Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Never date an auditor~

Feeling a little..well..missing childhood the moment. Melancholic I guess, after reading this post by Uncle Lee, a blog I just discovered.. =) Must read..very nice..

That aside, referring to the post title, let me share this encounter I had about, say 2 months ago or so. I went Velvet during the weekend and was introduced to my friend's colleague. He seemed nice and cute and charming (under the flickering lights...or rather, the lack of lights)..and he was sporting enough to dance even though he couldn't really dance. I have this fascination towards guys who know they can't dance, but make the effort to dance (while trying to look cute la of course) and this super anti-sentiments towards guys who can't dance, who think they can dance. -_-" Anyway, at the end of the night, he asked for my number and I gave it to him, since he had such a cute smile (refer him as Mr. A). Eventually we made plans to catch a movie together the next week..


On Thursday, he texted and asked if Saturday is good for Fantastic 4 around lunch time, I said great, and asked if we were going to have lunch together, or only meet up after lunch. He said, "Let's have lunch together" .Hmm a movie and lunch..is this considered a date? Maybe just an outing with a newly acquainted friend. So we met up on Saturday at MidValley for lunch.

"Hey Crystal, so what do you want to have for lunch?" (Btw, it's hooiching/crystal/tan/jingjing, doesn't matter)
"Hmm..Mr. A, I feel like having Japanese food...something cheap is ok..Sushi King, maybe?"
"Japanese food, good...no more fast food for me..been eating that whole week d..don't want sushi king la..it's not nice..recommend u one that very good wan..just a bit more expensive"

So ok lor, we went to eat at Oh Sushi ( I think that's the name la anyway) to have lunch..we both ordered bento..and then mulalah our getting-to-know-each-other session while waiting for our food to arrive. Lao eh..totally felt like I was a criminal..being interrogated and bombarded by questions like:

"How old are you?"
"So, what do you work as?"
"What do you do at work?"
"How much is your salary?"
"What does your dad work as?"
"How much does he earn?"

Background checking meh?? Like,f$%#!? Even me myself never asked my dad how much he earns. And I was sensitive enough to refrain myself from asking those questions, as Dad last time told me a golden rule:
"Never ask a girl how old she is and never ask a guy how much he earns"
But since Mr.A broke the whole rule, I pun just asked him the same lor. I tot getting to know each other involves asking things like..how do you like your work, what do you do during free time, share some jokes..u know?..but he doesn't watch football, nor badminton..and I don't watch F1, and he tried to talk some very aeronautical terms with me, takkan I want to talk about aeronautical engineering things with him meh, he is not from that line ma.. aihsssss.

Habis-habis, when we finished lunch, what a relief..so I asked him,
"So how much is the movie ticket?"
"Uh..okay, so plus lunch RM23, I pay you RM40 lah"
Then he stares at me for 1 ms (milisecond), hesitated for another ms, and thought over it for another ms, and said,
"Wait lah for the bill to come 1st"
Then, the bill came, he paid with his credit card (*Note: He worked for a year d, and I worked less than 2 weeks at that time)..then when the bill came, he showed me the receipt:
"Here is the receipt"
"Uh..ok..so pay you RM40 lah, is enough right plus tax?"
"uh..it should be ok"

Prick. not enough meh, RM38.45 le if the lunch is (RM23+ 15% tax)+movie ticket.. (that is in my heart la I said that)..give you RM1.55 tips thim..I can see him mentally calculating whether it is correct or not..the movie was ok, then after that, he wanted to eat McD ice cream...so I teman him to buy lar..Wah..then he said want to belanja me...ICE CREAM MCD. (My fren said what a cheapo..at least baskin's la)..so..since he still owes me RM1.55, really too yek him d if I just order sundae cone, so I ordered McFlurry's. Hehz, mollified a bit.

