Monday, January 28, 2008

Jeng jeng jeng

This year for Chinese New Year:

1) LL Housemates gathering will kekurangan 1 person to gossip and do siasuei things together. im sure Miss Pana will miss me, cos she will be the only person eating. hahhaa. *bleks

2) HPC Gathering will kekurangan someone to be the one late to arrive (aka, me!) If mengikut tradisi, HP Pao or HP Lin were always the early ones...then the person living just a km away, HP Heng will!!! then HP Jo Ooi, HP Loh, HP Chun...No one will have a go for another bowl of HP Loke's YeePhor's hokkien mee...Girls, remember to bring your 'kums' when pai nee at each other's places ok, mi raccomando!

3) Occasionally, the SRKBL Melur ppl will have a gathering also..sorry cant make it this year!!!

4) Esp my family...this year, my Xiaoyi and Mom will kekurangan another kaki to play mahjong with them...less money for them to win this year...since every year basically I am just donating my money away...from a few days b4 cNY till Chap Goh Meh... -_-"

Aihsssssss...Janice, thanks so much for the Xmas card...altho I just received it yesterday. haha yours will be arriving soon, i promise no later than Easter ok!

Part 2 of my Paris trip: Beryoga everywhere I go...hehehe

Not bad lei..can pose inside Musee du Louvre sumore...and at Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel...-_-"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

no internet lah!

previously i was able to online at home..for about 1 week..cos i curi oranglain punya wireless internet connection. but lately the line very the f**ked up..and apparently i can only on9 when the itu tuanpunya pc is open..which is weird, cos the line belongs to sum1 yang tinggal satu tingkat bawah kami...but leh hor, i can oni connect via kawan saya punya pc..duno y dia ialah the tuanpunya pc for my connection..lately she not around..line sumore problematic..kesimpulannya..cant online lo..

but im's good..i covered 5 seasons of Friends, watched so many Prison Breaks and Heroes that i am now dreaming of them..eyes hurt..blergh..

I miss the aroma of Chinese New Year cookies in the oven!

Monday, January 14, 2008

and my friends say...

1) A certain Miss Lim wrote to me in email...

"Wow so you must be having fun there in Germany. How is it there?..."

2) And a certain Mr. Teoh wrote to me in Friendster...

"let me see...what can i buy at italy....actually i cant think of u can speak spanish already???"

Errr...1st...I know I have been missing from the virtual world for quite some time...but I did meet up with Miss Lim before I left for italy...Girl...u tergamak tak tau that I am in italy instead of germany! boo hoo...and 2ndly...I think in italy...we speak italian, not spanish...manusia jahil...

on a more interesting note, I just learnt that italians are very..well..hypocrisy kinda people.. am now embroiled in a veryyyyy exciting housemates-bitching-backstabbing-drama, which consists of me, 2 italian chicks, 2 chinese nationals, and a moroccan. Oh..occasionally, it involves our landlord also, a couple well into their 70s, because certain issues cant be resolved by our own. "O, Draconian Devil!"
"O, the beauty of italian culture!"

Otherwise, I am having the time of my life, thank you very much =P

New year resolution 2008:
1) To shed 10kgs...Before I came to Italy, it was 6 kgs...then I put on 4 kgs in 3 months, so now I have ONLY 10kgs to lose. Easy feat. Non c'e' una problema.

2) To learn Spanish, French and Japanese. I did take 1 semester of these languages before, but forgotten everything. But what's new year resolutions if you don't write the impossible ones down? =P

3) Cari kangtao to work here. Apparently I'm now dried up financially, so I can't travel outside Italy (Austria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland) no more if I don't find a way to earn $$...

Kesusahan of kehidupan...AND THE WORST THING IS THE END OF SEASON SALES IS ON NOW...20%, 30%, 50% of everything...i can't even afford to hoo..

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Selamat Tahun Baru 2008!!!

Just a quick post here...a few of you wondered where i went missing adi...including dad who texted to ask where i am..hehe

I had to go to Pisa to board my flight on 24th Dec, went Paris with my ex-coursemate KW..woke up 4am in the morning cos we had to be at the airport by 6am…cheap flights…costs just like RM200 for a return flight to and fro Paris, which is why its at ungodly hours…but got hidden charges wan…we have to pay RM15 for baggage charges…and to get to Paris from the Beauvais Airport, we have to pay like, RM65 for shuttle bus to get to central Paris…something equivalent like, RM9 from LCCT to KL Central kinda shuttle bus for a 45 mins’ bus ride.. haihs…but 6 times the amount…hati sakitttttt….sakitttttt…

We reached about noon, but since we don’t speak any French except “Parlais anglais?” and “Je ne se pais” and “Je suis desole” etc etc…although I did take French for a semester when I was in uni, I have pretty much returned every single thing I learnt to the lecturer. Anyways, we spent the day learning the metro system (kinda like the Komuter)…it’s probably the most comprehensive metro system in the world, covering the entire central Paris…you are never more than 10 mins’ distance from a metro station. We bought the Zone 1+2 tickets which covered all the tourist places. It costs about RM80 (€16.30)for a week…we visited Louvre Museum on X’mas eve…then we went to Champs-Élysées…!! Very very pretty at night…and everything also incredibly expensive there also!

On X’mas day…we visited…well…a cemetery..=) Père Lachaise Cemetery…not very, uh..Xmasy, but it IS the largest in Paris and reputed to be the most visited in the world…There lies Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin. Delacroix, Gericault, Louis Gay-Lussac etc etc…damn freezing cold walking in a super big cemetery lerrrr…in the evening we went to see the lovely Eiffel Tower which is super the amazing! They put on amazing blinking lights kinda thing at 10pm…~ =) The hostels we stayed in were pretty neat throughout the trip too…but for the price we paid…sure laaa…breakfast included…French bread, cornflakes…juice…

The next day, we went to the Louvre Museum where we spent absolutely the whole day traversing the buildings which were absolutely huge...Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Gericault, yada yada, millions of sculptures, and the ancient stuffs...It was really great..and it was not surprising why there were benches around in the museum. =P Louvre museum were thronged by people whole day long...which the entrance fee is just €9...we saw Mona Lisa adi too~ woo hoo hoo..and you The Da Vinci Code fans...we found the Rose Line...and we went to the Inverse Pyramids where Mary Magdalene lies...hehe..but I must insist that Dan Brown did twist the descriptions of some of the for Madonna of the Rocks...It's called The Virgin of the Rocks ler...and etc etc. I shall spare you guys the boring details...for next entry la~
We also visited the other famous landmarks la, Sacre Couer Basilica in Montmarte, Moulin Rouge, Galeries Lafayette, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Musee d'Orsay etc etc...Spent a good RM2.5k in total for a 5 day trip..spent on shopping, food..just shopping is about RM900...I bought Burberry and CK Euphoria perfumes...oh...and also Biotherm for myself...for Biotherm, I figured it would be cheaper in Paris ma..actually no I spent RM300 for nothing...also for the perfumes..since now in Italy got this big sales thingy...all also cheaper in Italy..aiyaya~hati sakit again lorrr..

Ok so here are some of the pics...continue about the yummilicious French food some other am in love with Paris now!!~ hehe. huggies ppl...cheers for the new year!!!!! I missed my Winter Solstice tangyuan/ ee this year!! sad...

P/S: And forgive me for the pix which I look mostly geli..the mini makeup kit that I packed for the trip is conveniently for the whole Paris trip, I did not have a single make up item on..not even moisturizer..even KW has more makeup than I least he had his lip balm... boo hoo hoo...skins were peeling, lips were cracking, zits were popping..eewwww nid I describe more?