Sunday, April 30, 2006

La Bamba rules

yeah...the Spirit of KL thing organised by The Star newspaper,sponsored by DiGi..yada yada yada..our team made it to the final round!! come thursday, it's the final =) the prelims had 156 teams, but only 20 teams made it to the finals..not bad heh.. (perasan, lolz)...yalor..its gonna be something like a treasure hunt..since i know nothing about KL roads and stuff..hv to depend on my groupmates d then..but the gym reali helped during prelims..cos we were running pand down Berjaya Times Square to get answers to the clues's cool..really..major work-out to the body and mind (we had to squeeze our brains to answer the questions and later form as many words as we can with them) going out so can't blog much's a pic

taken with our teammates and Datin Linda Ngiam, the GM of The Star

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Velvet Underground

The last last weekend, on Saturday I went to Velvet for Mr. David Koh's birthday party..It was totally happening =) ah..finally NO house & trance *phew..sorry ah..I ulu a bit wan,so more pro-hiphop R&B..coz I do not know how to shuffle for nuts!!! -_-"

Oh...and I drove for the 1st time to KL night!! It was raining, and I didn't want to go, but Colin cajoled and so long haven't seen both of them already...and against my aunt's wishes..I went. Tee-hee-hee

Velvet was so very packed..but unlike GLO, its air-cond was working perfectly well. And there was actually place to dance. glo? happening but the bouncers couldnt care less if all of you were packed like sardines. =P I reached past midnight,cos I had to work at my aunt's..but it's cool..there were about 30 of us..I think they opened many bottles of Black Label..which I cannot relate to. alcohol intolerant, remember? I took like, 1 shot the whole night? cacat rite? hehe. but everyone already asked me whether I drank a lot a lot already blood circulation fast maR.. =P Oh,I met some really nice ppl also..there's DK, Corrina, Daniel..etc etc.. but I got totally lost the way back, I almost went to Pahang..left at 5.45am?..reached home abt day total zombie-like.hehe..some pictures below loR..

the birthday boy!! (age undisclosed..but he's ancient alrite *wink)

Colin and his bro, Loong

Corrina and her man..forgot the name..hehe but she's hawt

somebody is intoxicated alrite..yea they were drinking from the bottle whole night..fulamak

me and friend =) luckily both of us not so thin..hehe nampaknya gym not so berjaya..-_-" i must ganbatte oh!!

24 hours isn't enough!!!

yeps yeps yeapppp...24 hours in a day isn't enough..there were times when I have too much time in hands...this is not one of the times...I've been procrastinating... teruk!!! so many things to little time...
things that I have been putting off these few days cause I'm rushing my final report on my industrial training...yeah..I know that!!! I had 10 weeks to do it right??? why am I only starting on the like, 11th week? cos this week is the deadline to pass up...sighhh...I've like, 40pages more to go? Ughhhh... It's already hook or crook must finish today?!? if not cannot courier it over to johor d...*sighhh... see?!? I even sacrifice my gym for 4 days already...feeling guilty..cos I've been having lots of pizza, fired chicken etc etc all the fattening stuff for the past few days...there goes my hard work (in the gym) last week. *sigh. -_-"

Oh..I've been putting off my guitar practice also..and some other plans that I was planning. here from 7.30am-5pm, then aunt's restaurant, where got time lagi? nak tidur pun takde masa, apatah lagi bersocial..hmm but when I went to Velvet last week, Colin and Daniel did say that I looked more toned, and curvier..heheh. hope its not kata-kata engsiu. Nevertheless, I hope to go back to my gym regimen ASAP..yala..this is lots of $$$ involved..sakit hati tau if I don't go..

YEAPS...Our team made it!! (LA BAMBA) made it to the final 20 for the R-AGE SPIRIT OF KL competition. Hope to post up some pics go back to report again first..just dropped by to say hi cos I realised I havent been blogging for the whole week...and there I go hopping from one blog to another complaining that you guys haven't been blogging *grins. okla..break time over..Ciaoz

P/S: guess what? now I'm promoted to the office -_-" depressing rite? before that I was almost 8 metres away from the boss and hidden behind some APU the GM cannot see me surfing. Like, now my workstation is just directly in front of him (think 1 metre)... *doubly depressed.So far everyday I also kena cuci from him for my quality of work,due to my lack of experience...looks like he wont be giving me a good testimonial.haha

Have a nice day!~ Give urself a big pat!! *SMILE

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I'm always caught by the Big Boss@ General Manager everytime I surf the in, when I dok curi tulang. -_-" now I have my own workstation as I'm extending my internship, supposed to create directories of some sort for the lots of typing lar..a few days ago, when I was typing an email, humming along to some silly of my colleagues passed I quickly minimized the window. Out of nowhere a voice said:

Having fun or not online? Do you know that you are not supposed to surf the Net during working hours?