After that, pretty uneventful, oh..everytime we have to open the door, he will open the door, he will go thru it, and then lepaskan his tangan, so obviously I have to then use my palm to keep the door opened so that I can exit or enter it. I guess that's what a gentleman always does. He wanted to buy sports shoes so I teman him scouting for a pair la, then there was this shop that dilarang bawa makanan wan, so we were both dihalau keluar from the shop cos of our ice cream..(embarassing but nvm la, it's not that i know a lot of KL-ite anyway) then when he finished his ice cream, he waited for me..then I told him,
"nvm la, you go back into that shop la to look for your shoes"..
he said, "what about you?"
I told him, "dont worry, I know how to keep myself entertained de"

Hohoho, this Mr. A really left and went into the shop..I pun entertained myself la..don't guys know it's the "TRICK QUESTION" thing?
(when I related the story to male friends, they didn't see anything wrong with the guy leaving me alone to stand eating McFlurry's...but my girl friends share my sentiments) So I pun lesap lah and went jalan-jalan alone till he called me. At the end of the day, suddenly his charming smile and inquiring nature do not feel charming or cute anymore..it was irritating to see him flash his teeth every 3 seconds.

So that was how I spent my Saturday long long time ago..RM50 bye bye (parking at MidV RM6)


After that, he called me sometimes, texts and stuffs so I thought, perhaps he was just nervous the 1st time around...or he just treats me as a friend, so A-A zai @ go dutch. He asked me out for dinner a few times, but I wasn't free, but on one Wednesday, I agreed la..but I had to buy some groceries as well, which he says he doesn't mind to temankan me. That night, I went to Secret Recipe near my workplace right after work, say about 8.30pm cos I had some stuff to do, he said he didn't mind late dinner..I tot "Aww how sweet..berlapar for me"..

Sesampainya, wah he treated me like long lost friend, happily led me to the table..so chatty..then we ordered food lah..he was going for the lamb shank thing..and I ate some bread at the office d, so I wasn't feeling very hungry, I went for the sorta like calzone thing, forgot the name d..but I know it's RM6.60 like that lah..rancangan penjimatan also ma..since I spent all my salary d at that time...as usual, interrogated again, some were repeated questions from our 1st "date". (sungguh mengirritatingkan cos I was already so tired from work, sumore kena grilled by him) and his smile..oh his smile..gah! There was one time his friend called, then I bet he must've not heard from her for a very very very very very long time cos he talked as if he was in pasar malam or sth. Pleased to note that everyone was staring at us..He looked so..so..civilized but he could emit such..noise..

But nvm..since I'm not those classy type of person, and sometimes I tend to act in such ways also, forgive him lah. He insisted to see my nametag and I lagi insisted not to show him..it was like tug of war, and I finally won. But I was damn pissed off d at that time. I wanted to have a relaxing dinner, not such an uptight one. Then came the same thing again..the bill. I only had RM100 note with me at that time..so he asked what I was looking for..I said, maybe I have small change lei..Again, he gave me the "milisecond" thingy again...then after 3 miliseconds, he said,
"Erm..never mind la..you pay me later"..
please la. RM6.60 aimeh. oh..forgot about the tax as well..anyway, nvm, so we went shopping. He tried to even hold my hand when we crossed the road. please laaaahhhhhh (you guys go figure why I said, please laaaahhhhh)
At Carrefour, we had to insert RM0.20 coins to take the trolley. I even had to use my RM1 to ask him to change for me. Then he actually wanted me to push the trolley myself. Nvm..I lun..but I made him push the trolley after that la. He wanted to do some grocery shopping as well..but when I chose the toilet rolls, and the jamban detergent, he kept telling me to weigh and calculate which brand is more worth it, based on the price and litres and etc. aiyo, RM0.20 nia..and also, don't the girls do that instead? Luckily my friend called me halfway and I talked to him on the phone instead. Finally we paid and everything, he wanted to pay in the same bill, then I pay him cash, I was like, no thanks, better to pay separately (later he go calculate here and there sumore) I also have my credit card, thank you very much..When we were in the car I had change d, so I gave him RM8 for the dinner..I guess he did the mental calculation thingy again and then took the money..I of course asked him, enough or not..he dengan generously said, "I'll give you back the change"
I dengan even more generously said,
"It's ok, you may keep the change"

