Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hey hey..am in thailand now..reached 26th nov...leaving 10th dec..was in bangkok for 2 days..now in chiangmai..tata!!! +66879865695...girls if anything..can reach me here..my temporary thai no..lol..forgot to set my 012 to international roaming. oops..gtg..muax!!!!

p/s: yes, came here with 2 other frenz (guys)..they having time of their lives ogling at the girls without shame..k..time's up..ta~ tmr am goin for trekking up the mountains in chiangmai..

p/s: haihs..broke d..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

suddenly back in penang

hehhehe..had this sudden impulse to go back Penang..so here I am..had Japanese on tuesday..english yesterday..then felt like going to KL,so immediately after my English paper terus went to buy bus ticket..although am having exams now actuali..but got amazing craving for laksa..so..hahaha..dont want to think so much..just do it

then my aunt came to penang today for work..luckiiiiyyyy...can follow her car..hehe. tmr nite back to KL..will spend the weekend in KL..lol..my Flights Economy paper is next tues or wed i think..haha dont care la..will go back to johor on monday to study..

now off for laksa..bwahhaaahaaaaaa

Friday, November 03, 2006

hooiching is free till 7th nov!

bwahaha...just now Aircraft Structures II test. it went ok..at least I like to think so..and since I studied like, last nite..10pm?..or so..I think I did ok. oh well anyw it's just 10%...my finals are starting on the 7th Nov..Japanese I. So my level is pretty cheap nia. can only understand a smattering of Japanese here and there in the anime I watch..everytime there're this guilt vein tugging when I spend hours and hours and hours on anime..but I'm actually revising for Japanese rite??? so dont have to feel guilty ma..but frankly speaking, I dont remember a single thing about my Spanish and French...except, maybe:
"como te llamas?"
"Comment t'allez vous?"
Cacat. I meant me. Not the language.=P Now I'm all for Japanese.

My FYP presentation for this sem is over too..dont have to touch FYP this sem d!!! YAY!!! my presentation went well..as usual I'm self-consoling myself..its not always about the results!! The Q&A part was good also..except one question tat I screwed up. but i just kelentong without making sense. lol. my panel of evaluators were pretty nice..not as teruk as some of my coursemates kena..but this means next sem for FYP II sure kena kao-kao..next sem only think d..

Which leaves me to final exams. bwahaha. cant wait for this sem to be over..less than a month!! but right now have to complete two assignments that lecturers gave last month (Aircraft Design I)...and another one early of the semester (Aircraft Structures--must use MATLAB,sigh). this weekend lor, cos the due date is this monday for both. but feel like chilling out tonite..so prolly will head to Modestos. Saras ajak to check out the place..to go or not to go..aiya after this wake up only think.

Initially wanted to blog abt other things..but I was reading online The Star and came across this article.. so sad~~~!!!! Wtf are these snatch thieves thinking. dahlah u rob others of their rightful belongings..and now u snatch the life also. And if u were to rob, pls la rob those richer?...I mean, this man is just a normal man, loving husband, caring father who dotes on his family. What right do you have to snatch it away. will you be able to sleep, knowing that u have taken the life of another????????? F***. I've never heard of so many snatch thief cases before..this year is the absolute worst. Even my housemate's handphone was snatched recently around the neighbourhood while she was on the bike with her boyfriend. gosh. instead of politicking on minor matters like whose opinion is correct, who is disappointed with who, punishing someone for building a house yada yada yada (that is so so so childish), shouldnt the government take action on more pressing issues, such as the escalating rate of crime in this country? I scoff with disdain everytime I read what's making the headlines in the newspapers. Come on..do something about the crime rate, not just bickering like immature adolescents. I thought what the government and all the politicians want for the country is prosperity and peace for the country!?!? Gosh, I am so irritated. Potong stim nia...I know the post is irrelavant to the title. but. ARRggghhhhh. suak liao la. its not like we are allowed to actually voice out our opinions anyway. but still feel behkambuan (tak puas hati) for the deceased man. snatch thieves should be castrated, as are rapists!! -_-"

better watch anime.oh..anime fans, check out Basilisk:Kouga Ninpo Cho.