Friday, November 27, 2009

I have resigned

Yep, after working about 15 months in this company...which shall remain unnamed, i have decided to resign on Tuesday...yep going to join a competitor.

I really, honestly loved working in this company, the people were great, but just that it's so difficult to get an internal transfer as what I was seeking for is a technical position. I wouldn't say that I'm a techie person, nor technologically fact, my engineering fundamentals should be quite screwed up...hence I want to make it stronger, and then from there, correct the weaknesses and then only move on to marketing and sales positions where I know I can be really good...

I will be starting my new job this weekend, first flying to Abu Dhabi for a 1 week induction course, and then to be based in Labuan. I will be signing up as a Maintenance Engineer. :)

Let's see what it brings...with the hustle bustle of KL city life, I don't have much time left to reflect and do certain things...yes, I admit I was sort of a gym least yoga freak where I like to go to the gym after work...but I don't even work out THAT often! I happen to just be hanging out a lot at the office...I guess Facebook definitely consumed most of my time...

Writing blogs, keeping journals, keeping in touch with family and friends, study Italian, read more...definitely hope the new job allows me to do more of these...oh and save money of course!

But I would imagine that the new job would be so much more challenging... ;) Am so excited