Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bali oh Bali

just a quick post..
people, I'm going to Bali tomorrow
4.30pm flight
yay..4days 3 nights nia though
but these few days was so busy packing
pack pack pack on sunday night
whole sunday afternoon watch anime
Full Metal Alchemist
then Monday leh hior
Followed my coursemate's car to KL
He was driving with another two cars
His friends
We stopped by in Malacce to go sightseeing
A-Famosa lo
Not bad..really have racial integration
6 indian guys,1 indian girl,1 chinese girl (me!!)

Today (tuesday)
Got roped into helping out my aunt at her new restaurant
It's in Puchong
Just opposite IOI Mall
Home dishes, some Nyonya-style
(Btw,my dad's mom, means my grandma is a Nyonya)
Business is good

Later want to pack all the stuff needed to go Bali
Basically I lugged everything from JB needed for a month's holz
Ya, went to money changer on sunday
Did I tell you guys I'm a millionaire now?
=) haha with RM400, i get about 1million rupiah
not bad leh...ngiek ngiek ngiek
Okla,time to zzz
If not tmr ICI Dulux also can't help to cover the zits liao

Sunday, November 27, 2005


that said
my exams are finally over
done with!!Muahahahahahahaaha..
yesterday was the final, miserable last paper
Vibration and Control
although, according to my coursemates
it's more like doing Advanced super advanced mathematics
When I read the paper, I was like, "OMG...what is this man?"
At first I was banking on Mohan
Since he sat beside me in the exam hall
Instead he went,"Psstt..ching,how to do ah,what's the answer?"
*slaps my forehead. Wrong investment
He was supposed to be the one helping me!!
HEHE..but then, it's already over!!!
yay yay yay yay
After the paper, went for lunch
Then upon reaching home...
Although I was so very tired and fatigued
Since I just slept like, 3 hours?
But..since I'll be leaving for KL on monday (er..tomorrow?)
so I have to clear my stuff, Scrubbed the bathroom clean
Our miserable washing machine broke down few days ago
I don't know why it's so stupiak
Coz it breaks down every semester during exams
Anyway, I had to wash like, 2 pails of clothes?
Which accumulated during the past few weeks
(I know..Hey!..Exam period mar,exempted!!)
When I finished watching them, I was pooped
Then I told Sanyeong, "Thank God we live in this era"
Then I started rambling about how
"wai tai" our parents, grandparents were
No easy feat, good work-out,even
Haha, we went through that ordeal
in hostel life back in first year
Laterz, we went to Sentosa
to collect our bali trip vouchers from the agency
then,we went Permas Jaya
to have yummilicious infamous nasi lemak
But of course, it can't beat Penang Nasi Kandar
Hehe..After tat we went to City Square
Shopping!! Window shopping more though
Btw, went with thongching, sanyeong, cmin
The three of us who are going Bali
Got ourselves beach shorts
Oh we went permas jaya jusco also
everything was so Christmasy
Gosh,it's almost December
Time really flies
Newayz, we went to catch the movie "Zathura"
NEhh, the one which the is from the author of "Jumanji"
It was pretty decent --Adventurous, funny, exciting
although the li'l bro was kinda irritating
But it was a good movie
Uh-huh,today it's time to pack
and finish watching some stuff I downloaded
Yea, wash my car
It's like, super yucky dirty
But yeah,happy holidayz to everyone!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

mata tertampal setem

I suspect that:
I have stamps in my eyes.
Serious! The stamps are glued in my eyes
I repeatedly, consecutively, regularly do the same thing
Oh yes, I also realise that I have brains the size of a peanut
Everytime, during exams, I misread the questions
Or...I never fail to finish reading the questions
No..I never finish reading the question
Like just now for Flight Mechanics
Question 4 ar question 4
(ouch...feels a dagger stabbing into my heart)
I keep wondering why what the miserable equation is.
Ishkk. Realized that actually the equation was given
Written very properly below the question.
Ishk. Again.
(another stab)

