Monday, May 26, 2008

As promised...Barcelona Part II

With the availability of Internet, the frequency of me updating should be proportional right? hehe but nothing interesting is happening here lah, the saddest being without a lengzai or any kangtao at all...but a promise is a here are more pics of Barcelona..!~

Me and the Korean lengzais...
Lovely Parc fav Gaudi's place

Yummilicious Paella and Sangria

Montserrat. lovely!

Montserrat no.2
3 of us...

Next will be posts for Sicilia...anyways, I am supposed to go back to Malaysia on 29th June, but then I have exams till tried to change tickets lo...but the agent could only change it to 22nd July so far...I'm more than thrilled to hang around till end of July..just a small problem...don't exactly have cash to hang around till then...I have several trips coming the cash that I have is to be fully utilized..if the money I have were to be a lemon, then I'd have to squeeze it to the very last drop...going to these few places soon:

1) Napoli/Capri Islands/Pompei - Italy
2) Sardegna Island - Italy
3) Liverpool - UK

Unconfirmed, but hoping I will be going (with the super super limited cash I have left):
1) Florence - Italy
2) Milan - Italy
3) Athens - Greece sad my Europe sabbatical coming to an end soon...many told me "Why go back to Malaysia..get a job there and stay lah"...but...I really don't know, think so easy meh..of course my parents were like, "Come back sooner!" instead...fikiran bercelaru now...sigh...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

hana lansi lah MU

When Cristiano Ronaldo tried to show off and missed the shot, I really thought that Chelsea would win. Mana tau poor Terry had to slip and fall. Life is really unpredictable lor. The Champions League's trophy this year goes to..Manchester United. =P Terry's face so muram at the moment. Aiyahs, I tak berperasaan lah for this match lah. Me always Liverpool wan.

Update soon...

P/S: Btw, I will be going Liverpool in June. Then evday have to eat sayur masin liao. Looking forward to the trip though!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008


....THAT I HAVE LEGAL INTERNET! =P yang bukan dicuri, tapi dibayar...hoo hoo hoo...pada mulanya, mereka tidak mahu membenarkan I berbuat begitu, tapi aku habak kat korang yang aku mesti menggunakan internet pada bulan ini, untuk mencari kerja dan membeli penerbangan untuk travel. pada akhirnya saya berjaya mengharukan big boss. cerita yang amat panjang cos modem mereka dah kaput almost 2 bulan, hari ni baru sampai modem yang baru. anyways, AKHIRNYA SAYA TELAH BERJAYA!!! tidur...zzz nitez