but I paling expert in consoling myself. Hehz…so…now I eat without guilt. But on Saturday I bought coconut milk..IMAGINE…200ml is 2Euro!!!!!!! I can like, buy probably a litre in Malaysia with RM10?? I’m not very sure, but I don’t think santan is that expensive in Malaysia, right?
Sekian saja for today…here are pix of Crepes, Classic Lasagna, Olive Chicken, Fish Biscuits, Penne with Broccoli, Pork Steak (ini my creation..haha) Zucchine Risotto, Tagliatelle, Pastina con Verdure, Gnocchi with Spinach, Trouta al Cartoccio, and Bruschetta...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Trip to Assisi and etc

I think I haven’t been updating regularly huh. Haha sorry la lately been super the busy with studying going around…and especially cooking…Some other posts I will start featuring some authentic Italian cuisine that I have learnt from my Italian housemates hehe. And now WHO SAYS I CANT COOK no more??? Hehe I sumore dipuji that I make good pizza…Pizza is my own creation sumore wan…and to be dipuji-ed by Italians that I make good pizza…means its good la…no? lol

Ok ok..For the last 2 weeks that I have disappeared, basically just experimenting with cooking…and now my new hobby is apparently shopping for food…chocolates…arghhhhh…I think when I come back impossible for you guys to recognize me adi. Haha. Everyday now I go to our house’s nearby supermarket (I don’t actually know if there is a market here or not though) to look and source for anything on offer. Needless to say, been spending a lot la..naturally. lol.

The 4 mains supermarkets I frequent are – Hurra, Todis, Coop and Emisfero. But Hurra is the one closest to my home, I have almost memorized how much every item costs there. I don’t actually have anything else to do here so the only thing I do is buy and buy and cook and cook and eat and eat…oh of course after that I wash and wash and wash. -_-“

So anyways, last week on 24th November (Saturday) I went to Assisi, nearby Perugia. It is one of the heritage places of Italy (I forgot the term, but nvm la…)…just about 20 mins away from our train station in Perugia. But waiting for the train takes a long time ma.

So anyway, as later you guys might see in the collages…our camwhoring…pre-trip to present the beautiful railway station of Perugia. Hah~ Btw, I went with Lili, and another 2 friends from China (their Italian names are Pietro and Luisa) as is my name Crystal. Haha =P
The main highlight of Assisi is the Basilica di San Francesco. It is one of the great Xtian shrines yada yada…which is really really really beautiful…and we also visited Basilica di Santa Chiara…and 3 other basilicas..also forgot the name adi la…but overall it was a good trip lo…
At the meantime, I do go online almost everyday now…but just for about 20mins to check my don’t have the time to actually write something then post it…hehee~ aiya so u all email me ma…

Ashley Heng…or Pana…or Lin…and Joe if you read this..guess wat…I actually dreamt of Uncle Paolo..neh itu aku punya lecturer punya suami last night le…scary hor. I also dreamt of laksa…again…yea…this is my 3rd time dreaming of my oh so dear Penang Laksa…going crazy adi the amount of pasta nor lasagna nor cheese can compensate for it…

I also dreamt of Lin on Saturday…maybe cos I texted her and received her reply…I dreamt that as usual,she looked super hot…but this time super super the hot…like Victoria’s Secret model hot…like lost weight a bit lo…then I asked her wat la she makan to lose weight since apparently I have been gaining weight steadily with my excessive intake of bread, pasta, potatoes, chocs and cheese. She replied, “Only Milo, bread, and water”…wah…mampus I if makan like tat…which is actually not true la. Hahaha.

Yesterday my housemate cooked a great brunch for us. With me as the cleaning assistant (she cook, I wash)…Classic lasagna and with tomato chicken…ya with olive. I’d think it’d taste better without olive…but to me still very tasty la. Since I am a glutton..basically I eat anything and everything tasty in sight. Hehe

Until then..keep blogging you guys…I lazy put comment nia in ur blogs…but I do read…miss Msia!! But I am really starting to have fun here I guess. I have lovely housemates that can cook sumore…hehehehe….oh here are the pix of my trip to Assisi.

