Tuesday, February 07, 2012

kegeraman melimpah-limpah

is it so difficult to openly show affection? I'm not crazed about proclaiming love thru fb or doing crazy things in public, or blogging in public or announce to the whole world- I just want someone who is proud to say "I love you". I don't understand it. which is why sometimes I keep forgetting and start to have a tiny glimpse of hope, a little expectation... time to reset n wipe that off again.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Another year, another milestone

Gong xi fa cai everyone! Wishing all of you a bundle of joy for Water Dragon year ahead :)

Another year, another milestone. In a whirlpool of things happening around us, we have such little time to sit back and reflect. Have I been reflecting the past 3 weeks of vacation? Not really. I spent the first week visiting my beau in Miri and then went back to Penang for Chinese New Year...and another week in KL with him. Now I am back in Labuan, trying to get back into the momentum of work...and then as usual, the daydreaming begins.

Many thoughts came into my mind...which is why this new template for my blog is my current template!

Few things on my mind
1) Revival of my blog!!!
2) Anniversary of my 'accident'
3) Money matters and career
Too many things happen too quickly and I have to buck up for 2012. At the same time, I've been taking things too easily. How do I put it this way, back in THOSE time where our ahkong ahma all have to cycle to the woods to get food or garden or breed their own stocks, there is so much being accomplished in a day. Families still get hot food on the table, nice attap houses were built, people are happy, there are no security issues, friendly neighbours et cetera. People were contented.

Now? Life? On a vacation day - wake up, close to noon. catching up on facebook updates - 1/2 hour, go out, be stuck on a traffic jam - 2 hours, have a cup of coffee - 1 hour, read newspaper - 2 hours, watch tv - 1 hour, attempting/pretending to catch up on work and then stray away and surf the internet instead - 2 hours, dinner and traffic jam - 2 hours, catch a movie - 2 hours...the end. by the way, I'm sure all these added up to more than the amount of waking hours in a day.

On a working day. Need I say more? 8am-5pm, work work work. As an undergrad, probably to continue working till about 6pm-7pm, then go out for dinner and being stuck in traffic jam, come home, check Facebook etc, amounting to about 1 hour, speak on the phone or MSN or chat, 1 hour, watch a bit of tv, 1 hour...the end.

Quality of life? Despite all the latest gadgets, iPhone, iPad, massage chairs, spas, facials, luxurious cafes, branded handbags, bestest makeup, are we all happier? Do we all go to bed happily at the end of the day?

The past year, in 2011 I went to a few places - spent total of about 3 months in Kemaman (not to mention the  car accident I got into, thank God I'm all ok now), travelled to Abu Dhabi, UAE for 3 weeks, Oklahoma City, US for 3 weeks, Myanmar for 2 weeks. Spent quite a lot of money on traveling and also a bit of shopping, not to mention all the 'extreme consumerism' I've gotten myself into - i.e. signing up a package in luxury spa, buying quite a lot facial and hair care stuff, been to a lot a lot of massages. Tried some new stuff, like went to a shooting range in US, tried go-karting in Abu Dhabi and Oklahoma, went up the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), went to a bunch of touristic places - - - yes, until now I have not been able to sort them out...sorry!!! To a certain extent, yes, all that made me happy - but not for a long time.

Arghh...confused...cos the more I have, and no thanks to facebook, the more I see what others have, I lagilah want. and the more I buy, the more broke I become, and in the end, poket mia lubang pun pecah...and sendiri sakit hati...I felt that I've accomplished a lot in 2011, but at the same time, it feels like nothing has been accomplished at all.

This is just the beginning of my thoughts of reviving my blog. :) Stay tuned! Hopefully I will write again and to touch the hearts of the few of my readers. To a fruitful 2012...hugs to all!!