Friday, September 28, 2007


Everything's a mess now. I am in extremely happy one moment, and extremely depressed the next. It's not even PMS. Yesterday I went to make my visa at the Italian Embassy. All the agreements etc has been signed..yep yep definitely going Italy adi.

Will be going to Perugia...which my uni is on top of the hills...and super ulu kind wan...and as I will be studying in a university for foreigners (universita per stranieri di perugia) of perugia...nampaknya I will be seeing more foreigners than italian themselves. ho ho ho. -_-" hancurkan my dream only.

so the happy part is im going Italy..that's the only happy part..sad ones aplenty lo..

a) My work here in office tak habis habis lagi, so cant leave yet. I'll be probably working till 1 day b4 I fly..sigh..
b) I'm going to miss all my colleagues...all very nice..except one or two meanies..but otherwise all were super nice
c) I'm going to miss my family and friends..and especially just when I was just getting to know a few people that I got reacquainted with and
d) masalah ekonomi persendirian (me!)
e) masalah deprived of penang food
f) masalah what also havent prepared yet
g) masalah petronas
h) masalah cinta lima segi=
i) masalah horizontal expansion cos I worry I won't get to eat in italy

Gah..anyway conclusion is I will probably fly to Rome on 5th Oct (tentatively)..I hope can be pushed till 6th/7th Oct lo..I want to be excited over this..but I don't have the time to be..sighhh yalo next week still working...

belated birthday

I love flowers! =) I received this from CK as a belated birthday gift on 16th Sept sweet...and of course, a birthday celebration is not complete without a meal and movie right? hehe. Poor CK treated me to Kiku Zakura's again, which was yummilicious...then we watched 881:Papaya sister or sth like that. Ermmm..the movie was not good..but the company is good la..haha.
Sweet. =)

of course..I am also a sucker for flowers without the 'enhancements'..but I think I posted this b4 awhile back..cos it was from Mr.C last year...

Anyways...just to give a special mention to CK lah for the sweet belated celebration =) *hugz

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

panasonic lumix FX-12

At times of economic doldrom/kemelesetan ekonomi...many things happen...

When this phenomenon happens to me...

This happens...

Jeng jeng...

Presenting...PANASONIC LUMIX FX-12

I am a proud new owner of this sweet thing. There was black color as well...but due to my "tidak tahu memelihara harta benda" nature..I opted for the normal silver color...easier to maintain. =)

Leica lens...sweet
2GB memory card...sweet
Price..RM795 (+casing + minitripod + memory card+ screen protector)...even sweeter
The emptiness of my pocket..not so sweet.

Haha...but I just HAD to get it after I jalan jalan in Low Yat on Saturday...but gaji still haven't masukked at that time, so I didn't buy it (so can't accuse me of impulsive purchasing disorder)...but thank God, our salary masuk adi yesterday morning =) =) so I went to get it after work yesterday with my colleague Guztyne. He's the techie kinda guy, so bringing him along will ensure that I was not ripped off or the parts that I got was original etc. My coursemate Vibrate/Chong bought the exact model after I told him the shop name...but he didn't buy it from the guy I bought from..with exact same specs he paid I untung RM28 lo..I went to survey few shops adi on Saturday..a shop said RM950 cheapest..another offered mine is a really good buy. heheheeeeeee~ last night I even smiled in my sleep...this morning also woke up with a sleep.

Nampaknya my hutang bertambah d..~ hahahaha.

to read more of the specs, click here.


I should give a name to my laptop and camera. hehe. but don't know why I'm not THAT excited abt my laptop..oh well

Friday, September 21, 2007

berhutang keliling pinggang

This Monday, I went to KLCC Petronas Twin Towers to negotiate with HR to let me defer my reporting date to 10 months later..that is after I come back from Italy. After speaking to the HR Petronas Center, HR Petronas Carigali and Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU)...I ampu ampu ampu..still got a "NO!"

you are now reading the blogpost of a girl who just landed in a nice big debt with Petronas. RM42.5k, for the 5 years that Petronas sponsored me.