A lot of marks man the question.
No use crying over spilt milk
Another miserable paper to go
Placed very high hopes just now's paper de..
Size does matter
yeah,like, the size of my brains and the stamps
Now somemore watching the modern version AhWong
(Remember Square Pegs? Roger Kwok & Jessice Hester Hsuan)
lou por zai ah lou por zaiiiiiii
Modern version is called Life Made Simple
okla..quite funny also. But...exam hor..
No mood d. Stabs myself again
"Tears will get you sympathy
but sweat will get you changed"
so...complain also no use right?
Not bad le, my Full Metal Alchemist also watched a lot d
If only I study as hard as I do
watching drama/idle/procrastinate/play
I'd be in a very good shape

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Miss Cheng,happy 21st!!

dedicating this entry to my lovely housemate of LLHouse
Happy happy 21st birthday aite!~
Phaiseh lah no lavish celebrations...
Finals...Newayz, wishing SanRong:
"Semoga maju jaya dalam finals
Cepat-cepat dapat cari balak
Hari demi hari lebih cantik
Makan lebih berisi sikit"
Hope all your wishes will come true...
Muax...FrenZ 4 LiFe...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Another D.O.W.N

woo hoo,another paper is over--Aircraft Structure I...Yay..although the paper was bad as well, didn't manage to finish it in time,and also some parts were pretty messy.
Sigh.. but the tamparan was not as bad as Aerodynamics and Material Technology. Those two were awful, and I barely prepared for it as well (as in,the day before--
itulah,hiao don't want study) hehe..what to do,no point crying over spilt milk right? therefore as Joe said, procrastination--it's a matter of choice, not chance. But with only two miserable papers more to go, I really can't wait. I keep fantasizing about Bali trip. hehe but as
David said,
"If you were to really wear a bikini, please make sure to capture the correct angle"

Uh-huh,I get what he mean. Don't want to end up like this:

Uh-huh...although this pic was dated back quite some time ago (Miss Malaysia 2004) Andrea Fonseca...she was actually rated the worst for the swimsuit category in Miss Universe pageant. Sure lah...compared to this:

Yeah lah..such difference esp. the waistline (lolz)..that's why I have to start practising to 'capture the perfect angle' as soon as I finish my last paper,on the'll be quite hectic also, because I have to clear up my stuffs, then start packing, and leave for KL by 29th..coz we are going on the 30th. Argghhh..should be thinking about my next exams..hehe..

Anyway, been watching a loy of anime lately. Yeah, finished School Rumble, Trinity Blood. Of course, am following faithfully, diligently Naruto, Bleach,nothing can beat these two also watching Mai Otome, Blood+. just started on Full Metal Alchemist. yea I know, am very is pretty old anime d,since everyone's been singing praises about it. Haiyo..exam season somemore watch meh..(somebody pull my ear!) ..Still have One Piece, Gundam Seed DVD boxsets with me. But Gundam Seed is quite boring offense Gundam lovers!

Also,regarding the hoo-haa over the Dawn Yang issue...Yea, I'm like,the thousandth to participate in the Dawn-mania. She's hot. Period.

Monday, November 14, 2005


A woman who had been married twice and divorced twice was fed up.
Her first husband beat her, and her second husband ran away with
another woman. Plus, she couldn't find a new lover who could satisfy
her sexually, so she put an ad in the classifieds:

Wanted: A good looking, single guy who won't beat me, won't leave
me, and is good in bed.

About a week later, her doorbell rings. She opens the door to find
a man with no arms and legs on
her front porch.

"I'm here about your ad," he says.

"You must be mistaken," she says.

"Let me explain," he says. "I can't beat you, I don't have any arms.

And I can't run away, because I don't have any legs."

"But," she asks,"How do I know you're good in bed?"

"I rang the doorbell, didn't I?"

