Monday, October 15, 2012

Day by goes by!

Felt like posting today!

Had a less than perfect day from work today...and one can post a "bad day" status on FB and instantly you can see the replies reverberating, sharing the same sentiments. Mostly with empathy, some with sympathy.

Now, how many of YOU live your day to the fullest? Or how many of you wished that the day will end sooner? How nice it would be for the clock to tick closer to 5.00pm. After all, it is SSDD (same shit, different day)...How nice it is to be holding a bottle of ice cold beer in your hands, sipping away your work troubles...Am not much of a drinker but it is still nice to hang out with colleagues after work!

You know, one of the most anticipated days in my company is 28th or 29th or 30th of the month...depending on how many days there are in a month.Or specifically, any day close to pay day. Maybank2u would become the website with most hits in the base (most of us have our salary credited into maybank) and the connection would be extra slow. Each time, the click would be followed by "Damn, gaji belum masuk" and a disappointed sigh; OR, "Yay, gaji dah masuk!!!"...and a "Banyak betul income tax ditolak"....In an instant, everyone would scurry to their laptops and *click* *click* *click* away...

Key words, "house installment", "car loan", "credit card bill", "utilities bill", "Astro subscription", "personal loan", "online betting debt", "furniture installment", "phone bill", "new whim - IPhone sports rim... new accessory... new handbag"...Shall I elaborate?

Naturally, the following day or two, the same sentence would be heard "Ahhh...paid all my debts, only RM xxx left for the rest of the month". I cannot say it applies 100% to everyone, but 80% of the population would be quite a close guess.

Thus, a vicious cycle is created. Everyday, you would wish that pay day would arrive sooner. How time could pass quicker, how you could pay off your bills, how you could plan your finances, how one day you could be debt free etc etc etc...Question, did YOU pause to smell the flower amid all the worries?

And before you know it, time indeed did pass by quickly. Looking back, I would have had been paid my salary about 53 times in my life (minus all the part time jobs) already...meaning 4.5 years in the work force.

But boy, do I wish I could turn back time to 4.5 years ago and live my life to the fullest each day! (actually maybe rewind to 20 years back)

It is STILL not too late to pause and smell the flowers, my friends. As Albert Einstein said, "He who can no longer can pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed."


Anonymous said...

Sui eh. What else u wan. Got house got bf got good job got this got that. Relaks la. Plan a holiday. That's all u need. Or a wedding. Look at me, I have so much to work on. Finding 76 is a b**ch. Appreciate what u have. I'd rather be in your shoes.


reddaisie said...

True enough everyone is in the rat race...
Actually if we can be satisfied with our needs ( and not keep chasing our wants) then we don't have to be in such a mad race
Ya..lets all pause a while and look at where we are heading :)

/'zi:/ said...

smell the flower - i concur! :)

zeroimpact said...

Yes... a true cycle
We are in a way too materialistic world...