Friday, December 19, 2008

Star-crossed being

JOPP!!!…before I continue do not think that I am any close to have any remote resemblance to star-crossed lovers’ story of Romeo and Juliet. Far far far from it. I’ve recently met a person with whom my star totally crosses his. A “wan san” (in Cantonese, as they call it).

My team leader (I can just hope that he never discovers this blog). We’ve been working together 4 months already. In the beginning I thought he was a really nice person, being so friendly, chatty, gave very good advice – okay, wait a minute, from the beginning he has only criticized that I do not have good fashion sense, punctuality, no sense of financial control and that I should be so and so yada yada yada. I took them as constructive criticisms. After all, he’s a 1st Class Graduate, a team leader at only 26 years old, a Toastmaster president of some branch and really articulate. He was like the golden boy –

Hah of late, there are few incidents happening that made me really really changed my mind. A few words to describe him – Arrogant, stingy, master of taichi (in the working culture sense). He could be nice at times (I mean, really I felt that I could chat with him but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at this time I am not feeling so generous with compliments – he totally kills my mood.

It would be too petty of me of me to describe each incident (which I still clearly remember) but… sooner or later the bubble will burst – Of late I’ve been showing signs of being really anti-him. I ignore him when he speaks, sarcastic, jelling-jeling him, he has to be ultra-dense not to have noticed.

And the worst thing is, both of us share the same birthdate!! (not year, but month and day)…it makes me really doubt horoscopes – the being a Virgo thing, characteristics etc. Boh! But someone did comment how much we are alike – but very friendly, open, very good socializing/communicating skills. That’s about it. I hope, if I were 100% like him, then I must really really be membencikan. No wonder I’ve been gaining enemies.

But I absolutely do not share his perfectionist and organized attitude. And God, I hope I am not so critical of one person as he is!!! (and no, I am not a clean person). Does that make me a worse person than him? Having all the bad characteristics and lacking the good ones? Wah lagi-lah teruks.

Neways I just needed to vent. But really really anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If one day if I ever write on this blog that I am in love with my team leader, someone tie me up and slap me awake. (oh by the way, we share the same surname too, Tan – how can a Tan be so hateful???? I thought we were nice ppl?????)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Viva Penang!

Today I'm so proud of Penang, I don't know why. well, working in a regional office means working with lots of's not that I wasn't proud of Penang before this... lol, I've always harassed the expatriates about going to Penang for good Malaysian food, to which they agree. (obviously...where else lah?)

I was just browsing Wiki about Penang and noted the famous Penangites in the list .... hmmm... we do have more outstanding personalities that just weren't in the list...and basically most of the Penang friends that I know now are relatively successful in their respective fields...

and we're such nice and warm ppl...I can almost instantly click with anyone from Penang. most of the time!!!!

=) but fact is I'm working in KL...glad that I have Heng and Lin to keep my Penang traits in check...and I've know somemore Penangites recently...and I always give way to cars with "PXX XXX" car plates...cos i know they are sekampung (well although Penangites tend to luan luan cut car queues and weave in and out of lanes...but we're SAFE drivers!!!)

Must be the Christmas spirit and the fact that I'll be back home next week for X'mas...Yay

Oh btw I will be going to Houston in January...for 3 training...i passed my US visa interview so I'll be going to collect my visa laters, then arrange my flights etc...(crosses fingers)...but I'll be missing Chinese New Year for the 2nd time... (this year I was in Italy mah)

Big hug to Penangites that read my blog...and non-Penangite still get a pat on the shoulder (*wink)...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i will be updating my blog more often

cos facebook blocked again @ work -_-"

was in kuching the last weekend...just came back late last night

i think i'm turning into a malaysian version rebecca bloomwood (shopaholic) buying loads of junk. you don't wanna know the stuffs i got in kuching - let's just say inclusive of a really rodeo cowboy hat and 4 flowers hats... about 30 necklaces/bracelets...a really cute white pearl necklace... 12 bamboo table runners... a few cool bamboo bags... 4 batiks... some cool spoons, and the list goes on. don't even ask how much i spent - =P my room looked pretty stacked up with things at the moment... HEY it's my christmas shopping!!! =)