Monday, July 31, 2006


What's life? well sorry for being MIA in the blogging world for a 10days! but don't worry I still read all my favourite blogs regularly, just to update on friends and stuff..been very busy lately..mostly involves eating, but let's not get there..

It's 7th lunar month..and there's two 7th month this yr..gasp!

There are so many things happening lately outside. This Israel killing ppl away..Indo kena tsunami..yada yada. And in our Malaysia itself?..The poor pilgrims that died on the way for the festival. Last I heard, yesterday a 18 year old boy was whacked to death cos he refused to give the robbers his money. Dad called the moment he read the news, "Don't go out unnecessarily..yada yada" as every parent has done I guess. 3 of my coursemates has been robbed of handfon, wallet in recent mths. Some are thieves rushing into the house with parang knives, and I cannot even name the rest that got robbed before among our friends..hehe Loke is the most recent one la..busy shopping till kena rob also tak realise..Gosh what has this world becoming to? No wonder I never go out without a pepper spray..Even so, if you are attacked in a group, there is no such thing as self-defense d..

Oh..not only that, apparently a guy in MMU malacca fell to his death yesterday from the 18th floor..and somebody drowned in our UTM lake as well. Life is so impermanent. Sad..makes you think, what are you living for? Are you living till somebody ends your life for you? For all we know, we might fall to our death cos of the slippery bathroom tiles, or choke on your saliva, etc etc *touch wood!!!!! Thus, we should do something meaningful that we value. Family, friends, God, keeping in touch with people that you treasure, cos you may not know what will happen to you/them tomorrow.. Life is so unfair! Why does all the bad guys are leading extremely luxurious lives whereas we keep reading about sob stories regarding nice people leading short lives?

And humans are never satisfied with what they have. Greed, lust, thirst for power, determination to control their lives etc.

How many of us wake up and say? Gawd, I'm having such a bad hair day!
Be thankful you are not bald(not by choice la!!)

Damn I have no waist! Its layers of fat!
You are being paranoid. It already is 26inches

I have thunder thighs!!
So does everyone else

Yes, I answer yes to all of them. How many of you do too?

I always complain, complain, complain...I tell you, humans are never satisfied.

I have an average skin, occasional zits, and sometimes if not enough sleep then tumbuh berlipat ganda--but NO, I want a skin that is super licin and fair

I have an average weight, not too fat, but definitely NOT thin --but NO, i want to lose another 5kgs(the very least)

I have an average grade--but NO, I want first class (too late babe, since you never study..that's called wishful thinking)

I have an average body--but NO, if only it was like Jessica Alba's

I have natural light brown eyes--but NO, if only I had longer lashes or bigger eyes

I have 'pouty' lips--but NO, if only it wasnt that dry

I came to realise..that I should learn to be grateful with what I have. We should be comfortable in our skin, learn to love our body etc. Yes, we can lose weight to achieve the desirable body weight, use good products to get nice skin..but no, we can never be too perfect. When you lose that weight, you will want to lose more. yeah, when you get good results, you want better.

At the end of the day, you gain nothing, no? Self-satisfaction, maybe. I know I grin the whole day everytime I manage to lose a kg (although usually I reward myself after that and gain it back haha). Ultimately, self confidence is what that matters. it makes a person most attractive.

I have met ppl who are ++ sized girls that attract people like magnets. Their enthusiasm and zest for life, aspirations, meaningful dreams really make me feel so small. Us? Depressed over facts that I have another zit today, or gained another kg, and starving ourselves (this excluded for me..otherwise all true ehe), or results are just not good enough.

People, be grateful!!!!! Reasons:
# you are alive, with four limbs intact, and all your senses working
# you are self-dependent
#you have family members that really, really love you
#your friends care! Although you may not hear from them alwiz, but yes, they care..we care..I care!!
#luckier ones ma have bf/gf that love you lo.. (*hint)
#there are so many beautiful things in the world, bask it in!

Thus, I want to thank and give my slimiest kiss and big hugz to all of my family members and friends that made my life so colorful. People that I met in my 21 yrs of journey through life.. it moulded me into what I am today..although I still keep my bad habits la. hehe

Dad, Mom, brothers--although dysfunctional in a way..grandparents, aunts, uncles, all of them!

Friends esp--(since I am single so I dont hv bf to thank la) kindy, primary sch, sec sch, camping friends i met, HPC, uni mates, housemates, ex-colleagues, coursemates, petronas scholars. clubbing kakis, net friends, bloggers of the blogs I read, even you ppl who read my blogs, friends that I met along the all of you! and I seriously appreciate what all of you have done for me..I feel so lucky to have met all of you, and yada yada


Ok I'm not making sense am I, and it's a boring post. Hehe. okla, I'm just finding excuses to not do some literature review for my thesis. And I have a meeting with my supervisor tomorrow... OK ok..I have to start!!!!!!!! Ta~ Sorry lah if this post very the boring...can kah if I reward with something here..

ok la time to hit the journals d..gawd they are just beautiful right? (minus gattuso and pirlo) *drool drool drool

Friday, July 21, 2006

no... somebody stop me!

