Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy new year!!! [2011]

yes yes another year, another year wiser, more wrinkles, more waistline... less metabolism, less money, less energy

but i have a good feeling about this year...2011

2010 was such a hectic year and passed by in a blur, to be honest I don't remember much about the all started on Dec 2009 when i signed up with the new job. The chronology after that...let's see...if i remember correctly:

The year it was...
Abu Dhabi to KL to Labuan
Labuan to Miri
Miri to Labuan
Labuan to Kota Kinabalu...wait all these was just in December 2009...

Feb: Labuan to KL to Balikpapan, Indonesia

Met amazing peeps there, the friendliest I've seen, the helpfulest ones I've seen, but also the most corrupted ones too (had some problem with the work permit there and almost got deported)
Made amazing friends which I hope would last long long time...
April: Left and went back to KL then to Abu Dhabi (again!!)
Here it felt like I was back to high school again or was it university...endless assignments but fun fun fun too!
End of May, left for KL --- finally!!! a good 2 weeks vacation *whoop dee doo* spent quality time with family and friends, my dear LL Housemate got married, Mrs Au... ;) Congrats Rin2
June - October - headed back to Labuan, got thrown offshore in Bintulu for 1 month
Back in KL once, beau came to visit once, oh received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers once too

Then November...again to Abu Dhabi...yes for the 3rd time in one year, the one month was the most, well, let's just say i met the most arrogant and annoying people, but again, we learn something from them, mainly "not to be like them" but i'm glad each of us improved towards the end of the month

and in December! yes yes yes, finally got my long awaited fact extended for 3 weeks...spent great great time with beau, we went to Melaka and Port Dickson...then went back to Penang again for another very good friend's wedding, miss Jolene Ooi *sheds tear* she made such a gorgeous bride and I hope my wedding one day would be as beautiful as hers...

So...This year? back to the grind of work, but I am positive about this year...partly because i know i will be having scheduled days off/vacation now from my current position ;) yes! and more training so i can do so much more @ work instead of pretending to study every day...LOL

Anyways typed in hurry...but happy new year y'all!!!!!!