Thursday, August 31, 2006

In diversity we can find unity

This phrase struck a chord in me and I felt that this is what we should remember to uphold the integrity of our nation, and step by step..we shall take it towards the realisation of Vision 2020..

"and we are brave enough to face the challenge that lies ahead and with the support of all the elements, the different races who made up the Malayan nation, we feel confident that we can overcome all obstacles. Let us show the world how in diversity we can find unity. We have now been admitted into the United Nations and recognised by the whole world as a free and independent nation. Let us show what we can do towards peace and happiness not only in our country but in the interest of the world in general."

Tunku Abdul Rahman
1st Prime Minister of Malaysia

merdeka omedetou!

or..dokuritsu kinnenbi omedetou!

In other words, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!!how many yrs of independence d..49? But I'm happy that I'm living in Malaysia..can't think of anywhere else with such yummilicious food..

Hmm basically my blog is really rotten..but then again..I feel rotten..everyday is a routine which I look forward to night time, so that I can sleep..or meal that I can eat..haha not good obviously..everyday is so unproductive..

I did promise you guys about my Cambodia pics..but the connection here is blardy slow and it takes forever to upload a pic ler..potong stim nia

Sempena pao and heng's post on how they ended up in their courses..maybe I shud talk about mine..insya-Allah..i will graduate next year..which is 2 more sems =) =)

If some of you do not know already..I'm currently taking Mechanical Engineering-Majoring in Aeronautics...Aeronautical Engineering lah ulu uni in JB..the most happening thing in JB is its crime rate otherwise, everything else is NOT!

clubbing scene-BAD
water quality-BAD

But mau tak mau..pun have been living here for 4yrs d..time really did I end up in this course?..*flashback 4yrs ago..

I didnt know what I wanted to do after form 5..ideally is finding someone rich and goodlooking to marry..but nampak sangat that plan A plan B would be continuing to pursue my studies.. SPM results was not out yet..but I didn't have good feelings for fact, Dad was pretty worried that I will be failing my Physics, Biology..Add Math..based on how I described it everytime he picked me up after my papers..

"Haih..If you do really's either you work, or mayb I should send you to my sister's in Australia to continue your studies.."

Secretly I'm happy that Dad is going to send me to Australia if all else fails..but obviously it will be hard on the finances la..since I have two younger brothers more to consider..then one day I received an offer to continue my tertiary education in UTP--Universiti Teknologi Petronas which I went interview for..So happy that I got it at that time..cos only 4 from my school was offered the scholarship..but under unforeseen circumstances that are deeply regrettable, I did not go -_-"

Come form6, I reluctantly went for classes everyday..hoping that will be getting the offer in UTM..then world cup and thongching terus tak payah study..everyday mengkaji the matches only..our monthly tests getting 20%-40% only..we still wished that we'll be getting the UTM offer..hmmm we did not get it..*sad sad

But we were accepted for its third intake, alhamdulillah! =) And I was offered aeronautical engineering, which was my choice la..1st choice was Mechatronics..but 2nd was Aeronautical..and am I glad I got aeronautics instead...

love my coursemates (*wink..thanks for the bbq party which turned into advanced birthday celebration for me last nite)..

im really not academically inclined..semester by semester I only score in subjects like languages, math, critical thinking..not those technical but I enjoy my lessons-- Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Design etc..tak score nia ma..hahah. life will be very enjoyable if there are no written exams!!! they should assess it by attendance..projects ma..hmmm like that also kenot le..Im pretty lazy wan..but I'm happy with how my results are right now =) no 1st class..but cukup makan...I love Aeronautical Engineering..wouldn't trade it for any other course in UTM =) (nasib baik didn't get mechatronics..i realised how untalented i am in Electronics during my 3rd yr..ehe)

tanpa disedari, 8 semesters have passed..can still vividly remember my 1st semester =) ah..there were good times and bad times..but definitely good times surpasses bad ones..I believe that I will have nice stories to tell my kids next time about my varsity life..hmm..nothing much to tell abt the academic wise la..but fun things i've done in these yrs i guess...they say varsity life is supposed to be the best time in your life..i dont think so..every stage in life is equally important aye! primary sch..secondary sch..

ooh..terbias d..haha am supposed to be doing my research online..been sitting here 3hrs d without any progress..hahah tata~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

sori ya

Haha I seem to be apologizing everytime I go missing from the blogosphere..Been really busy..not with academic stuff..but just..being a sisa..not good =(

Wasting time is what I seem to be doing everyday..Wake Tests and final year projects are abundant, but I choose to feign ignorance.

Not good!

Oh..not to mention my thesis...progress- nil -_-"

*grabs my hair..hooiching, have to repent!!!

"Procrastination is the thief of time"

so very true..tanpa disedari, I daydreamed my way in JB for 6weeks d..and in two weeks will be having our midsem break! the reality just hit me yesterday when I screwed up my 1st test of Aircraft Structures II. Poorly prepared for it ler..but really daisei wan.hehe.

The weekend..I went Eskimo Joy again. Went with Meiyin and few other friends..we were pretty early and even went supper beforethat. At midnight, we went into the club--and I terima culture shock. uh-huh..we were greeting by live band---mind you, I love live bands..esp like the one in Slippery Senoritas, the Phillipino band..but this...

The band was singing in Mandarin!I mean, I am Chinese!But clubs are supposed to be singing in Chinese I being biased? haha..worse still, they were singing chinese rock songs! The main singer was so ahlian-ish..and the crowd was totally ahbeng-fied. to the max! the crowd was pretty hyped up over the band you know, esp when they sang Beyond's song or something. Somehow the environment reminds me of the place where uncles congregate to gantung bunga for the lady singers (ye zhong hui). -_-" potong stim terus...even lost the mood to dance after that cos too traumatised. hehe. Man, I am so banning Eskimo...since having hols d..cant wait to go back KL and penang!!

Oh yes,yes,yes..I have so so so gained weight!!!No more the tiny waist..miss my gym sessions so much...

Have I mentioned how hot Wentworth Miller is? High-voltage eyes to the max!!~ehehe

And I am now on a mission...will only let you guys on it once I have executed it. =)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

please pray for my supercomputer

i know it may sound stupid to pray for a pc..but its vital!!! my poor baby is now in the its either berjaya or fail nia..if fail to resuscitate..means i hv to buy new processor = new motherboard = new RAM (cos now no longer using DDR)...ughhhhhhhhhhhh. shouldnt have attempted to upgrade it to 1 Giga RAM..worst of all, shouldnt have wanting to wipe it clean.ugghhhh when i bought it 2yrs++, its considered high-end wan u know...keksim

now the case..i bended the processor's pins behind the processor..3 bended pins..2 saved..left 1 more..which is quite serious. i made my rounds to the hospital jz now..the doctor is not confident of saving it..more likely it will patah..but no!!!! it kenot kenot kenot patah..cos patah means goodbye liao to guys..pls pray for it...thanks..will go to have a look at it again tmr...haihhhhhhh

stupid me!*slaps ownself silly