Arrghhhhhh I also now very dilemma. This current boss is very disappointed that I am I think my chances of returning to this company upon returning from Italy is negative. Since he was like ,"WHAT? Giving up such a good working opportunity to take Italian????" Cannot be accepted. After all, this company is designing first of its kind aircraft in this world, and me taking up a position as an aircraft design engineer here, and sumore its first female engineer sure very challenging right???

Also...the bonus that is impending is pretty damn tempting alright. The boss promises a big fat bonus for everyone when its first Proof of Concept aircraft flies. Supposedly end of this year. Gahh. I only been here, what, 4 months??? So calculate here and there, don't think my bonus is going to be THAT good~ now everyday I just do my work lo..and hope to leave the company with a good impression la. It is a worthy investment. Cos the boss is those type that very 'small gas' one..once you betray his trust, it's going to be hard to get back into his good books. by betraying his trust, I guess it means that I leave the company now when my CFD~Computational Fluid Dynamics knowledge is super needed. hahaha. as if la. I'm still a noob in this. Just that I'm the one that stupidly staying back late every night to work. In 2 months' time, I was going to get confirmed. RM3000 adi the salary. Once again, tempting. but..Naaaahhhh.

Italy or not? After the verbal confirmation from the lady in charge from L'Ambasciata di Italia since last week, I have not heard from her yet. Ketensionan. I mean, I really need to start buying all the stuffs already right? But if my pre-enrolment is not confirmed, anything may happen. I refuse to stock up on shampoos, shower gels, facial cleansers and lots of canned food unless its definite. More over, thinking of buying a digital camera (although my bank is negative already as it is)...cos salary coming out next week..Tomorrow I can overdraft 1st..@ borrow from my colleague. hah.


Petronas or not??? So the HR Petronas Center is willing to give me another 2 weeks to consider if I want to join them or not, for sure they cant wait for me 9 months.. But my prospective employer, Joint Venture Division in Petronas Carigali is urgently waiting for the employees to report in so that they get started on their projects (or so the HR says)...I really really really wanted this job also..cos this position involves dealing with people (which I recently discovered I have no talent to deal with machines/computers) and liaise with those having business with Petronas i.e Shell, Talisman, ExxonMobil etc...can go offshore...can go travel...can do commissioning etc. Damn. and as all Petronas staffs tell me..working in Petronas really has its the sense that the employee benefits and bonus is really lucrative.

But Italyyyyyyyyyyy. sigh...kesimpulannya no matter what decision I make, I will hutang keliling pinggang..if I go for Petronas, I wont have to return the 42.5k, but I will miss the chance of the Italian scholarship (worth about RM35k)..but at least I won't have to pay it back..but sure regret forever if I don't go.Should I let go of this opportunity to go Italy and just go Petronas and work????? work..what a depressing word.

so basically, its at this juncture, again its time to make a decision. -_-" hate it.

actually made my decision d. chose to go Italy. There is no right or wrong, nor it may not be the best decision either.

p/s: Zharif (my colleague) says he will miss me a lot when I leave. But till now he hasn't given me my birthday present (he made me mention him in my here it is) haha.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

family photos..

Finally the family photos taken in the studio is here. the makeup artist was horrible, so my eyes looked bengkak! =P face damn gemuk also. badan also gemuk la..

formally introduce my family..L to R: Gary, me, Daniel, Sebastian, Yong..

Sebastian is my dad le...his rahsia is dibocorkan by his sisters to for mom..she nor her siblings never mentioned any english names while she was it's Yong for her..

Me and the two evil brothers

Gary, the hairstylist and I

Daniel, the future Mat Rempit and I

Damn..I think I will miss my family leiii when I go Italy.. (*crosses fingers..I still wanna go!) Dad's-tidak-menghiraukan-me attitude
Mom's nagging/repetitive-broken-cd-storytelling
Gary/Tong's constant-asking-from-me-for-financial-help
Daniel/Liang's super-narcissistic-aisui-but-cute-pattern

I think my youngest bro Daniel got future to be casanova la..damn lengzai..but he makan super kuat like probability of becoming super tuapui like me is very high.. =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

how I spent my 23rd 21st Birthday

Sorry..had training..busy with work..many things happened =) =) some good, some not good, but mostly is good. hehehe.

Mau mula my cerita from where.. ya..birthday..didn't celebrate in style la..just normal normal, makan with friends..birthday cakes..