Maybe in these few weeks before Xmas I will go Florence/Pisa to find my senior Yeow and KWui

Friday, November 16, 2007

Of my trip to Rome

Last weekend, as I left a short blog post, I went to Rome for a weekend trip =) heehee. Pardon the short post previously, was hurrying out ma.

Woke up a bit late but managed to catch the 8.23am train! Reached Rome at about noon and met up with my supersmart coursemate Khongwui (KW) who is studying in Florence (Pisa) at the moment under the Erasmus Mundus project. We went to check in at my hostel…I did my booking online previously so had to pay a 10% charge is 11€…stil considered cheap la I guess..if not is 9.50€ nia…but it was more like an apartment with lots of beds. Haha. KW wanted to stay in cheap hostel so he stayed with me also…15€ though cos his room less ppl…9 pax/room…mine classic…11pax/room. Hehe. But I just go back to wash up and sleep only nia so it was perfect for me. At 1st paid for dinner wan, but couldn’t make it back in time, so had to eat a pricey dinner outside…

Poli (my other coursemate) reached from Switzerland at about 1.30pm, she was with 2 other friends (but they were here to party and watch football only, so we travelled separately). After checking in at her hostel, we started the journey after lunch.

1st of all to clarify ---- THE WHOLE TRIP IN ROME WAS ON FOOT!!! We did not board any bus at all…actually there is the ticket for whole day boarding on bus (4€) but…demi menjimatkan RM40 (2 days ma) and also to exercise, we walked lo…end up the money I used to eat so many times of gelato (Italian ice cream)…very the delicious le…

We 1st went to the Basilca Santa Maria degli Angeli then headed to the Repubblica. After bercamwhore (we have 3 cameras so the pit stop for each location is pretty long) we went to the San Carlo Quattro Fontane. Passed a few more locations then stopped at the infamous Fontana di Trevi. Here it was jampacked with people le…cos free ma…don’t have to pay entrance fee hehe. Anyway it is said that if you throw a coin over your shoulders, it will ensure your return to Rome. Haha. Since I study in Perugia, I think don’t have to throw la the coin…cos will go Rome every month or so kua.

The sun sets at about 5.00pm so when we passed Castel Sant’ Angelo it was already pretty dark. Upon reaching Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museum) lagilah gelap. But the place was thronged with people le…the queue to masuk also dunno how many lines of queue. The Vatican Museum and Basilica S. Pietro was quite breathtaking. But the distance we walked is lagi the breathtaking (literally translated…cos very memenatkan).

We had Indian mutton curry for dinner. Hehe. Heavenly! 1 month without spicy food is very…aihsssss. Except for my instant noodles and pepper and tomyum cubes and chilli powder…
That night, when others throng the clubs, we walked to San Giovanni Laterano. The hostel was okla..After breakfast the next day, we started the journey at about 8.30am…we visited Santa Maria Maggiore…then walked to Colosseo and Arco di Constantino. My camera battery kaputed at Circa Massimo…sigh. Forgot to charge le. So that’s why the pix I have berakhir kat situ sahaja. After crossing Ponte Palantino, then finally reached the flea market at Porta Portese. KW and Poli did not buy anything at all, but I spent about 50€ there. Hehe. So many many things I wanted to buy la. We spent 3 hours there I think. Bought a pair of boots, 4 pcs of clothes, 2 pairs of bathroom slippers, espresso maker, (ah the day before bought curry powder at an Indian shop also..yes!!) and etc etc…Or I think that’s all kut…

