Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sicily, here I come!

Tomorrow morning I will be parting for Sicily (Sicilia)…! Yay…you know, Palermo? Basically I didn’t know the existence of Sicily before…well…Italy. Well the trip costs me an arm for a 4 day trip, in which I will have to spend 11 hours (or more!) on the bus to reach Sicily from Perugia…and also another 11 hours (or more!) to go home…As I was saying, the trip costs about RM1k (210Euro)…aihs. I also tension that it’s so expensive, and being in Italy sumore. I remembered that last time when I backpacking in Thailand for 2 weeks with Fred and Jit Shiong, it costed like, total of RM1.6k… But then again, this is Europe…I don’t even want to start on how much I spent in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

I was supposed to be planning another Europe getaway on the limited budget that I have at the moment…initially I wanted to go London-Liverpool-Budapest (Hungary)-Prague (Czech Republic)… already checked out the tickets sumore d…planned out the dates nicely…etc etc…but I would have to travel alone, as I did for Barcelona…It’s not like travelling alone was not fun, but just that travelling with someone would be even ‘funner’, no? So I asked a friend if she’d like to go with me, a Mexican girl, but she had to wait for her friend that was supposed to visit so that she could decide, yada yada. So in the end, I offered to wait cos I really think that she’s nice and it’d be great fun to travel with her. In the end, things didn’t really work out so when I went to the airline’s website again…tension giler to see the price of the tickets increasing two-fold…so there goes my hopes! So bummed out…so now have to plan for a later date, and to see if there is any more offers etc…but they say that the price of the flight tickets tend to get quite pricey in Europe during summer…

Btw, my Greek lengzai entah dah mati kat mana, sudah berkurun abad takde berita drpd dia. Jadi sudah habis my cerita ngan dia. Maklumlah dia pun 6 tahun lebih muda dari I… =P Mesti cari target baru sekarang! Hehe. Maybe I will find cute Sicilians on my trip... =P
Now that I’ve got only 2 months left in Italy, I’m feeling kinda bummed out and depressed lah…cos the weather is getting kinda good now…and I love sunbathing on the balcony outside my apartment…and I realized that I can actually cook quite well! I made curry chicken last week, which IMHO was the best ever that I’ve made, and then fried tofu (the tofu costs a lot here!)…and even fried pork ribs. Ahhhh… but how also can’t cook my Laksa, nor can I find a shop that sells it!

Oh, as I’ve promised, some pics of Barcelona…Janice I’m sure you are looking forward to this! And you’ve probably been to all the places that I’ve been…If not, even more! Hehe…Well, I met these 2 Korean guys during my trip to Barcelona. We lived in the same hostel, and since I was alone, I asked if I could tag along with them…I think how also travelling with Asians is better than with Europeans (I mean if they’re strangers…Europeans macam very wild and most of the time drunk…I mean, of those that I’ve met lah so far, and anyway, they’re not so, well, accepting of Asians anyway)…So these 2 guys, Won and Sung were really nice and fun to be with, we even went to watch the flamenco together and tried the Spanish specialty paella.(which IMHO our nasi goreng kampong is much better) …Viva Malaysian food!
Here are the Part I of the pics in Barcelona…sleepy ade, caught flu today must sleep early a bit…but based on the pics, can see the fact that I have been slowly but significantly gaining weight LOR! haha
From top right, clockwise: The Labyrinth Park, Palau de Mar, Gothic Quarter and beach in Barceloneta
Camp Nou!!!

P/S: I'm pretty bummed out today...cos my scholarship applications to pursue Masters sudah terkandas. so must go back malaysia d loH

Monday, April 21, 2008

Republic of San Marino and San Leo

As always I find the life in Perugia very relaxing. One does nothing…there is nothing much to think about, just that I have to think what to eat everyday…The past week, the weather had been very bad. It rained non-stop for about one week…thank God we had the sun during the past weekend! I spent the whole weekend by the balcony, just basking in the sun, sitting on the couch. And cooking, and eating. But not eating so much adi lah. Kena shoot teruk by my housemates whenever I mention the word ‘Diet’. Haihs. And I have such absolute weakness for fattening stuffs…eg. Pasta, Chocolates, cakes. I swear I’ve never eaten so many chocolates for the past 10 years where I’ve eaten here in 6 months. I consume an average of 3 chocolate bars/week. Today I promise to start on diet (as I’ve did for the past 4 months).

Ahhhh…back to the good weather…we had 22deg on Sat and 25deg on Sun. I hated the sun when I was in Malaysia, but now like damn ecstatic when I see a teeny weeny bit of sun. So of course I had sunbathed with all the layers of bakyius (meat) with my housemate. =P My greek lengzai sudah balik kampong for 10 hari…but the past 3 days had been raining cats and dogs..tension...