Then he started making plans for that weekend d..watch Die Hard 4.0..go bowling..this..that..I said..see 1st la..maybe have something to do..then he was pretty persistent to ask what I had to do..I told him maybe hang out with my friend..he sumore ajak to ask the friend to come along worrr, the more the merrier...really no eye see..Do I sound very shallow and $$$ minded from the way I described the encounter with him?? Probably..but if he was more gentlemanly I wouldn't even mind belanja-ing him. But then...?? And lately I received texts from him asking why he doesn't hear from me that often d.. (hmmm I wonder why..)

When I related the incident to my friends, they were chagrined on how the guy was like, esp on:
1) Why he is so kiamsiap/stingy/berkira
2) Why he did all the background checking
and then I said..."He's an auditor"
and then they went..."Ahhhhh...no wonder"

hehe..no offense accountancy/auditing ppl!~

Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend galore!

Had a totally enjoyable weekend!! No, unfortunately I still have not had the time to watch Transformers yet...

Friday nite we went to Poppy's Garden to chill...it was more like an auditors/accountants' gang coz the group was made up of people mostly from Deloitte and EY..since my friend is from EY anyway..so me and Lin were there to only menumpang bahagia.. Gosh I so so so miss Poppy's. Lately we mostly throng Velvet/Zouk d, cos Poppy's super merimaskan/hot and getting pretty packed till there were no space to dance (on Saturdays la) but last Fri nite was good.. We made some new friends.. quite party animals type I guess. And the music was definitely much better than Velvet's. =) =) Ahhhh but I was feeling fat so I just wore long sleeved shirt. Aiya who cares anyway la just there to berdansa and check out cute guys =)

The night went pretty well and Lin was telling us that no matter what she will grab herself a guy that night..So when a guy chatted her up, I tot she felt, well, happy. You know, as in sense of achievement kinda thing? She kept looking at me and I really thought it was a happy look. Nampaknya I'm not very good at reading signals...cos it was actually a sign of "Help!" Lol, that guy was totally sleazy...I think hands also were everywhere. Lin even sent off her SOS signals to DK and the guys, but nobody picked it up. She finally managed to lepaskan diri though...1st time Joanne, me and DK went up the podium in Poppy's hehe tho my dancing skills is close to spastic. -_-" But Jo and DK damn keng ma..

Hohoho, and Lin's perv's gang's konco actuali hit on us as well. This creepo actually came up to me and asked , "Are you single?" and of course I asked him why does he want to know? This bunch of guys were just at the table next to us btw..then he started asking how old I am yada yada yada. It's kinda offensive right when I don't even know him? (since I am on the brink of being middle-aged d) Then I asked him why lar? He replied in a way that thinks that he is sooo cool, "ya see, I only date older women"..I gave him a very not impressed look and continued dancing with my friends la..then he started dancing around us and went like, "yeah baby ya looking hot...yeahhh seeexxaaayyyyyy" *Pukes pukes pukes...after several more futile attempts of catching our attention, which I ignored him, then finally he glared at me and said, "your loss" *pukes pukes pukes pukes. That has to be the worst ever pick-up lines I ever heard, itu pun from a guy that is not even half-cute and can't dance. -_-" If he looked well, at least sweet or something that maybe can be acceptable la though. Can consider di-picked up. But ewwwwwww. But overall it was an enjoyeable night, there was a guy in our group Dave who danced really well and boy, can he entertain!He danced with like, 10 of us girls etc etc