Overall it was a good trip la..visited few more locations. KW left for 4pm train to Pisa so it was quite a rush for us le. Then me and Poli just hung out nearby Roma Termini lo (the train station)…And then I left at 6.14pm. Ahhhhh good trip. Spent almost 100€ in total le. Haha. RM500…melayang…must thank the Minister of Foreign Affairs Italy lo for the stipend. Mwahhahaa.
Tentatively going Berlin, Germany in February. But now planning some other trips in Italy le. Budgeting at the moment…

Was depressed the 1st three weeks in Italy…but I think I am having fun now! Hehe. Last week watched a good Italian movie, Il Postino at the university. I don’t understand half of what is said…but it’s still good. Now my housemate even borrowed me a tv to be put in the living room. Hahaha. Now missing is broadband nia. Lol…

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

of Olive Harvesting

Last week while sipping a cup of cappuccino with Lili in my kitchen, we saw a few elderly men and women harvesting olives =) it was quite a lovely sight la from my kitchen balcony. After the help of my housemate, Dora, she helped us ask so that we could go over to help. Hehe Berjaya! We climbed over the pagar cos the other side is private property le.

Harvesting olive is somewhat like plucking mangoesteen I guess…it was pretty fun but cold lo outside…And the few old people (Lala, Maria, forgot the rest of the names adi Haha)…and espresso+brandy is really lovely!! (I think it’s called caffe corretto) esp on a cold day.hehe. Also ate some Perugina cake, and with red wine. Ahhhhhhhh~ *slurp slurp.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kat Rome skrg

Greetings from Rome! heehe now its 8am in the morning and in one of the Rome's hostels. With KhongWui...Poli is in another hostel..hahaa okla my hostel about had a 6.50Euro dinner last night..Indian curry mutton exp wan...

Toodles, gtg...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

i seriously think i will get fat

Everyday Potato, pasta, Chocolates, cheese, Fried food...aihsssssssss...i think i gained 1 kg adi...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2nd post in italia

Oh dear I think I am now obsessed with shopping!!! For the 1st week here, initially I kept converting from RM to Euro, I memang tak sanggup want to spend wan, even eat also must think twice. But now…I keep buying and buying and buying everyday! Arrrrghhhhh, groceries, meaningless things, food and CLOTHES! Aihhhhsssss

Yes, on Sunday I went for a stroll at the center of Perugia, there was this night market going on…I purposely did not bring out my wallet so that I wouldn’t spend. But unfortunately Lili brought hers! Bought a super nice top, but 35Euro! X4.88 = will bring to RM170.80. It’s just a simple top that would probably cost RM80-90 in Malaysia…aiya…but itu Lili told me kenot convert wan (she pulak tak sanggup to even spend 5Euro, say cannot simply spend, when we have the same amount of scholarship disbursement every mth)…

so I kandas and bought it on impulse…erm…not really impulsive la…I tried it 3 times before I bought and asked Lili whether it looked nice about oh,10 times? And I love European sizes!!! In Malaysia I usually have to opt for size L or XL cos of the broad shoulders…but now…yesterday test XS also can fit worrr…hahaha bwaahhaahaha muahahahaha. But I took the M size wan la, cos the top is longer. Don’t want short wan, can cover my big butt.hehe…

Also now I am so very obsessed with cooking! Hehe but my new housemate is a bad influence la…Wang Rui @ Claudia (Chinese national) is sooooo good in cooking…and she kept teaching me new recipes and when she makes the dishes, I get to eat a good portion of it…with what I am having also of course! Arrrggggghhhh…

Yummilicious dumplings…Deep fried sorta potato pancakes…Chicken stew…

As for me, being creative…have many types of pasta everyday, fusili, spaghettini, spaghetti, penne, farfala pasta, sfoglia, etc etc…tried with different pasta sauce…but tomato paste is basically very cheap here, so I have meatball pasta, mushroom pasta, fried egg pasta, broccoli pasta, tuna pasta… -_-“

But I think 2 weeks of that can be a bit scary la…I’m having severe laksa withdrawal symptom at the mo…or tomyam…or mee bandung…yikes!
But I do think if I fry potato and rice together it do tastes good. With egg, tuna and tomato paste. Hehe. But last night I successfully cooked stir-fried vegetable with carrot and meat. Even tastes kind of like grandma’s cooking! The most basic dish la other than fried egg. Hehee. Am proud! Comforted to know that I won’t have to eat pasta and mashed potato for 9 months. Hehz.

