Wednesday, October 08, 2008

talak tau loh

gua talak tau, pasai apa makin kija itu kija makin bosan.
entah terlampau manyak pekija atau terlampau sikit kija.
tapi yang pastinya semua olang pun nampak manyak sibuk loh
tak tau sama ada gua seolang sajia yang belum grasp the art of "acting busy"
gua tiap-tiap hali email sama itu HP Heng, HP Lin, HP Loke dan Janice loh
meleka maciam manyak busy wor
hailan loh

gua punya team leader pun pandai menyolok
asyik hilang entah ke mana
tapi dia itu team leader ma
gua cuma itu kacang tanah kecik-kecik punya
ataupun itu cacing tanah
ehhh bukan...ikan bilis

aiyah cincai lah
pun dah 3.30pm...tinggal 1.5jam sajia
pun talak tau mau tukar kijia tak sebab sinang sangat
tapi yang pasti gua punya buntut punya lilitan sudah bertambah besaq lo
entah ada kina-mengina dengan itu donat dan kek-kek percuma kat ofis tak
ataupun yoga itu menggemukkan?

sekian. salam dan selamat bekija.
(FYI: ini bahasa malaysia generasi gua punya datuk, penang style. tak tau lu faham tak)
etimologi: gua, lu, bikin, sajia (sahaja), kija (kerja), sinang (senang), bini, kina (kena), menyolok (menyorok), hailan (hairan)

Friday, October 03, 2008

hari raya snippets

as i said the last time i went to Genting Highlands' casino, "I will never gamble here again!"...I still gambled lah two days ago...and yesterday...lost RM150. tension giler. no gambling luck lah!...but it was fun to meet up with KZ, Zhuang Ming, Sharon, Chee Wah and esp CSY whom I met "coincidentally"...but now very very sleepy coz 7 of us shared a room...(I brought Joanne with me mah)...the congestion damn bad on the way up, dera my car's tyre oni nia, 1st gear, jam break, 1st gear, jam break. or whatever u call that motion being stuck uphill with thousands of car (luckily i pandai, almost dinner time oni go many cars had their bonnets up..maybe overheated adi d engines???)

ouch. as i type my arms very painful, on monday i went to gym but till now my arms hurting like crazy. biceps lo. i think i pulled a few muscles. tried a BodyPump that i rugi time go gym need one week's this i ma can go only once a week??? RM50 per session lo like tat...cannot cannot...i must go more, even if just to waste their shower gel and 100Plus... hehe. so die die today i also must go!

So how did my Raya go. great, i guess (other than my loss in the casino, oh yes i am an extremely sore loser when it comes to gambling)...Tuesday night i went to Pavilion for the launch of Coach's new autumn line or something...and I even saw my favourite Malaysian actor who acted in "Her Many Faces" a local drama. don't know his name ar...but in real life...quite disappointing lo...cos he isn't THAT tall the drama macam very the macho wor. but got gf adi...but the gf not i bet if i go to another 100 more BodyPump and Yoga classes can rampas him from her adi. lol. joking joking...

after that I went to Velvet (again)..yeah, what happened to my "clubbing is not for me" thing...? eiiii...depends on who you go with mar. My this clubbing kaki Joanne very the entertaining one if you go with her...see her dance whole night also enuff adi...but this time I really had fun! although I didn't really like her snobby friends (and i bet they didn't like me either). I did something scandalous also. muahahaha. the experience was good, no doubt...but don't foresee it happening again soon. =P

but now damn blerrrrr and sleepy. rupa-rupanya going clubbing when you are 21 yrs old and when you are 24 yrs old is totally different. now once club need at least 3 days to recuperate. last time can club till 3am, go supper till 5am, go home, lepak, wait till 7am to go breakfast/dimsum with my xiaoyi and grandparents then only tidur. wah, now...totally cannot. age is catching up ler...

oh..back to snobbish ppl story. Actually I cannot understand what is running through these people's minds loh. yalar they are freaking rich, money can "feng" here "feng" there...but hey you are also just a human...personally I know some rich people who are actually nice...but as Heng once told me, yeah the rich people we know (let's say the rich people in Penang), they are rich, but not THAT it makes the rich penang ppl pale in comparison. wah. i really really anti them. when i become rich, must make sure i don't fall into the "100 most hated people" category.

I was talking listening to a girl 2 weeks ago for an afterparty at friend's friend's house...I didn't know many of them lah, wah this girl...quite pretty..should be rich also...very the bimbo. Since nobody layan her and my friend was busy talking to another person, so I also go social with her a bit. WAH mentensionkan, she started talking about her choice of manicure, the pretty design she picked, the massage she just had that day, and her hair treatment yada yada yada yada. god, i listened to her for 15 minutes i really cannot layan already. luckily she's pretty so got another guy who was willing to listen to her. gosh i was wondering if all those rich ppl's girlfriends are that way. *YAWN max.

oh yes, it made me realise how much I love my real friends. other than 2 quite close KL friends, I think generally I don't even like KL people. oops (are any of my readers KLites?). so materialistic...and can be seriously boring!!! at least we have our syok sendiri jokes and it's so comfy being around my friends. you could just talk and share. Monday night I went for duck rice with Heng and Lin (my dear Pg kakis) and it was just so nice, just laughing over stupid things, and the whole dinner costed only RM30, and we pay ourselves our parts lah...Tuesday night I went to a posh Chinese restaurant, 7 dishes, costing RM300++ for 7 people and got people belanja sumore, but I didn't even enjoy it one bit. mentensionkan instead. cos i also felt awkward mar, i'm not those high-class socialite kinda person. low-class-do-siasuei-things laidback scenario socializing I can lah...

made me think RICH PEOPLE ARE NOT NECESSARILY HAPPY. so must prioritize my goals again adi..........haiyo. me and my neverending "prioritizing" that has been on top of my to-do list for some time...

happy weekend peeps. and just wanna say I love all of you loads! Abbasso i ricchi!! (Down with the rich--in italian haha)