somebody stop me from eating! damn i've stopped gym @ fitness first for almost 3weeks..but I am still eating as if I'm a regular in, double portions for every meals..and suppers?!!? this way, my "nice and curvy" body that friends have commenting on will be out of shape soon. very very soon..

i just got home from JB. went for yummilicious japanese food with jen & terry. thanks terry~~ *wink wink. yummy yummy sashimi and tofu and potato salad and ramen (*gasp!) there's more..after that..halfway, have cravings for ABC, stopped at Singgah Selalu..shared Roti Singgah Selalu and cream..and soursop ice kacang thingy..don't know lah..just know that now very full and feeling extremely guilty..someone pls drill the fact that I spent almost RM600 in gym into my head!!!

and somebody stop me from spending already..I do not have money to pay for rent d, basically waiting for my disbursement from Petronas.heheh. but I still spend. latest indulgence..not really indulgence a new baby I invested in..a microwave oven! Gawd u ppl must be wondering why a microwave oven. dont ask me why..I have my own personal theory. hehe. Im thinking of cooking a lot this sem, using m.wave oven. In my twisted mind I have already came out with so many things that I want to cook with my new baby. But I have bought it 2days d and I have only used it once.. tmr and this weekend also not so likely to be using it also. hmmmmmm.. reflect reflect!!

arrggghh speaking of spending..I freaking paid RM50 for the fine I got 'awarded' with. hehe. yalo, for coming back late to uni, thus late registration. biasalah. I have this tendency to skip 1st week of class wan. so 1 subject is RM25..2 subjects is RM50 lo...

And speaking of spending again..I'm goin to S'pore with Loke this weekend! u noe the go fishing, hiking...obviously NOT!!!! to shop la of cos (*tears roll down) but no worries..I have Singaporean currency with me not so sakit hati cos I dont have to change $$ using ringgit..

And....I have single room this sem! Yay!!! Although I do very very much miss my old hsemates..I am so used to thongching in my room,talking talking talking and she parasiting my pc..using my things without putting it back..just her throwing and scattering things around the's only 4days in the single room..and I miss her alreadY!gosh.. not to mention csY that comes into the room..and us hanging out in hers..corrine to patpat abt stories and joke...leeting that is the responsible one reminding our duties..jenifur that we consult makeup, clothes, beauty tips with, peiru that does a lot of cooking..not to mention her longlegs..i miss all of the lenglui hsemates!!

*sobs I'm too full..better go continue unpacking..9am class leh. This sem is going to be a hell of a sem..thesis! projects! assignments! cooking with my microwave oven! yoga everyday(no,still hasnt been executed)!haha~ nitez

Friday, July 14, 2006

my status

Arlo everybody. HEHE. ok I know I told everyone I'm leaving for JB on monday and I very the semangat left beloved Penang on Sunday afternoon.

FYI: Am still merempat-ing in KL. Dunno what for also. Haha just chilling out here la. Since classes cancelled for this week anyway.

Am on a super spending spree. Cham. No $ pay rent d. chants--MNG, hair, estee lauder, massage, japanese buffet, yoga. explain next time. *wink

Actually I felt quite mouliu today so I went into friendster after berkurun abad..seems like my 16 yr old bro also playing friendster d now.. (even my 12 yr old cousin does!!) am just here to promote my two brothers. hahahha *rofl

Really behtong my both brothers' About Me section:

Kwok Tong @ li'l Gary (is a hairstylist/consultant at Extreme Hair Specialist, 20yrs old)


About Me:
My fren all call mE cbtong or gary...
I drive kembara..!!
I likE liquor..!!
I smokE Mild SevEn Charcoal sofT Pack..!!
I use motorola h/p..!! buT now using nokia d... ekeke
I like Converce..!! jack puncell, all star
I wear nike shock..!!

I like to wear renoma underwear..!! levi's sumtime..
I use Kerastase or Redken shampoo..!!
I use redken for men's Manuever working wax style ma hair....!! ekeke
Hahaha nth to write wert....=_="

Kwok Liang @ CrazyChild (still in highschool, 16 yrs old)


About Me:
I'm 16 Yrs Old bt seems older than mY same aGe frens......
I'm a normal GuY but hv some bad habits......
I alwaYs Put a smile on mY face but frens saY me 'stim' 1......
I like 2 hanGinG out with frens but dunno when will Go home.....
I use GatsbY cLaY but lazY 2 stYlinG mY hair.......
I use GatsbY facial Gel but lazY 2 wash mY face......
I use BodY Glove wallet but no moneY 2 Put inside......
I like 2 drink fruit Juice but din c Gt healthY leh......
I Go sch everY morninG but alwaYs canT wake uP......
I wan 2 Get a Gud result in exam but lazY 2 studY......
I wan concentrate whn teacher was teachinG but still non stoP talkinG..
I wan 2 keeP fit but still non stoP eatinG......
I wan 2 keeP some moneY but cant 'lun' n use it......
I love MONEY so much but MONEY leave me alone.......
I knw wht is LOVE but LOVE dunno who i am......
I alwaYs tell mY stories 2 frens but theY tot me talkinG nonsense......
I hate mYself but alwaYs stand in front d mirror......
I hoPe 2 drive Evo but dunno when will hv moneY 2 buY......
I hv a hair stYlist bro but he always cut mY hair till verY short 1......
I hv a rich sis but she din Gv me some moneY 2 use.......
I knw wht i'm doinG but cant control mYself oso......
WhaTeVeR La.......Juz like tat 2 describe mYself......^^


Really cannot tahan to kaoluei like that also tak tau!but still love both of them la although they always rob me poor! okies my blogger is acting up cant seem to change its font..okla..tata~ man i love friendster! after sekian lama MIA in it..ehehe.