On the other note, there are 3 best buy items that I absolutely love at the moment!
1) My comforter – 25.90€ it’s a comforter meant for queen size bed, since my bed is single one, so I can wrap myself up into a ball every night. For the 1st 2 nights in the new room (previously I stayed in hostel ma) I almost froze to death! Then my housemate brought me to shop for blanket/comforter…I wore 7 layers of clothes but still cold like hantu. Now..2 layers to bed is more than enough!!! Hehe

2) Wintercoat - 15€ Cheap right??? Just amount to about, RM75! It’s really comfy and nice too!! Hehe much nicer than the white one I bought in Malaysia…but I took M la..a bit regret..cos a bit big…should’ve tried on S and see wan…(European size is different than in Malaysia…me trying S in Msia is impossible!) but still love it!!!

3) Dictionary – 6.2€ hahaha. Yeap. I carry this pocket dictionary everywhere I go…even to shop for groceries! Ahhhhhh~

p/s: Am struggling to speak Chinese/Mandarin here..Now I sooooo realize that the Mandarin we use in Msia is absolutely tak boleh pakai outside of Msia (Spore maybe laaa)…cos my Chinese housemates don’t really understand what I’m saying half of the time. I am slowly being purely di-Cinakan by them now…heee heee…and most of my classmates are Chinese also…they also don’t know what I am talking about most of the time. Hehz…oh…There is a Brazilian, a Dutch, a Palestine, an Iranian, a French, an English and the rest are Chinese in my class.

p/s/s: Goes without saying my Italian lagi the struggle la.hahaha. more like sign language most of the time =P

p/s/s/s: am proudly utilizing my RM4.2k Toshiba lappie to the max!!! to watch Naruto to sleep every (EVERY!!!) single day to sleep. So my likelihood of speaking Japanese is higher than speaking Italian anytime soon -_-“

outside my uni

I terpijak tahi anjing!
Random pix..bottom right is a hospitalRandom pix also Pix of my food

More food I cook hehehe

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm alive le

Sorry I typed this on my laptop before posting it online..! I’m ok!!! Hehee it’s pretty lengthy so just andaikan that it’s a composition la k. It may sound quite incoherent cos I typed it on a very cold morning at 4am.

1st day (15th October 2007)

Seems like there was this miscommunication, I said that I will be leaving on the 15th of Oct..but is actuali Sunday nite kinda 15th…as in midnight.

TIP#1: if you are traveling alone…never ever bring too many luggages!!

My check in luggage was 30kgs n handcarry abt 15kgs..aihs 45kgs is abt the weight of a healthy girl already…really mentensionkan lugging them around. When I reached Rome airport..(Fiumicino) it was nightmare...!i had to stop every 50-100metres to catch my breath…even now my back still aching…and God knows what I I open the luggage bag I realised that I probably could’ve kept it light…upon reaching Roma Termini train station,this is the nightmare part. Dahlah kena jalan jauh giler to buy ticket, my whole semester of Italian macam flushed into the toilet bowl adi..CANNOT PAKAI AT ALL!!! Worst part is ppl in ita don’t speak English. Got also not very fluent. Super the rare case.i reached the train station at abt 2pm+ but since I walked like kura-kura tempang, and I’ve to be super careful with my luggage esp myRM4.2k Toshiba laptop .. passport.. money.. camera which I so-cleverly (or stupidly) divided into 5 cant leave any behind. *tsk. Then searching high and low for the vending machine to buy ticket wan…tak jumpa…at last found, but not sure if I should go to counter purchase or use vending machine ma, so I went to a corner trying to figure out…want to make international call 2 lili but cant reach her…and don’t know who else to call. Use public phone call the directory but like cat and dog talk, then finally figured out how 2 use the vending machine…lili specifically said, board ONLY Eurostar! Then I saw Eurostar to Perugia is €18 but at 8pm…another is Regionale at 6.14pm for just €10.50…€7.50 is RM35 adi u know… so I lagi tension cos not sure which I should take. N earlier trains…got…transit 3times wan..giler…impossible with my luggage. So I wait lo. Waited in hunger n thirst lo...luckily on plane ate adi…if not sure pengsan..want to buy McD..but luggage cant leave behind…aihs..

