Saturday, August 13, 2005


after a whole stressful week or rather,lack of it
(cos the gazillion tests & assignments will only be comin up next week)
whole bunch of us went to JB-CitySquare
to catch a movie..Stealth..
of course,shopping also lah
since our disbursements just got in
Mega Sales Carnival wor
As usual, City Square is packed with ppl
singaporeans,malaysians etc..
but surprisingly, its cineplax is pretty quiet
d movie was good..kinda like, relevant to the field i'm pursuing
but just that in the movie,it was much more dramatic
Anyways, now we noe why d cineplax was so quiet
as we left CS,we went 2 pay our parking ticket
A staggering sum of..RM8!!! was even more expensive than the movie ticket itself
i mean,yea,it wont even buy us a Starbucks frapppuchino..
but..hello?..patutlah now everyone flockin to GSC at Pelangi Leisure Mall instead d
free parking..
but if want 2 shop-shop,still hv 2 go 2 CS lah, boh-pien
I miss penang..
why?: parking at most also RM3-4 lah,whole day..this RM8 is like,4hrs nia..
and if not? proud stingy penangites, we alwiz hv infamous illegal parking style
park in front of houses, abandoned houses, on top of sidewalks (gurney,familiar? =P) etc..
and jz go to wherever we want very pangsim-ly
and come out to find our vehicles still intact
JB?..the RM8 is inevitable..why pulaks?
try that penang parking style..come out?u might find a wheel or two missin'
(if you are lucky--and that's cos' you locked your steering wheel and gear)
car theft is like,so so so 'it' in JB..*sigh
conclusion: RM8 ma RM 8 lo..

UCAV EDI 'tin man'

my house in jhr..

another view

this side a bit not so...clearlah rite? probably cant look beyond d few hundred metres

can see laH

still can see the houses in front of mine..


haze..currently d hottest topic can i not join in?
thus,i went out 2 my balcony 2 take a few pics
hmm..still ok-okla skudai..
not that hazy
poor penang yg dikasihi..heard that d visibility dropped lagi
kengkawan that come in droves 2 our dear island..baliklah..

p/s: this is my 1st real blog (aiseh) after few attempts in friendster..ngieks..phaiseh