Friday, September 22, 2006

cool or not?


arlo..MIA after sekian berkurun abad am finally back! first things first: I have made a pact to myself to: STUDY HARD! & DO MY FYP(finaly yr project) PROPERLY! i think i'm laggin behind everyone else and dwell in my misery here. hahaha. cham. i gained 4miserable kgs ever since i came back johor..that's like, 11weeks. almost 3mths la hor. haiyo. TA-ME! kenot!! behsai!! TIME MANAGEMENT GIRL, DISCIPLINE!!! maybe i'm just too free here (Actually i'm very busy la..i just choose to ignore the fact and be my hermit.haha). After such amazing 5 months of very the happening life in KL..its not easy adapting to the fact that: I'm still a student and I have the responsibility to study properly. I seem to be just chilling all the while and doing non-beneficial things. haha. *if it was beneficial, I wouldn't have gained 4 miserable kgs right? I haven't been so...heavy since,like, form 4. that's like, 6years ago? hmmm. no good. no good. cos i've been maintaining my heavy intake of food whereas there's no output. aiya. TA-ME!

Hooiching has to go on a strict weight control regime + healthy exercising routine starting tomorrow. Yes, the 98984654646th plan. but I CANNOT reach the big 6 rite? 60kg for my height is practically obese. no-no-no-no...thus, the gazillion animes i have been watching lately eh time shall be replaced by my big plan. yes. study+exercise. ahhhh..inline with badan cergas, minda cerdas adage. it's true..why not tonight start leh? cos I've BBQ to attend later ma. kenot la. and i just woke up after my heavy lunch+ais kacang nia. still feeling blur-blur

blogger definitely has problems logging in rite? i take forever to log in..and i cant seem to leave comments cos it takes even longer than forever to access the comments site. hmmmm..see?

Actually I'm online to post my successful "mission" eh pic wan. but cant upload wor. forget it la see if got mood only. YES I GOT MYSELF A TATTOO FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Papa if you're reading this then I guess I will be expecting a call from you soon. Yea..I just discovered lately that my dad does read my blog *gasp!! does that means some contents has to be filtered??? hahah. and he even prints it and brings it back to show Mama.remember when I posted on my brothers' Friendster profiles?..yea. now mom knows that brother#1 smokes Malboro. hmmm.

after an amazing birthday celebration week, I macam jatuh ditimpa tangga and dibelenggu suei-ness to the max. maybe it's my tattoo's fengshui.ish. here's the account of the miserable 2weeks:

1)2weeks ago after my wisdom tooth episode, I had flu+fever for 2weeks...I went to the dentist and nothing could be done for my teeth cos got infection and pus growin in it or something. So i had to take antibiotics for the infection, anti bacteria med, bengkak wan and my flu+fever medication. according to the dentist the infected area affected my nerves and hence the weird penyakit all coming. haihs

2)due 2 my last minuteness, I had assignments due that very week which everyone stayed back during the one week hols to do. hooiching of course, had to go back (to see her parents, of course!bwahaha. tattoo is just..secondary.hahaha). so the whole week I was practically sleeping about 2-3hrs for 3days straight. by the 3rd day, I was practically floating and with the aching tooth, I looked like a zombie. not enuf sleep = bad hair day+ bad skin day. zits were having a field day.but i did manage to finish the group assignment in time..luckily.

3) next, 2days after my I was returning from my friend's in the neighbourhood, I was bitten by a dog! what's the possibility of being bitten by an owned-pet while walking just down the road? it's not even a stray dog, and its owner was there! it actually chomped me on the place I did my tattoo. painful sial. dahlah I was trying hard to jaga it baik-baik (1st week is extremely crucial for new tattoos..i think), it pulak bit me there. i told 10 ppl, 9 asked, "wah the dog can jump so high ah?" "yes,it can jump so high". I intend to poison it..hahah but couldnt find the time, so let it go la..ytd it actually attempted to bite me again but failed when i walked past the house last night, but its owner this time pulled its ears. stupid dog. oh..LUCKILY the dog tidak bergigi. at least i think so la, cos when it bit me, there weren't any denture marks..and I still havent gotten rabies atc (at least i think so) I'm still ok. cant get injection ma first few weeks after cant go to the doc's lo.