Yalo,Boss behind my back. Apparently he's been standing behind me for a few mins. Sigh.

Like I'm the only one.. =( One of the interns (my coursemate) hides in the room the whole day to surf Net and never get caught. But I have been caught a few times. Just when I was starting. *sigh. Just my luck. Once for playing computer game. Hehe..

Anyway..I've made a recent discovery...I'm born with two left legs! Apparently I've only discovered so after I joined Fitness First's Group X classes. Its BodyAttack, BodyStep, Hi-Lo (that involves aerobic moves were disastrous)!!! my legs keep tangling up and I can barely keep up with the counts. That's why I'm sticking to Yoga =P at least I don't mess up, and the instructors somemore puji that I'm flexible.hahaha. Contrary to the frusfrated and "mou ngan thai" expressions from the aerobic classes. The hip hop class is fine..but it combines with aerobics (BodyJam)..Some of the moves are really cool..but some really stupid. And yesterday, I went for its BodyJam session in Summit..wahlao eh,the instructor damn layeng @ ahkua @ bapok. Totally irritating to the max!! and he squeals and giggles!!! *pukes pukes..Ugghhhh. Just feel like poking his eyes. But some of the instructors really good lar (*relieved!!)

Okie-dokie...back to work..later Boss pass by again..break time over. going gym again today..hehehe. not bad..but not losing weight it the food that I whack? hmmm. lols. Adios~

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Life goes on for all of us

Thanks ya to friends who dropped by to extend their condolences and comforting words over my friend's passing. I came back on Tuesday evening to KL..the trip back Penang was horrible, maybe because I did not buy any ticket in advance..extra expensive (RM33!!) for a 4-seater Bas Kilang!! The trip back to KL was much better, costing me only RM27 and also 3-seater Konsortium.

Many people has texted, asked me why my friend was killed in such a gruesome way. Oh yes, Penang has changed...and I seriously hope it doesn't become like KL or JB. I,more than occasionally, drive in the middle of the night alone at 3-4am =( Anyway, the police said that AhYu was murdered by professionals, and it has been planned already. But most probably done by triad members lah. Jealousy,maybe? He was involved with triad,in a way,ever since I knew him more than 2 years ago. But lately he has turned over a new leaf, meaning that he wants to be a new person, no longer involved loan sharks, etc. But the perpetrators obviously are not giving him a chance to lead a new life...His sister was sobbing away asking why can't the killers slash him once or two just to let him learn a lesson? Immediately they took away his life just like that. I was quite able to control my tears at his parents' house, but it is heart-wrenching to see the immediate family members crying. His mom kept hugging me and cry, wailing why does it have to happen?...Who knows, perhaps this is retribution from what he committed in his past when he was in the triad, or just plain fated to die. =( but triad or not,it shouldn't involve taking one person's life!

But what is done can't be undone,so its the memories that keeps the person alive for us I guess. I guess the entry after this can be a bit boring, cause am going to talk about him nia. Treat it like a novel reading lo,but with poor English lah..=P

He was a very sweet guy..I mean, in my days of knowing him lar. He was selling claypot chicken rice at the coffee shop that my grandpa opens. in fact, his stall is very much popular(delicious!) among the patrons of the coffee shop which consists of factory workers nearby. When I first saw him, I tot he had the nicest broad-shoulders that..I don't know,I just have this fetish towards broad-shouldered guys,so naturally I thought he was very good-looking. At that time, during my semester holidays, I helped out at the shop. We became friends, cause we're about the same age, but I had a boyfriend then, so did he have a girlfriend (the same one in the newspapers). His parents have a durian orchard in Teluk Kumbar, so we went there just to eat the fruits, mangoesteens etc. The first time he held my hands? When I was losing my grip hiking up the hill in the orchard =P

We tried keeping the friendship entirely platonic, cos both of us were attached...but both of us had problems with our partners at that time also. More like me treating him like a little brother, he's younger than me by 1 year. We went out a few times to eat,movie..I knew he was involved in stuff that is not so right by law,and I did advice him..but listened or not, I do not know. Nor am I entitled to run his life.

But on one incident, he held a very special place in my heart ever since. I had a motorcycle test on that morning..Yes,I only got my bike license 2years after I passed my driving test. Anyway, the test is held somewhere near my house, about 20mins away. So that morning I went for the test in the Kembara that I shared with my brother. (FYI: I passed the test very successfully. far no one in my family has taken any driving,bike test I cannot afford to fail)..Maybe I was too ecstatic over my passing that on my way back, I hit a 'benteng' and when "Poom"...I thought I was pretty much dead cos it's probably a baaaaddd scratch. Mana tau when I came down to check, I had a flat tire.