anyw at last I went to the counter to purchase my ticket…Regionale…cheaper but more stops lo. 3pm+ sat by the sidewalk to wait lo. Called my parents to announce arrival in Rome. There was a lady sitting beside be that kept eyeing my luggages which made me very the tension. Remember never talk to strangers? I’m glad I did…turns out she is a Malaysian who lives in Japan…very nice…even helped me look at my luggages when I when to check on my train departure etc…even carried my luggage bag for me..I felt a little dubious la..but she said she was waiting for her tourmates and she still had a few hours more to wait…about my mom’s age wan..sumore sent me off and wished me good luck when my train departed. Haha. It was about 3 hours journey to Perugia..very the cold at night lo…can’t contact Lili sumore..upon reaching Perugia I really am doubtful what I should do..cos it was about 9pm already at that time…lugged my things naik the bus..and the bus driver didn’t even tell me when I reached the university…thus took another round of journey..sesampainya 10pm+ malam buta university memang not open wan le..and couldn’t call lili..and I have no idea where the hostel is. I went to ask a girl at Romcaffe…she recommended I stay at a hotel for the night..45€ I memang tak sanggup la..I contemplated waiting at the bus stop till morning for Lili…then the girl’s bf came..after they discussed, and they do not know where the hostel is..they actually let me put up with them for the night…Chinese couple…Paolo and Viola..I know I know..complete strangers and yet…??? But after 40hours without much sleep, 12 hours without food and water…30 hours without bathing…and berjam-jam lamanya with the stupid luggage bags..memang desperate adi…I slept on their couch..get to bathe, even get to eat home cooked dinner. Which reminds me that I need to go find them to thank them again..maybe I will buy chocolates for them at the Euro Chocolate fair.

The rest of the days

Left my luggages with Viola, and went to search and enrol properly at the Universita’ per Stranieri di Perugia. Finally found Lili at the happy..apparently she bought a Italian Sim Card and changed it…that’s why I couldn’t contact her. A bit frust with her la…but she helped me apply for Permesso di Sioggiorno (permit to stay), buy simcard, look for room etc…the days after were not very eventful adi, just loads of me walking and walking and dog+cat talking when asking Italians questions. Finally I found a room, Lili accompanied me to look for it..found one, but it was 280€ which was over my budget…then looked sumore..cos Lili’s was just 170€/month, so I could estimate how much I was willing to spend for a room. At last!!! After the 3rd day, found a room, 180€/mth…plus electricity+water should cost about 210€..ahhhhhh =) I’m now living with 2 Chineses, 2 Italians and a Moroccan. Nope!!! Not guys…its all females…although if they were males it’d be dreamy. Haha just joking also living with girls will be much more convenient right?

Last week there was an annual Euro Chocolate Festival in Perugia…about 10mins away from my university..I went on Friday and Sunday to have a look…and bought almost 30€ worth of chocs (wahhhh also RM100++ adi…very tasty..hehehe this festival is really packed with visitors from everywhere! =)

So sekian sahajalah my update for the moment..all is well =) my Ita no is: +393282041465… so anything can sms me here la! My 012 no is still in use…so u can still text me as per normal…but the cost of calling and texting using my 012 and this Wind prepaid is really exorbitant..So anyways…just because I tak contact u guys don’t mean u all can’t contact me laaaaa. And this Ita far I’ve spent 15€ in 1 week just on calling to find room and texting someone (oi this someone better appreciate it!) and also text few other ppl… Time to tidur adi… btw..classes are not bad, but I’m more than a week behind so kinda lost in space at the moment…

