Monday, June 30, 2008

In dubai now

9 months ago on 15th October blogged this post...from the other way..just took a 5 hour flight from Rome to another 7 hours will be in KL liaoooooooo

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm coming home

These days I will not be able to update..wait..i haven't been since the past few weeks anyway hehe. I owe this blog millions of pics! arghhhhhh... but i havent sorted them out yet..done some small trips in may and june. busy as a bee (lansi hor heheh)

I will see you guys back in malaysia lah...leaving 29th June. couldnt postpone my flight.

this week got exams lo. finally got exams after 8 months...but not really studying also. cos i assumed that i will have till 8th july so mentally not prepared to leave yet. and with all my sampahs also..very hard to pack. eh eh eh.

oklah will update as soon as i can, hopefully before i depart from italy.

ciao baci...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

forza italia!

can hear the whole of italy cheering when pirlo and rossi scored, watched the match from my apartment..apart from the fact that one of my italian flatmates was cursing and screaming with joy and frustration thruout the 93 minutes... cool also lah hor.

just came back from liverpool. bwahahaha. finally had my pilgrimage to anfield d..

sorry lack of updates lah. kinda tension about the flight ticket back to malaysia. now tentatively 29th june..or 8th july..if 29th june..then it's too soon!!!!

arghhhhhhh. but the agency has not succeeded in changing my ticket yet to 8th july..less than 2 weeks away u know...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Can I seriously say I'm sick of traveling? i know it sounds very arrogant and lansi, but I seriously do not want to go anywhere anymore. I just want to go back to Malaysia, even if when I go back I'll have to pay RM2.70 for the car fuel. hehe.

Last weekend I was in Naples and I went to Capri Island also...beautiful...and also beautifully expensive. Now everything feels and looks expensive to me. sien. all also want to cheat my money nia. most of the money are not mine, with compliments from the italian govt for the scholarship...but i've RM4k that's mine ok...

but I can see that the number of pictures i take at places i visit lately have reduced significantly, like 400% less..meaning 4 times less..or sth like that lah..

Now going to pack my stuffs and going to Pisa later, parting for Sardinia island tomorrow morning.

Stressed giler now don't know when is my flight back to request to change the flight is still pending. haihs.