Me being 'jaga muka' type, I mean, I've seen my ex changing tires once, how hard can it be right? I signaled the hazard lights (if u call the double signal thing that anyway), took out the yellow pyramid signboard. I mean, I'm not supposed to flag down strangers for help right? Although it was 12 in the noon, still dangerous right? (me and my too much of watching movies) And I was worried my dad will skin me alive if I were to call him, I just took out the manual, read, and simply hentam to change the flat tire. OH,many vehicles waved at me while I attempted to change tire,but none actually stopped lah. Apparently it's a bit different from normal cars like Wira, ...cos it's higher...I managed to unscrew the bolts and nuts...Then I couldn't find the jack,so that was the end of my tire changing. Then it started raining heavily, so in the end I had to call my dad also. It was lunch time so he could come over, and my battery was running low, but I managed to text my ex, thongching/cmin, and ahyu that I have a flat tire and it was raining heavily..if I remember correctly. Hey 2 years d, can't remember the exact details. But I remember thongching/cmin calling back immediately I think..and Ahyu also did,but my hp went flat after that.The moment I on the hp again, Ahyu called again,and it went flat again,for a few times,so I didn't try anymore. in fact,I had to find a public phone to call my dad that time. Dad came 20mins later.

Then Dad doesn't know how to change a Kembara tire also..but at last managed to borrow jack from nearby shop..Yes, I did all the changing. Dad,in his aging years, was not very helpful =( but he gave directions la. After changing the tire and stuff, we went to a tire shop and went home. Upon reaching the coffee shop, I wanted to tell Ahyu that I'm ok,passed my test and stuff but he wasn't around except his bro. His brother was pretty shocked to see me also, and:

Me: Eh, where's your brother?
His bro: Huh, you're back?..I thought you had a flat tire
Me:Yalo, settled liao. just now your bro called me a few times ma, what's the matter?
His: Aiya, he didn't find you ar?
Me: (puzzled)
His: Just now you didn't answer the phone, and you had a flat tire, so he went looking for you liao

Wah..I was so so so so so touched. Totally terharu. Heart melt terus. I mean,we were just friends and he went to look for me? I mean, my fault also lah for not calling him, but I didn't know he was going to go search for me right?That's about the most romantic thing a person has done for me. It was even better than getting a dozen of roses..serious!! Jiwang siol. Imagine he would do that for a friend, so of course he would treat his gf even way better right? it may seemed little but it meant a lot a lot to me. When he came back I aplogized profusely for making him go all the way, and he didn't even know where I was in the first place..maybe just the test area lah. He said it was very dangerous for a girl to be stuck with flat tire in heavy rain, and an attractive one too! =)

And my ex (bf at that time, I only heard from him via a text msg the day after, itu pun because I sms-ed him 1st)..reason? hp no credit.yaya, and there's no such thing as a public phone or house phone?My ex does sayang and treat me as how a bf should treat a gf, but that indident really irked me off,and I keep thinking that Ahyu as a friend also can go all the way to find me d..I start comparing. I broke off with him few days later,much to his resistance,but cannot,maybe I've fallen in love with Ahyu liao that time,hehe. In conclusion, I memang terharu sungguh by him lar so.. =)

After that we went out together and stuff, but things didn't work out for us, cos I couldn't commit =(. But I really did treasure his friendship. In fact,my Nokia 6100 (yep,the one that fell into the toilet bowl, he was the one who brought me to buy the hp..I paid la of course =P) so now really treasure the hp siot..He really did taught me many things about the not-so-glamorous part of life--drugs, loansharks, etc..Hmm,type till so much..I think you also read till bored d,so the rest of the details I'll just keep to myself lah. =)

So the person's gone...but he'll remain in my heart forever as a very dear friend. =) Life goes on, think not of the sad things, just keep the sweet memories, no? The past week and the weekend has been great, but lazy to type already..Time to supper.. (P/s:The gym is going great =) Not so great part is whacking the food double after gym,haha)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Goodbye, Ah Yu

One of my dearest friend died on Thursday night. Reached home to Penang this morning 3am+ to attend his funeral this more here. Didn't really cry but of cos there were tears..maybe cos my mom and his parents crying away? think he just texted me few days short life is. just appreciate those around you, you may never know what will happen tomorrow..and how cruel people can be

p/s: this is not supposed to be a humorous post, but the pic they put in newspapers does him no justice. he was much much cuter than this. passport picture, what can you expect? in fact in my passport, mine looked like a serial rapist myself cum an Indonesian maid -_-" I just felt like I need to clear his name a bit since the pic is hardly flattering

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another first time...