Monday, July 10, 2006

happy birthday!


Selamat hari jadi! *wink love u to bits la

Viva La Italia

YaY!!! we did it!!! Finally I did not jinx a team that I supported from the beginning..Yitphing, Janice..our team won!!! Azzurris rock!! With mr. perky butt as a superb defender/skipper..hehe. but so so happy! watched it at The Curve..they had street party..wanted to watch the trophy presentation mana tau they screen lucky draw pulaks -_-"

So happy..but so sad for Zizou. Moment of madness which he headbutted Materazzi in the chest. Like,totally hard.As in,on purpose. Throughout WC'06 Zizou was the player with the best sportsmanship..totally respect..but to think he played his last match of his career like this. sigh, ended disgracefully. But. He is still my favoritest players--skills wise. but of cos I'd date any of the italian players anytime. hehe...

My heart breaks when I saw Zizou left the field in tears. Awww. that's so sad...

Darn. 6am. Mixed emotions. Ecstatic for Azzurris..but heartbroken for Zidane.. I mean, Materazzi was the one to provoke him also lar..but..if only he held his temper. Then the outcome of the penalty shoot out would hv been different.Gawd. Why do I sound like I support Les Bleus more. Jeez. No no no..I'm a true italian supporter. Although I did have FRENCH fries during the match.But I'm proud of both teams. =) Perky butt..u did it as the captain!!!

Sleepy. 6am. Reached KL on sunday evening. LAter wake up have to clear the whole room. Estimated 2hrs. I hope. Dunno la. Cham. Then drive back JB

The end of World Cup 2006. *GRINS. now i can properly jaga my complexion. Way to go Italia!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Joke:3 Condoms

A young man goes into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist,
"Hello, could you give me condom. My girlfriend has invited me for dinner and I think she is expecting something from me!"

The pharmacist gives him the condom; and as the young man is going out, he returns and tells him:
"Give me another condom because my girlfriend's sister is very cute too. She always crosses her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me and I think she expects something from me too."

The pharmacist gives him a second condom; and as the boy is leaving he turns back and says: "After all, give me one more condom because my girlfriend's mom is still pretty cute and when she sees me she always makes allusions...and since she invited me for dinner, I think she isexpecting something from me!!"

During dinner, the young man is sitting with his girlfriend on his left, the sister on his right and the mom facing him. When the dad gets there, the boy lowers his head and starts praying: "Dear Lord,bless this dinner...thank you for all you give us...!!!"

A minute later the boy is still praying:
"Thank you Lord for your kindness..."

Ten minutes go on and the boy is still praying, keeping his headdown. The others look at each other surprised and his girlfriend even more than the others. She gets close to the boy and tells him in his ear:
"I didn't know you were so religious!!!"

The boy replies:
"I didn't know your dad was the pharmacist!!!"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

France 1-0 Brazil

I'm writing in bold means it's a shocking news. BRAZIL is out! *shocking!

But this time I have no complains abt the referee la..since he wasnt biased or anything..unlike yesterday's. All the good players are in the line-up--Cafu, Kaka, fatty a.k.a Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Juninho etc etc..But France were superb, pushing forward all the turn around from its initial matches.. Great goal by Henry btw..

But it couldnt have happened without Zizou..Salutes~ Zinedine of the greatest players.............

Now ma all Europeans in d lo? can. Oh well..since I took French in uni b4..time to support France also d lah. =)

Poor Brazil..its supporters..join the gang..

penalty 3-1

yay! England's out so there won't be a sore eye for me. And Rooney is so going to kena tomorrow in the press for his impulsive action which led to his dismissal. Red card yo! Padan muka ..poor Becks will be too old to play anymore in the next WC..unless he can be macam Figo la..old but engine still working.. France-Brazil up next! But mind you, I'm still mourning for Argentina.. Pekerman shoudlnt have substituted its players so early..sigh sigh sigh. now expecting Italy to avenge my Argentina la..

Saturday, July 01, 2006



Stupid kayu referee that must've been fed to the max! Tevez kena whacked at the nose til bleeding, Germany tak kena apa.. the moment Arg touches Germany, its players suddenly can become superthe acrobatic and flew and rolled and rolled on the field like kena tumbuk. Shit. And Arg kena foul, yellow..what?!!!

Franco was too inexperienced la~ and if only Messi played. sad sad sad.

I will be mourning till...

Dunno Italy play 1st