4)PC kena virus last week. kaputed. terus cant on at all. had to reformat, so everything in C drive gone. ish.

5)tat time kinda on wit's end d,but the worst has yet to come. gheeming came to format my pc, and somehow under some circumstances my room's ceiling lights jz burned. *poof. wiring sot. cant on. had to find other lights to ganti for the moment la, cos still waiting the owner to come and repair ar..

6)got my test result. 5/20 for flights control and dynamics. haihs. but that one predicted d.getting the results was just like, confirming it. of course there are ppl geting 18 and 19..crazy ppl.aiya..blame myself la..i took one nite to settle it nia..others studied the whole week d..but lect says take 2 out of 3 tests, so hooiching still has hope to ace this subject..right?

7)last tues i had a test for propulsion. obviously i was ill-prepared cos i was idling doing nothing when i had the time..the lecturer actually gave an easy paper..and its the worst when that happens..cos everyone knows how to do and u tak tau.rite?..but it shouldnt be as bad as control paper kua..i just skipped the last question..*prays hard!

8) yea..the worst part was the nite before the test..thats test was at 10am..I kinda adjusted my temporary lights (its the same as the ceiling lights, just that it runs using socket instead of normal switch). wanted to shift its position ma, mana tau got myself electrocuted..twice!! and the lights just poofed. again!! rupa-rupanya i ter-pulled the red wire out (there was black and red) wonder kena sot..and i cincai cacak it back inside..the whole thing thing just kaputed and the red and black wire pun flew out,and its component was BLACK,burnt d ma..maka i was in darkness and went to the living room to study instead..with another chapter to go

9)of course,..after the propulsion test, i got a nice saman for parking illegally..I mean I have been parking there ever since last year but tak pernah kena saman..i parked beside that parking lot actually..and i just had to kena by the pak guard..ish ish ish. but managed to cancel it la finally after rayuan..cos i really didn't know ma..

series of unfortunate events. ish. must tukar fengshui d le..i must believe that after such suei events, only good things will happen. aite?..yay i berjaya post up my tattoo pic d..nice or not??okla gtg for the bbQ d..hooiching must ganbatte for THE PLAN d. hehehe. ciaoz~

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tanjoubi me!

Yes you all may wish me here =) Arigatou gozaimasu. Belated also's the thought that counts..And no,it's not cheap publicity..what's wrong with asking for a birthday wish right? *lolz

22yrs ago, on 7th Sept 1984..a super cute baby came into this world. 22yrs more cute..but eh sai lar.haha~

Goin out to meet Lin in a bit..I had a pleasant surprise last nite! Thanks peeps.Will blog abt it soon hopefully..Ciao gonna go get ready liao...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back in penang..for awhile

Arlo kengkawan sekalian..yes I'm back in Penang..but just for a few days..solely came back because I wanted to see my family (yea rite!haha)..laksa laksa laksa..get some things..chill..


'Twas a hectic week since last thursday..everybody came down to JB for their convo..although it has nth to do with me..bukannya aku yang graduate pun..but my ex hsemates and frens are!so excited for thinking whether at the same time next year whether I will be able to do the same or not..lolz. final yr project..still stuck at 0% progress. But it was so nice to see all of them in robes and flowers!! And yes, it was expensive to attend their no no,there wasnt any entrance fee..but buying flowers aren't cheap le..let's see..5 ex hsemates..seniors..friends..ish ish ish. harap-harap they next yr also will sekzhou. Buat baik dibalas baik. haha hope they are reading this post!(*hint!!)


Must've said this 9274305th time. I swear my dieting/exercise regimen starts next week. Hee-hee..this is my birthday week,so I'm allowed to indulge in the fatteningest and bercholesterol and cheesiest food as much as I want to. Fans, I know you will love me although I have fattened up right? hahaha. Now on eating spree--running extensively since Wed.