P/s: yes!!! Super miss Malaysia..didn’t realise the kebaikans of Malaysia till now..and dirt cheap also the things…everything here is so bloody expensive lo…

23rd October 2007

Hmmm since I don’t have broadband here (apparently that it is super duper the expensive to be online in Italia..uh-huh) suddenly I so appreciate our more-often-than-not lagging Streamyx. Anyways, today is my 8th day here…approximately 262 days more to go…As much as I love Italy, haha I think I am ready to go back adi la…9 months is just TOO long…I think 3 months will be just nice lo. Right now I am attending classes from Tuesday to Friday, on Mondays I don’t have class, at least not for the A2 level I enrolled in la…And till now I have not travelled to anywhere except nearby my university. 1st of all, it is TOO COLD (molto freddo) to go anywhere at all…

So far my routine is… lights off by 12am (yes!!! Even I myself am so surprised that I am so disciplined)…never off the lights past 1am, the latest also at 12.45am like that. Then I wake up at 8am or 9am, if it is not too cold then I wake up at 9.30am. Wake up, have breakfast (biscuits, noodles or bread with milk)…then sit down, watch anime, take a bath, watch anime, then make lunch or go out to university and buy lunch on the way, go for lessons till late in the evening, after classes shop for things to cook for dinner, then cook dinner, watch anime then sleep. YEAP for exactly 1 week I have been doing that. On last weekend I visited Euro Chocolate lo…Other than that did not do anything productive at all le. Just watch lots of anime. Haha don’t know how my Italian will improve la that way. So far only 1 good thing came out of this trip…I don’t take supper here…Why ah? Nothing to do also, no MSN to play, no meaning to stay up late..I take dinner at 8pm++ …and a very big portion sumore…no point also la if I don’t go to bed…so I ma go to bed lo…at that time even hungry also I don’t eat adi..coz too cold to crawl out of the bed. Hehehe.

Aihssssss bilalah baru I dapat turun bukit?... and it is sooooo difficult to not speak English at all…I am positively sure that by the end of 9 months my English will be super the cacat…I am here just one week and I am already speaking Italian-style English. On the scale of 1 to 10, its about 1.5. As in, compared to normal English that we speak la back in Malaysia. =P Okla time to tidur adi…I also don’t revise everyday wan…by night time it is too cold ma, I only wrap myself in my comforter and watch Naruto and One Piece old episodes. =P
Ciao ciao..I leave you with a few random pix me and Lili took when we went Euro Chocolate and also at some locations. Miss being online!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Insomniac Part II

Just now I dengan semangatnya switched off the lights at 12am. Ingatkan since the day before I couldn't sleep (I ended up falling asleep at 8am and woke up at 12pm) and had a not so nice sleep of 4 hours as in between I woke up 3-4times due to the ongoing activities at the kopitiam...

Waheyyy surprise...its 3am adi...Now going thru therapy to fall asleep by watching naruto for the entah berapa kali adi--the Chuunin Exam matches--naruto vs neji--shikamaru vs temari-- gaara vs sasuke...aihs..Still awake..even cooked a packet of Cintan Mee at 2.30am...even talked on the phone more than 1 hour..calling a few close friends. pekchek. nampaknya tak jadi I want to get my breakfast of Hokkien Mee and Banzhangkuih and Taufufah later...set my alarm clock 9am d..arrgggghhhhhh kesedihan melimpah...