Since we got home so late d, so I bunked in at Lin's =) Slept till noon, then bergolek-golek on the bed till 3pm till we finally got ourselves up..Had lunch at Summit and did some light shopping with her..She adopted a child or sth and had to fulfill 3 wishes of her 'kid'. At night, I met up with Buyong after berkurun abad tak berjumpa with him =) Such a good timing that he happens to be in KL..we went for Kajang Satay..and this KL guy..haihs..claimed that he is such a pro, but actually is not a pro..akhirnya I have to lead the way, even though I am geographically challenged *tsk tsk tsk (p/s: buyong I hope u r reading this~) At last we called up Alvin to ask where this famous Sate Kajang is also lar..Hj Samsuri..yum yum. we had 33 sticks of etc etc satays..yummy..Buyong is still lawak giler as last time, but bertambah boroi d..The last time I met him for supper was about 3-4 yrs ago. Oh well, great catching up with him =) And since this guy kept proclaiming that he is so blardy rich now, sure give him the honour of belenja-ing me la.haha.

and Sunday me went shopping with Lin to Suria KLCC!~ At 1st we were just going to scout and window shop only..mana tau..we terbeli quite some stuffs..and by meaning of terbeli, I bought:
3 Pairs of shoes, 2 tops, lingeries and Nike apparel (but the Nike one still not confirmed yet..must wait fren to see got stock or not only get for me). Lin got herself 2 tops and lingerie and shoes as well. Hohoho let's just say that I blew more than RM300 and basically the rest of what's left of my salary for AUGUST. Kalau tak silap saya..today only 30th July hor..oh well..have to survive for another 26 days only wad...sap sap la..cintan mee sebungkus only RM0.50...it's time for diet anyway =P But it was sooooo nice to be spending my own money..I guess. Haha. and we were holding so many paperbags with us. I guess that's what they call happy shoppers?..But now are broke shoppers d la.haha we actually walked for more than 5 hours..

Nvm lor..I find the wrong guy and the guy to sara me till next mth la hor..lol

Friday, July 27, 2007

lou yan chi ngoi zheng?

@ Alzheimer's disease...from its support group, the earliest symptom is dementia (severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain.)

actually I just wanna say that I have severe "tai thao ha" (big head prawn) symptom of late. Few weeks ago..I actually went to the ATM and forgot to take my ATM card after withdrawing $$. obviously my card ditelan when I went back to retrieve it..I was at KLCC and there was nobody queuing up behind me so pretty sure nobody took it.. End up kena cancel the card..and today I made a new ATM card..cos cash habis d..this mth's salary is in! buuaaa huaaaa huaaaa

then just now I actually thought I lost my hp..either left it at the bank, or the indian shop, or somewhere else..cari cari..mana tau is in my colleague's car..

and I kept forgetting stuffs..and mostly mix up things.

Maybe I AM overworking myself..but this week really breezed by..and I am going to partaaayyyy tonight! probably off to Poppy's to burn off more brain cells leading to more degeneration of the brain cells.

Got my salary two days ago. As of just now, after membayar the hutang hutang sekalian, I have 1/3 left for another..well, 4 weeks? Need to ration..ration...!

Hmmm...you know, a stalk of plastic flower appeared by my desk today. but can't officially declared that it was for me, as it was placed between me and David's cubicles, and there wasn't any note. It could even be for my another colleague who sits opposite me. But he's a guy. so takkan my male colleagues got female secret admirers?? Hmmm. ok ok don't think so much...probably it's misplaced only. I also didn't notice it till my head of dept mentioned to me...

Happy weekend guys!~

p/s: Pathetic me have not had a chance to watch Transformers yet boohoohooo..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do I have to worry?

Am I supposed to worry when a guy...

Treats me to a RM100++ lunch (both of us) and insisted that I should not look at the price on the menu

Spends time to help me with CAD software cos I complained the engine nacelle has a too much complicated geometry, thus he tried to simplify it for my simulations

Helps me buy apples at pasar malam every week he goes to pasar malam cos I asked him to (I paid him back la of course)

Supplies orange that has been sliced and dikopek kulitnya because I casually mentioned that "I like to eat oranges, but I lazy kopek la, that's why I just take apples" when he asked why I don't request to buy oranges, but apples instead at the pasar malam

Calls me honey, but in MSN Messenger nia la?