Ahhh…the excitement of my life here -_-“ In fact, it was so exciting to see my housemates argue last week. As LB said before, the Italians could argue even over garbage. Aiyaya last week me and my housemate Nadia went to shop for some groceries, and there were only 4 boxes of nuggets left which were in offer. We beat the other housemate, Milena to it…so she like damn behsyok la. When she came home, she accused us of being immature for running to buy the nuggets that we knew she wanted or something. (We had to run to the supermarket coz Nadia’s guest was coming to our house mar…so Milena was like, damn perasan that we purposely went to the supermarket to spite her) Damn lawak and mentensionkan the scene. In the end they started screaming at each other and one starting crying. Aihs…but after 6 month of living together with them, I also damn biasa d of them exaggerating and amplifying the graveness of the situation.

But anyway, of course I had my yoga poses when I was in Berlin! Hehehe. Oh and here are some pics of when I went to Republic of San Marino 1++ month ago. San Marino is a very small and adorable republic in Italy...and it snowed the day before, so the republic was covered with snow when we is San Leo! =) I went to these places with my B2 coursemates - Uksana (Ukraine), Jiji (China), Konstantinos (Greece), Domenico (Korea) and Lili (Malaysia)...oh well...malas aku nak continue are the pics...lunch time anyway

This is in Berlin, near the Arch of Triumph and the Palace

Apparently all my yoga poses are the same

These are the pics taken in Republic of San Marino and the San Leo castle lah. The one which is the most lengzai is my Greek lengzai lor. haha. Anyways.... =P I dreamt of Malaysia so often lately!...Family...friends...and esp Malaysian food..hahaha

Friday, April 11, 2008

After a hiatus of almost a month

Okay so sorry…1 month tak update…I think everyone has even given up on checking out this rotten blog…nevertheless, I will try my very best to win your hearts again. =)

Life without Internet is very pathetic la…but lama kelamaan, you also will get used to it…it’s not end of the world…Just maybe need Internet to book flight tickets and book accommodation. Hehe.

So what have I been up to lah? Many many things loh…since:
22/2/08-24/2/08 - Berlin, Germany
9/3/08 - Republic of San Marino and the castle of San Leo
16/3/08-22/3/08 - Barcelona, Spain
23/3/08 - Rome and Vatican City for Easter
24/3/08 till now - Recharging battery and wallet lah cos pokai papa kedana already… I was attending the level B2 for Italian language and it was the end of the course. I really enjoyed myself during this course cos got my Greek lengzai and also some Israelites that were really nice…also there’s this super adorable Chinese guy that really cracked us up everytime that we were together. Damn when I myself read what I am typing I also geleng kepala at the state of my English at the moment. -_-“ Ora parlo bene italiano ma il mio inglese e’ peggiorato.

Anyways, as spring has arrived, me and the gang just hang out everyday by the dome doing nothing…everyone just sits by the staircase, basking in the sun…as does everyone else…then all of us will take a walk along Piazza Italia, to do some people watching and just blend in with the crowd…Actually I also don’t know why there are so many people idling in the center of Perugia…all also mouliu like us lah, apparently…then we will stop, get an ice cream, then continue people-watching activity on the staircase…everyone calls the hang out place as “sulle scale”. Previously I have always had a bad impression on Israelites..but turns out this bunch that I met were really nice. Aihs…I am the oldest one la among them…all also range from 18-20 years old…I mean, within these peeps that I am hanging out with la…I also tension…but I always say that I am 19 years old lah. (hehe suddenly 5 years younger)…

Ahhh and also lately we’ve been having some farewell parties, birthday celebrations of my housemate Dora, the Chinese fella Jiji, Pietro and a friend Francesco…yeap lots of eating lately…I am at a VERY HEALTHY 62kgs now…I think…*gasp. The heaviest I’ve ever been was when I was 16 years old at 60kgs…mana tau now…the record has been broken…haihsssssss tension giler…muka bulat like full moon, eyes also look smaller, nose also look more penyek… jalan also like tak balance…sedih tak terkata…

Oklah one by one…I start with some pics of Berlin…just as promised! Berlin is a really quiet and calm city…really liked it, and it’s not so costly as Paris! Everything is systematic and organized…not as chaotic as Italy…probably the European version of Singapore lor…very clean wan the city…Since it was almost two month ago when I went there with Poli, I don't even remember the name of the buildings no more...phaiseh...distinctly remember the Parliament building..wait I dig up the info again only tell you guys the names of the buildings la...what matters is ME appearing inside the photos anyway. haha. Most of my Italian girlfriends are into German guys...but to me...still prefer italian guys that i am failing miserably to tackle. haha.

Clockwise, from top right: Some famous church, the palace, some church again, Reichstag

Ermmm...really forgot what the building is called d, Charlie Checkpoint, a famous cathedral, Arch of Triumph

1st and 3rd are still pix taken at the Reichstag (Parliament building), and at the World War II memorial

Okay...I am really bad of describing the name of the places...phaiseh lah...this post I am writing in a hurry..lately no time to even pangsai. haha. Update ASAP!!!!

P/S: Lately been traveling around ma, then I realized hor...when the aircraft lands safely...Italians will clap their hands...believe me...only the Italians do that...the French, Spanish, Germans etc...none...weird...