P/s: Actually I spent an hour creating a post, but due to some screwed-up system which when I clicked "Publish Post", the whole thing disappeared. &*#$$$ So..lazy to re-entry d..Just ranting about the hot weather, the synopsis of the numerous animes I've been watching, the 3 papers I've gone through, my laksa (or lack there-of) Cold Turkey Syndrome, imagining myself in bikini in Bali with muh tourmates etc etc. So I'm, so signing out with a big reluctant sigh--Reality check. The exams are still on. Must. Continue. Study. Have. Been. Idling. Whole. Day. HAIHHZZZZZ..

Sunday, November 06, 2005

naivete, fun, suicide, yada yada

Ok..arlow this is just goin' to be one shot of rambling.
ok i just got back from KL yesterday
8 days in total--amazing, fun, guilt
why is it so?
Well, so naive of me to lug my 30kgs of books to KL
yalor,been questioned my sanity by others
"what in the world are you doing in KL to study???"
Well, since I'm so bored out of my mind in JB
And penang is too far (although I miss pg laksa a lot!)
Feeling certain that I will not be able to study at all
if I were to go back to my lovely ol' penang
of course KL seemed reasonable
since puchong isn't exactly KL town..

Naivete's the word,no?Summarized:
Day 1(Fri)..too exhausted to go out
Day 2(Sat)..DVD marathon
Day 3(Sun)..Shopping spree
Day 4(Mon)..Party alrite
Day 5(Tue)..Eating spree
Day 6(Wed)..Party again
Day 7(Thur)..cheating myself (elaborate later)
Day 8(Fri)..Party
Day 9(Sat)..Makan-makan, belah back to JB

And my progress in studies: 0.4%
I'd say
Yea,partying doesn't take whole day
At first dear Linlin was supposed to join me
But later she said:
"Cannot lar...go KL sure can't study..
it's like committing suicide if I go down"
so she didn't *sobz
And the times that I was at home
It's DVD, anime (I brought Gundam Seed with me)
online, babysitting--or nanny?
Coz my cousin's parents are busy peeps
so have to take care and layan her
although there are 2 live-in maids
(btw,she's 11)
and when I feel real guilty,I'd lay out all my books
And attempt to study..
3 things happen 5 mins after that
Either I fall asleep
Or I start daydreaming
Or I find excuses to do something else
Arrghgh, forget it

Now to the fun parts
Shopping--not much..window-shopping nia
I went IOI Mall & Summit only
Went my cousins my age
Yea I went Velvet, Zouk, Rum Jungle and Zeta-bar
Velvet had this Mambo theme goin' on
Reminded me of Dirty Dancing 1 (classic movie!!)
Zouk was fine, Rum Jungle was ok
(hv 2 give face my fren who's spinning there,ehe)
Zeta-bar was...expensive

All in all, it was good
Since I'm alcohol intolerant, so didn't drink much
I know, what kind of barmaid was I? in a club doesn't mean have to CAN drink
rite? =)
yea,glad I met up with a few friends

And I read in a recent post by one of the bloggers
It struck me as well recently
There are two types of hot/pretty chicks:
Nice, friendly ones
And bitchy,mean ones
I've been fortunate to meet friendly nice ones
Hey, they're pretty, but they don't assume that
The world revolves around them
and that it's an honour for us to serve them
Can't say the same for the other group
The biatches..?
hah..nice? exterior..pretentious
Nice,only when they need something
They may come across as strong characters
Popular group etc etc
My point is:
Why do b**ches exist?
I've been back to Jb for almost 24 hours
Haha. still trying to gain the momentum
Was supposed to stay in KL til monday
following friend's car
Luckily my aunt goin s'pore for business stuff
so she dropped me off at my house
But I almost got it d..
call me kiasu
but in the presence of people studyin hard around me
No doubt reality is going to sink soon
And tell me:
"Finals is in 5 days!!!"
But have to reward myself first
Watched latest eps of Naruto and Bleach
and 2 movies i downloaded
Yea,also finished the anime Trinity Blood
it was quite good, just 24 eps
the soundtrack is very very nice

Hell,the timetable for this finals
8 miserable papers
usually 5 papers also can barely cope nia
Ok ok,I shouldn't be making excuses
so that I won't have to study