Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hehe False Alarm lah

so no Love is in the air no nothing at all

now a bit confused myself also.

to be confirmed in these few weeks.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i know i know

it's been an awfully awfully awfully long time since i've last updated.

blame Facebook.

and i've also not been reading blogs for god knows how many donkey years already.

been busy with you all know, I was away for courses in Houston and Dubai. no more trip for me at the moment (boo hoo hoo) people are starting to think that i'm always at training hahaha. work's good. company laying off people and major re-org but still good. :) now i can safely being laid off happily since i've earned trips to Houston and Dubai. haha.

on another may be in the air for me *grins. who knows. am seeing someone on and off now. but he seems like a nice guy.

to be updated soon. huhuhu. (i bet someone at home, namely dear Papa is very curious at the moment. hahaha cos he's the only that checks out this page everyday anyways haha to keep tab on his faraway daughter)