My mind keeps thinking of the same things (undisclosed!!!) haha. LL House peeps and Buyong would know. haha. So just now I looked like hantu yang tak tidur berapa bulan adi... And I just went for hair perm n facial ma..Met up with KZ for a drink..he damn surprised to see a obaasan with auntie curls and lots of post-facial zits that has had too much to eat lately (me!) hahah but he was courteous enough to say "You look more chan than the last week I saw you, but healthier"

Aihssssss...but KZ thanks for the lovely gift I made you give. Haha indirectly la. *hugz! I still want the Naruto collection k hahaaa dunno you read this or not la.

ok...time to post some pix again...

Eye on Malaysia

Abang Ken was nice enough to let me extort him to go on Eye On Malaysia..which now he fondly refers to as Black Eye on Malaysia. Allow me to explain:
1) damn mahal
2) What...10mins???
3) No view at all
4) Can't even get a private gondola on a not busy night. cis memotong stimkan.

We did get on the same gondola with a nice elderly couple...but seems that too nice to chat with us the whole ride. haha 'nuf said. The ride, courtesy of me it was like being on a cable car to genting. just that more cacat. luckily the company was great la of cos. hee heee. i have to say this ma. =Pblack eye on malaysiafuture prominent photographer, kenme and kenkor
Next...My last day of work and LL House outing

but now..time to attempt to sleep. 4am adi..haiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssssssssssss..also nid to reply an important email also~ bonne nuit

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Blerrrrgggghhhhhh I can't sleep. It's almost 5am on a dark Thursday morning. At least as I peer out the window it's dark la. in another hour or so the stupid ayam jantans near my house is going to start berkokok...wait..doesn't aunt's alarm clockS usually start ringing from 5.30am and snooze to 7am I also tak pernah wake up..

Tried Naruto 2 eps, One piece 2 eps, listen to songs, even finished the current novel i'm reading (J.D Robb- Seduction in Death), a suspense thriller about 2 murderers-psychopaths-rapists which reminds me of a certain someone that I know sure terasa if he reads this. Hah =P...but to no avail..mata still tak boleh tutup.

Many things running in my mind now. So thought can be a bit productive by blogging. But now kepala suddenly so sakit. Mata pun sakit. Typing in the dark ma. My Xiaoyi is sleeping. Thought I would reply an email also. And the same time organise my hard disk files. Can also clear some disk space by burn out the animes.

Before I proceed must recommend this latest jiwang song.


Dewa 19 - Dewi
(source: Buyong hehe)

Dewi aku mohon beri aku kesempatan
Tuk bisa menebus dosaku kepadamu

Maafkanlah aku yang menyakitimu
Aku tidak pernah menyangka bisa begini

Oh dewi, dengarkanlah…

Dewi kaulah hidupku

Aku cinta padamu sampai mati

Dewi belahlah dadaku

Agar kau tahu
Agar kau mengerti

Wou wou wou

Semua terjadi begitu saja
Tak ada yang serius antara dia dan aku

Tidak ada cinta dan tak ada hati
Hanya karena aku lelaki dan dia wanita

Oh dewi, dengarkanlah…

Dewi kaulah hidupku

Aku cinta padamu sampai mati
Dewi belahlah dadaku
Agar kau tahu

Agar kau mengerti


1) Remember the fire during CNY that I promised to post? I think I never did right? Jeng jeng here they are. took me 1 hour to locate these pix ehee~ but after the fire our house upgraded more papan on upper concrete adi =)

me and xiaoyi's room

the other side of the house..the flattened one

Time to sleep lo..6am liao..good time flies fast..Xiaoyi's alarm clock dah snooze mood to blog d..managed to reply the email d though..the biological clock inside me says it's time to 3hours Dad's surely giving wake up call..cannot sleep in till 2-3pm like yesterday. today big mission..must bring Dad's car to town for service..and I intend to continue my eating spree and shopping spree today..goooooooood night~ =P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hepi besday HP Ch'ng!

to the hottest pao around..sorry pic a bit outdated...and we both look kinda chan... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HP Ch'ng!!!!!! muaaaaaahhhhssss cant wait for u to get back to malaysia soon..ehehe stay hot, sexy and uphold HPC standard forever@!