But very terharu cos received texts, phone calls from friends who remembered..thanks to all~

Mula-mula on Thursday afternoon received an early surprise from D (nehh, the one who harassed me a lot thru phone wan arrr) who sent a bouquet of flowers to my office. Hehe. Surprised..and sweet!~ Really didn't expect it..but how also..a girl will always be a girl..somehow also will damn happy if get roses. haha although my fav flowers are orchids..but roses more romantic I guess..1 dozen is good..the more the better..the heavier the better..haha~ so D is in my good books again d..

cantik rite?damn chan rite me? but nvm..lolcake no 1: carrot cheese cake, courtesy of HP Lin, HP Loh and HP LokeCake no 2 : Courtesy of my colleagues, Syahid and Teh (we attended training together )cake no.3: I kinda ordered it myself, Mocha/choco mudpie..duno le..courtesy of kenkorcake no 4: from my ever loyal lovely coursemates, Cmin, JJ, David, KhongWui, Vun, ginseng
Flowers no2 from la..just a pot of 2 kuntum of flowers there also wan

anyway spent the birthday weekend watching a few movies at the cinema and just spending time with some close friends. supposed pigi Velvet, but not in the mood (scared the tiles on the floor might break if i dance..lately too too too overload) went cinema lo. but really enjoyed the whole thursday-sunday activities. =)

type-type-type now I am PMS-ing also lazy type adi..better news to break


Jeng jeng jeng...

some of you may already know it..but I just received the notification yesterday..(Thurs Sept 13th) I did excitedly sms, email and MSN some ..hehehe..


yes yes yes! confirmed adi my scholarship...finally!

9months, Perugia. =) should be leaving in it means less than a month away...


it means that I have to quit my current job. it was a hard decision and took a lot of consideration, but yes i am sooo quitting it. told my manager on wed, she was a bit reluctant to accept my resignation, but she gave me quite a good advice.

yep. that time wednesday the scholarship has not been confirmed yet, but that time too tension liao. kenot tahan..pekchek (due to PMS) i just *snapped* and told my manager that I want to quit.

risiko tinggi u know that time..could end up jobless, scholarshipless also. but that time PMS ghost possessed ma..sure won't think so much liao..

tendered my formal resignation letter yesterday. I am required to serve a month's notice, as my contract says. but aiya, now also ketensionan..cos the classes starts in beginning of October..but my letter on 12th Sept..technically gotta serve till 12th Oct..but after cajoling my manager, she says 3 weeks can lor, provided my task handover proceeds smoothly. my MD, the mat salleh is of course not happy..but he is not around now..but will have to face the music next week when he is here also. gahh~

will definitely miss all my colleagues..a lot! maybe not the evil Dr.H..and not the MD Mr.M..

just worked 3 mths here but feel that the bond is quite strong. of course the cubicle next to me is my 5 yr coursemate super genius David, that will entertain my stupidest questions regarding to anything technical (lift, drag,point of gradient, partial differentiation, momentum loss, conservation of mass)..must thank him..he made my 3 months least not so clueless..

haha don't want to describe so much abt my colleagues..rather, future ex-colleagues abt it in other must continue my kerja..

so much of little time..

p/s: due to a certain misi I have been MSN-ing since Wed till today (Fri)..I think my mission failed. But still will continue pursuing it...

I dreamt of CFD on onions this morning..freaky..define multiphase domains of an onion???? meshing??? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Important date

Another year has passed..

One year older,
one year wiser,
one year closer to being an old spinster

hat's right! 7th september is my cow1 (ngao yat/birthday)..hehe..

so I'm declaring yesterday (Tuesday) till this Sunday as good mood day..

And the reason I post early cos I will be off for training in Kelana Jaya for 4 days..meaning tomorrow and won't be coming to office..and since I have been banned from online by the broadband service at can't online I post up now la..

More time for you to wish me then.hehe..


big fat convo dinner

There are many things that you can give a girl who just officially graduated. Flowers, soft toys, bracelet, more flowers, angpow, watch, necklace, keychain or any other thing that you can think of...

But one of the best things is getting a big fat convo dinner...yea..after getting the big fat convo dinner, orang also menjadi big and fat...