Yep..I had another first time..this time its not as glamourous as sitting in a RX-7 already's embarassing!!!!

jeng jeng jeng...(drumrollz)

this first time of...handphone falling inside the jamban!!!! unfortunate. I used to laugh at those who dropped their handphones into the toilet bowl (eg. my aunt, friends)..i go:
"How silly can you get? why didn't you make sure that your handphone is placed properly?"
retribution man. RETRIBUTION. retribution. So sorry to all of you. I take back what I said. "Komen neh"

So how did this first time happen? Last friday, I went to a Toastmasters' competition with david and his friend. I haven't been to one, so was very excited. Basically the competition was good. they had international speech and impromptu one...anyway,this event really make me want to improve my public speaking..speaking nonsensically and incoherently is my forte..but when it comes to hard facts *scratches head. and especially in front of a crowd *gulps.

Anyway,it's besides the point. I was about to elaborate on my hp. Upon reaching the place, it's in SS19..i think.can't remember..naturally I had to answer a very natural nature call =P that day I wore this brown pants..(I went directly after work so I didn't change). Usually I chuck my hp by my sidepockets..but this pants had backpockets..amazing. haha. so i thought to myself "since putting my hp in sidepockets make my hips look even wider, why dont I put it behind instead? butt look curvier..although one side only-lar"
how much I regretted it. i didnt button my backpocket,and went to the toilet. I stepped up the platform (no it's not the seated toilet, it's the squat type,which i prefer in public places), and unzip my pants.. when I started pulling it a very-slow-motion-way-but-it-just-doesnt-register-in-my-mind-to-react, I see my dear Nokia 6100 slide from my pocket and *thud into the toilet bowl. Dahlah the toilet itself was smelly. =(

A million thoughts ran through my mind that,
"Shit. How can this happen to me?"
"Now, do I pick it up even?"
"Want to flush it ar,since last time aunt dropped hers she didn't even pick it up"
"(momentarily happy) Yay, time for a new phone!!!!"
"Damn, no $$$. Just invested RM500++ in gym. URgghhhhhhhh !@#$@#%"
"(peers into the toilet bowl) Is that like,shit?"
"To pick, not to pick. no pick, no hp..."

Obviously,I had to pick it up since damn broke already now...Thus, I calmly opened the door, to find a few ppl queuing up to use the loo. I stood by the door to usher them elsewhere..(got 2 other toilet cubicles ma)..I told them not to go in while I ran to get David. I was like, "Psst,come here a second. My hp fell into the jamban" His jaws-dropping. Classic.=P I was hoping he'd offer to dig it for me...but fat chance..his face indicated that there is no hope for my hp.

After letting it drown for 5mins while I look around for blackbin bag(No I was not goin to dig it up using bare hands!!)..finally I slipped my hand into the dark hole and probed it..(holding my breath of cos!!)..the water felt warm and murky..ewww!!!! Luckily I managed to grab hold of it..and LUCKILY it was not of darkish color which can only mean one thing--- think fertilizer coated. *phew..... I rinsed it thoroughly, dismantled the parts that I could (it was blinking and vibrating when I fetched it) and wiped it. ONE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR ALL: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ON UR HP IF ITS DRENCHED WITH LIQUID..U MIGHT JUST KAPUT IT. u noe,short circuit and all..that;s what all of them tell me. So i wiped it dry and dropped it in a bin bag..I even sat through the whole competition =) enjoyable.

Upon reaching home, still quite selamba..after bathing..used the hairdryer to blow it dry...someone said must blowdry and let it dry 2days..some say must disassemble ever single screw and wipe al lthe components (but me thinks not: cos I tried dismantling my Sagem hp once a few yrs ago, and it was destroyed after that)..I just blowdry it for an hour...and voila!!! it works!!! I was ecstatic with a huge sigh of relief...but of it's super cacat d...It has those buzzing interference sound when someone tries to call or text you..(something like when u place it near a radio or speakers)..probably speaker gone d lar..and battery also half gone..suka-suka will flat. but then..still thank god lar, cos its chance of being saved was so tiny..and its still working 80%!!! lucky..cos I've got all the phone numbers and important stuff stored in that hp..and I dropped my hp countless times d.. it always falls from the table, or i accidentally lose my hand grip on it. poor thing.

Yeah..last yr I lost it once. Dropped in when I came out from my car while going for exam. Was devastated. but got it back one week later. someone picked it up and forgot abt it. left it in her car for a week. That time I almost died without hp. hahah. I am so attached to it. and the sweet girl contacted my fren to ask me get it from her. how nice!! how many will actually do that?? maybe cos the screen spoiled giler d..i had to spend RM150 to replace its screen also. but still...


wow..wat a long entry dedicated to my careful when you go to the loo with ur hp...dont say its not goin to happen to will never know..bwahahahah. end. time out.