Accompanies me for yoga even though it was excruciating for him


addendum: nope it's not "the wrong guy"...it's another guy...

hectic hectic weekend

B4 anything...Happy birthday to Jo Ooi(23rd July) and Loke (25th July)..Heng, urs is over d.. =)

Had a pleasant but super tiring weekend... my 7pm bus on Friday did not come on time, thus the bus only left at 7.30pm, but it was a smooth ride, at least. Reached at midnight, Loke picked me up and we went supper with Heng, and their respective abangs. Had my nasi kandar!!!

Sat - woke up, then went for breakfast with the HPCs... Loke, Heng, Lin, Loh Jo, Chun.. had my Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Chee Cheong Fun, Muar Chee..hehe. Terserempak dgn Fred (still entao lo!)...and the HPs are obviously hot. As ever. Jeles aku nia. Updated news on everyone...so nice everyone is doing good..

Then went Queensbay with Loh and Heng and Loke to check out the La Senza bras..but not really worth it la the bargain...balik balik i had my laksa!!! I ate 2 bowls at one time, after that kenyang mau mampus...rested awhile at home, then at nite we went for a light partying at GLO, my ex-2nd home. haha. Lin, Loh, and some friends...then terserempak dengan Ben, Fly..happy! Jeez they look good as ever also..Am I the only one who looked 40 at the moment?? I am overexerting myself at work!! Lin and the guys shared a Flaming Lamborghini..and I helped them light it..hehehe miss the barmaid-ing days...cos the waitress said she's not good at pouring it ma. I'm no pro..but cukup makan. The nite was ok, music was out (compared to KL clubs la) but I liked the crowd. However...................... there was a minute that I asked Lin and Loh "Are we at the right place? Looks like child care center".. yea so many muimuizais. make me feel so old..and, Jeremy, my sifu @ bartender laughed non-stop when he saw me..and he kept taking my arm and dangle it (so that he can see my flabby arms jiggling. or watever you call it)...depressing hor... But nampaknya not depressed enough, cos I had fried chicken as supper after that =)

Reached home abt 5am..bathed..slept at 5.30am..kena korek by ahma at 7.30am..for my routine Sunday dimsum. Extorted my XiaoYi to belanja obviously -_-" so I tak sakit hati and can eat to my heart's content. Haha.

Lunch time met up with dearies Jessica and Yirun at Queensbay, ate at this Pastacia or sth... both look so good (again, kata-kata yang jeles) then we just catch up on what's going on at the mo. Haven't seen Jess for a yr I think. Miss her loads...I know her like, since forever since we took the same sch bus since Std 1..although we do come from rival schools.haha~ Yirun had to run after lunch so me and Jess continued our catching up at Secret Recipe..with a cake of course. both of us are such foodies..But so good to see her!

Continued my "meet up with frens" plan with Fred.. Went to find him and saw Loon there. Yes, lengzais again. aihhhhss had a quick chat and took some of my things..thanks for keeping my sampahs with ya so long, Fred (if he even reads my blog). Wished could've chatted wit him longer..we were supposed to do supper..but timing tarak ngam.. then proceeded to meet Heng+Adrian for dinner. Yes..get to eat my Fatty Loh western food..chicken cordon bleu..yumyum..and only RM7.50. expensive for pg standard but dirt cheap for KL standard..

Then had to rush back to Batu Maung to pack, bathe and catch the 8.30pm bus...Didn't really get to talk to my parents though..and I couldn't meet up with KZ, and godmom. And Dinesh...he's back in Pg..promised him that will meet up with him next time I'm in Pg, since he will be around till Sept...

Ahhhhhh...pg is the best! Till now still haven't compensated for the sleep debt yet!

harry potter?

I have never ever touched a single page of Harry Potter books in my life. Ever. So cannot understand what is with the hype on it. Phaiseh~

But I did watch the movies though

Friday, July 20, 2007

true blue malaysian?