2 weeks ago Buyong the great treated me to a dinner at TGIF =) Thanks Buyong..I was supposed to say, "who needs flowers when you get a big fat convo dinner" but I won't! Haha oi Buyong..different meaning wan ok when getting different presents!..I wanted to go Chili's Grill & Bar but he wouldn't bring me..he said it is a sacred place for him. ishhh.. sudahlah..

But we had a great least I did! I had grilled salmon but his sauteed chicken is least i think that was what he rice baked with cheese wan..very very yummilicious.. and the appetizer and dessert is good!!!

oops the picture on top left is actually fried calamari..terhabis makan only terrememberedbuyong is too dark..kenot be seen in the bottom right picture

me and buyong, who is vying for a secretarial position in HCFC

We went there about 9pm-ish and actually stayed till almost midnight...cos Buyong had sooooooo many things to say (haha kidding la) and we managed to catch Liverpool's match and Chelsea's..we sat in front of the TV mar..but great catching up with him...

after that, we went for second round, supper pulaks..this time i treat him big fat non-convo supper...although it was just ayam goreng pandan at William's..not bad wert..he sendiri that tak larat nak makan d..=)

basically this is a thank you post. hahaha. eh buyong..the balance can be accrued right?

And dedicating this song to all...

Pupus-- Dewa

Aku tak mengerti
Apa yang ku rasa
Rindu yang tak pernah
Begitu hebatnya
Aku mencintaimu lebih dari yang kau tahu
Meski kau tak'kan pernah tahu

Aku persembahkan hidupku untukmu
Telah kurelakan hatiku padamu
Namun kau masih bisu
Diam seribu bahasa
Dan hati kecilku bicara

Baru ku sadari
Cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan
Kau buat remuk seluruh hatiku

Semoga waktu akan mengilhami
sisi hatimu yang beku
Semoga akan datang keajaiban
Hingga akhirnya kau pun mau

Aku mencintaimu
Lebih dari yang kau tahu
Meski kau tak'kan pernah tahu

I think I posted this lyrics before in the blog...but nvm la..still my top favourite song for the moment~

P/s: This Friday (7th September) is an important day..

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


So lauya wan this new radio station

frequency 93.9fm..

keep on have this "drumroll" sound. and the DJ rambling about the news like in such a hurry. *tsk tsk.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Happy belated Merdeka Day 2 everyone...

I went to watch the fireworks display at Putrajaya with David, for the Merdeka countdown..the well prepared David advised to go we bertolaked at abt 1st it was really congested at the Puchong IOI Mall area there, we went, "Phew, luckily we came out early" (the fireworks display is supposed to start at midnight)..mana tau..8.40pm lidat we have already reached Putrajaya..we stopped twice at "strategic spots" before stopping at our 3rd location in Cyberjaya where we have our scenic view, where we saw the spectrum of colours blast a.k.a the fireworks across the big lake.

The pictures are courtesy of David, I didn't take any of the fireworks pictures, I was just in charge of taking video of it..and I took pictures of humans and inanimate objects the credit goes to him =) *haha. if you complain that the pictures of fireworks are no good...find him as well..*lol

you can read more from here...(basically of the same pictures) but my post has exclusive pictures of..him!..and me!!(joking la) although I have noticed that I looked like a balloon lately. (Thus declaring myself as on diet again, as of today) *lol

jeng jeng..pix..

the tripod that took the pix of the fireworks
My favourite photographer of the night

Lovely pic of the PICC building with the ferris wheel

we sat with these people along the pavementall the family crowd that came with the cucu cicit, sanak saudara, ahkong ahma


#14 - My favouritestCamwhoring..i mean, looking at the fireworks

it's good to do these kinda being caught in the jam in KL Dataran Merdeka or getting tipsy in the club.. lately slowing down on partying d..old liao..last but not least...
The typical Malaysians with the highest order kesedaran sivik...i mean..lack of it..

HAPPY 50th birthday!!

P/s: This 50th celebration marks the 50th year of our independence..but I don't really feel the spirit. As like this fireworks display..everyone was just there for the fireworks (including us!), not to celebrate independence. And whose fault is it that we became this way?