Wed- BBQ (courtesy of Aero)
Thurs-KFC (courtesy of Hooithin-nandri)
Fri-Pasar malam
Sat-Duck Rice (courtesy of Cheng San Yeong- merci beaucoup)
Sun-McDonald's (courtesy of Panathong- arigatou gozaimasu)
Monday- Pizza Hut (courtesy of Pana's bf - kamxia kamxia)
Tuesday- Sushi King (me belanja sendiri--so thank myself)
Tuesday nite- Victoria Station!yumyumyum.. (courtesy of Low KZ-muchas muchas gracias)
Today-planning to 'wat' my parents
Tomorrow-planning to 'wat' my kaikor Geralde..he doesn't know yet though.haha
Friday-will be in KL..if I happen to get a nice fat angpow from my mom, then I will reward myself with japanese buffet with Meiyin..

hahaha.but mom and dad seem to be oblivious towards the heavy hints that I have been far Mom only belanja-ed me hokkien mee for lunch just now..aihh

snippets from phone conversation:
Dad a.k.a Otousan: When are you coming back?
HC: Tomorrow lo..
Dad:Coming back how many days?
HC:2-3days nia lo..
Dad:So few days..might as well no need to come back
HC:Come back to see you ma..
Dad: Yea rite
HC:...and also to get my birthday angpow ma
Dad: (kebingungan)..Since when do we have this 'birthday angpow tradition'?
HC: Since I implemented it this year
Dad: -_-"

don't know berkesan or not ler this tactic..need to collect funding for my "mission" ma..

HC:You know what? I came back to see you guys nia...
Mom a.k.a Okasan: Right...go away I'm sleeping
HC:You know what? My birthday is tomorrow...
Mom: Yea, so you have to celebrate me instead..cos 22yrs ago I gave birth to you, thus it's Mom's Suffering Day (Mu Nan Zi)
HC:-_-" You know what? I'm going to get a tattoo...
Mom: (blows her top) I'm going to disown you
HC: What if I tattoo "Mom I love you"..sponsorship, maybe?
Mom: Even if u tattoo my name or "Mom,Dad love you till I die" also no chance

kesimpulannya: FAILED

SO so so suei!of the 10 times that I come back to Penang, 9 times I kick off my holidays with fever/flu/sore-throat for the 1st few days..this is no exception!! Come 22nd yrs in my life..I'm growing wisdom tooth!! damn nerves acting up. Creating a thousand problems for me. Sorethroat (but i think this is due to all the fast food i've been taking past few days), flu, fever..and worst of all is the swollen gums! aihhh...chew also can't chew properly..but how also must 'lun' and 'ngeh ngeh' eat..ahbo beats the purpose of me coming back d..right??? Last night's steak I also chew painfully but it was definitely worth it!! he-he

Oh..Ah Pao/Wailyn are not the only pharmacists to be that I know of. Apparently I've 3 pharmacists in the family..just that theirs is not certified wan.self-medication.. My cabinet is full of medicines accumulated from the regular visits to the docs. So if the penyakit is normal nia-- eg. flu, sorethroat, headache, joints, fever... Fear not. Pharmacist Ong, Lee and Tang will come to the rescue...

Jeng jeng..introducing:

Pharmacist Tang a.k.a mom-most qualified d..cos she finished form 5 ma.haha. her favorite medication is PCM

Pharmacist Ong a.k.a aunt(ahkim)- she likes to prescribe 2 biji PCM 500mg and 1 biji Piriton for flu&fever. usually does the trick

Pharmacist Lee a.k.a AhMa (grandma larr)- illiterate but her prescriptions very the keng wan..chinese herbs usually

So for my swollen gums now I guess its Ponstan ponstan ponstan..fever is PCM..flu is piriton. mom recommends ice cubes. Another aunt says lime juice does the trick. Grandma says lengteh. Hooiching says what also dont have to restrict. eat more laksa then will cure's 4pm..time for laksa. haha. lao eh. phlegm banyak siot. luckily laksa is not hard substance ler..can swallow..Itadakimasu!