This is a very nice compliment!~ Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Just now my colleague just commented that I am a true blue Malaysian. Haha~

REasons being:
1) I'm Chinese
2) I'm listening to Malay songs at the moment in my Winamp (current track: Adam AF2's Jatuh) Damn good song...ppl go download!
3) I eat Indian food with my colleagues. Yeps today's friday so later we are going Taj Mahal for banana leaf rice again (and yes, I eat using my hands. Been using hands to eat curry rice for as long as I can remember)
4) I have a nose piercing & wears toe ring.

And what I can remember about being Malaysian...
1) I totally check out guys tanpa kira kaum and bangsa as long as lengzai - Chinese, Malay, Indian.
2) Was addicted to P.Ramlee movies when I was young. Even now so, if I happen to see it in TV2 or Astro Ria channel, I will sure watch it.
3) Spent my secondary school days watching Hindi movies, thanks to Miss Loke, who wouldn't let me go into her house unless I layan her Hindi movies.

Heeheee...7 hours to boarding bus back to Penang...Actually main purpose of going back Pg is to meet up with friends and also to celebrate HP Loke, HP Jo Ooi and HP Heng's bdays.. July babies. Mempokaikan orang.

Laksa...durians..dimsum...hokkien mee...HPC here I come!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

i need Vitamin M!!!

I feel so demotivated. Come on, vitamin M~ mana lu? in this case, Vitamin M = Money. Do you guys feel a bit demoralised when the boss does not seem to appreciate how hard u've worked? i see this in my company la..since I am a newbie..so not so much la the impact..but i see the pioneers, like damn sad punya case wan..

Me..digging hole for another grave d. dahlah my Italy plans not finalised, I kinda received the job offer from Petronas to work d. I haven't even officially graduated, dammit. haihs. Convocation is in August 19th.

Ppl worry cos jobless, I worry cos don't know which to go to. No, not trying to show off here. I didn't even apply for jobs wad. Just applied for one in the current company(company A) I'm working at the moment, went another interview when company B came to scout for potential candidates. and company C @ Petronas. Dad says, "one bride don't know want to promise how many bridegrooms"...Haihsssss

Am ultimately depressed. Eeesh eeesh. On a brighter side, I am going back Penang tomorrow~ learnt my lesson, bought my ticket on Wednesday..get to have my choice of seats in KONSORTIUM sumore..at RM27!~ bwahahaha.

Monday, July 16, 2007

monday blues

happy working for this week!!! (wishing nia la)

Having my coursemate joining my company today -- co-worker David. yes! now I can consult someone when I have doubts, cos he is my course's God back in uni. His roomie is the supergenius though, but this fella is aeroGod =)

Oh btw...I might be falling...for the wrong guy. ~Sigh...don't know la. Complicated love life. lol.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


My new idol for the week is officially Sir Michael James Lighthill. Ho ho ho, until I pump the aeroacoustics information into miself. Toodles, happy working & studying for the day~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

lazy to blog larrrrrr

gosh how do you guys who work have the time to blog at the same time =P it's 8.30pm now and I'm still at the office..

My 1st salary..about 2k or so for working 3 weeks is perpetually gone in just a week. God knows how I spent it all..I have about 2 weeks++ to last with about RM200...sigh what happened to my resolution to save up RM1k/ mth? fat chance lo...it's not like I have much financial obligations also...but Dad says I have to pay my own SLK instalments from now onwards (how depressing)...and the moment I got my salary I did splurge a little bit...just little bit larrrr...on facial care. Cos the zits have all like popped out ever since I started work here. I don't know it's stress or lack of sleep lar...But apparently my biological clock has not been adjusted yet...I'm working 9am-6pm...so I wake up about 7.45am daily (past few days getting lazier d..dragged my big butt of the bed at 8.05am past few days) so if I were to get 8 hours of sleep everyday, I have to hop into the bed by 11.30pm right? Sighhhh but I have been going bed at like 1am-2am..sometimes later...

So now I bertaubat d..last two days I was down with flu, so I took some flu medication and lights out by 12.30am...feel kinda fresher the next day la..complexion wise also. So tonight I am determined to sleep by midnight pulak.. but everytime it's weekend, if I go party or whatever you call it (clubbing, chilling, mamak) then I will sleep at 3am-4am...then come Sunday night, I can't sleep early again. hmmmmm kenot kenot..i'm barely 23 yrs old yet, but look like 30 yrs old d..

so how is my work so far??? I've worked here exactly 5 weeks. (only??? it feels like years d) hahaha. as I have mentioned , my working hours is 9-6pm...but ho ho ho...surprise surprise.. I have only been back early once-- that is 6.30pm when ThongChing asked me to pick her up... then I did leave about 7.30pm 3 times.. the rest?? 8pm...9pm...10pm...I stayed till 11pm twice also..but if that late means I go dinner 1st then only come back to work la.. Probably I'm not working smart la..tat's why not productive (mind you, this is OT tak berbayar)...in the morning it takes some time to build up momentum..then after lunch you feel so sleepy..then by the time you start working it's time to leave. hahahaha.

but at the moment trying my best to learn as quick as I can larrrrr. my problem is that I am not very technically inclined, so probably I struggle more than others. I blame myself for talking for 5 years in uni while attending lectures, thus my fundamentals is very weak. Now I am applying every single thing that I learned in uni..depressing right? Well I was the one who insisted to stay in the aviation industry...

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Aircraft Engineer. This designation is so...depressing. I really did not realise what deep shit I was taking up when I so enthusiastically accepted the position. I thought since I used CFD for my thesis, so using this commercial software will be a snap. Ho ho ho. Overestimation. Now I am the one suffering. My knowledge is like, 1/100...so by hook or by crook, the 99/100 will somehow have to materialize and just pump it into my brains.

I sound so contradicting. I hate the job, but I love the job. Sigh..do you guys understand what I'm saying? lol. Haha cos I think this job is really challenging, and I want to prove that I can do it. Too jaga muka d me. Lol. Many things more to learn laaaa...

On a brighter note, I'm going to gym regularly now. mayb once every 2 days..our building here have the facilities...even badminton and squash court..and gym..hehe. But my stamina no good..so now I'm starting with a very very light treadmill for 5 mins exercise, then 30 mins yoga..then...off to dinner to reimburse my calorie loss. -_-"

So how also..must turn my unproductive hours into productive one.oh it's almost 9pm d...time to go off d..else the guard house will tutup liao...hard to get out..off to dinner..update about my work soon..more technical stuff coming up. just ask me to ganbatte and tell me that I can do it wan la.heheheeh~ dinner time

Thursday, July 05, 2007


okay, Torres has finally joined Liverpool =) finally after some time.. the last time I wateched a football match was Champs League finals between Liv - AC Milan..like, 2 mths ago? -_-"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

bila bapak dah bersuara...

For my cousin's wedding dinner, I wore a dress that I bought last year, when I was still in optimum shape. Currently, I am still in shape. Round is a shape. -_-" I really liked the dress, very frilly, with lots of laces...1st time I bought anything so girlish. In fact, this is the 1st time I wore it.

As we headed towards the dinner hall, my dad turned over and gave me one of those glance (you know, when you scan a girl, head to toe wan rite?I think its called once-over)...and then I thought he was going to perhaps say, Aww my daughter is all so grown-up and pretty now..instead..

Papa: It's time you get some exercise

HC: !??!#$%

Haihs...bila bapak dah bersuara...

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ban Kuala Yakin forever and ever

am too tired of work to blog about work. anyways,..last weekend I went back to Penang happily..Left office at 7pm (mistake no 1!) and went straight to Puduraya via LRT...upon reaching the station, I guess everyone was like me, hunting for last minute tickets (mistake no 2). Of course, as everyone usually does, one will head first to Konsortium to see if there are any available ticket (if you are heading to Pg)...sadly all the tickets were sold out till 12am..naturally, I wouldn't want to wait for 4 hours just because I like Konsortium's services (mistake no 3)...finally found a booth that sold the Penang ticket for RM35 (usual is RM27 nia) since the fella said, it is Friday bla bla, extra bus bla bla

HC: uncle, confirm or not is 3 seater????
uncle: yes ,yes..
HC: Sure arrrrrr....
uncle: sure la you look at the picture.. new bus u noe..
HC: yamehhh extra bus worrr sure 3 seater arrrrrr....
uncle: yes la...
HC: (it was 8pm) 9.30pm ar..how much?
uncle: RM35
HC: Wahhhhhhhhhh...not RM27 meh..nvm I go other counters ask 1st thanks

Then I walked and asked around still..I think they shared the same bus, so it was RM35 as well..then after that I think think...last time studying only want to save the RM8 la..now I'm earning RM2.5k dammit, what's RM8??????? So, my spendthrift-inner hooiching beat the kiamsiap-truly-a-penangite inner hooiching and convinced myself to purchase the RM35 ticket (mistake no 4). Went to KFC to satiate my craving for KFC black pepper chicken while waiting for 9.30pm

Sesampainya to Platform 13, pleasantly surprised that the bus came early! 9.15pm oredi get to be seated comfortably, so I expected that the bus will leave at 9.30pm sharp..Oh well the bus was a little old, but at least it was 3 seater as promised. Good 1st impression. Definitely will keep Kuala Yakin in mind next time I want to go back Pg. (Cis, mistake! never make assumptions for bus companies).. I happily texted my kengkawan, saying I will probably reach by 1am, can come pick me up by 1.30am, latest...mayb can supper sumore..mistake mistake mistake.. 10.15pm I was still stranded at Platform 13..apparently they wanted to fill up all the kekosongan (vacant seats) before we depart.

Akhirnya after somebody complained, we left at 10.30pm. Hmmmphhh..tak sampai 1 hr bertolak, we stopped again for almost 45 mins (and it bloody said BAS EKSPRES)...ho ho ho by that time the bus' airconditioner knows ninjutsu, sumore can use Reversal no Jutsu thim. Hot air flows inside the bus instead of cool air. Cis bedebah. After a not so comfortable ride, we passed Juru toll at about 3am. 3am!!!! 1.5hrs behind schedule. and since our bus was supposedly be strictly to Penang Island, not Butterworth, the bus should head to the Pg bridge right???? No worrrr..it stopped by the road side and waited for another bus so that those that want to go to Pg Island will have to transit bus. Don't have to purposely detour to Butterworth ma, the bus driver said. Gah. Baka siot. We waited 1 hr for the bus to come. What time did I reach Sg Nibong terminal? 4.30 am. ok..calculate calculate..7 hours journey. Rm35. If I took Konsortium it would have been RM27..12am..reach by 4am with a nicely working aircond.

So I hereby blacklist Kuala yakin forever and ever and ever. (Actually I blacklisted many companies d since I always get the tickets only when I reach Pudu)..This isn't even my worst bus experience yet. I've encountered stalled bus, totally non-working aircond bus in midday under the scorching sun, buses that stop at every freaking state they pass to pick up or drop passengers (Muar, Batu Pahat, Ipoh Seremban yada yada).

Moral of the story:
1) Buy your tickets in advance
2) Leave your office on time so you could've gotten better tickets

Checklist when purchasing ticket from an cacat not so well-known bus company:
1) Are you sure it's 3 seater?
2) Are you really sure it's 3 seater?
3) Confirm ar 3 seater?
4) How much is it?
5) Why so expensive?
6) Haggle
7) Sure the aircond is working?
8) Sure that it's express?
9) Will you be stopping on every state on the way to pick up or drop passengers?
10) Still stick to later bus departure but surely will arrive de (i.e. Konsortium, Gunung Raya)